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RP: Galactic Horizon A Similar Kind of Contrast


Game Master
RP Date
ye 40
RP Location
188604 Galactic Horizon HQ
When the news first hit him that Kryss had been missing, Donvan stayed strong - his little sister was one hell of a woman and she could take care of her self, it was most likely a big misunderstanding anyway.

The first week passed and his spirits weren't quite as high, surely she would have contacted him or somebody if she was able to, right? No, it would all be fine - Kryss knew how to take care of herself.

It was getting close to a month and while on the outside Donvan was still holding together, the inside was a bit of a different story - he'd been pulling a few strings here and there to try and find her but to no avail.

It was a little over a month when Donvan retreated to his garage, he hadn't left it in a few days and the man's usually rather stylish look was hidden behind a beard and messy hair - the room stank of booze, lead-free solder and a sense of desparation as the new head of public relations slumped over a work bench in nothing but a singlet and a pair of boxers.

He was exhausted both emotionally and physically from the whole ordeal, thoughts of what kind of funeral his twin sister would have liked were heavy on his mind as the communicator buzzed once more - fuck it, he'd been ignoring it all day so why not check it finally to see what he was missing out on.

A series of notifications filled the display, all reading one thing: "Clean yourself up, we found her"

Thirty minutes later a shuttle had just breached 188's atmosphere and began evening out it's angle of approach, there were some supplies on board but all that was meaningless to the Black family once you took a look at the crew roster.

Cabin 2: Kryss Black

An intercomm near Kryss beeped to life, rousing her from whatever she had been doing as the gruff voice of a middle-aged Geshrin man filtered through, "Miss Black, I uh - I don't mean to alarm you but something is coming up to meet us, fast, so you might want to hold on tight."

The blonde rolled over in bed with a sigh, she'd gone without a proper shower or sleep for a couple days now on her return trip and she was definitely not in the mood for party missiles her dad may have whipped up. "Sure thing, thanks for the heads up. Can you tell dad, er, Mr Black to stop trying to fire his oversized party crackers at me until i'm back on solid earth."

There was a pause as the pilot conversed with somebody on the other side of a communicator, the ship's cheap inertia drive was mostly hiding the feeling of them coming to a halt mid-air but not well enough for it to be hidden fully.

"It's one of Horizon's... and you're being requested in the cargo bay, miss," the pilot spoke through the comms, another brief pause before he added a confused, "and I've been told your brother says hi?"

Kryss shook her head, "Of course he'd show up now, it's only been a year or two, i suppose I'd better go see him." In truth she had no idea what her brother was up to but this was certainly an interesting homecoming.

"I guess I'll open 'er up then, I'll leave the atmo-sheild on for you though," the pilot said before leaving his communicator alone, the cargo bay door would fold open to reveal...

Nothing, well there was a rather nice view of 188 from high up but otherwise the sky was as clear as it ever was.

Kryss looked around, the wind whipping through her hair and signature jacket as she took in the sights, well sight rather, desert tends to be boring after a short glance. She considered trying to call Donvon right then and there but decided it might be more interesting to wait and see what happened.

There was a rumbling sound, initially it was hard to hear over the ship's engines but slowly and surely it gained both volume and intensity. A black, 5'8" figure slowly began revealing himself - a pillar of ionized thrust coming from each forearm as they drifted forwards to land on the cargo bay's door with a faint thunk.

Gauntlets were strapped to the figure's sides as it was made more apparent the suit was a slightly rushed yet well built collection of Galactic Horizon parts and components - the figure reached up and began removing their helmet as they approached Kryss, first a square jaw covered that was clean-shaven followed by perfectly white teeth in a grin that would be familiar to her.

"Hey there you," Donvan spoke once the helmet was fully removed and the ship began closing once more, he was careful to not burn Kryss with his hot thrusters as the helmet was dropped and those masculine arms wrapped around his little sister's shoulders.

"Don't do that again, ever," he whispered into her ear, the voice wavered from that of his usual, confident self for the briefest of moments.

"Aww did someone miss me?" She replied slyly while returning the embrace, like Donvan however her outward appearance was more a performance than how she actually thought. Kryss reached up rubber her brothers back to reassure him that it was definitely real and not just a dream, "How's dad been?" She asked softly as they stood together.

They could feel the ship begin to move once more as the twins spoke, Donvan let out a small sigh of relief as the embrace re-affirmed the fact she was finally back home.

