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RP: Abwehrans [-Abwehran-] The Khorovarolor Incident

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Abwehran Commander

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AF 259, Fourth Quarter, Third Month, 14th Day
Location: ISS Revelry

It had been nearly a couple of weeks since the first colonization wave to the north had been completed and trade was still at a trickle. Captain Adler Godard had been out to the Meltra system to deliver goods to the colonists. But Adler hated it. Sure, in the long term colonization would bring in more capital to everyone, even a small fry trader like him. But he needed the big bucks fast and now. Those gambling debts weren't going away any time soon and if he didn't get 12 million credits to the the people he borrowed money from soon...let's just say they'd chop something off that couldn't grow back.

The question was how could he do it. He only had a few trade goods remaining and no where to pawn it off for more. Besides, such things wouldn't bring in the credits. If only he could find something exotic. Something that no one else had in supply but everyone would love to get.

To his surprise, it was his first mate who made the suggestion. Poor little Richter had been down with the Flu for nearly two weeks, but he had been showing signs of kicking it. Adler would have been glad to help the poor kid out, but he just didn't have facilities or the time to take him.

But his suggestion had merit. A world that the Abwehrans had yet to make contact with, though there were plenty of them. But this one was on the fringe of even Yamatai. Khorsovarolor in the Paracrux system was supposed to have a minor manufacturing corporation there and be pretty advanced for a fringe, mono-system nation. Why they hadn't bothered expanding was beyond the independent Captain. It was only a short jump to it too. Setting a course, Adler didn't thank his ancestors just yet. His trade goods were just textiles after all...not worth that much unless he tried scamming his potential customers.

Well, he had done so before with worse products. Webber Silk was a pretty fancy commodity anyway.


AF 259, Fourth Quarter, Fourth Month, 16th Day
Location: Khorovarolor

It was horrible, the Captain would continue thinking in shock as he stood amongst the graveyard that had once been the most advanced hospital on planet. The dead had now begun to fill even the hallways now as the morgue became full and even more people would fill it soon enough.

The local crazies had no clue what was happening. They had identified it as a virus of some sort, but normal anti-viral treatments weren't working. It seemed to be affecting everyone from young to old, but there wasn't a single survivor of anyone who caught it. This couldn't be an illness...it was as if the universe itself had unleashed its vast knowledge of epidemics and dropped it right on top of these poor people. What was worse was that he too was showing signs of the illness. Richter seemed unaffected, but had opted locking himself in the Revelry to be on the safe side.

How long had it been since the first symptoms of this pandemic appeared? Three weeks? A month? No...he had arrived around that time and had seen no such sickness plaguing this nice people.

Adler looked from his hospital bed in the hallway and to one of the corpses piled near him. The poor kid couldn't have been any older than a single Abwehran Year. How could it's body had produces so much puss? It flooded from every poor it seemed, but the blood...oh universe high the blood. The middle-aged Abwehran couldn't help but break out into tears as he saw another child placed right beside the next. "Why," he cried out in Abwehran. "Why did it turn out like this!!??" he shouted as nurses moved to restrain his flailing body.

When he had arrived here, he had been the strongest man on world. Why...how had he become so weak even children such as these could hold him down with little effort?


Location: HMS Valiant

The haggard Hauptmann Weiss looked at his datapad sadly before glancing up at his Ship's Doctor. "So we are the cause of this horrible plague." he muttered as he set the datapad onto his desk.

"Unfortunately," Doctor Kessler replied as she massaged her temple. She seemed pale and shaking, which made the Squadron Commander even more scared than he had been when the Civilian on that world had called for assistance. This was the Empire's worst fear after all. They had figured out from CSEIA's help that they had the record for strongest viri and bacteria they had ever seen...some of them even coming close to what most Nepleslians could only manufacture in laboratories.

Because of this, the Abwehran Government had restricted first contact scenarios to military personnel. Mostly because the military had better medical facilities on board their ships than civilians did. "By the void," Weiss muttered as he dry washed his hands with his prime hands. "And you said the flu caused this...this monstrosity!?"

"Not just a simple flu, Hauptmann." the Doctor spoke calmly, surprising for her expression. "It seems like our flu bug got a nasty upgrade by coming into contact with the local biosphere. One of the trader's crew members infected one of the locals which just started the mutations path. One thing led to another, infection, atmospheric composition, solar radiation, they all became a factor to create this pandemic."

