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RP: Second Draconian War Act II: Cat and Mouse

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Kitsurugi Yui
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(2/21/03 8:57 pm)

Act II: Cat and Mouse The large frame of the recently appointed Taisa, Zaitsev rested wearily in thought within the luxury of a human-crafted leather chair upon the GSS Shibata. Raising a burly, gnarled hand to the control panel before him, Zaitsev entered a few keys in to the panel, intending to send a hail of sorts to the Taisho Yui. Zaitsev remained as always rather informal about his duties, idly waiting for the appearance of the Taisho, he closed his eyes, expecting shortly to hear her voice questioning the purpose of his communication. While he waited, his eyes remained closed, head flopped against the squeeky surface of the leather chair.

"This is Taisho Yui of the GSS Philosophy, how can I help you?" The reply came.

Snapping his head forward quickly, Zaitsev offered a simple, though respectful nod of his head to his superior. "Greetings, Taisho Yui. I've some interesting news from Ayenee that I thought would best be brought to your attention before any decisions were made."

Yui leaned toward the screen, her smooth face lit by the floating layers of holographic maps that surrounded her. The cool yet cozy air of her new ship blew gently on it and her hair, causing the forest green strands to float and drift. She raised a familiar eyebrow. "What exactly do you speak of?" she asked, intrigued.

Smiling, the interest of Yui was clearly captured in these short transmissions, already. Turning softly in the squeeky chair, Zaitsev began his informal report. "I've been ferrying back and fourth from the KIF's fleets. I spoke with several representatives, including the ever so eccentric Commander Card. The KIF has proposed a formal Non-agression pact between it and the GSA. As well, they also offered an informal free trade option - Basically allowing the sale of goods from either system to the other to be accepted. I told the young Commander I would seek your opinion on the matters before responding to him." With that, Zaitsev wearily turned to face his monitor, unsure what to expect in response.

"I would like to see this pact." Yui said, wondering when the KIF would post it to Foreign Affairs. "This is an excellent step for both our peoples. You know I've always hoped to integrate the KIF into the GSA. I'm almost certain the treaty will be successful on our side, unless there is something I didn't think of...Is the KIF allied with the NDI at this time?"

Zaitsev gave thought to comment of the NDI. He hadn't had a chance to speak with them during his times in Ayenee. The NDI was a forboding organisation. Something he didn't enjoy the company of. "They're military allies. I don't know if they have a right of free-trade agreements, or anything other than the military alliance. Though, I suspect not."

"I see" Yui nodded. She didn't trust the NDi much either. "Very well, then. Would the KIF like to arrange a meeting sometime tommorrow?"

"Tomorrow they should be available for an official meeting." Pausing for a moment, Zaitsev added, "On to something else. They've moved four fleets in to umm...Zora...Zara...Zeran...That planet they're occupying. Intelligence also says they've begun heavy industrialization on the surface of the planet and in beneath the surface including very many military installations. Few city's have been erected. Furthermore, when I spoke with the blue-headed commander, he mentioned a 'tide of war' and going against it. What is to be made of the KIF's recent military actions? It appears as if they're setting a stronghold in Ayenee. I hope I'm wrong, but it appears they may intend to make an incursion in to ayenee space."

Yui let the information soak in for a few seconds and thought carefully over it before replying. "That is rather unexpected...I still don't know whether they would actually be planning such a move. Perhaps they are intending to expand in order to increase their resource base as we have been doing of late... But that implies they are defending against a threat... what threat?"

His reply came quickly and for a moment, during his words he'd wanted to stop. "I'm unsure. Though, there was a recorded stand-off between them and the local Ayenee forces. As well as an undocumented race that engaged in a brief skirmish with the NDI -- before being disposed of. Perhaps the KIF has more information about this alien force? Or maybe they've taken afront to the Ayenee force? I certainly hope neither is the case, while I am dubious of this 'Card' fellow - they gave me many trinkets that are akin to Human design." A broad smile spread across his lips at the mention of the trinkets, the ever-present squeek of his chair just one of the many.

"I think this alien force needs to be researched." Yui stated indirectly. It was obvious who she wanted to look into it.

"We've attempted to get as much information as we could of the Alien source that encountered the NDI - unfortunately little was left from the skirmish. All we could deduce was that they used rather - inferior technology. Relying primarily on ballistic weaponry."

Yui made a face "ooh." It was the kind of face people made when a hockey player gets slammed into the wall, or when their antique family clock is appraised for $1.50.

Zaitsev nodded with a soft chuckle. "Yes, needless to say their skirmish with the NDI, who by the way had the ASC and KIF close at hand was -- a pathetic and most diturbing sight."

"I take it the reason they haven't come back is because they are scrounging around for something that would be more...effective."

"Or perhaps their ego's are still bruised from being defeated by a force half their size, without managing to even scratch a single ship? I'm unsure, though one ship a capital class I believe, did manage to escape."

"If I had more ships in the area, I'd have attmepted to get an analysis of the wreckage, but alas, someone else has taken it already." Yui made a frownie face.

Zaitsev nodded solemnly. "Yes, I only managed a brief sweep of the wreckage with sensors before an ASC wreckage crew decided to clear it away. Quite unfortunate, I'm sure it would have provided interesting details in to their culture and methods." Zaitsev was tempted to sigh at that point, pondering what kind of fool went in to an alien system and opened fire. Adjusting the ragged brown fatigues he wore as casual wear, Zaitsev returned his gaze to Yui. "What should I be doing in the mean time in regards to everything in Ayenee?"