"As well as he can be, better though now that you're back - I hear our little Daur has been found asleep in your chair a few times but..." the elder twin trailed off, giving his sister's shoulders one more kind squeeze before leaning back to look her in the eyes.

"How are you? dearest sister."

"I'm ok, you don't have to worry about me bro." Kryss said easily, telling him about the run in with the nebulae could wait until she was sure no one would freak out too badly. "Honestly the whole experience wasn't that bad, it was just a problem since I couldn't contact any of you guys. I hope you weren't too worried about me."

Donvan thought back to the absolute state he had been in prior to hearing the good news, it wasn't a pretty sight but Kryss didn't need that to worry about. "Naturally we were all rather worried but the only thing that matters now is that you're back in one piece," he spoke the half-truth - it was good to have her back.

"Seriously sis, welcome home."

"Good to be back believe me, now can we land pilot?" She shot over her shoulder knowing the intercom would be able to make her voice heard to the pilot. "I need to go and reclaim my throne it seems." Kryss said, referring to the mention of Anaska using her chair. "And when did you come back to join the company Donvan? Thought you were living it up in Yamatai still."

A, "We can sure as hell try," bounced back through the comms as the ship continued it's descent to the landing pad, Donvan moved to sit on a nearby pile of crates before answering his sister's question. "Not too long after your little hiatus, somebody needed to come pick up the mess you left behind," he chuckled, not in a mean way but rather just to tease a bit as siblings often did.

"Oh is that so, and I suppose you expect me to believe you dropped everything to come and do some real work for a change? Last I heard you were going gay for a magazine photoshoot." Kryss replied, equally as teasing over his goofy nature. "So is everything still standing, and did you drink any of my special beer?"

"Hey, if there is a demand that needs fufilling and I am capable of doing so then what's the harm in having a few photos taken," Donvan chuckled in response, idly fiddling with one of the modules strapped to his suit's chest before continuing. "I may have had a bit... but to the best of my knowledge things are working better than ever, you do realise you can just ask for a holliday break next time though - yeah?"

"Well as long as I don't wake up to find a bunch of naked men running around the office I suppose it's fine, and where is the fun in asking for a holiday when I can be accidentally abducted by a fleeing group of civilians. That reminds me, can you have Dad meet us in either my or his office when we land, and tell him to bring Anaska too." Kryss said rapidly, thinking something over in her head with a lot of concentration.

"Naked men near you? never," Donvan mused before he pulled a phone out of his pocket, he tapped on it for a bit and waited only a few seconds before a response came through. "Done and done, he said she's in your office right now anyway - one hell of a surprise to wake up to,"

The ship began slowing it's descent as before it touched down on the landing pad, the cargo bay doors creaked open with servos that could use a bit of loving.

Kryss stood up and stretched before heading for the ramp, "You of all people should know I'm not that kind of gal dearest brother, I'd rather have all the screens in the building filled with mountains of work to do." She replied as her boots hit the landing pad and she took a deep breath. "Feels good to be back."

Donvan smiled at the response, she seemed to be fine after whatever had gone on during the unexpected absence - regardless he hopped off of the crates and strolled up next to Kryss, helmet tucked under one arm as the blonde man noticed a lack of luggage in her hand.

"I'm guessing you didn't have time to pack but you don't have any war trophies to show us? that's a shame."

Kryss thought for a moment as the made their way to the buidlings, "Well I could have brought back..." She trailed off, where was she going with that! She'd been about to make a joke about the cracked helmet of one of the engineers who'd died in that curesed nebula, even she didn't usually go that far.

"You know what don't worry about it, you can have this half eaten pack of gum if you want a present that badly."

"Ah I'm just messing with you, your presence is better than any presents," Donvan admitted, ruffling his sister's hair before the outermost door opened - but he gave that statement a moment as he thought.

"Well there was that one time in the penthouse of Nath Tower, and the second and third..." he teased as the outer door sealed and the innermost one opened for them, a rush of cool air floated in from the temperature-controlled interior that was quite a contrast to the constant heat outside.

"Nah, I much prefer having you here than a honey on either side of me."

Kryss shoved him aside a little with a grin, "Shut up you, as if any self respecting woman would sit beside you like that. Although that brings back fond memories, like that time you convinced all those idiots at the casino I was your girl friend and they all tried to buy our dinner for us."

The blonde said as she shoved her hands into her pockets and strolled towards her office, her pace quickening ever so slightly although she still tried to act like she wasn't super excited to see her two other favourite people in the world.

