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New Submission Aether Sidearm


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I made a PA grade pistol that might be capable of usage by unarmored infantry in a pinch if done with care.
@Wes I request your blessing on this shiny new pistol!


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I take no pleasure in shutting you down but
  • No one asked me or a Yamataian FM (as far as I know) before making this to see if it was needed
  • We already have power armor sidearms and this seems redundant
  • The effective range is ridiculous - how would any person aim correctly at something 150,000 km away with a handheld weapon?
  • It possibly violates DR guidelines
  • It seems to advance Yamatai's overall tech level with the graviton thing, micro aether tech, and huge battery capacity.
I want to make some suggestions to make it work for me but I'm not sure what to tell you man. Maybe I could be talked into it but right now I'm feeling pretty skeptical that this is something we need in the setting.


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I definitely get where you’re coming from on this and both agree and disagree on a couple points.
To start, you at totally right, this came out of nowhere and was completely my own thing because, obviously, I respectfully disagree with our current sidearms being sufficient as one is heavily out-dated and the other is extremely overkill with the massive weakness of being completely unable to fire for 2 seconds, a massive vulnerability when such a weapon is your last resort. There’s no real in-between option and that’s what the Aether Sidearm is meant to accomplish!

I’m aware that it is bad hat to compare WIP articles to approved articles, however the effective range of this pistol is about 2/3 to 1/2 the effective range of the HAP(I was guessing), a significant reduction as it stands. Even then, I actually WANT a range reduction, and this might just be a little issue with our current weapon template not specifying the max AND effective ranges for both ground and space as each environment is going to alter performance drastically.
I’d like to informally propose we add that and I’ll happily chose whatever range we agree is most appropriate for a weapon like this because honestly, I am the furthest thing you will get to a ballistics expert. I just like to watch the slo-mo videos of gel bouncing off the table when a .44 hits it!

As for the DR guidelines I’d say kinda, but no. This isn’t a normal gun. With aether weapons I’ve confirmed that the only real danger is the recoil. Since aether can be fired in the vicinity of civilians with only its flash being a threat to public health it stands to reason that if you reduce the recoil to survivable(I’m not saying safe) levels, it’ll be possible(I’m not saying safe!) to use with Neko/Minkan strength. Again, this would be out of necessity and not something just anybody does.

In regards to tech, IDK about the aether micro-tap. It just seemed like a cool way to power it. I don’t know how aether gets from the suit to the gun so logically I just told the gun to provide its own aether.
Suggestions needed!

The 500 shot capacity is for coolant, and with how SARP minimizes cooling to an unmentioned-because-it’s-so-obviously-there level I actually thought it was low.

And finally, the graviton thing!
Graviton manipulation is everywhere in SARP and even considered basic to the point that even a knife can float around. That’s hekkin’ tiny! And springs are timeless. Candon happens to do everything with gravitons from making a nightmare PA to his wife’s bra so... because Candon?

If I have to I’ll run this as a Candon or FSC something or other with some changes but primarily I’d like to fill the gap in Yamataian gunnery with a.. PA Glock.
I have no idea how to do that.

Alex Hart

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I usually do my own weapons specifying both ground and space ranges, so it's not too out there to do the same for this, if you feel like knocking the range issue out of the way.


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I went ahead and changed up the ranges. They’re probably not perfect but should be closer.

Micro-tap and cooling references eliminated, replaced with an inbuilt BU-M20 battery with 100 shot capacity.

Recharging now requires time in the matching charging holster.

Added detail to the effects of unarmored shooting.

I decided to remove the effective range line altogether. Maximum range will simply reflect how far the either bolt will travel before dissipating.
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I would like to know if this isn't FM approved, if it needs further changes, or if it is @Wes


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I’ll make it so!
I asked @Wes for some details. He said the DoGA is fine and I’ll get some art for it with a character art commission. If anybody Has recommended artist I am in the business to buy.