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RP: Setareh Wing [Aside] One Out of Four


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VSV Arha
Hallway Outside of the Medical Bay

The three Iromakuanhe women had been chatting after the mission and before the debriefing was set to happen, all walking jovially. Irfan Song had brought up a question and the other two women were answering her.

"As I will tell you time and again, Irfan, no." Naak said. "You may not."

Ki replied to Irfan solely, "Yes, you can. Any time of night or day, you can. I quite like your willingness to ask, actually."

They were stopped in their tracks by the quartermaster, Rozalija Añuli Simonis.

Naak approached her first, giving a quick formal greeting of the Iromakuanhe people, first, saying, "My dreams smile on me if I'm getting to see you."

Ki gave a curt nod and said, "Missions adjutant officer, Ki Lea."
VSV Arha
Hallway Outside of the Medical Bay

Suffice to say, the prajna needed to mend her wounds hadn't yet been brought together for the injured soldier. Part of her wanted a larger dose, but she'd been quick to rush out to talk with two of her more favorite members of the wing. Specifically, their main officer and probably her third favorite butt Naak and the slimmed-but-booty-wielding Ki Lea. Of course, their butts weren't just the characteristics she was prone to enjoying the sight or desire to touch and masseuse.

"Pft... Ki Lea gets it. One day though, Boss, I'm going to convince- urk- you."

The noise had, of course, been some discomfort as she walked. Her lengthy ponytail from the buzzed head of hair was on full display post-mission, though, and she was using it with slight shifts of her head during the actual pain to sneak small poorly-aimed smacks against Naak's outer thighs. That is, of course, until the quartermaster had come out to face them. Very quickly the ponytail whished around and back behind her with a flick of her large-horned head.

"Hey, it's a Stuff-Boss. You wouldn't mind letting me touch your butt sometime, would you? I got shot in the field... I'm in need of others to motivate me."

She put on that innocent smile that was used by the Eyr Ranr most of her entire life to try and hide her own intentions. Without the ability to go out and live in the moment, she enjoyed posing the question to stimulate conversations both advantageously and to induce some drama to let her build relationships. It was also likely the reason she was still so low-ranked despite her own actual abilities as a Frame Runner and soldier.
Roza's demeanor was severe, as always, despite the smile she wore. Aside from that, she looked perhaps a bit more tired than usual. "It seems we're not having a nightmare; we're all still wearing clothes," came her irreverent response as she nodded to her commander, though Irfan soon grabbed her attention. The almost-elderly Ivuori attempted to regard the frame runner with a level gaze, without much success. "It's good to see that you're not too badly wounded; at least so long as you don't bleed words.

"I'm not privy to all details of the mission, but if your team can report on, how you used our equipment and what you found most effective, it will make both our jobs easier." She held out a datarod, containing a questionnaire. "As for motivation... are you looking for special requisitions, or threats? I won't promise to follow through on either, but you may always pretend." Her hands slipped back to her sides, and she raised one eyebrow at the others, as if asking to be let in on a private joke.
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Hallway Outside of the Medical Bay

Taking the datarod, Naak nodded, "We will fill this out for you. I can tell you right now that we found the VANDR most useful. But I know how Veyrinite stores are." Her face lacked happiness as she said that, as if it personally destroyed her to know and felt the Quartermaster would have the same overwhelming disconcertion over the matter.

"The linksuits were lacking in cranial protection, though. It's amazing none of us got our heads blown off because of the lack of helmets we were outfitted with. Zoren got a chunk of his horn shot off. That must have not felt nice. Rozalija, have you ever seen combat?"
Roza let out half a sigh, before it turned into a huff. "Almost constantly during the last Outer System Conflict, not so much since then. I've seen a few heads blown off, if that's in question. I was shot in the horn once, too. It didn't get blown off, but I was unconscious for a few minutes." She waved a hand up near her ear a few times, shaking her head with her eyes closed, before shrugging herself on.

"If we were going just by my experience, I'd say 'don't bother with helmets, they don't work'. We've got data that proves that they do, sometimes. That's why I go with what I've read, not just what I've witnessed. I can put in a request, but in the meantime, perhaps I can look into into our stock of pots and colanders."
"Long as we got some sweet Prajna, I don't mind what all you bosses take or get rid of. And as long as I don't lose my art stuff. I saw this one view of Padme during the battle? Mmm~... my fans and family are going to love my pilot issue!"

She'd avoided acknowledging the quartermaster's mixed insults, clutching her covered wound lightly. Her own linksuits would likely need to be replaced or repaired, but aside from that she knew and cared little about the officer-like condition initially. After all, she wanted to just fly and fight for the adrenaline.

"We'll need some parts probably for Lucy, too. I messed 'em up a bit in the last sortie. Helmets seem like an after thought, compared to that arm getting busted. Can't have our Haidan in worse shape than me! Medically speaking."
Hallway Outside of the Medical Bay

Naak said, "I was almost certainly asking if you've seen heads blown off, Rozalija. We need to keep those heads on, especially if we're going to continue to shoot those off of the New Veyrin!"

Ki Lea spoke out, "That we will be doing more of."

"I want an effort to getting them on us as quickly as possible," Naak said determinedly. "Let's see what we can do about our deficit. Song has a point in that the Haidan and Raevr will need to be repaired. the prajna stores on everyone else's units should heal the minor damage, but have someone give them all a once-over, anyway.

