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Implemented Add a Gallery to Star Army's Forum


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FM of Yamatai
Game Master
This suggestion is to add a media gallery to the Star Army Xenforo forum using the official add-on XenForo Media Gallery.

Galleries would be a combination of staff managed ones and user created ones.

Things that could go in the galleries:
  • Member art collections (Ametheliana, BRindustries, and many many other members make a lot of great art and this would give them a place to share it)
  • A pool of available artworks people could claim for their characters
  • Organized galleries of SARP art (instead of it being all over the wiki media manager)
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.


SAINT Director
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Game Master
This is a cool idea. I've been thinking about how we've got wiki art galleries of specific artists or ships and how cumbersome they are to make new ones. You've got to search around and will probably miss something. What if a ship has unified art from one artist but then moves to a new artist for later batches? It's hard to organize all of that and have them still viewable in the media manager, as you said.

For example, my plot the Kokatsu had a cool lineup of portraits at launch, but now only three of them are still aboard the ship. They're nice to look at as a set. The same could be said for any ship's roster that has had periods where everyone has art, like the Eucharis has in the past or the Kaiyo does now. Being able to see a gallery of "Star Army Admirals by helloimtea" or "Kaiyo II crew, YE 42 by tutti_fruppy" would be a boon for the RP and be able to showcase our history via the art commissioned by members and the site.

Great idea.