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RP: Setareh Wing Aside: How to save a life...


The Gunman
Warning: Graphic content. Squamish should not read. You have been warned.

VSV Arha

"This is Vaytulri Zoren, I have Vaybalri Verha and I am coming in on an emergency landing! Clear the flight deck!" There was no time for rank, verification, or any of that other nonsense. A life was on the line. He quickly evaced the AO with Ekia as soon as he recived the notification that one of his own had been hurt. The VANDR alerted him that Ekia had a left subclavian arterial bleed. Her suit quickly restricted blood flow to the sight by tightening around the area and acting like a tunicate. He quickly grabbed her VANDR and hightailed it for the ship. "I need a crash cart on the flight deck, prep OR 4 for emergency surgery stat!" the surgeon ordered as he and Ekia's VANDRs came skidding to a stop on the flightline. "Enigma! Pop Ekia's hatch." He said quickly detaching himself. He exited Enigma and jumped across to Ekia's VANDR just as the cockpit began to cycle open. Ekia's limp, near lifeless body was sitting on the chair of the cockpit, no longer suspended in the healing prajna and in need of more of it, desperately.

Zoren carefully scoped up her lifeless form and climbed down quickly from the VANDR. As he hit the deck, two orderlies with a crash cart came sprinting out to him. He felt Ekia's neck for a pulse, which was faint, but there.

He laid her on the table. "Get her to OR 4 now! Begin a prajna IV drip, 50cc and keep it coming. I am scrubbing in." He said striding past the orderlies on his way to the medbay. He ran into the medical ward. "Hey! I need a first assist! I need a nurse now!" he called loudly. He hadn’t even changed out of his flight suit due to how urgent matter was.

"Here, doctor!" called out a nurse as she scrubbed in, too.

He looked over to the voice. "Fresh out of training newbie?" He said looking the younger nurse over as he disinfected his hands and arms. He pointed to a tray. "Open the pack of sterile gloves." He ordered calmly to the nurse.

"Can do!" she nodded and did so with something akin to uncertainty. She put the gloves on Dr. Zoren after donning them herself.

"Come on, we have a life to save." He said striding into the OR. "Status?" He asked the anesthesiologist.

"She is under. Pulse is fast but faint, pulse Ox is 87% and dropping." He man answered.

"No shit. She has an arterial bleed, left subclavian." Zoren replied. “Scalpel and suction.” He told the nurse.

She quickly handed him the scalpel and held the suction ready. “Here we go.” Zoren said, making the incision. Blood poured out of the cut. “Suction!” he snapped. The Nurse quickly began sucking away the blood. Zoren reached over and grabbed a clamp and clamped the artery. “It is completely severed. We will need to stitch it back together. Keep the suction on the sight.” He said grabbing a suture set. He began sewing up the two ends…

He was able to get the two ends back together with little issue. He cleaned the wound and sighed. “That was close.” He said stitching the wound close. “Put her in a prajna tank. Let her rest up. I will check on her later.” He said walking out of the room.