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RP Ad Referendum


The Gunman
Argent Towers
Gaelan Sanders' Office

Gaelan was at work bright and early this morning. As he arrived on his floor, people stopped and saluted or stood at attention. Gaelan politely waved them off as he strode through the corridors to his office. What he needed right now was some damn coffee...

He finally reached his office, and passed Elouise. "Good morning, Elouise. What is on the agenda today?" He asked as he continued into his office, and went about setting down his things.

Elouise put down her datajockey before Gaelan approached and went about standing and following after him until she was at his office door. "You have an eight o'clock that should be arriving within half an hour. You have a fresh pot of coffee in your office and a few news reports I have sent your way I'd like you to look at. That is all from me. Do you need anything more?"

The Premier chuckled softly to himself as he poured himself a cup of coffee. "Has anyone ever told you that you work too hard, Elouise?" He asked with a slight grin as he took a sip of the bitter liquid. "Thank you." he added as he sat behind his desk and began going over the news reports. He mumbled to himself as he read them over. "Set a meeting with NAM please. I have some things I need to discuss with them." He said scowling.

As he read over a report of riots on a small planet, there was a soft knock at the door and through the open doorway, Elouse spoke, "Your guest has arrived, Sky Marshall."

It was then that Gaelan would be able to see the monotone hair stacked neatly in a succession of two accordion-like towers. Her dress was austere, overly large, and made up of multiple layers of differing shades of red and orange, which faded almost to yellow near the place where the dress spread at her feet.

He could see her shining eyes that were like the color of the sky seen through a soap bubble. Her skin was pale save for her pinkish cheeks, as if she had been in the snow not long ago and was only just now coming in.

"Sky Marshall," said the grey-haired woman in fiery colors. "I am Sachiko. May I come in?"

At her back were two Yamataian Security Agents with their ten-pointed star badges that looked inquisitively around as Elouise sat back down.

Gaelan looked up when he heard the knock, and set down his reports. "Yes, please come in. Thank you Elouise." He said standing. His hands were clasped behind his back as Sachiko entered his office.

"I hear congradulations are in order." He added, offering his hand to the Yamataian.

While her face turned from a content smile to a widened one that pushed the lower lids of her eyes, her warm hand slipped in to Gaelan's for him to shake. Grip firm but not overly forecful, her hands went up and down with his before settling back at her hip. At his beckoning, she took a seat and spoke out to him.

"I thank you for the congratulations," Sachiko said with a small nod to Gaelan after sitting, allowing him to do so as well before speaking again.

Gaelan smirked at Sachiko's enthusiasm and nodded. "You're welcome." He replied taking his seat. "I do hope your transit out here was pleasant enough." He added. "Would you care for a drink?"

Sachiko's eyes closed as a smile pressed against her lips and she shook her head curtly, "No drink is necessary. I thank you, though."

The Premier nodded. "I hope you don't mind if I do. I haven't finished my coffee yet." He replied, grabbing his mug and taking another sip. "So, what is it you would like to discuss?" He asked, setting the mug back down.

"My candidacy is recently announced," Sachiko turned her head to look at the wall, where a painting of a open plain on Rok'Veru. It was one where he once visited many months ago during the Rok'veru offensive.

She mused for a moment as she looked at it, then her eyes went back to Gaelan, "Because of that announcement, I want to ask you to extend the courtesy of telling me what Nepleslia wants to see out of Yamatai in the coming years."

He looked at Miss Sachiko and steepled his fingers. "Well..." he said pausing for several seconds, as if choosing his words carefully. "I have been attempting to improve Yamatai and Nepleslia's relationship. It helps that we are currently fighting the same war..." He mused.

Sachiko sighed and her grey brows nearly knit together for a small moment before asking her next question, "What impedes your attempts, if I may know?"

He looked thoughtful once more, then added. "Our populations for one thing. I know many Nepleslians who don't want this, and for that matter I have heard of many Yamatians that aren't receptive to the idea either. As well as a few other issues I would rather not discuss at this time."

"I understand more than completely," Sachiko said, closing her eyes and bowing her head a minute amount before opening them once more. The glow of her orange and red dress reflected up to her pale face, giving it added warmth. "How do you see a cultural shift amongst these two people being spurred on in order for the two nations to exist in a mutual peace?"

"Now that... I am unsure of." He admitted. "The best I can do is encourage all I can to be open to the possibilities." Gaelan said leaning back in his chair, with a hint of a smile. William might be able to help with that issue actually... He thought.

"I myself can live to that standard," Sachiko said. "To be open to the possibilties is a good sentiment, Sky Marshall."

He nodded. "Good, I would hope so." Gaelan thought for a moment, then spoke once again. "I will divulge something to you that not many know, so I hope I can count on your discretion on the matter?" He asked, to which Sachiko addressed him with a small smile and nod that he could.

"I have a son... His name is William, and he currently lives in Yamatai." Gaelan informed her. "And he currently is aboard a Yamataian ship. I won't get into why that is, but due to extinuating circumstances, he grew up in Yamatai. I am hoping that somehow, he might be part of our solution to this issue."

Sachiko stayed silent a long moment while looking evenly at Gaelan with an expression that was open and that spoke of a willingness to hear more of what he had to say.

He returned her stare, then spoke. "He is a guard to a Ketsuri princess, he informed me as much. Supposedly, they are quite good friends. Maybe... those two can help our two nations bridge the gap."

The Elven diplomat smiled, "I heard of the day those two made their way to the gates of Xiuluria, I'll have you know." She seemed to have taken a new interest in the mention, now, of a son she had ties to in her community. "Your son made quite the impression on many of Xiuluria, my second cousin Roanne and his son and daughter, included."

Gaelan had to chuckle. "That so? I hope it was a good impression." He said with a grin. "My son neglected to inform me of such a trip."

Sachiko was curious, "I can help in some small or large way, but you must tell me of the role you would like me to take in this."

The Premier shrugged. "That is up to you my new friend. I would ask that you just help him whenever you can. I want to speak to the two of them, one of these days about this."

Sachiko's pale lips went up into a smile when Gaelan Sanders spoke warmly to her, but then grew serious.

"I understand this is of complete importance to you, for son and state," the Elf spoke. "I will do everything I can to impart on the two of them what knowledge I have and bestow what help I can. I see the pertinence of the joining of the two nations in friendship, such as the one they are said to have in great amounts. What they choose to do with what I have to do for them is wholly up to time to tell."

The Premier nodded. "That is the best I can ask for. Thank you, Miss Sachiko." He said smiling back at her. "I do hope they will want to help in the endeavor, however you are right. All we can do is hope that they would like to help." He agreed.

Sachiko nodded and smiled in response. "This has been a fruitful first meeting, Sky Marshall Sanders."

"Indeed it has been. Thank you for coming all this way to speak with me. Please enjoy the rest of your stay." Gaelan replied with a soft smile, standing.

"I know I will," the diplomat of Yamatai replied to him as she, too, stood. She went around the desk towards the door and stoof with her back to it and extended her hand to Gaelan Sanders' own. "Thank you for this enjoyable time spent with you. I will be in contact, I'm sure."

The Premier took her hand and shook it firmly. "The pleasure was all mine." he replied. "I look forward to our next encounter." Gaelan added as Sachiko's firm grip held his hand in it.

"As do I," she added and her multi-colored, pastel eyes were shining with hope and inspiration.