"What can I say, I know how to get what I want," Donvan shot back with a mischevious grin as they passed a window, outside there were a few larger mechanised suits that would be unfamiliar to Kryss - having been built during her absence.

It wouldn't take too much longer for them to find her office, but Donvan put a hand on his sister's shoulder and gestured for her to stop before they entered.

"Are you sure you're good? we can always re-schedule," he asked her, but Donvan felt like he already knew the answer.

"The day I reschedule a meeting will be the day all the beer in the universe runs out, but i'm touched you care about your little sis so much, even if I was only younger by a minute or two." Kryss said before throwing open the doors, searching the room to see the happy faces of her father and Anaska looking back at her.

"Kryss! Oh I'm so glad you're ok we were all so worried about you." Riccard started, getting up from the chair to embrace his daughter warmly. "Come in and sit down you must be tired." He said more or less pushing her to her high backed comfy desk chair.

Donvan leaned up against one of the nearby shelf sets as he watched it all, every family had their issues and theirs was no exception - but he sure as hell would not trade it for the world. "Well I should go put this back and get changed before you start complaining Dad, so I'll just be a moment," the yonger blonde man said with a slight chuckle as he began moving toward the door - turning back to say one thing.

"Welcome back, Kryss."

A woman's voice could be heard in the hallway, the tinacen hint clear as she asked Donvan about what he was wearing but Anaska was told to go look for herself. The Daur rounded the corner with a travel-mug of coffee in hand, someone had roused her from slumber and now she was coming back to see what all the chatter was about.

Her golden eyes widened at the sight of Kryss, she dropped the coffee onto the floor but couldn't care less as the small fuzzy thing sprinted toward the table and pounced - having grown up on a planet with heavier gravity, Anaksa had a kind of enhanced physicality in environments like this with weaker gravity.

"KRYSS!" the Daur shouted as she flew into Kryss' arms and buried her small head in the blonde's chest.

Kryss in turn had beamed when she saw her little fox friend however her expression quickly changed to alarm as she caught the fuzzy ball of person and nearly fell over backwards in her chair. "Hey there buddy, I missed you big time." She said, her fingers immediately finding their way to the soft ears which looked as jittery as someone in withdrawls, "Did they feed you enough coffee while I was gone?"

A little rumble of satisfaction could be heard coming from deep in the little Daur's throat, people were always trying to fondle her ears and tail but Kryss had it down to a science - managing to find that spot that melted any kind of defences Anaska put up.

"YES! ahem yeah, I missed you soooo much - are you okay? are you going to stay this time?" there was a genuine tone of concern behind those last seven words as the fox wrapped her hands around Kryss in a warm embrace.

"Please don't leave again, I don't want you to!"

"Shhh, it's ok Anaska I'm not leaving again." Kryss said softly, stroking the Daurs tail and rubbing gently behind her ears and even under her chin. "I'm ok and you don't need to worry anymore ok?" The blonde smiled, she'd nearly forgotten how innocent the girl could be at times despite being older than Kryss herself.

Anaska held her face against Kryss' chest for a bit longer before she leaned back to look up with those big eyes of hers that peered through protective glasses, "Thank you, that would be nice."

She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end from somthing other than the woman's affection as the Daur realised there was another person in the room, she turned around to look up at Riccard with puppy-dog eyes and a wave.

"She's back, isn't that awesome!"

The man chuckled at the unrestrained petting taking place, "It certainly is, it certainly is. I'm so sorry I didn't ask for help to get you back earlier Kryss, we all thought you'd be back within a week or so and then things got a little worse here and I didn't get a chance."

"It's ok dad, I'm back now and clearly all you muppets missed me ever so much, besides I was able to get some useful info out of the whole thing." Kryss said, trying to keep the mood happy, she knew her father had a tendency to get worked up over family matters when he didn't need to. "Now you, your hair is a mess and I can see the imprint of yesterdays shirt on your cheek, lets go and get you sorted out."

Kryss stood up from the chair carefully, wondering if she'd actually be able to offload the excited Daur or not.

Anaska shifted from Kryss' lap as she began moving, re-positioning herself to sit with her legs dangling over the desk's edge with a rather happy smile on her face, the Daur was happy to have the person attached to her favourite set of hands back on GH soil.

"Could be worse, you should have seen the beard I had," Donvan's deep voice chuckled from the hallway as he re-emerged, now wearing something a bit more presentable and a bit less 'extreme-sports-y'.