"Well, unless you see something of interest, you can hang out on the surface and get toasted and fellated in one of the many taverns." Yui joked wryly.

"You should be wearing your uniform." she added, noticing his brown outfit. "Or, at least, your rank pin. It's the law."

Zaitsev laughed heartilly at the mention of Ayenee's typical tavern scene. Waving a lightly bronzed hand he began, "Heh - I preferr sophisticated people, not drunken whores with no head on their shoulders. Ayenee is not my - cup of tea." Chuckling he noticed his uniform had been caught. Removing the rank pin from his pocket, he applied it to the brown, weathered tunic. "I will apply the rank pin, though I'm off-duty and these have had me rather reminiscent of home." Glancing over his shoulder, one of the Neko's onboard the Shibata wandered by who was notably off-duty, yet clad in the typical uniform. Zaitsev shrugged meagerly at the apparent up-staging by one of his lower-ranked soldiers.

Yui waved a chiding finger, "Off amusing concept. My crew is always GSA, and always ready to fight, no matter what hour it is." Spotting the neko go by in the background, she pointed her finger at the neko, then to him. "You're humping them, aren't you?" she accused.

Zaitsev's jaw dropped at the accusation of humping his crew. Straightening in to a more dignified position he spoke in a commanding, though rather slighted tone. "Of course not" Pausing he added softly, "...Well, not that anyway." His gaze was cast to the floor, as the accusation was close to accurate. He'd almost shared a bed with one of the crew, though he had somehow managed to regain his military composure.

Yui smiled sympathetically. "I know, nekos are extremely open and willing. I can't blame you. It's nothing wrong, I was simply curious."

Zaitsev gave a moments thought and hesitation before responding. "Truthfully, I have not crossed the erm -- professionalism border. I hope I can ward off any such ideas in the future, too. It is a challenge being the only one with a -- the only male on-board."

"I'm sure being a male captain must be rater difficult. they expect you to not only be like a father, but they seek to please you in those ways. As I said, you can let it happen, and indulge in the fruits of their admiration, so long as you let it remain clear who is the master." Yui said. "You and your crew should share a bond of trust."

"Yes, I realize it's rather customary for the GSA. However, I just don't feel comfortable with the concept at heart. Which is quite unfortunate for me. I can only imagine how many men would kill for this position and oppertunity." Pausing Zatisev added. "So I should sit tight on the Ayenee situation? Just wait it out?"

Yui almost was going to tell him to use what he was born with, and live it up. But she realized it was a personal and cultural thing for this man, and that he wasn't going to see such things as right until he actually made that descision for himself somewhere down the road after seeing too much neko to help himself. "Very well, Chujo Zaitsev," she sighed, resigned. His crew was probably disappointed. "Hang around Ayenee and look for signs of activity by any other forces, including the new aliens."

"Will do." Pausing he considered for a moment silently the crew on board and pondered exactly how much longer he could hold out. "I hope these forces prove to be less hostile than in their initial confrontation with the Nerimians. Though, I don't see it being a large problem - they couldn't even penetrate the Lightning shield array with several capital sized ships."

Yui giggled. There were a few telepathic nekos hanging around behind the Chujo now, intently listening in on his thoughts of making whoopee with them.

While Zaitsev had noticed the Neko's behind him, he hadn't been aware of any telepathy that had gone on. Turning his attention clearly to Yui, he added. "What shall I do about the NDI? We've made no official contact with them as of yet."

"Well, last time we offered them a peace treaty, they rejected it...but they didn't know anything about us. Perhaps we should hold off on diplomatic relations until soemthing happens. The 'A friend in need...' sort of thing. We should also look to get in touch with the enemies of the NDI...the Jaaqtah, and see what their agenda is. But no choosing sides or making promises at this point."

"Alright, Taisho. I'll keep all of these things in mind." Glancing over his shoulder to the two Neko's a brow arched at the visage of the two before he shook his head softly. "....Funny." All that he managed to say before turning his attention to Yui, again. "I always have my hands full, here..."

'Full of neko T&A' Yui silently thought, grinning. "Have a good night, Victor. It's good to hear from you again."

Zaitsev nodded shaking his head, guessing the thoughts in Yui's head. "Good night, Yui. Sweet dreams. It was nice speaking with you, hopefully we'll be in contact again shortly." Glancing at the neko's, then back to Yui, he added with a soft wink. "Now, I must reprimand my crew." A soft chuckle followed.

"Be gentle." Yui snickered.

"Where's the fun in that!?" He exclaimed with a smirk.

Yui just smiled widely. His screen switched to the GSA 1st Fleet logo briefly before returning to the starfield that hung over the war-scarred Ayenee Prime.

Turning from his command chair, Zaitsev glanced to the two Neko's who all too eagerly squeeled and ran off down the halls. Shaking his head Zaitsev would soon give chase in an ironically titled game of 'cat and mouse'.


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GSA no Taisho Kitsurugi Yui
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Act II, Scene 2: Chromium Red Sun of Antares The Antaran sun burned with the color of a chromium red. Lieutenant Commander Kevin Silveria utilized the dark red Antaran as a metaphor to put himself in the mental state of Theta-alpha – the mind state that allowed one to interface with the ANTARES psionic control interface. ANTARES (Accelerated Neural Transfer and Response System) was a method of merging the massive amounts of electronic data produced and gathered by a Veritech’s combat computer with the natural senses of the pilot. The data influx was so great that it could literally overload the brain of a non-psionic pilot; thus, only psionic-capable individuals were allowed to operate an ANTARES-equipped mecha.

