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From: Adam Foss ([email protected])

Bids on items:

* Norris T1 Battle tank (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 50-82, IC: 4157-631-126)
Is this one with/without those silly buzzsaws at the front? If not, I'll give you 18,000DA (9,000KS) for it as long as it's in good condition with low mileage, good rego, and the A/C works.

* Air/Water Heating element (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 94-38, IC: 3535-475-121)
* Air/Water Heating element (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 85-37, IC: 3202-908-112)
* Water pump and filtration system (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 34-56, IC: 1961-2465-86)
* Water Tank (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 19-89, IC: 1748-324-106)
* Water Tank (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 29-89, IC: 2638-3973-115)
* Mattress from starship bunk (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 38-92, IC: 3553-1437-126)
* Empty Crate (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 31-96, IC: 3033-1977-124)
Does 7,060DA(3,530KS) sound good for this lot?


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Alright, the tank is actually in fine shape. Well maintained, everything works. It is indeed the type which can have the buzzsaws, though this particular model is not equipped with that option.

I agree to all your prices, so it's a deal. Let me know where these are to be shipped and we're good to go.



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Dear Ms. Burning,

We propose the following trade:

1 x pair of extremely useful shades
1 x Space suit
1 x Pistol
Our gratitude and the gratitude of the Democratic Imperium's Star Military (We can send you an official looking letter to hang up if you want)


Escape pod, unused (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 98-92, IC: 9073-3737-179)
Escape pod, unused (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 62-94, IC: 5885-2313-149)
Graviton beam projector (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 64-52, IC: 3321-2449-109)

It is our belief that you will find these items extremely useful in your line of work. That flexible usage will, we hope, offset the financial differences. According to reports, our shades are rather pricy on the black market since no one has yet been able to get their hands on a pair. We would hope that you don't sell our gift to you and treasure it for what it is. The only pair of IPG shades in civilian ownership.

Much love,

Your Friendly Neighborhood IPG


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From: Alex Burning


Hmm...I do need a better spacesuit, and IPG-grade stuff is likely fantastic by default. Also, that letter means that people are that much less likely to screw around with me when negotiating for things on my ship with it in view and may also be good for opening other doors and jobs...so yes, I will accept that trade. I also know good and well not to sell IPG goods to people, so no worries there.

I should also mention that I have a second cache of items not on this public list, which I consider "military returns". They are not for sale as I need to verify whether or not their technology is restricted/can't be sold to the public. These include some older ELEMENTAL Power Armors, and a newly aquired front half of a DD4-D with some people in stasis inside its medbay. I'm definitely returning the ship to the military. If you want to provide the opportunity for that, I'd be thankful. I don't know how to manage this stasis equipment, nor am I a doctor if any are badly wounded.

Though I'd planned to do more research on these things then contact our military, this gives me an opportunity to ask if there's a procedure for such things, since other salvagers just seem to dump it all out there for everyone to see. Here's the list of the items I'm uncertain about which are contained in this non-public cache.

Alex' Military Verification List said:
PA Durandium Plates (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 19-33, IC: 665-981-50)

Power Armor Structure (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 28-20, IC: 589-637-45)

PA Ion Boosters (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 13-34, IC: 499-635-46)

Complete Exo-Skeleton Arm (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 97-85, IC: 8302-4052-171)

FIRE1a (Broken, using above PA parts to repair) (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 33-9, IC: 321-120-39)

FIRE1 Gattling Forearms (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 32-27, IC: 921-489-56)

AIR1b (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 22-3, IC: 101-171-23)

AIR1b (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 2-3, IC: 61-186-5)

WATER2a (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 3-8, IC: 78-457-11)

Hostile enemy mecha (might attempt to kill you) (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 70-6, IC: 477-225-68)
(This Hostile-class has an AI glitch, making it homicidal, but is turned off. Blood on its hands. Likely part of what caused the DD4-D to go SNAFU.)

