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RP: Yome Ismâopate Ancient Enemy


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RP Date
761 CY Tesâo Âbi
RP Location
Poku Movi Vamâqi
Isolation Section

Qaedal Aaeas sat at on a Buvolino Goqe (Padded Bench). Qaedal surveyed the room the he looked at the Mâqirây (Bound Metal) wall and the sealed Mâqitua'tomin (Transparent Light Metal) windows. He did his best to give an air of confidence. He tried numerous attempts to contact Tasi the ship's Jodau Sumanâjo (Synthetic Brain). It bothered him that he could not contact him. For some reason the powers that be were isolating the ship and crew. Qaedal watched Keyul Aaeas his apaloa pace the length of the room.

"Relax Keyul. We are going to be here for a while. I'm not sure why we have been sequestered, but the Tonai are behind this." he said. He looked at the other surviving members of the Yome Ismâopate. "How is everyone. Any one need the attention of a wapoin'a, the ship's one will take care of any injuries." he said
Isolation Section

Keyul looked at his Ta'a and his apaloa. "What reason would the Tonai have to confine us. We are loyal members of the clan. What happened to the Yome Ismâopate was a spatial anomaly. The Amaty ships were damaged as well as ours. The Aeon damaged more so than the others. Whatever caused the gravitational anomaly was significant. We need to check with Tasi to see what sensor records remain."
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Isolation Section

La'tâ sat on a bench, somewhat nervously, but she kept a rather straight look on her face. It wouldn't do if the Wapoin'a were worried, the crew would lose their nerve. Besides she had experienced the situation first hand and she was fairly sure there was little danger to them. Just she really wished that she could get a cup of Yâty at the moment.

Hearing the conversation however, she moved closer to Keyul. "Unfortunately, in cases like this, those with the most clarity to make decisions are not the ones allowed to make them, because the rest are afraid. Our best options might be to review what data we have access to and get a solid understanding of what we can for now."
Isolation Section

Keyul nodded to La'tâ. He lowered his voice and spoke. "That would be good, but until we can contact Tasi, or get back to the Yome Ismâopate and get the sensor data. We are in the blind. I suspect that those behind this are a'ohad. They confine us while they scheme."

Qaedal listened to the conversation. "For now we will have patience, but in the way that one who hunts does. We will not be caught unaware." He said to Keyul and La'tâ. "I am going to speak with the other senior members."
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Isolation Section

Keyul looked around and then looked at La'tâ. "Do you have any of your Wapointe tools. Something has occurred to me. The last thing I recall was being on the Yome Ismâopate. I have no recollection of how I got here. What about you? If you have any of your scanners, I would like you to scan me."
Isolation Station

La'tâ was fairly confident that there was some scheme going on, but like Keyul mentioned they would have to wait before they could do anything about it. So she just kept herself as relaxed as she could. However Keyul brought up a bit of disturbing news. Thinking on it, La'tâ did not have much recollection of what had happened either. "This is troubling..." She reached into her tool bag and brought out her Wapoin Hapu Mâbor'a and began to not just scan Keyul, but herself and Qaedal as well.

"Do either of you have any symptoms?"
Isolation Station

Keyul looked at La'tâ and replied, "The only symptom I can think of was extremely thirsty. Like I have not had anything to drink till we arrived here. And my throat was irritated. What about you La'tâ?"

Qaedal walked back over to were Keyul and La'tâ were. "I could not help but over hear Keyul. I too had the same symptoms, excessive thirst, and it hurt to swallow initially."
Isolation Station

La'tâ continued the scan of all three of them as she gave a soft nod to the two. "Yes, I am experiencing something somewhat similar...I'll take this into account with the results." She didn't show it, but she was worried about what the results of the scan might be.
Isolation Station

Keyul looked around the room. There were some members of the crew that were missing. But he did not see anyone that he did not recognize.

"La'tâ, can you run an analysis of my blood with your equipment? Perhaps that will provide something to explain what is going on. Or at least what has been done to us?"
Isolation Station

"Blood test...right." The Tula gave a nod and began to run through the blood samples while trying to stay focused on finding out what was going on. There were a few moments of silent tension as she waited for the results of Keyul's blood, then she checked qaedal's, and her own. The whole time she tried to keep her emotions off her face, but the occasional face scrunch did peek through.

"The blood test...even for other crew members...they are showing signs of restricted medications...I mean on the level that even used for surgery you need to get approval. This will put you in a coma like state effortlessly."
Isolation Station

"So we have been drugged, and then taken to a holding place. Without any explanation. It is time that we take steps. Thank you La'tâ. I am going to talk with the other senior members of our ship." Qaedal said to the the two junior crew members.

He walked over and gathered the senior crew members. They circled around Qaedal and started handing him small objects. A few minutes later they headed towards the door. Qaedal lifted a device towards the door. He thumbed a switch and the device started to emit a growing hum. After a minute he pressed something else and the device fired a pulse. The pulse knocked the door from its mounts. "Come with me, We are going to find our ship and take her back." he said calling out as he stepped through. The senior officers following.
Isolation Station

The revelation that they were actually drugged explained the lapses in her memory and fit in well with what happened, however it did nothing to relieve her fears and worry. However the result of Qaedal's talk was quite a surprise. The pulse and resulting thud from the door had her fur standing on end. "We are going to retake the ship forcefully?" She took a moment to look at Keyul and then Qaedal, but her feet were already in motion, ready to follow orders.
The Senior crew members surged through the door. Qaeddal stood by the door. "Be swift, and remember we do not leave anyone behind."