The VF-32 Hellstorm was the NDI Spacy’s most advanced Veritech fighter to date. Designed and produced by Phoenix Aerospacy, the VF-32’s primary advancements were in the area of advanced computer technology that could interface directly with a human psion’s brain. The VF-32 was by far the most maneuverable fighter of its class ever to come off the assembly lines and it could outperform any fighter of similar class ever encountered. Very few of these advanced (and consequently, expensive) were produced – mostly because there were very few pilots that had the brain power to operate such a craft. Most of the pilots that could operate the VF-32 and its cousin, the VF-33 Fire Gryphon, were assigned to the 732nd Carrier Air Group, a.k.a. Striker.

Striker was the NDI Spacy’s premier Special Forces unit that was tasked for deep strike operations inside hostile territory. Attached to the First NDI Spacy Fleet, Striker operated independently of traditional fleet command and was considered to be a discretionary asset of the Commander-in-Chief. Striker originally only consisted of a single Whirlwind carrier, the N.S.S. Constellation, and a few specially modified escorts. Now, Striker had been given a new Daishi super carrier and several Ramses strike carriers that greatly multiplied Striker’s force projection capability. Elite pilots throughout the Spacy had been assigned to fill the ranks of the elite unit as front-line manned fighter units were replaced with XF-14, 15, and 18 fighter drones. The drones were preferable for main battle operations because they could be mass produced and the lives of the Spacy’s most elite pilots would not be put at risk needlessly. Likewise, drones were not always adequate for deep strike operations that required superior human judgment and the Spacy decided to reserve its most elite forces for these roles.

The sun’s intense red glow began to brighten inside of Silveria’s mind and without warning, it suddenly burst and it was dark again. Slowly, he began to open his eyes, the interior of the N.S.S. Constellation’s fore quick launch bay becoming visible to him. He couldn’t see the interior of his VF-32 Hellstorm’s cockpit; the information from the cockpit had deleted the inside of the cockpit from his field of vision so he could see 360-degrees around him during a combat situation. There was no flight yoke inside of the advanced space superiority fighter – Silveria could control every action of the mecha with his thoughts alone. ANTARES allowed a pilot to see—some suggested ‘feel’ was more descriptive—radar, data, engine-performance readouts, weapons status, and flight data in his brain.

“You are cleared for launch Bravo-One,â€


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by enemy action.

Wanting still more assurance that its best operatives could not turn against it, the geneticists at Green V quickly began developing the ultimate hunter-killer genotype that would be utilized specifically to hunt down and eliminate rogue agents. Taking specific elements from other super soldier genotypes and designing elements inside of the new genotype that would make this new operative exceptionally deadly against previously-designed agents. The end result was the completion of the Type C Zyros Genotype.

The first (and consequently only) unit ever completed using this genotype was codenamed “Saintâ€


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Act II, Scene 12: 3rd Goes Forth Renns World, Harel System - Dust Forge Shipyards

The huge, continent-spanning shipyards of Renns World were running at full tilt, for the first time in over fifty years. Once, Renns World had been the birthplace of some of the finest starships in the galaxy, producing entire fleets for Ayenee. Then, as the government of Ayenee grew complacent about threats to its power and its people, the number of ships produced slowly dwindled away. Once the wars that separated Ayenee Prime from its colonies began, no-one used vessels from Renns World except its own defenders. That had changed less than a year ago, with the arrival of Imperial-built ASC vessels. They had reclaimed Renns World, as they had reclaimed the entire Harel system. And whilst some on the capital world of Tyrun may mutter quietly about the way the Ayenee Republic ran things, the relatively scarce population of Renns World welcomed them with open arms.

They had breathed new life into the Dust Forge Shipyards. Their automated systems had been fitted, state of the art equipment now hummed with life and energy at every time of the day and night again. Once the harsh glare of the sun had faded, and darkness covered the forge, the workers watched with pride the trails of light made by the vessels joining those in orbit. Their vessels. The ones which would hopefully take more than a few people in the galaxy by surprise.

Orbital Dock 2, inorbit around Renns World

Admiral Tetsuro Meshira strode onto the bridge of the recently commissioned vessel. The Dominant class Battleship Athos. It was the second ship of that name he'd commanded in his life - the first now floated above Praxia, decommissioned after its intensive, and somewhat surreal battle against the Liche Lim-Duls forces. This ship was as different to his last as the bridge was to his last. Instead of the usual grey plating and decking used in the construction of ASC vessels, his bridge was fitted in a soft cream colour. Apparently, it was a tradition at the Renns World yards to fit all command vessels in such a way, and he had seen no reason to object. He liked it, and it amplified his presence on the bridge.

Standing at a little under 6ft, slightly built, and quiet by nature, he didn't immediately draw every eye in the room when he entered. His hair was dark, streaks of silver starting to show through along the sides, and his face bore lines of worry, as well as those of laughter. Now, he became like a focal point for the bridge officers. Instead of the rather unflattering ASC uniforms he'd been used to wearing before, he was now dressed in the newly implemented uniform of an ASC Admiral. Deep blue in colour, with a wide black belt over the jacket, polished leather knee-boots, gold thread and cording running around cuffs and high, stiff collar. He'd opted out of wearing the ceremonial sword and pistol - this was an official occasion, but either would get in the way.