"A pandemic indeed, which is also causing a panic. I've been able to enlist what little forces in space the KHSF have to apply a quarantine blockade upon this world, but they aren't following proper quarantine procedures." he growled as he looked at his desk computer. "I know it may seem a bit savage to destroy any ships entering or leaving the atmosphere except for medical shuttles, but damn it...we have to keep that damn thing on that world. If it so much as gets out into the galaxy, who knows what could happen. We also have a report of one of our nationals being infected."

"And he will die within the next 48 hours," the doctor affirmed quietly.

"What about the other crewmen...isn't he immune? Perhaps."

"We've already thought of checking him for an antibody, Hauptmann. Unfortunately, he has the wrong type of antibodies. In fact...he is also infected." the doctor explained with a tone of dread.


"...He committed suicide the moment we left the room," she said with teeth gritted.

"Son of a Charec," Weiss muttered as he ran a hand through the fuzz on his head. "What's our option, Doctor? Can we save these people?" The doctor seemed to pause as if to stave off the truth. But the Squadron Commander looked at her with grief upon his face. "So that's how it is," he muttered as he looked away from the doctor. "You know...I have two children back on Jaspis," he muttered as he pulled up their picture on his deck computer. "Seeing those pictures of..." he gritted his teeth as he seemed to have a flash of anger. "Stupid sons of Charec Worms," he growled. "They knew it was illegal to go to planets we haven't contact yet....they damn well knew!"

"But that past has passed, Hauptmann. There's nothing we can do but keep this pandemic from leaving." she said sadly.

AF 259, Fourth Quarter, Fifth Month, 1st Day
Location: Khorovarolor Orbit

The next day, there was hell to pay. Hauptmann Weiss wouldn't know where it had started until it was too late, but the deed had been done either way.

Hauptmann Weiss was in command of a full Destroyer squadron of nine Löwenhertz II-class Destroyers, the newest and most powerful of Abwehran warships. It lacked the missile weaponry of its predecessor, but it gained a powerful new energy weapon, the 160mm Tri-barreled Laser Turret.

When he had entered the system, he had immediately contacted the Khorovarolor Homeworld Security Force and had placed his squadron within their command sphere. But he had also made sure that his squadron had divided up into three divisions of three to ensure their protection from the Security Force just in case anything...bad...happened.

Such a thing occurred at 1000 hours of the first day of the fifth month, when the HMS Fang opened fire upon a ship fleeing from Khorovarolor with only a single warning to return to the planet. The ship had claimed to be carrying diseased people towards Yamatai for treatment, but protocol had been made clear to the inhabitants. A full barrage of laser fire from three destroyers had made the Geshrinari Light Freighter, later identified as a smuggler vessel, into free-floating debris before it could bring its CDD up and running.

The resulting outcry of the response to procedure would result in what would be a secret skirmish to everyone. The ratio of Hurricane Escorts to Löwenhertz II's were twenty to nine, but the Löwenhertz II's had the advantage of range and a naval tradition of small group maneuvers compared to the KHSF.

It began with the HMS Valiant's DesDiv 002A coming into contact with the KHSF's flagship and four escorts. The result became a running battle with the Hauptmann's Division being chased around Khorovarolor's orbit, keeping the range around 400,000 kilometers as they used the planet's gravity to arc their laser fire around and into the KHSF's forces.

One hour later, five more Hurricanes joined the battle by coming around in a parallel path following an opposing course from the Valiant. Ranges closed to a knife fighting range of 8,000 kilometers, where the use of Ion Cannon's downed two of the Hurricanes in passing. The furious force of charged hydrogen smashed into the KHSF's shields as photons crashed into DesDiv 002A's shields. One of the HMS Valiant's compatriots took fire to it's ventral-port Fusion Engine while the Valiant herself too a hit to it's forward-port Laser battery.

Elsewhere in system, DesDivs 002B and 002C joined forces. Disappearing into the gas giant of Trios, the two destroyer squadrons began a guerrilla war with ten Hurricanes as they fought both in and out of the atmosphere. The result of that skirmish was all ten Hurricanes destroyed with one Löwenhertz II destroyed with all hands and the rest with a varying degree of battle damage.

