Aug 25, 2017
Alloway, Greetings, Salutations, Aloha, Hi, Howdy, Hey, Hiya, Ciao.

I am known as Caliburnus. I've been writing science fiction for a long time and currently I am looking for a nation role-play. I've looked at Star Army before but did not register last time I visited. I have heard some mixed things about this community and so I have some trepidation. I've visited and registered this time with the hope that once I get to know the site/forum/story and the people who make up the community that I would be relieved of my concern.

I've also dumped countless hours into characters, races, and technologies and all those things involve. I've been writing online since Ayenee... which is funny because I see now that the term has a Star Army Wiki page. I've been writing online for decades. As such I enjoy deep detailed creation of characters, races, technologies, etc. I will be looking to create a society eventually but the creation of such a thing into a new setting requires a degree of knowledge about said setting and the required framework that such a creation will need to fit within to interact with others in a meaningful and productive manor. I don't wish to come into your community and create unneeded friction and headaches for the other writers and staff.

Any help that anyone can provide would be appreciated. Someone to bounce ideas off of within the Star Army community would be helpful. Someone that can assist me in navigating the varies nuances of the site, the community, and the framework that everyone's creations must fit within. A discord would be very much welcome but I am also on steam.

I look forward to communicating and creating with you all.


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Jul 20, 2016
Ay =3=/

My advice is, if you want to introduce a new species/culture, is to focus on firstly getting into the RP with some of the more knowledgeable goons like muhself or @Ametheliana who enjoy talkin' with newbies to the site. It's as easy as dropping a message in the chat or the site's Discord and you can generally get someone to answer (normally me first and then someone cooler). I recommend dropping into the site's forum chat and hitting it up to get the discord if you prefer that.

After you've got your ropes and been around for a while, being part of the smaller RPs, I think you'll find a good route to making a sub-culture/sub-group within the site's many factions.

And welcome to SARP =3=b


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Jan 2, 2017
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It's glad to have you join us, Caliburnus! It's always nice when a new writer joins into SARP!

You asked about a discord server, here is an invitation link. Being just a member, and still fairly new to RP as a whole (I've barely a year of experience), I'm not the best resource for major writing, setting integration, etc., but a lot of other people here DO tend to be nice most of the time.