Keyul moved along side of La'tâ, he was not going to let anything happen to his smaller friend. "Qaedal told me about crews taking back their ships. By having items hidden on themselves. Items that were not dangerous by themselves. But connecting them would turn them in to tools to take their ships. To be honest I thought he was just telling me stories to frighten me."

The crew moved swiftly, and any member of the clan was subdued with a minimum amount of injury. The crew of the Yome Ismâopate did not want to spill blood unless it was absolutely necessary. The members who had surged ahead had acquired things to jam hatches open, and to keep them so until the last of the crew passed. They then removed the items and sabotaged the controls so others could not follow.

The group turned into the docking arm that their ship was attached to. Qaedal took a stance at the hatch, opened it and gave instructions to the senior members. The Vonawotanu'a would secure the airlock to ensure no one snuck on board.

Toidorno Sejgui was charged with releasing Tasi without his assistance they would be hard press to control the ship, especially if the ship would come under fire.

Jaqsi waited until La'tâ made it through the hatch. "La'tâ get to the Wapoin Rou'sa. Get it ready to treat casualties if things go badly. I'll join you after I ensure that Tasi is safe." She put a hand on the Tula. Then dashed down one of the corridors.
La'tâ was always amazed by the crew and their ability to perform. She had been through the same basic training as them, in fact trained along side some of them, but their ability to handle violent confrontation was drastically different. It was good that her superiors understood that as well, the orders to head to the Wapoin Rou'sa might have been frustating to those seeking glory, but this young Tula much preferred focusing on what she was talented at.

She gave a nod to Jaqsi and smiled wide enough to show her teeth and sincerity. "The crew will be fine in my hands." She then made her way to the medical ward and brought the equipment online while preparing emergency measures and making sure everything was ready for emergency launch.
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Wapoin Rou'sa

As La'tâ was going about getting the Wapoin Rou'sa up and running. Two of the crew members came in. Both were sporting injuries. "We were told to report here. We got injured while holding the Niu'te Ruo'sa from those who were very motivated to stop us. I am Dorgos Tigu, my apaloa is Meopa Tigu "

Across the ship's intercoms came the following message. "This is Qaedal Aaeas We have taken our vessel, and we have launched from the facility we were being held in. Tasi is online and has not suffered damage. We are charging our
Tinvyma Movidoanor (Tunnel Drive). We will notify you when we are about to engage."
Wapoin Rou'sa

La'tâ was not phased by receiving two visitors at once, and approached them as they entered to examine their injuries. They were able to walk on their own though so that wasn't too bad. "Please sit on the medical beds and tell me about any pains you feel and if possible what caused it." Though she said that, she began with medical scans to check against their memory to make sure there were no mistakes.

She eyed up at the speaker when she heard the message but then gave a soft nod to herself in confirmation.
Dorgos looked at La'tâ, "I am having a bit of double vision from when one of the folks hit me with a club. There was some bleeding but Meopa applied a pressure bandage there. Right shoulder isn't working. I will not presume to tell you what is wrong."

Meopa listened as La'tâ received his apaloa assessment. "I have a knife wound in my abdomen. It went deep but did not seem to hit any blood vessels. My lower right leg has been damaged, it will not take any weight. Its like the knee is not supporting it."
La'tâ had her share of concerns for each of her new patients. With what her scanner was saying and what they described she was a little amazed they carried themselves to the Wapoin Rou'sa. With them there now, she was going to take case of them, so the first thing she did was get them on separate beds and have the medical console get an accurate scan. "You two really got roughed up."

Dorgos would take some time with his head trauma so she let that work to give her the information she needed. In the meantime she addressed Meopa's open wound. While the scan was being completed she prepped for surgery, and then looked at the results.
Wapoin Rou'sa

Meopa looked at La'tâ "The folks were rather determined to prevent us from getting on the ship. We fought for as long as we could. Until others members of the ship could join us. Not sure who they were. They did not have any insignias. Nothing that showed their Rouka or Jaeli."

The console gave La'tâ a clear image of the wound. Another obâ to the left and a major vessel would have been hit. As it was the weapon penetrated Meopa's left kidney. The injury to the knee was severe but not currently life threatening. But it would require a great deal of work under the Fiqorous'sa Usapo'te.
Wapoin Rou'sa

The idea of someone not displaying imagery of their Rouka or Jaeli was not foreign to La'tâ, but for a whole group to do it had her rather surprised. "Were they just trying to hide it...or were they outsiders?" She spoke aloud as she continued her work.

"Meopa, your training served you well, this could've been much worse." She wanted to seal him up right away and fix everything, but she was the only one on staff at the moment and she had two patients, so she began to work with a priority of getting Meopa stable.

While she didn't divert her attention she did speak up to Dorgos, she had her concerns. "Dorgos, are you still awake? I need you to tell me how your head feels."