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  • 📅 December 2022 is YE 44.9 in the RP.

Kinfemy Vonai (HSC News) Assassins attack Mui at year end festivities.

Yamatai, Kyoto City

At 11pm local time the festivities in front of the Kyoto Tower hosted by the leader of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo were in full swing. Citizens of the city and members of the clan were enjoying the event hosted by the leader of the clan. Tarbah Leyto was combining the traditions of her people with those of Yamatai as a sign of unity. The festivities were abruptly interrupted by gun fire.

While the white furred Qaktoro was giving out small gifts to those present two armed individuals approached her. They yelled “Ojâtem ria âyem” which translates to ‘Your future stops ‘and then drew weapons and fired upon the Clan leader and her entourage. Her security personnel were hampered by the crowd and the ensuing confusion. Tarbah Leyto, the clan’s defense leader Legos Miaurm were injured. Four members of her entourage were killed their identities are being withheld pending notification of their next of kin. A number of bystanders were also injured, though there were no additional casualties.

One of the assailants; a black furred Qakla was killed in the exchange of weapon fire, and the second a grey striped Qaktoro was seen getting into an air car. The air was reportedly was driven by a human according to witnesses on scene.

Tarbah Leyto was hit at least three times and was rushed to her ship the ‘Bright Star of Hope’ for treatment. Legos Miaurm’s injuries were less severe and he remained on the scene after being tended by EMT.

Kohaku Syali issued the following statement.

“To all members of the clan, and to our allies:

I am Kohaku Syali, Emissary of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

We the Poku Saeruo Degonjo are understandably shocked and appalled by the recent attack upon our leader, and her staff.

Our Law Enforcement personnel are working in harmony with the Yamatai National Police to track down the second assassin and any accomplices that they may have. We are confident that their combined efforts will bring this matter to a close.

As for our Mui; Tarbah Leyto was critically injured, and her condition at present is critical. The doctors aboard the Bright Star are using all their tools and skills in an effort to save her life.

At this point in time, we believe that this event is an internal matter. Nor do we believe that it in any way reflect any ill intent by the Yamatai people.

We are further saddened by the fact that innocent people were injured in this senseless attack, and we wish them all a speedy recovery.

Finally in accordance with the Law of Codex, and the decree of our Mui; I will be acting in Tarbah’s place until she is able to resume her duties.

Thank you, and may Siamaka watch over you all.“


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Update: Sunrise at Yamatai, Kyoto City

Video shows the Bright Star of Hope floating silently above the ground. The camera pans around and a gathering can be seen in front of the ship on the ground. As the camera gets closer it is apparent that it is a group of 150 baqlii stand outside of the Bright Star of Hope and singing facing the sunrise. A caption appears on the lower part of the screen, "Bright Star Academy students singing the Song of Hope, a favorite of Mui Tarbah Leyto.

After the song is completed the children stand silently.

The image shifts and Kohaku Syali walks down the main ramp and approaches a pedestal. She looks at a datapad briefly and then looks into the camera lens and speaks.

"To all members of the clan, and to our allies:

Mui Leyto still lives, her condition is critical. During the surgeries to save her life; she slipped into a coma. Our medical personnel are monitoring her condition and are using Wapointe Gean'te to ensure her systems continue to operate normally. They are unable at this point in time to say whether or not she will awaken. We of the Poku remain hopeful."

She puts down the datapad and an image of a burned out vehicle appears in a small box.

"The efforts to capture and bring to justice those who perpetrated this despicable act, and those who orchestrated it. The vehicle a black Zephyr air car was found burned in the warehouse district. Obviously in an attempt to destroy forensic evidence. However, there were a number of security cameras and the images from them are being analyzed.

We do know that the human accomplice is a female. She has Caucasian skin tone and Nepleslian features, black hair and brown eyes." An fair image of the woman appears replacing the image of the car. We estimate her height to be five foot, eleven inches. She walked with the Qaktoro assassin and did not appear to be under duress.

Our law enforcement personnel are attemptin to identify the one attacker that was killed. They are comparing his DNA with those on record with the clan.

The clan has put up a reward of 50,000 KS for information on the identity of the woman. Personnel should contact our embassy in Reikan Park.

Thank you."

The image shows Kohaku walking towards a Ground Glider and driving away. The Qaktoro children are seen walking up the ramp back into the diplomatic vessel.


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Update: 12pm Jan 2, YE 38 Yamatai, Kyoto City

Ambassador Tesgi Toioky offered the following statement.

"To all members of the clan, and to our allies:

We are pleased to report that our Mui Tarbah Leyto has awoken from her coma. Our medical personnel are continuing to monitor her recovery. They are confident that she will make a full recovery, and be able to lead the Clan for many more years.

Tarbah expresses her gratitude for the outpouring of sentiment and well wishes from members of the clan and our allies.

As for the investigation into those responsible for this act of senseless violence. There has been some progress.

The YNP tracked the two fugitives to a building slated for demolition to make way for a new structure. As the officers were about to breach the structure. An explosion tore through the structure. Several of the officers were injured from the blast and the debris it scattered. Fortunately, none of the officers were seriously injured.

Two bodies were found within the structure. A Nepleslian female matching the physical description. Cause of death however was not the explosion. Rather she had been shot in the head by her accomplice. Both bodies have been taken to the YNP CSI for further analysis.

Our attempt to identify the first attacker was unsuccessful. It appears that they had been subjected to some sort of treatment that intentionally corrupted their DNA. Our medical personnel were also able to determine that this treatment meant that the subjects would not survive for long. They estimate that had perhaps 4-5 days from when they had the treatment until they died.

Needless to say, our investigative organization will continue to look into this matter and attempt to find those who masterminded it."