Datapad with NAM Emblem (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 14-63, IC: 925-3207-76)

Fully intact shuttlecraft (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 55-98, IC: 5447-2507-147)
(Na-S/Sh-01 Zachitnik-class Shuttle)

Large chunk of a warship, mostly intact (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 89-97, IC: 8690-4325-176)
(DD4-class Destroyer, front half)

Genetic Scan Grenade (largely useless) (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 96-10, IC: 921-477-95)

Dead NAM Pilot (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 14-72, IC: 1065-777-85)

Dead NAM Security (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 15-70, IC: 1092-967-84)

Headless Body (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 27-74, IC: 2055-3387-98)

Somebody's cybernetic eye (or other minor body part) (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 49-8, IC: 400-313-52)

E2A Hyperdrive (given to me by a since booted officer to speed up my shuttle)

There's also a....strange something of a Power Armor I've never seen before. Seems similar to an AIR-type, but I don't know if it's a prototype or someone's modification just yet.


Leaves me shrugging my shoulders. Seems higher tech than the AIR1bs I've recovered though.

(OOC: I have to be vague since the Queen Bee PA has yet to be approved or even replied to in the tech forums. It'd be allowed for Alex to keep in exchange for providing piloting data to NAM, according to Fian. I've PMed Moonie to give me an idea on how much or what she'd get in exchange for these things as a reward as well as which are restricted tech, but I've gotten no reply.)


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Dear Ms. Burning,

That is a ... rather surprising haul which you possess. We would be quite happy to take the things off you, however, with the things you have just revealed to us, it is necessary for us to first notify Grand Admiral Valken and leave him with the final word.

For the time being, please have everything ready to be shipped. Your compensation will be adjusted, pending the Admiral's input.




Dear Ms. Burning,

Your impressive haul has been brought to my attention by my associates in the IPG.

In addition to the things which the IPG has already offered you, I am willing to offer you two or three more things, depending on your preferences.

1) Keep the E2A drive.
2) We would be happy to offer you a larger ship in exchange for your vessel.

3) A contract to do various things for us. I won't say any details unless you are interested but it would be mutually beneficial.

I will have to check with NAM about this prototype you have found. I have not been keeping up with NAM's recent developments due to operational needs. Considering your extravehicular work, we may be able to get you more... suitable equipment, should you decide to take up the contract.

If you would prefer something else with regards to 1 & 2, however, please do let me know. If it is within my power, you will find that the Democratic Imperium can be very rewarding to loyal citizens.


Grand Admiral Dominic Valken
Commanding Officer, 4th AASP Fleet


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To: Grand Admiral Dominic Valken

I have no issue working under contract with the Fourth Fleet. I'm the proud daughter of an Officer in the Marines, after all. It could well be the kind of employment I've been looking for.

I have actually been looking into getting a larger ship, and saving up money toward it. I am a short amount of money away from a Geshrinari Shipyards' Henkei Cargo Runner. The main reasons I was considering it were its Hyperspace capability (I can move far faster on interstellar orders, allowing me to take more work in far less time), its basic weapons capacity for defense, and its ability to carry a massive amount of cargo for its size. Its modularity was also attractive.

That being said, if the job you are offering would mean that repairs and compatibility would be easier with a Nepleslian craft, I would be more than interested in considering this, and perhaps a civilian Hyperspace option if available for purchase. The observation deck and the portable island generators also pique my interest. If there is a higher tier cargo runner made by a Nepleslian manufacturer and has all those elements, that'd be ideal -- and I'd be willing to put the 40,000 DA I currently have allocated toward it as well.


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Dear Ms. Burning,

After consultation with NAM representatives, we cannot meet your needs at this time. Design teams and manufacturing plants are currently focused on NAM's defense commitments to the Imperium.

The IPG, however, will be happy to forward 28,000 DA towards the purchase of the vessel of your choice. In addition, NAM has granted the use of its facilities (though you will have to pay). Lastly, the IPG is willing to offer the use of any extra NAM components to equip your vessel.

While we do not foresee any combat, circumstances can change. Before we discuss the exact terms of your contract, I trust that this arrangement will put you in the optimal position to accept service with the IPG and SMDIoN?