The system-wide skirmish continued on into the local night as reinforcements from the 3rd Destroyer Squadron entered the system. By this time, 2nd Squadrons forces had whittled down the KHSF to eight Hurricanes with no damage, four floating wrecks, and two barely habitable Hurricanes. Unfortunately, the 2nd Squadron had been beaten down as well to only a single full Division and two extras, none of which escaped damage.

With the additional reinforcements, the KHSF was forced back into their homeworld's orbit. Hauptmann Kaufman of the HMS Relentless pleaded with the security forces to surrender and a few ships did. But blood had been spilled and many of the survivors put up a valiant battle. But caught in their world's gravity well with no ability to use their FTL drives, the 3rd Destroyer Squadron relentlessly pounded them from a 30 light-seconds out (8,993,773.74 kilometers). With no way to retaliate, the remaining fighting force was decimated.

AF 259, Fourth Quarter, Fifth Month, 2nd Day

The aftermath of the skirmish had been as horrible as the actual fighting. Marines from Second and Third Destroyer Squadrons invaded the local shipyards to secure them as the remaining Löwenhertz II's from Second Squadron began to dock to receive repairs.

Third Squadron took over the Quarantine Duties of its predecessor with an even more strict vigil than before. Even the ISS Revelry was unable to lift off as it remained grounded on a dying world. No more doctors from the Abwehran Star Empire were sent down as the plague worsened. It had only been two weeks since it's first outbreak and 20% of the total planetary population had been annihilated.

Assistance in the form of consultation and information was sent to the dying Khorovaran's, but after the skirmish...distrust had been sown. Riots and protests were occurring all over the planet, but the Abwehran's stood firm as they held the high ground over the entire world.

The damage had been done. Nothing seemed to be able to stop the plague from killing the planet's inhabitance. Every evacuation ship launched was sent back or destroyed and every call for help was blocked. After what had happened, it would hurt the Empire's reputation. But Hauptmann Weiss overruled his savior's decision.

One message was sent out to the Jaspis System to inform the High Command of what had occurred. After that, it was up to the Admiralty and Politicians. At that moment, the two Squadron Commanders could only do their duty to keep the plague from reaching the rest of the galaxy. No matter how barbaric the means. And for the first time ever, soldiers of the Empire wept over what was their duty.

To be Continued.
AF 259, Fourth Quarter, Fifth Month, 4th Day
Location: Abwehran Armed Forces Headquarters "Hexagon", Großartige Festung, Abwehr, Jaspis System

Deep within the cavernous depths of the Hexagon, the Military High Command had been gathered for a rather disturbing report. The highest ranking officers in the Abwehran Armed Forces and the Advisor of Military to the Emperor, sat around a hexagonal table with grim faces as they awaiting the Executive Branch's master of the military, Emperor Eckert himself.

An elderly Surfacer sat to the right of the head of the table and interlaced his fingers just under his nose as he rested his head upon the cradle. "Well, gentlemen...this is a fine mess we've made," the Armed Forces Supreme Commander, Oberbefehlshaber Sir Himerich Lange spoke softly for someone of his extreme build. "And it is out fault even if we were only following our protocols on quarantine blockades. We weren't sensitive enough to the Khorovans culture and feelings in their desperate time." he explained with a sigh.

"Oh don't be a fool, Sir Lange!" a man across the table from him snarled. Being the Feldmarschall of the Armed Forces Schirmherrschaft, the balding hulk that was Richter Kisslinger was practically foaming at the mouth. "Those fools decided to be relaxed on the job and nearly let a smuggler ship out of the quarantine zone! Then they had the audacity to assault one of our Destroyer Squadrons because we were keeping that plague at bay!"

"I don't think it's solely their fault Feldmarschall," the Government's Adviser of Military, Jonas Hammerstein, spoke up with a frown from the left of the table's head. "The military arm of the Empire has a duty to uphold the honor and morals of our people. It failed in that just a couple of days ago."

"Unfortunately...combat rarely includes morals in the equation, Herr Hammerstein," the individual across from the civilian spoke up calmly. "From what my sources have pulled from the wreckage of our smuggler, they were bringing technology and military supplies to an Anti-Government Organization known as "Reds" to the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. I believe if we at least tell the government of that, they would understand our measures." the Geschäftsführer of the Nachrichtendienst, Reinhard Junker, explained calmly.

