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RP: UOC Government Assembly Positions


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The MA(Member of Assembly) Positions are as follows:

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Re: Open Assembly Positions

Jiyuu would be fun! ~Let me know what sorta npc you need if anything specific.
Re: Open Assembly Positions

Andrew said:
  • MA Jiyuu Capital System
  • MA Shugosha System
  • MA Siren System
  • MA Koukotsu System
  • MA Kotoku System
  • MA Gensou System
  • MA Yuujou System
  • MA Mitsuya System
  • MA Tange
  • MA Miyamae
  • MA Yuukan System

Re: Open Assembly Positions

Thats... A lot of spots, d00ds. The Yam senate only has about 3 peeps (Excluding you, Drewley) actually senating out of our mass of... seven, I think.
Re: Open Assembly Positions

I just edited the how the Members of Assembly are going to be arranged, so all who posted prior, reselect.
Re: Open Assembly Positions

Ok I need links to these NPC profiles... SO if you have not yet made one, do so, if you have post the link.
Re: Open Assembly Positions

Region tres, plox.

While the temptation to make this assembly member a Vanderhuge is beyond enormous, I think I'll go with Arnold Fritz, if that's alright. I'll make an NPC bio soon.
Re: Open Assembly Positions

I would be happy to help, if needed. I need to get more exposure to the UOC anyway.
Re: Open Assembly Positions

then make a NPC and I will hook you up :)
Re: Open Assembly Positions

Chris can you make a full NPC Bio for your NPC? The one on wiki is outdated and is in the wrong place. Should be under the :character namespace.
Re: Open Assembly Positions

Arnold and Alexander are added. That leaves the Capital Region, Region 1 and Region 4. NPCs have to be posted either to get a spot!