"Back so soon Donvan, how about you join us, I was just going to tidy up this little coffee fox and I'm sure she'd love the extra attention, how's that sound Anaska?" Kryss said casually as she turned around, motioning for the Daur to climb onto her, piggyback style.

As she moved towards the doors the blonde stopped beside Riccard, "I'll catch up with you a little later dad, especially in regards to the situation getting worse that you mentioned. Duty calls."

A little "Oh," could be heard from Anaska as she moved to climb on, the Daur didn't realise Kryss had been talking about her looking messy - but considering her habits lately she didn't doubt the statement's validity.

"Sure, I can probably spare a moment or two to lend a helping hand - especially for our resident bundle of adorable fuzz," Donvan answered, causing Anaska to blush and giggle a bit as she sunk further into Kryss' short hair. He mulled it over in his mind though, this talk of things gettings worse had grabbed his attention as they left the office.

A tall ID-SOL janitor quietly dragged his cart into the office, tree-trunk arms moving to make short work of the spilt coffee before it left a more annoying stain.

"So where should we take our little mechanic, I'd say the bathrooms but." Kryss smirked at Donvan, "Then I'd just be subjecting poor Anaska to you knowingly, and we can't have that." The blonde girl pondered her options for a moment, "Anaska dear, how messy is that room of yours right now?" She cooed, running a hand through the soft tail flicking around behind her.

"I have some decency, at least when you're in the room," Donvan chuckled back as Anaska leaned in closer to Kryss, squishing her sweater-clad chest against the blonde woman's warm back as a few thoughtful sounds could be heard.

"It's pretty clean right now, I don't really spend too much time there," the Daur admitted with a small giggle, remembering how much golden-brown hair had been stuck to the back of Kryss' clothes after she sat in her chair that Anaska had grown fond of during her absence.

Donvan shot a Helashio security guard a sly wink which earned him a friendly yet unexpected pat on the rear as they passed each other, the blonde man looked back, hating to see her leave but loving to watch her go. Almost pre-emptively he began shooting his sister some kind of explanation, "In my defence I did say room, this is a hallway though."

Kryss raised an eyebrow and continued past him, "Right, good defence there, now let's go to Anaskas room and see how many coffee cups are stacked up to the ceiling. I hear you have been finding other places to sleep while I was gone, how did that work out for you?" She asked her fuzzy tailed passenger as they made their way down towards the fox den as Kryss liked to call it.

"I uh," the Daur muttered, not expecting news to travel that fast but wishing her memos were picked up on that quickly - it would've made everyone's jobs that little bit easier. "I... your chair is very comfy, Kryss, along with a few eh a few conduits here and there but the chair was the best," Anaska answered, sniffing the blonde's neck briefly.

"It still smells like you luckily..."

"You're lucky I didn't clean it before I left then, it was one of the chores on my list, which reminds me I'm going to have to go back to finish all those soon." The blonde girl said thoughtfully, "Ah here we are, Donvan, be a dear and get the door for a couple of helpless ladies such as ourselves would you."

"Helpless my ass," Donvan muttered under his breath as Anaska continued to snuggle up against Kryss. "Why it would be my pleasure," he said in a slightly mocking tone as the door was opened up wide for the two ladies, Donvan dropped into a fake bow so deep that he was almost toppling over.

Kryss smirked at her brother before stepping into the room and plopping her cargo down on the bed before sitting beside her and fishing around behind it for something. With a little triumphant sound the girl pulled a pair of hairbrushes from the depths and tossed one to Donvan.

"You've got the tail, I think she might protest if I wasn't the one doing her head and ears." She chuckled while reaching over to run the soft brush through Anaska's hair.

Anaska had been telling the truth when she said the room was fairly clean, it looked like nobody had used it in a while but there were still a few piles of items here and there - she bounced slightly when put on the too-big bed and looked like she was about to say something else before the brush's heavenly fingers began combing through her hair and fur alike.

Donvan caught the brush without too much hassle and sat down on the bed, behind Anaska as the blonde man eyed the bushy thing - he hadn't been told to tame the beast before but sure as hell would give it his all. "You were saying something to Dad earlier, I know I'm just the PR guy but as your brother you'd best know I'm going to ask if it's anything I need to know about," Donvan asked before gesturing to the smiling and rather sedate Daur who had gone into an almost trance-like state.

"She's not going to hear it, so now is as good a time as any."