"But we didn't know that until after!" Jonas countered as an argument began between those two and the Feldmarschall. The only silent individuals in the table were Sir Lange and another individual across the table from the head. Being Großadmiral of the Weltraumflotte, Kurt Löwenherzt was technically the most responsible out of everyone around the table for this incident. He was the one who had suggested to his Fleet Admiral that she should send Destroyer Squadrons to impose a Quarantine Blockade. At the time, he had only been thinking of what would occur if the plague had gotten off world and back to one of the other nations. He hadn't thought of the culture shock likely to occur.

Both of the eldest members of this gather looked at each other sadly as the elevator door opened to reveal the solid black uniform there beloved Emperor wore to these occasions. The quarrel halted immediately as every member stood up from their chairs in respect for the master of the military arm of the Abwehran Star Empire.

The build of Emperor Eckart Rosenthal I was even more intimidating than any of the current military officers were. Then again, it was to be expected from the former 'Royal Enforcer', though many in the military would still consider him such a title with his personality.

The Emperor seemed to glare at everyone at the table as he slowly strode to his place at the head of the hexagonal table. "I must say Kurt...you sure have picked a void cursed time to allow something like this too occur," Eckert I spoke coolly as the Löwenherzt stiffen, yet didn't flinch at the man's glare.

"Your Majesty," he spoke softly. "I have every confidence that my officers performed to the best of their abilities," he said as the hulk from the Schirmherrschaft grimaced. What Kurt seemed to be doing was pull the blame from his subordinates to himself.

"I believe you do, Kurt." Eckert I replied as he sat down, allowing the rest of them to sit as well. "But couldn't you have suggested that they be a bit more level-headed until after elections," the second youngest man in the room spoke with a tired sigh.

"With elections three months away, Your Majesty? You ask the impossible with the powder keg they were sitting on," Kurt replied before he sighed as well. "Honestly, I probably should have suggested Kommodore Adler for the mission...she's a lot more diplomatic with foreigners than any of the others."

"But sending a Flotilla sized force would have made things even worse...and you know Admiral Kantor wouldn't allow a Kommodore into a system without anything smaller than that," Emperor Rosenthal said as Kurt helplessly shrugged. "But that's all water under the bridge. We now have to deal with the aftermath people. For instance, what do we do now militarily?"

"Not much we can do, Your Majesty," Sir Lange spoke up sadly. "Other than continue our quarantine efforts, I'm afraid this is now in the realm of diplomacy and politics."

"I was afraid you'd say that Sir Hiemerich." Eckert I said as he dry washed his face. "The wife won't like this debacle." A chuckle could be heard around the room as the Emperor dared called the Empress, 'the wife.'


Location: Imperial Palace, Großartige Festung, Abwehr, Jaspis System

In one of the many meeting rooms of the Imperial Palace, another meeting was taking place at nearly the same time. In this room, the Empress of the Abwehran Star Empire sat quietly at the head of a long rectangular table with three other individuals.

To her right, the more feminine and quite Speaker of the House, Anja Eberstark, sat reading over the military report with an expression of dread. Across from her was the Empress' little brother, the Baron of Alpenrose and leader of the House of Nobles known as Baron Anton Rosenthal, who was also reading the same report with a pained grimace. "This is a mess!" the Baron exclaimed as he tossed the datapad onto the table and leaned back in his chair. "And it all started with a rogue civilian trader!"

"It wasn't the trader who started that fight though," the Adviser of State, Iris Schneider, explained calmly as she sat across from her Empress. "What we have here is a clash of cultures spurred on by our desire to keep a deadly plague in one spot and their desire to save their friends, family, and species. It was bound to end up like this, Baron."

"That doesn't make it any less horrible," he muttered as he rested his head upon his hand.

"And it doesn't make it any less dangerous," the Speaker of the House of Representatives chimed in. "The Conservatives and Constitutionalists are going to make a big fuss about this. After all, its a perfect example that their isolationist policies wouldn't have allowed this to happen," she explained.

"But their isolationist policy would have also allowed this plague free to infect even us too. We already have enough of a problem trying to figure out that Zombie-Slave Virus the Gefahrans secrete." the Baron stated as the Empress raised a hand, silencing everyone.