Immediately the door opened to admit him, all eyes had turned to him. Camera crews and reporters scurried back, so as not to hinder his entrance - they wanted the best shots for broadcast back home - and the bridge officers all stood as his first officer announced his arrival.

"Admiral on the bridge!" he said clearly and formally. Every crew-member saluted, and held it until he returned it. They returned to their tasks, and he proceeded to the pale leather command chair, set at the centre on the pale bridge. He stopped in front of it, as the TV crews rushed forward, crowding in front of the main view screen. He smiled slightly before addressing them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we stand at the beginnings of a new era of peace and prosperity" He'd been given political guidelines to follow. Voicing his doubts hadn't been included in them "An era which I will protect with my life if necessary. An era which this vessel, and the fleet she leads, will defend with its life." The reporters applauded, as did most of the bridge crew, and Tetsuro sat in his seat "Helm, set high orbit. Comms, signal the fleet to hold the line" he said.

Docking clamps and feed-cable released their grip with their ports on the Athos' deep green hull, and retracted into the station, as the vessel drifted gently away. Once clear of the station, maneuvering engines fired to life, adjusting course and position, entering high orbit around Renns World.The one hundred and twelve ships which so far constituted the Ayenee 3rd Fleet moved into position behind it, forming a line, prow to stern, as another light pushed away from the surface to join them.


ASCV Ravensburg - On Patrol, Zerinthes Sub-Sector

"Confirmed sir. The energy signature was a 'space-fold'. One moment sir..." the panel in front of the Auspex officer flashed as it recieved data "Fifteen vessels sir. Unable to identify type at this range"

Captain Grenfield nodded. He'd been happy when he'd recieved the orders posting him ion command of patrols in this sub-sector - the ADF knew about the KIF settlement here, and to be honest, was less than happy about it. However, he had been greatly displeased when it had emerged that unless the KIF forces were within direct contravention of Ayenee Republic laws, he was to leave them well alone. He glared at the sensor data that appeared as intelligable images and text on the main screen. It showed the settlement on the surface, the ships in orbit, and a fair portion more.

His orders included limits that he was to enforce upon any outside forces operatin within Ayenee space. The arrival of more than two military vessels was to be reported, and any more than twenty at one time would result in a battlegroup being despatched on the instant. There were more restrictions he was to enforce, but since the KIF was below its limit of vessels in-system, and at least outwardly was showing no signs of illegal research or development, there was little he could do.

These limits were there with good reason - the previous administration of Ayenee had allowed anyone to come and go as they pleased, and various outside factions had encroached slowly - or not so slowly in some cases - on its territory. The current administration knew that they could ill afford to allow their guard to slip for even a moment.

"Contact command, with all the information we have, and keep them updated on the situation" He made a disgusted sound in his throat. With the few vessels in his patrol, he could not very well attack the KIF installation or its fleet. Even if did, and survived somehow, he would like as not face execution upon his return to command - or just as soon as someone could raise a pistol to his head. "Take us in a little closer than normal. Allow them to detect us. Should they query us, answer with standard protocol"

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Alexandre Card
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Act II, Scene 13: Ascension. Bervenia city -- Diplomatic Citadel

Alexandre Card stumbled noisily across the marble floors, thick-heeled military boots tapping heavily upon the tile. Brushing the remains of a greasy dinner from his lips with a finely decorated military sleeve, was a gesture not surprising of the man. He would eventually come to stand gazing over the rail of his balcony, crystalline orbs passing along the rich ivory contructs of the city. It was a beautiful sight, nothing compared to Koqui. Beautiful none-the-less. It brought back memories of childhood - the days of smoking Glassena, running from the authorities and trashing malls with friends. It all brought a barely visible smile to brush across his lips. Then there were thoughts of her -- Rhiana. Ah, he wondered some times, whatever happened to the Nerimian born Kometsu's. Quentin was a good friend and Rhiana had captured Alex's heart...

The glossy remeniscing was abruptly interrupted at the sound of a whiney female voice. "Commander, Sir! Several ASC ships have been detected approaching the blockade. The Grand Admiral requests your orders."

Alex turned his attention to the young officer. A pretty young woman, though that god-awful whiney voice was enough to shrivel any man. A cerulean brow quirked with confusion at the question from Medvedev. "I'm going to let you in on a little secret, lieutenant. I don't give a @#%$ about the ASC right now. We have Two thousand Six Hundred and Sixty ships around Zerinthes right now. Another six hundred and twenty patrolling the Ayenee system. And lastly, another 700 ships consisting of the newly developed sixteenth fleet will be deployed within a matter of days. This is Nerimian Defense Initiative space and we've been given full consent to be here. If the NDI's whipping boys happen to patrol near to our planet, either offer to let them dock with us, or ignore them. It's that simple. Now go."

With that the woman offered a solemn salute and an amused giggle before stepping quickly from the room.

Alexandre wasted no time returning to his reminiscent thought, gazing over the city-scape. "Ah, the diplomatic tension with the ASC. What the hell was Thorvald thinking? Slapping the cohorts of a military ally in the face is not very respectable. The last thing the NDI needs right now is to be weary of it's quarreling alliances." Shrugging, he would return to thoughts of family and friends. He had so little time reserved to himself to waste needlessly on these diplomatic procedures.