Grand Admiral Dominic Valken
Commanding Officer, 4th AASP Fleet


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To: Grand Admiral Dominic Valken

It certainly does, and I thank you for your understanding. I am more than interested in accepting a job offer, and feel better equipped to handle it with this craft. While I have no wish to insult NAM as a brand and hope that it wasn't taken as such, speed is important for a civilian freighter to survive in space and NAM's offerings just aren't focused on that niche in this time.

I await more information on the position you have in mind for me, with great interest.

Alex Burning


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Dear Ms. Burning,

The contract I am about to offer is three-fold and requires you to answer to two different organizations. Under NO circumstances are you to reveal the details of this contract to anyone who is not authorized by myself or a relevant contact person.

The details are as follows:

1) If, in any your wide travels and dealings, you should come across any useful or interesting information, the IPG would be willing to pay you to relay that information to them. Payment will be given based upon the IPG's evaluation of the information. Factors which result in no payment include information that is already out of date, information that is well-known and not actionable, or any other fault that results in the information being of little to no use to the IPG. A reason for withholding payment will be given.

2) We would be interested in hiring you on as-needed basis to be a courier and supply carrier to various 4th Fleet units on long-term independent assignments. For obvious reasons, you will not be told the nature of those assignments and should you deduce it, required not to spread it about. We may also require your services to transport personnel to and from these units. Due compensation will be provided for these services. Payment will be made for each successful trip. It is recommended that you take advantage of NAM's offer and upgrade your vessel as best you can. While we hope your missions will be uneventful, we cannot guarantee the circumstances.

3) As part of the above, Star Military officers may temporarily press your vessel into service. This action will only be condoned by authorities if the need is great and the mission's success depends upon the vessel's participation. The needs of the Imperium, as a whole, must supercede the private citizen's. While you will not be required to participate, your cooperation would be appreciated. Any damage to or loss of the vessel or its components would be duly compensated by the SMDIoN or NAM. Should you choose to actively participate in operations, we are willing to offer a combat bonus.

Please let me know if you are agreeable to these terms. I shall have a letter drafted for you from the IPG.

Dominic Valken

PS: If you require the services of the IPG, they are willing to provide you with a favor for your cooperation and generosity. I believe that their favors are far more useful than being sent cash. Use it wisely.


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To: Grand Admiral Dominic Valken

I accept these terms, and the vessel has been purchased and delivered. It will allow me to transport a great deal more cargo significantly faster than the E3B, and I agree to these terms. Feel free to contact me with any kind of special communications channels I should give information and receive requests on.

Alex Burning


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Hi there!

Here's a list of things I'm interested in!

Miscellaneous TOWELS components (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 93-56, IC: 5265-2689-138)
Graviton beam projector (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 53-52, IC: 2760-109-99)
 Air/Water Heating element (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 57-21, IC: 1254-1254-72)
Starship controls from pilot station (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 73-57, IC: 4218-855-122)
Propellant Tubes (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 5-23, IC: 167-448-28)
Charged Particle Launcher (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 18-40, IC: 759-3097-56)
Speakers (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 70-34, IC: 2367-329-96)
Rolling chair, cushioned (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 70-60, IC: 4187-417-122)
Coffee Machine (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 63-26, IC: 1632-135-82)
Coffee Machine (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 52-26, IC: 1357-1123-72)
Vibrating Egg (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 35-33, IC: 1177-2136-64)
Various Starship Diagnostic Tools (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 36-85, IC: 3081-8217-117)
Tool Kit for Starship Maintenance (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 67-31, IC: 2067-1204-90)
Exo-Skeleton Arm Parts (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 75-46, IC: 3432-3691-112)
 Lubricant (Mechanical, not personal) (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 55-12, IC: 662-465-61)
Lubricant (Mechanical, not personal) (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 35-11, IC: 442-761-42)
 Water Tank (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 25-89, IC: 2282-4329-112)
Two gallon water jug from escape pod or shuttle, full (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 52-39, IC: 2033-1617-85)
Hydrogen Cell (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 44-50, IC: 2213-307-89)
Hydrogen Cell (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 66-50, IC: 3291-3107-109)
Oxygen canister (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 46-58, IC: 2725-927-99)
Sharp shard of starship armor (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 92-4, IC: 425-109-85)
Warped radio antenna (S Nepleslia Ring, TC: 93-23, IC: 2103-471-105)

I'm thinking about. . . 5500ks for the lot?

