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Approved Submission Albion class battlecarrier

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Can you fill this out more? Put where things are (port, starboard, aft, etc) in interior as well as a bit more to help players understand what's going on inside and how to navigate the ship.

Flesh out propulsion a bit more.

Follow the DR templates.


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It's like 95% done, I think it'd be a waste not to fix it up and use it.

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sorry between college and work been slammed lately, but i should have more time now to work on it. what is need for the last five percent? @Ametheliana @Wes because the Albion would be a great ship and there are a lot of things we could with such a vessel. I might be able to become a GM after the current plot for my main character, would be a good focal point for developing both Section 6 and Saber.