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SYNC Airwin to Taisho Yui, Kessaku Systems


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RP Date
YE 44.9
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui, Kessaku Systems
From: Airwin Caeyara

I am sending you the data for the sthibon symbiote and Norian vesper channels (telepathy) so that PANTHEON and the PSC devices can allow these channels access. The symbiote is leviathan technology that works as a moderator to allow the Norian mind the ability to handle incoming data from mindhives and AI computing systems, most Norians are implanted at birth. With an adjustment of allowing the channel access, the Norians serving on Star Army ships should be able to access information similar to their Nekovalkyrja peers, although at slightly lower transfer rates. This should help integrate MERN personnel better into the Star Army.

Attached -

Telepathy Cannel Range Study (Standard Range)
Sthibon Symbiote Information

Airwin Caeyara
Tsenlan Senator and CEO of the Lo'Ken Institute.