"It's all too apparent of the consequences for us internally. But what are we going to do about external consequences?" Empress Bertina Rosenthal spoke with a soft contralto.

"You mean what other nations will think of us?" Anja asked.

"No...are we going to allow aid from some of the more technologically superior nations into the system to help them?" the Empress replied as the Adviser paled.

"Your Majesty! What will happen if the super powers decide to confront us on this? We had no idea how they will act when knowledge of how we wiped out their entire navy gets out?" Anja spoke quickly.

"I don't even think Yamatai would care," the Baron snorted. "With how they practically annihilated the Free State, they'd probably have no qualms with how we acted if we tell them the truth. We enforced quarantine on a planet with a deadly virus and they attacked us."

"But what about Nepleslia or these new United Outer Colonies? They rely on the popular opinion of their people the same way we do. What if their people decide war is the best policy against us?"

"They won't," the Empress replied calmly. "If Nepleslians and these Jiyuuian are like Abwehrans, they will talk of how horrible it is and probably send aid. They wouldn't care enough to openly blame us and attack," she said calculatedly. "It's how a system based on the majority acts. If it doesn't affect them, they won't care." she spoke sadly.

There was silence around the table as the politicians sat thinking. "So...I take it we aren't going to keep this a secret?" Iris asked expectantly.

"Obviously." the Empress affirmed. "The short-term results of keeping this secret aren't worth the long term consequences. If we keep it a secret and this happens to get out, we'd all be guilty of genocide." Bertina explained. "But if we let the public know and do everything in our power to keep those people alive...the short term consequences of being blamed for causing this fiasco will be outweighed by the long term benefits. Our timely response will enable us to be seen as benevolent as will our attempt to keep their government stable."

"Our attempt?" the Baron questioned as he raised an eyebrow at his elder sibling.

"It's obvious that they're government is going to fall because of this. Something as devastating as a pandemic of this magnitude will always crumble nations that are weak-willed. Because of this, we must be prepared to either assist the native inhabitance rebuild their nation...or accept their people into our empire."

The whole room seemed stunned by this decision. "Excuse me, Your Majesty." the Speaker of the House pipped up. "But are you suggesting annexing a world into our Empire when it's possible they will be hostile?"


"Why in the void for Berta!?" the Baron exclaimed, forgetting about protocol and calling his sister by her pet name.

"Because if we don't, someone else will," she responded curtly. "And although we are going to attempt establishing non-aggressive relations with our neighbors, I will not have our expansion cut off by these super powers. If we are to be looked upon as equals in the future, we will need a strong nation with an equally strong economy and military. We cannot do that without expanding our resources to other solar systems. Khorovarolor is the breaking point or the turning point in this endeavor and I intend on taking advantage of it." she stated with all the determination of a predator hunting its prey.

At that, all three politicians paled and kept silent as their Empress crossed her arms under her breasts and stared at them all. "Iris, call the press and inform them that we will make a full report and statement." Bertina ordered as she looked at the two leaders of Parliament. "And you two keep your Houses in line. We need to maintain proper decorum." she stated before cupping her chin between her index finger and thumb. "We also need to prepare diplomatic missions to UOC, Yamatai, and Nepleslia. This seems like our best chance to not only assist aid, but establish official channels with all three of them."

With that finally statement, Iris and Anju stood up from their seats. Bowing respectfully, they left as quickly as they had arrive all but fifteen minutes ago. "I hope you know what you're doing," Anton spoke with a frustrated sigh.

"...So do I." Bertina hesitantly admitted.
Having no viable military resources of their own, the Yamataian Reds had turned to the Star Army to look into things a while after contact was lost.

First Expeditionary Fleet's Sixth Squadron entered the Khorsovarolor system to investigate, consisting of YSS Excalibur, YSS Freedom, YSS Intrepid, and YSS Storm, four Plumeria-class Gunships all the way from the Ketsurui Military Sector.

"This is Taii Catherine Ross of the Yamataian Gunship Excalibur. All starships in this system please respond immediately," the captain transmitted on all frequencies.