Kryss nodded solemnly as she tried to coax the fluffy thing to lie down and put her head in Kryss' own lap. "I assume you mean with the situation worsening, well I don't know what's been happening here obviously but from what I heard on their ships, Uso seems to run this place more like a queen than a leader. I don't know how much merit the statements have since we barely deal with them but, they're the ones who lived here."

Anaska was in a putty-like state, going with Kryss' plan as a few soft purs could be heard.

"Ah, that situation," Donvan had a slight grimace as he spoke, he knew exactly what his sister was on about now and her concern was warranted. "You say queen I say dictator but at the end of the day I think we both just have different words for the same thing, hell even when I was floating around I heard rumors of what it was like here - only to be dissapointed when the promised paradise was infact a wasteland under her regime," it wasn't unlike Donvan to occasionally seem a bit smarter than he often let on, and his sister would've been quite used to this but it wasn't a side many knew of.

"For the most part Horizon has been exempt from that side of the nation but we had heard rumours about it too. It's part of why dad and I built this place with staff living areas, and why we kept the arrival of little Anaska here quiet." Kryss said continuing to brush the Daur's hair while playing with her ears a little more and humming to her.

"That's understandable, but regardless do we really want to be in the middle of this glass house when the locals are so fond of throwing rocks at each other?" Donvan asked as he continued to brush Anaska's tail, her purs began subconciously syncing up with Kryss' humming as the little fluffball almost looked like she was asleep - things had been rather chaotic for her lately.

"That's what I'm worried about, and why I am going to speak with dad later tonight, this little furball has given me an idea at the very least." Kryss said, putting the brush to one side to slowly stroke the Daur's hair with her own hand, paying special attention to her ears and even rubbing the tips between her thumb and finger.

"Whatever that idea is, know I'll most likely have your back on it," Donvan said with a nod before he took a second to observe the way his sister fawned over the head of heavy machinery.

"You're rather fond of our Daur, aren't you?" he asked, Anaska rolled on her side to face Kryss and sleepily mumble something along the lines of "like like..." before continuing her purs and mews.

"Thank you Donvan, you should come with me to the meeting tonight, after we've made sure to put this one to bed I'd say." The blonde said grinning, everyone knew Anaska was no child, but she loved treating her like one everynow and then and the fox didn't seem to mind as long as she got an ear scratch out of it.

"And yes I am rather fond of her, a feeling I suspect is mutural given I was the first face she saw when we pulled her out of the crashed pod she arrived in. She may be our age but something about her is just too adorable and you just feel obligated to protect and care for her. I swear she's got some sort of cute magic."

"She does grow on you, this I can say with confidence - if I didn't know any better I'd say you two were a thing," Donvan mused with a hushed tone as he carefully rose up from the bed. deciding to let his sister ,who had so much more experience with the Daur , tuck her in.

"I fully intended on coming to that meeting, hell I would've stolen a photon suit and hidden in a corner if I had to - did you expect anything less?"

"Not really no, but I had also intended on asking you, once I realised I was being rescued that is. And I think you'd be forgiven for thinking that too, she is rather attached isn't she." Kryss mused, watching her brother rise carefully, she looked back at the placated Daur and wondered if there was any merit in what he said.

Once Anaska left Kryss' arms she began hugging her own tail purely out of habit, turning toward the wall as the Daur finally drifted off from the trance into actual sleep that she very much needed.

The door to Anaska's den was slowly eased shut behind the two twins as they exited, how standing in one of the living quarters' hallways, Donvan shut his eyes and let in a deep breath of air. He held it for a few second before letting the air slowly trickle out and finally opening his eyes again.

"Well, a bit has changed since you were gone - what do you want to see first?"

"My mini fridge..."

"Of course you would, all these advances in technology and you'd rather cuddle up with your mini fridge... you really are my sister aren't you."

Kryss shrugged with a goofy grin, "I need to relax for the night, what do you expect a girl to do after she's just spent 10 minutes playing with a fox girl her age."

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you, are you sure you don't want me to call in a favour and get someone to help you... relax?" Donvan offered with a cheeky smirk across his features.

"Yes I'm quite sure, unless that favor is another fox girl with a tray of very strong beverages who also likes having her ears scratched." Kryss joked, heading to her own room to raid the mini fridge. "Wait, do we have anymore fox girls now?"

"None more have fallen from the skies unfortunately, no," Donvan mused somewhat dejectedly as he moved to follow his sister.