"In other news, we'll be having a briefing soon and I'd like for you to come in and," taking Rozalija to the side somewhat as Naak drew out her own datarod and opened up some numbers on it, "give these bonuses to the wing." On the volumetric display was the number 7,000 followed by the letters KD. "Orders from the Sengraiv. I know you don't have to be there to do it, but I don't want to be the bearer of good news all the time. It is me, after all, that gets to tell them when we get to fight! Plus, I want you to get to know those that are benefitting from your presence."

Turning back so that she and Rozalija were no longer away from the other two Iromakuanhe women, Naak went on to address a much earlier stated claim by saying, "Irfan, you scoundrel. Do you know how old she is?"
"Yeah, boss, old enough to have a good butt and know her way around! Older ladies and guys are attractive just as much as cute dudes and girls!"

She hadn't moved from her spot, hand still on her wound. Irfan wasn't picky, in her world of adventure... but she was quick to look at Ki.

"You get what I mean, right? Life's one adventure... everyone is an adult! Padme has a suitor after her with our foes. Whom I shot in the butt! That's a story that anyone of any age can get behind! Man, the first issue is gonna be good~..."
Roza set her own datarod to record the details, and muttered a few keywords into it. She didn't feel up to the task of inputting them as fast as they spilled out, and would need to take time to organize her notes later, regardless.

She stopped as Naak led her away, and looked a bit unimpressed, upon hearing about the bonuses. "Impressive," was nevertheless the word she conveyed in response, though she spoke more of the size of the bonus than anything. "They did well? That's good to hear."

Turning back to Irfan, she seemed at a loss for words, with a look of incredulity. After a few seconds, she finally managed to spit out, "A suitor?"
Hallway Outside of the Medical Bay

"Okay, it is pretty cool you shot him in the butt," Ki said with a barely stifled giggle.

"They did very well," Naak said to Rozalija, then, reeling, spoke again. "What are you talking about, Irfan? Padme doesn't have a suitor. Unless you're counting your own voyeurism!"
"Pft! Please! It was that guy who was totally trying to feel her up! Totally a suitor!"

With a passing chuckle, she'd start off without even trying to rebuff her voyeurism. Even with her injury, after all, she had to try and keep her image and make it to the debriefing on reasonable time! She'd been shot and needed medical help!

"I'm sure we'll talk about it at the debrief, you two! You should tag along or something! I've got to go waggle these thick brows at people!"
Roza shook her head, and waved Irfan on. "As I said, I'm not privy to the details. Go on, I'll see you sometime afterward."
Hallway Outside of the Medical Bay

Ki Lea nodded at Irfan's unceremonious exit and looked to Rozalija as she shot one of her own eyebrows up.

Naak looked between those still present and said, "I'll be seeing the two of you. Ki Lea, it may be a while. Rozalija, I'll see you at the end of the meeting. I'll call you in over comms. Touch divine, until we next meet.”

Ki Lea watched as she went, then said to Rozalija, "Where are you going before the debriefing ends?"
Roza nods firly to Naak, as she goes, then turns to Ki Lea. "Ordinarily, I'd be checking accounts. I could always drink now, and work later, though I'm not much of a social drinker." Few had ever seen her drink, but nearly everyone had seen her checking her datarod's display, at all hours.
Hallway Outside of the Medical Bay

"Want to have a drink in my cabin, then?" Ki Lea asked Rozalija. She wanted to get to know the Quartermaster better and was glad to go with Rozalija's suggestion. After all, according to Commonwealth and Mazerin standard time, it was as good a time as any to have a drink.
"Why not." Related to the rarity of her being seen drinking, Roza didn't have many places to take a drink memorized. "Is it on you, or should I make the order?" She hadn't warmed up, much. In fact, she'd actually stopped smiling as she begun her response. Still, with Roza, that could just as easily mean she was too busy thinking, her smiles indicated her mood by more than coincidence.
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"I have some mead stashed away," Ki told her as she allowed herself to be pulled forward in the movement assist hallway, away from the medical bay. Ki asked of Rozalija, "What drew you to the role of Quartermaster aboard the Arha, anyway? Do you like to have your hands in all the pies or is it because you like looking over the baker's shoulder and seeing the recipes?"
Roza thought about it long and hard, for a good ten seconds. "I'm not good with metaphors. I worked hard for this role because I'm a merchant at heart. I'd be that in the flesh, as well, if they hadn't taken my ship. I joined and have remained in the Astral Vanguard because a soldier without a platoon is considerably better off than a captain without a ship.

"Not one of the two is among the finer things in life, but this role is better than others." She was quite sternly drawn-up, by the end of her speech, with her hands folded tightly behind her back.
Hallway to Crew Quarters

Having gone up one deck while Rozalija spoke, Ki continued down a new hallway with the Quartermaster. She let the taller, much higher ranking woman speak before making her assessment.

"A merchant in the sheets and a soldier in the streets, I see." Growing more serious, she said, "I know what it's like to love a ship. And if you don't have love for the ship, at least you must have love for what you do on the ship. And if you don't love what you do on a ship, I can't help you there. Is there anywhere in particular-" she pointed to her cabin door and opened it, going in, before resuming her statement. "Is there anywhere in particular you want to see the Arha go with you aboard?"
"Aside from 'not into a star or a solid object', I'm flexible." Roza stiffly released herself, and climbed inside. "We're not bargain-hunting, and I haven't been keeping up with commodities markets. Since we're also not scrounging for good salvage, I must defer to those with a background as Guardians, I don't know what to do with a ship like this." She followed Ki inside, and took a good look around.