She turned to her sensor officer. "Scan for ships, then for survivors in the wreckage."
HMS Relentless, Khorovarolor Orbit

"Sir," the Tactical Operator spoke up as Hauptmann Johiem Kaufman looked up from his datapad and towards his Operator with an upraised eyebrow. "We have Fold signal at the edge of the Hyper Limit. It looks like as many as four to eight signals, but it's hard to tell with how inaccurate these Mass Sensors are," the Operator informed his captain.

"Any transmissions coming in Comm?" Johiem asked his Communications Operator.

"I'm receiving a signal now, sir. Omni-directional transmission on Subspace...patching it through."

Star Army said:
"This is Taii Catherine Ross of the Yamataian Gunship Excalibur. All starships in this system please respond immediately."

"Seems like the Yammies are in system," Hauptmann Kaufman muttered as he looked at his Tactical Display before glancing at his XO. "Let's see how hospitable they are," he stated calmly as he nodded to his Communications Operator. "Live Feed, please."

"Aye, aye, sir."

"This is Hauptmann Johiem Kaufman of the 3rd Destroyer Squadron, Abwehran Imperial Weltraumflotte. Be warned, we are executing quarantine operations of the planet Khorovarolor due to a highly infectious and deadly pandemic. I would advise not landing on planet unless you are absolutely certain you will not bring the infection off world." he informed the incoming vessels calmly and politely.

Unfortunately, many of his Ship Commanders had heard of Yamatai's infamous way of bringing down the hammer on unsuspecting 'enemies of state'. While it was true that the Abwehran Star Empire had no official contact with Yamatai, it was widely believed among at least the Relentless' crew that Yamatai was pretty much the big kid in town that had the occasional temper tantrum and that it would be best not to upset a kid with a really big gun.
"Noted," Taii Ross responded. She switched to the Star Army Communications network and sent Taisho Yui an update and a request for emergency assistance. This was something beyond the ability of a small gunship squadron.
The HMS Relentless cut the live feed after that, considering nothing else need to be said at that point. "Seems like that went well," the XO replied as Johiem sighed.

"Hardly...they're probably calling in to their high command like we did."

"Probably because this is bigger than simple case for squadron commanders."

"No kidding," Kaufman grunted as he opened a channel to the HMS Valiant via Laser. "How are repairs coming old friend? Just wanted to let you know, Yammies are in system. They seem hospitable for now, but you might was to expedite those repairs so you can return to Jaspis." he recorded and sent the message before standing up. "You have the watch."

"Aye sir, I have the watch," the XO replied as the Captain left the bridge for a bit of shut eye.
"Three days!" Taii Ross repeated as she read over the message from Yui. The First Expeditionary Fleet's Jihi-class medical ship (one of only four in the Star Army) was basically on the other side of known space and would take days to arrive, even at top hyperspace speed. The only hope seemed to be the Third Expeditionary's three Jihi medical ships.

She opened a channel to the other ships in the squadron. "Prep all available shuttles and send medical teams down. Environmental suits for everyone. Bring as much HS Fluid and medical supplies as we can fit. We may only be able to save a few but that is better than none. Cure and decontaminate the locals and move them to secure areas to await extraction. We don't want any mass panic or re-infections if possible. We don't want to take any of them off the planet either until we figure out the Abwehr situation."
HMS Valiant, Captured Khorovarolor Shipyard

"Well, this just got messier," Hauptmann Weiss muttered as he read the message from his compatriot on board the HMS Relentless. "I wonder what Yamatai will think once they figure out we're the ones who wiped out the Homeworld Security Force here," he said as he looked at his desk computer.

"Well...I'd rather think they'd be sensible enough to look at it from and outside perspective and say it was a messy version of culture shock," his XO said lightly before sighing. "But who knows. We will probably have to sit down with them and hammer this out."

"No shit," the Hauptmann replied as he pulled out a bottle of aged Starberry Vodka. "If it comes down to blame, I'll just have to take responsibility." he muttered as he poured a shot.

"Hauptmann," the XO began to chide.

"It was my responsibility and I screwed up. If there has to be a head, it might as well be mine and no one elses."

"...Aye sir."


As Yamatai Forces began to enter orbit around Khorovarolor, they would notice a total of nine Löwenhertz II-class Destroyers orbiting the planet in groups of three with a pair of Hurricane-class Escorts, which was all that remained of the KHSF, grouped together in an effort to blockade any traffic entering or leaving the doomed world.