"But if you really wanted to, there is a nearby Neko with a fluffy tail and long ears I could ring up... just so that you know..."he added, 100% serious about the words.

"That's a shame, and for once I think I'm actually considering your offer, what colour is she?" Kryss giggled, which wasn't something she usually done much of, she was finally letting herself relax a little. Not only was she back in home turf but her brother had come back to join the family business, plus she got to play with her favourite fluffy fox.

"She's a deep rusty colour with a few streaks of purple in her hair, one of our couriers actually so I'll be sure to have her deliver something to your office in the near future," Donvan continued with a wide grin across the features that were so close to those of his Father's.

"Hey you want some bourbon?"

"Why it'd be rude to refuse on your first day back!"

"So, rusty colour huh." Kryss said slyly while pouring them both a glass, "And how did you come to know this girl, she sounds way out of your league."

Donvan scoffed at the 'out of her league' comment, he took an appreciative swig from the glass before replying, "Ah well I needed a MOASS and something to use and a sealant for the helmet of that suit you saw earlier so I asked if somebody could run it down to me, I guess me being shirtless and sweaty has a bit of an appeal to it..."

"She's a real sweetheart though, I think you two will get on well regardless - even if you both keep your clothes on" he continued before taking another swig.

"Ha ha, very funny, I think the only person I've done that for recently is medical personnel, got too much work to do and people to see." She said, folling his example and taking a swig, with an appreciative sigh afterwards. "Y'know, they only had sissy beer on that ship I was stuck on, and none of the other guys even wanted to try out drinking me, all a bunch of cowards."

Donvan took another swig with a small huff as the liquid fire slid down his gullet before turning to speak back to his sister, "I can't blame them - not everyone can keep up with the Black family's resillient livers."

"Sometimes I wonder if we even have them honestly, but I think you've convinced me, now I wanna meet this courrier of ours just to see how fluffy their tail is." Kryss said, not drunkenly or slurred but rather, just happily, with the alcohol doing its job. "I hope you didn't do anything to her mister, or I'll have dad toss you out."

"Oh whatever would have given you that idea, little old reserved me getting into trouble with some pretty lass?" Donan chuckled, holding his liquour a little better than his sister as the blonde threw his head back to down the rest of the glass' contents.

"Plenty of past incidents to look back on brother, plenty indeed." She replied to him finishing her own glass. "So," She started, leaning in a little closer, "Did you actually mean what you said, about anaska and I being a thing? Cause I've never really looked at her like that but when you mentioned it, I suppose it sort of made sense why she loves being around me so much."

Donvan crossed his broad arms across his chest, tucking a hand into both armpits casually as he gave his lil sis some advice, "I'm not going to tell you how to lead your life Kryss, I'm probably the last person you'd want relationship advice from but... you'll never know until you take that leap."

The blonde scoffed, "I'm not asking you for advice dummy, and I'm touched that you would so quickly brand your sister as a lesbian just because she likes to pat fox ears and a fluffy tail, it is good to see you again after what 2 years or something now?" She said, reaching for a refill. "Well if she does like me I don't think I have anything against that, I suppose she'll just be wanting more ear and head rubs."

"Eh, I don't really put a label on that kind of thing - why limit yourself?" Donvan spoke, waiting before refilling his own glass and taking a deep sip.

"Has it really been two years? I guess time flies when you've been having as much fun as I have."

"Why limit myself huh, well have to see if anyone can steal my cold dead heart first, I might put a wager on that if you're up for it." Kryss chuckled, "And yeah I think it's been something like 2 years, it was about that long ago dad and I started working on Dawn and Horizon itself with his other buddies who are content to just own shares now."

"Damn," Donvan said, rubbing a free hand against the short hair on the back of his head as the blonde thought about all that had happened in... he still couldn't believe it was two years. "You know me, I don't think I'm going to go settling down any time soon so why'd I enter a bet I could only lose? too many mountains to climb with not the right gear to do so."

"Fair enough, fair enough, just for once I wish we had some difference between us though else I fear we'll be stuck together forever." Kryss laughed, of course being twins they were bound to be similar but it didn't stop her from joking.

Donvan sipped his drink thoughtfully for a moment as he appreciated the little joke, it was true - the two were so similar yet so different, though the older twin had one thing to add.

"There is one difference though," he said, finishing off this glass before continuing.

"I'm pretty sure my ass is nicer than yours."

"And that is why the men go for you, and not me."