• 📅 January 2022 is YE 45.1 in the RP.

Art Aeta Nanao

Aeta Nanao
In YE 38, Aeta Nanao was created much like other Nekovalkyrja; but her destiny was to become part of something greater and more grand than the traditional run-of-the-line soldier within Yamatai. After exceptional performance and scores, she was picked for the opportunity to join SAINT.

Although she has little battle experience, being a supersoldier helps tremendously to ensure Aeta is prepared for her role in the field alongside others. Albeit serving as a scout - and in effect the team's marksman - YE 40 and beyond will become a testament to her battle experience with the hope that she can provide a service to her nation.


A simple bust/headshot I threw together using some new tricks. I think this might actually be my best human yet (even if it's only in a headshot format) thanks to the shift in design focus. For more about Aeta and the setting she's a part of, message/check out Wes-of-StarArmy's page or spin by stararmy.com and join today. It's one of the oldest forum-RPs around, with an expansively massive lore and setting with some really neat art, too :V

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