Aboard Tienshinhan Battlestation -- Zerinthes IV

Grand Admiral Medvedev tilted the crystal shot-glass to his lips, gulping the thick vodka back and swallowing, before pressing his lips to the curve of his elbow to absorb a deep breath. A soft wince pervaded the man as the intensity of the liquor's sting was increased by the harsh breath. Russian vodka shots would be done no other way. Glancing back to the monitor at his side, he offered a nod to the visage of the young female Lieutenant. "Alright, dismissed" he managed to choke out in a gruff, agonizing tone before turning to the communications officer.

"Open a channel to the ASC ships."

"Channel open, sir."

Medvedev lightly brushed the finely groomed uniform which clung to his breast. A last moment before the transmission began, he ran his fingers throughout the gnarled black and grey strands of hair which lay about his head and chin. "Greetings Ayenee Space Coalition forces! This is Admiral Medvedev of the Koqui Imperial Forces. Your patrol group appears to be a little distant from home. As military allies of the Nerimian Defense Initiative we would be happy to refuel your ships and offer the crew a temporary quarters aboard this station. Otherwise, feel free to go about your duties in this sector."

With those words the transmission faded and Medvedev wasted no time nodding and slumping down in to his command chair. The day had been tedious for the weary aging man. He had to give a basic tactics seminar for the Sixteenth fleet officers earlier in the day, as well as supervising the commission of three new air-born troop divisions. He would never admit it, though he hated Commander Card for sitting in his citadel all day long making simple decisions which had no bearing on anything, while the admirals were put to work!

Grumbling, he awaited the ASC response which he had guessed would require a lengthy period of time. A captain didn't normally have the authority to board a vessel openly as he had offered to them. They would need to get clearance from their superiors before they even considered responding. The joys of being at the top of the chain, he supposed.

Admiral Princeps Thraven
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(4/7/03 1:51 pm)
Act II, Scene 14: Foot in the Door ASCV Ravensburg - Holding position within Zerinthes Sub-Sector

Captain Grenfield, frowned at the frankly rather bizarre hailing from the KIF. He'd expected arrogance, or a fleet of ships - they were allies of the NDI, after all -, or maybe a hailing demanding to know what they were doing. But this, had taken him a little by surprise. From what he knew, intelligence on the KIF was a little thin on the ground, and a visit aboard one of their stations, however casual it was, could not hurt. It made several important people back home uneasy having a military force like that on their doorstep. Although he had to admit he was more than a little uneasy at the thought of leading his little patrol into something like that...

The Vox officer turned around from his station "Sir, we have the reply from Command." Less than a quarter of an hour had passed since the KIF hail. Zerinthes was not so very far from Prime, and messages were sped on their way by various relays now "We are to proceed to Zerinthes, and accept the KIF's gracious offer. Another patrol will be despatched to complete our duties, sir" the Vox officer sounded less than happy about it. Grenfield sighed. It appeared he would be visiting with the KIF. He nodded to the Vox officer.

"Very well. Confirm our compliance to Command, and hail the fleet" he said. In moments, the comms rune was illuminated on his his seat control panel. Depressing it, he selected the patrols designated channel. "Raven patrol, we are heading to Zerinthes IV for a short visit. We will be leaving our 'shadow' at the door'" he paused for a moment, before continuing "Keep your wits about you. Our host is an unknown to us. Remain aboard your vessels unless I say otherwise. are you prepared to play good guests, gentlemen?"

"We are ready Captain" came the melodious voice of the Eldar Captain aboard the Eldar Shadow class cruiser Asmoden.

"Standing by as always, Captain" came the reply from the commander of the frigate squadron supporting them.

Grenfield nodded to himself, and shut off the communications, and looked across to the Vox officer again "Vox, hail our 'shadow', and inform them of our intentions. Then hail the KIF. Inform them we will be accepting their gracious offer"

Derran Tyler
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Act II, Scene 15: Flashbacks 2 March 2079
Nerima Prime

Where am I? How long have I been in cryostasis?

Those questions continued to echo throughout the mind of Special Forces Lieutenant Kael Ridger as he sat restrained inside of a heavy hover-transport. His senses had been dulled to the point that his vision bordered on complete blindness and his hearing was almost nonexistent.

Why did they revive me? What is it do they want with me?

* * *

“We don’t have to do this Kael!â€


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Act II, Scene 21: Full throttle. Angelica Templeton stood aboard the luxurious bridge of the 'Genesis' battleship. Brilliant emerald eyes cast forward to the main screen, which now presented the furthest radar scans the KIF ships could manage. The screen portrayed that of a surprisingly fierce battle. Angelica could feel the anxiety welling inside of her chest at the thought of having to come to the aid of their Nerimian allies.

Then came the distress call from the NDI. Turning her head to the side, Angelica snapped hastilly. "ETA!?"

"20 minutes, ma'am." Came the response.

"Shit. We don't have that much time. Drop all power to the sub-light drives and proceed at the highest possible pace. We've got to get there ASAP. Have one Tyberion and both Valkyrie escorts break off and proceed ahead of us to the signal!"

Aboard the Tyberion class Cruiser; Redemption

Captain Edward Norton observed the various incoming orders he received from the battleship; Genesis. Nodding softly to the orders he wasted no time in snapping at his officers on deck.

"Estimated time of arrival?"