But the Yamatai Forces would not receive the usual challenges the ships had been sending to most of the ship traffic in the area. Instead, they were actually welcomed whole-heartedly by what seemed to be grief weary soldiers.

Then again, who wouldn't be grief weary over what was happening on the planet's surface.
The Star Army ships managed to send down a total of eight shuttles. Their teams set up near an overwhelmed local hospital in one of the larger cities, and began using hemosynth injections to help fight the infections. The problem was setting up a "clean" area for the cured, so they didn't get re-infected.

Until a vaccine could be created, the people they could save would have to be kept in isolation to protect them...but an isolation area had to be created. So the Star Army troopers took over a nearby hotel and decontaminated it as fast and thoroughly as possible.

The other problem was that locals were starting to gather around the treatment site, desperate for the injections. It was getting difficult to maintain order.
As Yamatai began its own treatment of the diseased Khorovarolorans, Abwehran medical personnel still planetside began to aid their Yamataian counterparts as best they could. Weltraumflotte doctors could only do so much due to the advanced technology being used, so many concentrated on researching the ailment or observing the Yamataian doctors in action. Corpmen and Medical Technicians, on the other hand, were assisting in the transportation of the sick and the decontamination of the healthy.

Marines in skinsuits formed guard squads around critical areas to insure order. Though the majority of the riots had begun to calm down with the intervention of a third party.
The Third Expeditionary Fleet’s Khorsorvarolor Response Task Force appeared in-system without ceremony, the precise formation of ships centred on a trio of Jihi-class medical ships that had been swiftly brought together for this mission. After spending a brief moment to assess the system in general for anything outwardly untoward, the array of ships moved as one towards the virus-stricken planet.

Aboard the Type 30 Irim-class gunship YSS Kusanagi, Task Force Commander Minawa Chiaki-Taisa issued orders to her crew with an unhurried tone. “Comms, have the Jihi proceed as previously planned, and I’ll take my broadcast channel now.”

The Neko manning communications started relaying the Taisa’s orders while tapping away at her console, a moment later she gave her superior a thumbs-up sign over her shoulder as she connected though the Taisa’s requested transmission settings.

“This is Taisa Minawa Chiaki aboard the YSS Kusanagi. Under my command I have three Jihi-class medical ships which will provide aid to those affected on Khorovarolor; due to the nature of the situation as of the time of their arrival in this system these three ships have been placed under special quarantine and all persons and ships coming in contact with them will be subject to strict regulation as seen fit by Yamataian forces as the full extent of the current situation unfolds. I thank you for your cooperation.”

The formation of the new arrivals shifted as the Jihi-class – each accompanied by a Type-30 Irim and Yui 4g as an escort – shifted trajectory slightly in order to arrive in orbit over different parts of the virus-ravaged planet, while at the same time the two Yui 4g that acted as the task force’s scouting attachment peeled away to provide intelligence on the rest of the system. The formation’s remaining ships, an Ayame cruiser with attached Yui scouts and a pair of Sakura gunships, slowed slightly to take up a higher orbit than the Jihi planned on.

“Comms, a chat with Ross-Taii, if you would.” Another short wait before it was ready. “Good evening, Taii; reinforcements have arrived.” Minawa smiled in a less than scrupulous way, one of the Taisa’s less than endearing traits. “Our Jihi shall be beginning shuttle dropping of supplies and personnel to create medical outposts shortly, if you have any suggestions for suitable places to set up shop then that would be greatly appreciated.”

Meanwhile, inside the edge of the system and well above the plane of the ecliptic a single Nozomi scout slipped in under heavy stealth, slowly coasting along after its unannounced entry.
This was excellent news! The Third Expeditionary Fleet had responded promptly and now the Star Army would be able to treat up to 30,000 patients on the three medical ships.

Taii Ross had her squadron's eight shuttles begin shuttling the worst affected people from the long lines outside to the orbiting ships for treatment, and organizing patient pickup zones for the Jihi's shuttles.

Despite the massive aid operation, there was still a massive death toll from the previous four days and the planetary infrastructure had all but collapsed.

