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  • Current IC Month: 9月 YE 42 (through December 31, 2020)

RP: YSS Eucharis [Aside] Polarity Impact


The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
RP Date
YE 40, after Mission 28.2
RP Location
YEE Eucharis Interior
YSS Eucharis
Somewhere idk

Setsuya Itatski was happy to have made it through her first engagement, the new neko having been unsure what to expect from her first battle. To be honest, the woman wanted to forget about the fear she had felt. Something the digi-novel on her pad was helping with. The tall raven haired 6'2 cat girl was oblivious to her surroundings in the hallway.

If she was careful and actually lifted her eyes from the pad, she could avoid quite the predicament. Alas, not everything can be avoided entirely. The neko bumped through something soft, about up to her chest in height; this was almost immeditately followed by a sharp,

"Hey! What's wrong with you nekos, anyways?" ...Clearly, whoever was speaking didn't have very good opinions about Nekovalkylria.

"W-wha, Oh I'm terribly sorry. My error for reading and walking, one I believe not only nekovalkylria are known to make.", The tall cat woman said after recovering from her initial surprise, and replying with a calm and cool voice. It was one that spoke of a newer neko, one who had not yet developed normal social tendencies.

Gold eyes looked down to the much shorter birb woman, a habit she found all too irritating given her height.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Just because you were created for a specific purpose in life doesn't mean you're better than everyone else." The golden-eyed angel huffed, her left wing twitching with a distracting ripple of plumage. Her eyes, while still golden, certainly didn't look all that inviting right now - they actually burned slightly with what context could assume was rage.

"I never suggested I was. I hardly see myself as better. And neither of us have any evidence to prove I am. Besides, is not people like your patricians who once claimed they were genetic perfection? No race is perfect, and no one can absolutely prove they are better," Setsuya gave with a rather neutral tone, only an ever faint curve to her eyebrows to even hint at any kind of annoyance. Usually she tried to simulate the happy expression most nekoes gave who were also fresher. However this woman had given every reason to not have been given such a false display. So she got the neutral calculative side that was genuine, something the neko had yet to develop out of socially.

"Ehhh fuck those guys too. Buncha stuck-up nolifes. Hate 'em," the smol one grunted grumpily. "Just because there's no proof doesn't stop most of ya. I've met a few who are nice, sure, but damn are the ones in charge almost as bad as the bigwings. At least they got screwed up most of the time."

"Well, I am not in charge, and only a Santo Hei. I would also say I am young and inexperienced. I also was stricken by fear in our previous battle. So I can assure you I am not better, much less even have anything worth boasting about. Not a very effective weapon if it feels fear," Setsuya reaffirmed her previous statement, supported by the fact she had short comings.

"Hm. Maybe you aren't that bad if you actually recognize flaws... Sorry. M'name's Arria, what is yours, actually?" The elysian was still... Pretty miffed-looking, btu it seemed a bit more directed away from Setsuya at least.

The tall neko gave a somewhat smile before offering a hand to shake, which was firmly accepted. The neko continued, "I'm Setsuya Itatski, Power armor pilot. Pleasure to meet you Arria."

"What were you lookin' at earlier, by the way? Musta been something relatively big to keep ya distracted like that." The elysian managed a light, sort of half-chuckle.

Setsuya seemed to become rather embarrassed as that was pointed out. To say it was actually important was in a way glorifying a recreational activity she had let distract her. "Oh, um, I was reading a novel on my pad. A mystery genre book, and I guess I got engrossed in it like an idiot....instead of paying attention to what was in front of me."

"Huh. Ever considered sittin' down and relaxing while readin' that? I find that to be a bit more satisfying."

"Yes, well um, normally I would. But we are already heading to the next rally point. I figured there would be little time to relax, and I was more reading to calm my nerves."

"...I'd still suggest sitting down, though. Make the most of the time you've got and all that."

Setsuya gave an apologetic, yet nervous expression. "Well yes, something that was made abundantly clear by my blunder a moment ago. Just need to calm down and relax," she said taking a somewhat deep breath.

"I'd best not keep on bothering you, then. We've all things to do still, after all."

"Right, and thank you. This talk helped ease my nervousness. I look forward to when next we meet."
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