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YE 45.8

In this solemn moment of remembrance we look back to this time just over one year ago. A people in their time of need were welcomed with open arms and loving hearts by a multitude of friendly forces. With millions of lives at stake onboard leviathan vessels a cooperative effort was launched yielding aid to the Norian people. That fateful day the unlikely gathering faced otherworldly trials and tribulations together, emerging triumphantly a more unified populace.

Over subsequent months those newly arrived would reunite with their saviors once more in solidarity to mourn the loss of Sinith Caeyara, once the empress of the empire they hailed from. Peoples from around the cosmos gathered to honor sacred memories of moments past while simultaneously forging a new journey forward. The Norians new start would come to be based on Akina, though their number would spread far past its bounds. As the nation that would come to be known as Tsenlan adjusted to its new surroundings under the helm of Tetsuya Eitan, who many know as Airwin Caeyara, there would be some natural growing pains. This did not deter millions that joined the Star Army of Yamatai in hopes to express overwhelming appreciation gratitude for efforts made to ease the transition of MERN personnel.

Though this was not the only path laid bare before Norians who immersed themselves into new surroundings, merging cultures to carve out a new way of life. Those who chose to pursue civilian paths were welcomed without judgement to any civilian organization that was open to accepting them, of which there was no shortage.

Cresting upon the present with new leadership Cheol Eitan has replaced his predecessor in the political realm, with Aelya Eitan heading up Lo'Ken Institute as its new CEO. Together they hope to strengthen bonds formed in times of challenge, while continuing to find new peaceful paths forward.