Thanks bunches!


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Ah, another fan of the vibrating egg! I actually have two, but I'm keeping one for myself. Back to seriousness, there are a lot of ship repair systems here...but what the heck. I'll take 5500 KS. A number of the things on this list are smalls.

Good luck with whatever you're building, and have fun with that egg! <3

Alex Burning


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Dear Madam Burning,

I am approached by some ... what is word... citizens? Subjects? Persons who are not in army who want to buy Vampire to travel to Nepleslia. As member of Senate, am willing to sponsor trip. Is for helping ... people in need?

Oh damn it, I don't know the Yamataian. There are four people who want to buy your Vampire to travel to Nepleslia and visit the Jiyuuian enclave there. Their purposes appear to be humanitarian and I do not believe they intend harm. The Enclave of Essia is willing to partially fund them. Please let me know your price.

Aekos Sersilin,
Senator from Essia


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To: Aekos Sersilin, Senator from Essia
From: Alex Burning

This Vampire is freshly repaired, having initially been raided by pirates. The repairs involve replacing blown hatches, and all her systems check out as fully functional. I'd like 60,000 DA (30,000 KS) for her, and am willing to include a free antimatter storage container and some free antimatter as fuel for their trip.
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To: Burning, Alex
From: Lorath Matriarchy, High Priest Tomoe Tur'listia
Subject: Order


The Lorath Matriarchy would like to inquire as to placing an expedited order for a quantity of goods which could be shipped to a number of third party recipients for the Yuletide holiday. We would like to have the following items shipped to the appropriate individuals listed as designated receivers.

  • 200+ x Novelty Hat - Ship to Lazarus Consortium office on Nyli II, Server Room
  • 7x Medicines from a ship's medical bay - Ship to Lazarus Consortium office on Nyli II, Server Room
  • 8x Lubricant, mechanical - Ship to Lazarus Consortium office on Nyli II, Server Room
  • 9x Bartender's Cabinet - Ship to Lazarus Consortium office on Nyli II, Server Room
  • Blow up dolls, thousands of them - Ship to Nepleslian Democratic Imperium quartermaster office.
  • 1x T1 "Norris" Tank - Ship to ISC Phoenix
  • 1x T1A1 Havoc Main Battle Tank - Ship to ISC Phoenix
  • 1x Crate of Handguns - Ship to ISC Phoenix
  • 1x "Girls and Guns of the Green & Blue, Midnight Edition" - Ship to Pyros Thrull Westwood
  • Crate of 120 Nepleslian "Deathstix" Cigarettes - Ship to Pyros Thrull Westwood
  • 9x Box of Pornographic Magazines - Ship to Nepleslian Senate
  • 99 Bottles of Rum - Ship to Nepleslian Senate
  • 7x Coffee Machine - Ship to Yamataian Senate
  • 1x Lubricant, Mechanical - Ship to Ketsurui Yuumi, attach note; "For Use On Senate"
  • A bunch of really creepy ceramic-headed dolls - Ship to Ketsururi Himiko
  • A Lamp, shaped like a leg in fishnet stockings, wearing a red stiletto heel - Ship to Ketsururi Hanako
  • Star Army of Nepleslia Beret - Ship to Ketsururi Hanako
  • Plastic Building Bricks - Ship to Ketsururi Uesu, Attach Note: "Gift for a man who fancies himself a god."
  • SILVER Type Android - Ship to Ketsururi Yui, Attach Note: "This piece of equipment will not bite the hand that made them."
  • 3x Small box of lolipops - Ship to Ketsururi Kotori
  • 5x Crate of Alcohol - Ship to the remaining Ketsururi clan members, minus Katsuko
  • 1x Small Crate - Please have this crate elaborately gift wrapped. Do not put anything inside. - Ship to Ketsururi Katsuko
Please send the bill to the Matriarchy's treasury to be paid in full, plus a 15% tip on-top of the indicated price for merchandise, packaging, and delivery costs.

High Priest Tomoe Tur'listia