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Art Ame's Traditional Art 🎨📓🖊️

Your drawing looks fantastic! It's interesting to hear about the significance of the shortened Kaiyō sword and the impact it has on Hoshi. The poses and expressions of the characters are dynamic and convey their personalities well. Overall, it's a great piece of art!
I give my toughest battles to my strongest soldiers
I made Hoshi pout in a messy room surrounded by scawy rabbits because. I wish she looked more sad but I felt like I was cutting it close on being uncanny.

In all, took one day to sketch, one day for the bg, and one to paint Hoshi and was a really nice time painting in a new medium (acryla gouache)- so forgive any weirdness as I'm learning >.<
Sketchpage of Hoshi leading the planetary assault on Kessica! These are all chronological, mostly of Kaiyō Mission 26
The two on the left were drawn back in January when it was started and are of Hoshi worrying for her boyfriend, Saiga, and then repeating his words: proceed with planetfall. Which is very cash money of them. Below that you'll see her after getting thrown off the mountainside by a Mishhuvurthyar. She was wearing an armor and the compass (a reocurring theme and item in the Kessica RP) didn't fly from her, but I artistically interpreted the scene. Not the shoulder blüd- earlier before she had kited the Mishhu away from the battle, she had been stabbed there by an aether lance which went through her armor and bone :/

Then top right is Hoshi in the Kaiyo onsen after the battle. She had Boss put hemo in the bathtub and took an orange soak with Aiko and William to heal up her wound and his in a less than conventional manner. Two battles later, Hoshi saw her kaiyo sword destroyed when an enhanced nightmare, a phantasm, sent an aether shock up the blade to the capacitor in the hilt and is mourning it post-battle. Many months later and in the bottom right is Hoshi with the medal that leading the Mishhuvurthyar away from the legion and to the snow where she used the cold to slow its healing awarded her. Biting it to prove that yes, it's real gold.
I am glad we had a mission where Hoshi could get out in power armor instead of being purely a GM's NPC bound to her ship's bridge. She made a fine display of the heroics Kaiyo is famous in- and out-of-character for, and your Hoshi character collage is a great encapsulation of the RP that got to highlight her as a full character :)