"If we divert 75% power to sub-light drives, we can be there in 14 minutes, sir."

"Make it so."

With that the Tyberion and two Valkyrie destroyers burst forward in space, moving at approximately .65 the speed of light. En route for the Nerimian ship's distress point.

Captain Norton sent a brief text message in return to the NDI ship who had initially requested aid.

"Captain Santiago, this is Captain Edward Norton of the Koqui Imperial Forces. We've three ships bound for your location. Our ETA is 14 minutes. We're approaching from Cryslon III. Please send any possible information upon the enemy vessels which attacked your battlegroup. We are under orders not to fire on any unconfirmed hostiles. If you can run any of the enemy vessels in our direction, we'll do our part to decomission them."

Tienshinhan battlestation - Zerinthes IV

The Ayenee soldiers were being treated well aboard the planet and station. Today, however there was a change of pace. Lieutenant Donald Mathers had noticed the small contingent of Eldar who were seperate from the other troops. As such it was arranged for the Eldar to be taken the planet's surface. There, they would be introduced to the more familiar faces of the Eldar craftworld which were within the KIF contingent brought to Zerinthes.

They would be given full access to the completely Eldar constructed city of "Demasan". There they would be treated to all of the typical elven customs, athletic, leisure and miscellanious instituitions. This was perhaps to breed the concept that the many faces of the ASC was similar to the KIF and hopefully sway their opinion.

Cryslon III area

The final Tyberion Cruiser and 'Genesis' battleship were as well en route to Cryslon I and the battle-site. However, they would not arrive for 22 minutes after the initial request for aid. Most likely too late to be of any use.

Admiral Princeps Thraven
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Act II, Scene 21: Call to Arms Suriel knew something was wrong, even before the melodious voice of the Eldar sensors officer reported the barrage of missiles, and the resulting detonations. Was this the violence that the Seers had forseen? Surely it must be. But who would be so bold as to strike at the NDI so openly?

He was in the process of opening a channel to the NDI to offer his assistance, when the pleasure of offering help was taken from him. Had he been human, he would have been arrogant, revelling in the fact that the NDI needed help, and had been forced to ask for it. However, all he felt was sorrow. Sorrow for the loss of life.

"How soon can we reach the attackers last known location?" He asked

"Seven minutes Farseer. However, we would face the enemy alone. The Mon-Keigh vessels in-system cannot keep pace" replied the head bridge officer. Suriel nodded slowly.

"Then so be it. Prepare for war. We will prove our strength in combat to the Mon-Keigh again" he said, his tone cold.


The sleek Eldar vessel accelarated smoothly away from Cryslon III. Minutes later, it's Holo-field activated, blurring the ships image. Rather than the colourful shifting images that were used before, this time the ship seemed to shimmer in and out of existence, or appear several hundred metres away from where logic said it should be. Electronic sensors and scanners, even the advanced ones of the NDI, would struggle to make much more sense of the situation, as ECM did for the sensors what the illusions did for the hull.

"NDI Commander. This is Farseer Suriel of the ASCV Wrath of Khaine. ETA seven minutes. May Khaine watch over us"


As the Wrath of Khaine sped towards the scattering pirate fleet, another fleet moved to follow it. At the far edges of the system, in the alternate realm known commonly as the Warp, Suriels 'shado' fleet mobilised at a word from the Farseer. Even in the Immaterium, the Eldar vessels quickly outdistanced their Imperial-made cousins. Within 10 minutes, Battlegroup Suriel would arrive to crush whoever had threatened its allies, and the venerable Farseer. But 10 minutes was long enough for the defenders to reduced to drifting hulks...

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Mobile Space Command
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Within the void of the Outly... The void was...a void. Nothing save a few photons and stray particles moved through this section of the Outly. It had seen travel, wars, life and death, but for the moment, all was quiet.

The black nothingness stretched unbroken for thousands of miles, yielding to nothing but its own awesome magnitude. But that would soon change as the sleeping giant awakens.

On a single console somewhere between conventional space:

Rebooting. *
...Successful.. *

...Checking system parameters.
Critical System Files loaded...proceeding with...
WARNING! Spatial Distortion Core power failure. Spatial Distortion Core shutdown imminent.
Approximately 14.3 minutes until shutdown.
Power Re-Route failure...
Command Fault at line 3x00hh00...continuing with startup.
Checking batteries...complete!
Checking hull integrity...complete!
Checking defense systems.........missing hardware or unknown hardware failure in sections 2.38; 2.44; 3.02; and 7.37.
Checking shield core...complete!
Checking auxillary cores...complete!
Checking main drive core...complete!
Checking Mat.x system core...complete!
Checking life support core...complete!
Checking life support.........internal air levels insufficient for organic life...recalibrating Ox-zone levels.
Checking known extra calibration required.
Rebooting Matriarch core...complete!
Rebooting auxillary core drives...complete!
Rebooting main drive...complete!
+Life Support systems stasis fields.
Saving to log: aebetalog3.xlog.matx


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Awakenings... Within the Outly...

Matriarch Log x32.7.37
Current Position: Mat-coordinates 7.33.201.x
Note: variable x...exact position unknown.
Warning: Current Position within Outly sectors. This is a hostile zone.
Begin summation of events during stasis.
Reading log from System Core.
Logic core has pieced together all events recorded or documented during stasis. Converting to text and distributing to designate: Commander Xander <com.xander-3501>
Checking current crew status.
Stasis fields deactivat- WARNING! Stasis Field core circuits damaged. Deploying nanomachines for repair.
Spatial Distortion Core deactivating in 10 seconds.
Stasis core repaired...proceeding to deactivate stasis fields...completed!

