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RP Admirable Admirals


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Funky City

Argent Towers
Premier's Office

Elouise, the premier's assistant, moved her fingers across the screen in front of her and looked up to see two ID-SOL enter the room. They had their hands on the weapons at their sides and behind them came two more ID-SOL before a fifth entered and went forward to the door, which had undergone a change to have a retinal scan in place after the recent attempt on the Premier's life.

"Good afternoon, Premier," Elouise said, standing, as Gaelan entered the room.

"Good afternoon Elouise." He replied with a slight smile as he strode past his guards. "Anything to report on while I was gone?"

"Admirals Violetta De Luca and Barret Valke are waiting in your office, Premier," Elouise replied, bowing her head slightly as he approached the door, which was now open for him to enter.

He nodded. "Thank you. Hold all my calls please." He looked to his ID-SOLs. "This is classified." He added as he moved an stepped into his office.

"Will do, Premier," Elouise said as the ID-SOl stepped back as Sanders moved forward.

The first thing the premier would be able to see were the light blue tights of Violetta De Luca which led to a small slip of her thigh before her navy blue pencil skirt began. She turned her head away from Barret Valke, with who she had been talking.

Barret turned and gave a crisp salute. "Admiral Barret Valke reporting as ordered sir."

Violetta stood and smiled sharply, saluting after she had. "Rear Admiral Violetta De Luca, reporting as ordered, as well, sir."

Gaelan saluted the two. "At ease. Thank you for arriving on such short notice." He said moving around tthe desk. "Have a seat you two." He said gesturing to their seats.

"Thank you sir." Barret replied, taking a seat and nodding to De Luca.

The tight black bun atop Violetta's moved as she nodded back to Barret and she sat down after the premier had done so himself.

Violetta said in a smooth, even voice, "I am more than gracious to have the opportunity to meet with you, as is Barret. Have you been enjoying the position you find yourself in since the last time we talked?"

Gaelan half chuckled. "Well besides a failed assination attempt all is well." He replied. "Before we go any further though..." He turned to Admiral Valke. "Did you bring what I asked?"

Barret smiled. "Of course sir. Had it sent up from requestions as soon as you told me."

The Premier nodded and stood. "Rear Admiral Violetta De Luca, Attention!"

Violetta did so quickly and without pause. She held her hands firmly behind her back, cupped in one another and her violet eyes were fixed forward.

Violetta's terse reply was fast to the draw as she said, "Yes, sir!"

Barret stood and slid a box to Gaelan. "Rear Admiral, for your service to the people of Nepleslia and your outstanding preformance as the Admiral of the Defense fleet, you are hereby promoted to Grand Admiral effective immediately. I am also reassigning you to the Second Assualt fleet." Gaelan moved from behind the desk and Barret moved up to Violetta. Barret removed her Rear Admiral rank pin and Gaelan affixed the Grand Admiral pin to her uniform.

Once they were both done, they stepped back and saluted her.

"Sky Marshall Gaelan Sanders, I thank you for this promotion and will carry out its duties and those of the reassignment to the greatest possible degree. I will serve the Imperium to the best of my abilties," Violetta said in a stern and rigid voice that conveyed no emotion beyond its severity.

"See that you do Grand Admiral." Dropping his salute, signaling for her and Barret to do likewise. "Now that the promotion is out of the way, we have a rather pressing matter." He said looking to the two.

"I am ready to be of service to you in any way possible, Sky Marshall," Violetta said to him, purple eyes trained on his cybernetic ones. "What is this 'pressing matter'?"

"It's the IPG... I am sure you to have heard of the most recent issue." He said.

Barret nodded. "Aye... That rogue ship that took off with a nearly full crew of IPG operators." Barret replied.

"Exactly... The IPG has gone for quite some time without oversight with Grand Admiral Valken's retirement, and clearly with the loss of our assets, something must be done. That is why I want the two of you to open an internal investigation. Upon the completion of this I will be placing both of you in command of the IPG." He finally added.

Barret nodded. "Getting to clean up and lead the IPG, eh? Sounds like fun challange." He said with a smirk, looking to Violetta.

"I would be more than honored," Violetta said after giving a passing glance to Barret. "With the help of Admiral Valke as well as my own expertise in the matter of investigation and command, I feel completely confidant in our ability to reform and restore the IPG to its former glory."

"I look forward to your success, you two. We need the IPG operating at 100% again. Don't let me down," Gaelan said.

"You can count on us sir." Barret replied. "We'll handle this immediately." Barret stated, nodding to Violetta.

"Permission to be excused to begin reconstruction efforts, sir?" Violetta asked, still standing.

"Permission granted." Gaelan said standing and saluting.

Barret returned it, as did Violetta.

"Good hunting, you two." Gaelan added.

Barret nodded with a smirk. He threw a glance to Violetta, "Let's get to it Grand Admiral."

"Let's," came Violetta's curt reply. She turned sharply on her small heal and looked towards the door and put her arm up to offer for him to go ahead. "After you, Admiral Valke."

With that Barret took the lead and strode from the room.


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Orbit above Abjection
Aboard the Primus Battleship, NSS Undertaker

"You are not authorized to be here!" The IPG officer argued, as the Comms officer attempted to get clearance to land.

"What is the issue Lieutenant?" Valke asked as he and Violetta emerged from his ready room.

"This idiot won't let us land because we weren't given clearance." The comms officer reported.

Barrett looked over to Violetta. "You wanna handle this or should I?" He asked, mildly annoyed.

"Excuse me," Violetta spoke out over comms as she bent down and pressed the control for the comms officer while her chest nearly pushed into his nose. "But you do not have the authority over two admirals of the Nepleslian Star Navy tasked by the Sky Marshal himself to be here. Now, if you want your job to be on the line along with your dignity, I would continue along the course you have set. If you don't want to go home to your family today discharged from service, I would let us land."

She let go of the control and stood straight, waiting for a response.

There was a long pause, then. "You are cleared for landing."

"Damn, didn't even apologize." Barrett added. "Here's hoping the rest of this goes smoothly." He said, though knowing it wouldn't. "CAG, get a shuttle ready. Master Chief, get a security team ready as well."

"Let's get to it then." he said looking to Violetta. "XO you have the con."

"Let's," she replied.