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RP Absence Makes the Heart


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RP Date
YE 41
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Planet Yamatai, Kyoto
Planet Yamatai

The small caption on the selfie Oshiro Masumi sent read, "micro apt life 🙃", which she typed quickly, to avoid looking to long at the picture of herself. Sending it without knowing when or where it would be delivered, she set her hand on the table in front of her before quickly taking another, less goofy picture of herself and captioned it with something more sentimental: "💗💓💗" and sent it once more, again to her husband. She set both hands on the table, which required her to pushed aside some of the stacked objects on the table. Her hands each tapped the table, one finger at a time, for a few moments before she let her eyes close and shoulders slump and her dark forehead hit the table in front of her softly. Her elbows and shoulders pivoted and she held her bright pink-haired head in her hands. Her eyes opened to look at the small details of the table below her. She studied the woodgrain for a long while before whispering to herself.

"I hate this," the scientist spoke out quietly. Her forehead lifted up marginally, though her gaze stayed down, on the table's slight patterns. She spread her hands out, away from the back of her head. Her fingertips had pushed against the stack of books at the center of the table and she pulled her hand back, but the action's domino effect had already taken place. A number of crashing and clunking sounds from below the table met Masumi's ears as her shoulder blades pulled close together and her mouth opened and eyebrows pushed together. She again thunked her forehead against the table momentarily before her hands slid back and she pushed against the table, standing up. She stepped to the other side of the table and looked at the pile of books, unopened sauce packets from delivered food, and some knick knacks that were now on the floor.

Crouching, Masumi picked up the small objects and books and set them in her the crook of her arms and table before standing. With full arms, she looked around the dining area she was in, a barely separate part of the kitchen and bedroom. Every part of the apartment was in a sort of disarray. Bare walls led to piles of objects and clothes at their base, cast aside with little to no thought. She swung her head and her light pink hair whipped behind her and to her side as she looked behind her, through a doorway to the bathroom. It was much the same, though some small piles of pink were present, as well, in corners and the grooves of the tile. Masumi's bright blue eyes had dried, but her pink brows again pushed down against them as she set her lips in a forceful scowl.

"When did it get like this?" Masumi asked herself softly as her grip on the books tightened and she took a deep breath in. Systematically, the Nekovalkyrja began moving to the door of the apartment, where a very small and bleak patio looked out onto the Ketsurui river. She sighed out as she looked at the view, one she hadn't taken advantage of ever. Without another thought, she put the objects in her arms onto it, in two piles. She went back into the apartment and came back out with more things, then more and more. She stayed in the apartment awhile while she took a clothe to most of the surfaces within, wiping away the thin layer of dust and random debris. The Neko set up a container for items to be donated and one for the the things she could simply throw away. Her ocean eyes sparkled as they looked about, then her face turned dark as she noticed a piece of lint glide along the floor.

Her hands moved to her hips as she walked to the sole closet of the apartment and then they dropped to open the closet. It was a disaster, just like a lot of the house. Candon had meticulously organized their wedding gifts and a few of his own things, but the ensuing mess from after he had left for mission after mission without Masumi had accumulated to intense proportions. Masumi carried a mass of items to a secondary staging area she had set up and organized them into some piles and made a few trips back and forth before she saw what she was looking for. She clasped the broom handle and pulled it out, then set it down and began rummaging through the closet once more. Her arm recoiled quickly, though, fingers splayed as she gasped. Masumi's face moved from one of shock, to curiosity as she moved her hand back into an area of the closet that Candon had organized. With one of her hands, she pulled away a jacket and the other was at the ready to strike.

"Ah, oh, uh," Masumi chuckled softly as she realized that the fleshy feeling that had given her a fright was inanimate. "Ah! OH!!" She yelped as a shoe fell towards her and the previously inanimate object came to life, so to speak. A pair of bright pink eyes looked at her from a head of the same color.

"Ah, hello, I suppose," Masumi said with a soft laugh. She frowned, "Where did you come from?" Her digital mind scanned the possibilities and she asked, "Are you a Drake? One of Jax's new inventions?" She asked and the Drake's sharp row of glinting teeth showed as she finished her question. Masumi exclaimed softly, "Oh!" Thinking about herself, her purpose, she asked, "You, too, huh?" She beckoned with a hand flapping towards herself and said, "Will you help me?"

The Drake stood and walked toward her, shaking off a few objects with a full body shake while doing so. Masumi picked those things up and held them in her arms before shifting them so that she could give the Drake a pat on the head as it flew beside her, pushing her hair around as its wings flapped nearby.

"Sakura. You're just in time for the cherry blossoms, Sakura," Masumi said as she walked onto the patio. After she set the items down in the right piles, she pointed to the rows of trees along the river's edge. "Those. They are sakura, too. You are Sakura, too. Oh, no!" Masumi yelped as she watched the pink flurry of wings and body and tail and head whoosh away from her and towards the river's edge.

"Oh my goodness..." she whispered as she watched from afar as the Drake investigated the flowers. A few pedestrians acted as she expected and Masumi grabbed the patio's railing and hopped over it, entering flight as she saw someone lose balance from the sheer shock of Sakura's arrival near them. Masumi's hand clutched the person's shoulder as her other one met the small of their back, just a second after they had fully lost their balance and were falling backwards. Her blue eyes moved from the person, now thanking her, to the tree, where she saw the bright pink of the Drake contrast with the soft pastel pink of the flowers. Her hands slipped away from the person she had helped and she flew upwards, to Sakura. The Drake looked to her as she got closer, then to a flower cluster it had been regarding.

Masumi's eyes welled up and before a tear sprouted from each of her blue orbs, Masumi pulled the Drake close. Its sharp claws grazed her forearm accidentally, but she pulled it closer and hugged the creature, nuzzling her chin into its shoulder as its head draped against her back after a moment of regarding her. She floated softly down to a crook of the tree where multiple branches met and tucked her knees up, holding the Drake in her arms for a long few moments before she pulled her head back and sniffed.

"You're just right, Sakura. Let's clean up and I'll get dressed more and we can explore, for your sake..." Masumi sniffed again, "Maybe for mine, too. Deal?" The look of recognition in the Drake's bright pink eyes was enough for Masumi and she nodded, then tucked her head down as she fell slightly, letting go of the Drake as she did. She flew at an upwards angle once she was free of the hindrance of cheery cherry blossomed branches and she looked to both sides of her body, only to see the pink Drake close by her right side.