Within the confines of the Outly, the void ripples and begins to shimmer with massive amounts of electromagnetic interference. The area around the distortion begins to display what can only be described as an awesome miles-long lightning storm. This event can easily be witnessed systems away, as can what follows.

The space station previously known as Ayenee Beta, or a remarkably similiar replication of it, begins to shift into conventional space, altering the contents of the Outly as it does so. Not that it matters, as the only things residing in the Outly close enough to actually cause any noticible change are minute asteroids and possibly a couple of planetoids.

On board the station, things are chiming to life as well. Systems pop on all over the station. Comms become active again, submitting a hail to the Gravitic comms center, stellar maps begin deciphering the exact position of the station, and Matriarch, the main computing and logic core of the station begins to perform billions of separate tasks at once. However, within the confines of the crew quarters, the stasis fields begin to shutdown simultaneously, and the crew of the station begins to awaken.

Within the secure military bunker, Commander Xander awakens in his bed. He takes little time to gather his senses and make his way to the station's main bridge...

"Sir, Matriarch is still trying to calculate our exact position. It seems the exterior monitoring systems are currently having problems. Basically, we're blind until we get them fixed."

Xander took in the Ensign's words, nodding after the boy had finished. He strolled back across the bridge and sat in the seat positioned exactly in the middle of the massive room, and was also raised upon a platform. It was obviously his chair, but he was reluctant to sit in it. He let his fingers trace a short path across one of the arms, finding no dust upon the leather to scatter into the air, and contemplated their current position. Finally, he turned, and spoke to the entire room.

"Do we still have comms?"

An officer from the rear of where Xander stood spoke up on the subject. "Yes, sir, but only short-range. We have been unable to connect to the Gravitic network. Perhaps the main transmitter has been damaged."

Xander held no emotion on his face, and simply stared forward. Finally, he sat in the Commander's chair...his chair...and continued his contemplations. Suddenly and without warning, his voice broke over the chatter in the room.


#Yes, Commander?# The feminine yet strong sounding voice replied as usual, yet it sounded to the crew upon the main bridge as if they had heard it the previous day. Stasis had taken a physical toll on their bodies, yet held no mental reprecussions.

"Are navigation systems online?"

#Affirmative, Commander.#

"Could you plot a course to Mat-coordinates 4.38.227-8.3?"

#Affirmative, Commander. Shall I do that now?#


#Course plotted. Thrusters online until HST Drives have been charged and primed.#

After a short while, and utter silence on the bridge, the officer in the back, Lieutenant Blozer, came forward. "Sir, if you don't mind me asking, why are we traveling to that location?"

Xander gave no indication of acknowledgement to Blozer. He didn't shift his weight, move his eyes, blink, breathe...he sat as a statue. Finally, he gave an indication of life as his mouth opened...

"Because...that's where the rest of the fleet is."

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Minute Revelations... On board the MSC Planetoid-class Station Gehenna (previously Ayenee Beta)...

#Primary sensor arrays are still down, Commander. Transmitter modules and cores have been checked damage or failures can be found. Hypothesis: Gravitic network is either down or experiencing massive failures.#

Commander Xander stepped up from the 'throne' in the center of the bridge and took few steps to the main visual screen taking up the entire wall in front of him. Secondary monitors flooded the bottom portion of the wall, but the primary monitor itself was nearly 25 feet high and 30 feet long. He was facing the wall, but his gaze caught nothing. He was in one of his typical states of contemplation. Finally, Matriarch broke his reverie.

#Commander, we have received thousands of packets from the Gravitic frequency, but they are heavily distorted. Running diagnostic reversals on transmissions......Commander, it appears that heavy energy fields have disrupted the Gravitic network nearly 8.3 minutes ago. Note: this is the exact length of time we have been out of spatial distortion.#

Xander turned and followed his previous path back to his seat, and rested himself there. Placing a hand to his cheek, he began to gather the situation in his mind.

"Matriarch, can you deduce the origin of the disturbance?"

#Affirmative, Commander. Triangulation of applicable short-range sensors have estimated the origin. Note: long-range sensors are optimal in this position. Rebooting Sensor Core. Commander, the approximate originating point of the disruption is 109.2 million miles away.#

"Matriarch, is the fleet within range of comms?"

#Conventional comms cannot be achieved by the fleet, Commander. They still reside in Spatial Disruption. However, I can re-route power from other areas to generate the required cross-spatial coding to bring the fleet out of Spatial Disruption. Yet we would have to be in comms-range for that as well.#

"How long until we are within range?"

#2.4 minutes, Commander.#

"Very well. Once we're within range, bring them out and issue their computers orders to navigate at thruster speed to where we are out of this energy distortion field."

#Affirmative, Commander. You may be happy to hear all sensor arrays have been restored. Mapping arrays are currently plotting our exact position. Note: We are currently passing through Commander, I have also detected the exact properties of the distortion field we happen to be moving through. Calculating origin. Commander, you may want to see this.#

With that, the monitor began to slowly hum to life, engulfing the wall with a myriad of colors and neons.

"What exactly am I looking at, Matriarch?"