From: Taii Catherine Ross, YSS Excalibur
To: Taisa Minawa Chiaki, YSS Kusanagi
CC: SAINT; 1XF Command


Thank you for your quick arrival in this emergency. Please be advised the Abwehran military forces have landed on the planet around my military site. They are helping us at the moment, but judging by the destruction of the Khorsovarolor defense fleet and the apparent lack of government personnel, I cannot help but wonder if we this is the aftermath of a deliberate attack by the Abwehr; but, remember this is only my personal suspicion. So far I have focused only on treating the sick.

I am landing my ships near the capital and the original treatment site and have created four STV-based teams that will go seek out that cannot make it to the treatment center. We have also been given access to ambulances by the local hospital. My XO is also working with the locals on television broadcasts to keep the survivors informed and give them hope by showing the treatments in action.

This world is dying but thanks to you, we can at least save thousands. Please see if your researchers can come up with a vaccine. This is critical for the Nepleslians and could help soothe relations between our empires.
During these four days, the Abwehrans 2nd Destroyer Squadron had left the Khorovaroloran's space docks and returned to quarantine duties. Hauptmann Weiss took command of both squadrons as senior squadron commander in system before convening a general staff meeting.

In the HMS Valiant's Officer's Mess, Hauptmann Weiss sat with the chief researchers and investigators in charge of the Khorovarolor Incident. "Okay people, I'll get straight to the point. We're looking pretty bad out here with a fleet we wiped out and a plague we accidentally caused, but we also have to tell the truth to our new friends aiding that planet. Now, I've gotten word from Abwehr that Her Majesty has sent envoys to Yamatai, Jiyuu, and Nepleslia to garner help for Khorovarolor. Though it seems Yamatai is the only one assisting us, the UOC seems to want to aid them as well. We currently have no idea about Nepleslia, considering we haven't received a message yet, but who knows." he explained with a shrug at the end. "What I'd like to know is do we have a complete report to give the Taisa of the Yamatai forces?"

"Our research into the origin of the virus is pretty solid. Based on how easily it mutated in the environment of Khorovarolor, we are 99% certain it was Influenza. The current factors we've figured out that led to its current mutation is its atmosphere content is actually more oxygenated than that of Abwehr. Combined with the heavier content of amino acids in the biosphere and whatever diet the natives consume and you have yourself a deadlier virus than even Abwehr herself can concoct." the chief researcher explained calmly.

"Ugh...after hearing that, I need a drink," the Valiant's XO muttered.

"Well...the little Incident with KHSF is pretty much straight forward," the Marine Captain who had been in charge muttered. "We blew up a ship claiming to have sick civilians. Yes, extreme, but that's a part of our Quarantine Protocols. 'No ships enter or leave the planet without authorization from medical personnel.' Unfortunately, that set off the Homeworld Security Forces. All of which led to a system-wide skirmish between Second Squadron and the entire Security Force space fleet. Reinforcements from Third Squadron came in late into the battle and resulted in only two Security Force ships surrendering and the rest fighting to the last man." the Marine summarized.

"This really looks bad," Hauptmann Weiss muttered before looking at the Marine again. "Anything else about the ship we destroyed?"

"Only that it was a smuggler ship from an organization known as the 'Reds'. And all that we know about them is what we have from CSEIA, an 'Anti-Green' faction from Nepleslia." he explained before snorting. "And I thought the pre-Elections crap was bad," he muttered with a strained expression.

Hauptmann Weiss grimaced before taping his console keys. "Communications....send a text-only message to this Taisa Minawa Chiaki and Taii Catherine Ross. I honestly have no idea which one of them is senior officer, but we need to meet up. Tell them that I will go to see them with my Chief Medical Officer to explain to them what exactly happened." he ordered before closing the channel.

"And you two make sure you have your Khorovaroloran sources typed up too. The Yammies may want to talk to those folks as well...if they haven't keeled over yet."


From: Hauptmann Weiss, HMS Valiant
To: Taisa Minawa Chiaki, YSS Kusanagi
CC: Tai Catherine Ross, YSS Excalibur

Due to recent events, I believe it is time we explain ourselves to you. If you are able to meet with me, I will be able to bring any and all information you may wish to know. My only escort will be my Medical Officer, Leutnant Ada Wulf. We well abide by all decontamination procedures and medical checks that you find necessary, but it is essential that we explain the situation in full.

I apologize with how long it took to reach this conclusion, but we had to wait for our investigations to reach their conclusions.
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