#This is an infrared mapping of the calculated point of origin for the field. Actually, the field is just a 'wash' from this immense ether storm. Further readings show these anomolies in the center of the storm. They appear to be ships...Commander.#

Xander viewed the screen, taking little notice to these facts. It mattered none to him if there were ships within the storm...what did he care? Probably another interstellar conflict brewing with races he'd never heard of from planets with names he couldn't pronounce. That's how it was in the Outly.

#Commander, Gravitic networks are back online. The distortion wave must have weakened. We are transmitting at 80%. Shall I bring the rest of the fleet out of Spatial Disruption?#

"Yes, Matriarch, do so immediately. And signal Gravitic Central and tell them we're comi-..."

#Commander, sorry to interrupt, but I'm receiving a transmission relay from the Gravitic network. It was not intended for the MSC. It appears to be a distress signal. The coding is fragmented, but I have remodled the gaps to present a decent message. It appears to be from the NDI, Commander. Also, with the weakening of the distortion wave, I have received more information on the ships within the ether storm. They bear resemblence to previous NDI vessels encountered. Commander, Gravitic Central says the distress signal originated from this sector.#

Xander continued to watch the screen. He knew about his predecessor's long-time fued with the NDI, but Cain Andrews wasn't in charge any longer. That, and the MSC was no longer affiliated with Ayenee. They were now an independent organization. Xander wasn't about to let this opportunity pass him by...

"Matriarch, disengage Brood-class vessels Magma, Kell, and Velius from Gehenna. They will lead the three assault squadrons. Fill the squadrons with 5 fleet cruisers each, 5 missile frigates, 2 Capacitors, and 2 Enforcers. Bring the rest of the fleet out of Spatial Disruption and have them rendezvous at the coordinates of the NDI vessels. Oh, and Matriarch, disengage the Warsaw once I am on board."

#Yes, Commander. It is done. Awaiting your arrival on board the Warsaw.#

Xander stood and turned to Blozer. "Well...not a bad first 10 minutes back in the real world...c'mon..."

They turned and left the bridge, heading to the expressway to the hangar. All the while Xander pondered if he was sending enough firepower into whatever could stir up the NDI enough for them to ask for assistance...well, he was certainly about to find out.

General Alex Coburn
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From the frying pan to the fire.... Behemoth class Battlecruiser Vigilance - Nerima Prime

Coburn leaned back in his command chair, running a hand across his fresh shaven jaw. The main screen before him showed the heavily defended Nerima Prime. Mentally he prepared himself for another day of watching ships pass him by. Another day of infuriatingly calm messages from the NDI, perhaps even another look at on of their station, if he was lucky. Silently he cursed Thraven for sending him out here, to act as damn diplomat.

It had been a pleasant change at first, not having to worry too much about getting a missile in his tail-pipe, and resting up even. But most of his fleet were still young, their vessels still yet to be baptised in battle, andthey yearned for the chance to prove themselves. But now, even Coburn was fed up with it. He was restraining from gnashing his teeth, but it was an effort of will power alone.

In the seat next to him, his First Officer yawned, and resumed tapping in a desultory fashion at the small keypad set before him. Coburn opened his mouth to say something, but was forestalled by the comms officer.

"Sir, incoming transmission from Command. Priority 2" said the youthful officer. Coburn nodded, sitting up straight in his seat. Priority 2? Important then.

"On screen" he said, and the officers hands flew across his panel. Within moments, the head and shoulders of Captain Semper filled the screen, his face set hard.

"Captain, a pleasure" said Coburn. The captain nodded slightly, and Coburn frowned "What's wrong?"

"We have recieved a transmission from Battlegroup Suriel. They are en route to engage hostile forces which appear to have all but wiped out the NDI defences in the Cryslon system." The Captain frowned "Farseer Suriel has moved ahead of them to engage the enemy, apparently after a request for help from the remaining NDI. The Wrath of Khaine is alone"

Coburn nodded slowly. Someone had struck at a diplomatic meeting hosted by the NDI. And had crippled their defences. Now, one of the most influential men in the Republic was leading a one-ship charge against the attackers "Captain, even at maximum speed, we can't reach the Cryslon system in time to help the Farseer"

Semper nodded "We know. But we want the Flotilla there as soon as possible, in case of any further incursions. For all we know, this could be the precursor to a full-scale attack. Should that be true, then it will be your job to aid the NDI and any others, in the defence of that system"

Coburn rubbed his chin again, and nodded curtly "Very well. We'll leave right now. Coburn out"

The captain nodded back "Command out". The screenswitched back to the view of Nerima Prime, but Coburn pai it no mind, turning to Burland, his First Officer

"Hail the NDI command, and tell them we're headed to Cryslon to help out their boys, then assemble the Flotilla, and take to Cryslon, and top speed"

Before Coburn had finished speaking, Burland was already despatching orders.


"NDI flight command, this is commander Iain Burland of the Ayenee 1st Battlecruiser Flotilla. We are leaving the system, headed to Cryslon, to lend our aid to the situation there which you no doubt are aware of. Our thanks for your hospitality."

As soon as the message was transmitted, the fleet oriented itself ready to exit the system and make their hyperspace jump. In minutes, the Flotilla was gone.


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Scene 26: The Conspiracy Unfolds Red Star Citadel, Crius Prime (NDI High Command Fortress)

“There’s no way pirates could have done this,â€


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Act II Finale: Day of Infamy “One-thousand, two hundred seventy-seven people,â€
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