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Avatar Thread: What is your Avatar?


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What's your avatar and why did you choose it? Have you had it a long time?

Mine is a picture of Yui and Hanako, as drawn by Lexxy. I've used it for as long as this forum has been around, although on the older Star Army forums I used the "hinomaru" logo and before that, a small pic of Yui's face.

The Hanako and Yui avatar fits me well because Hanako is my main PC (for the Eucharis plot) and Yui is the leader of the Star Army.
L from deathnote.

While I don't worship him as many do, I have a lot in common with him so I figured it's suitable.

And my paranoia of telephones.
Badass penguin, yo.

Penguin portrait from Neverwinter Nights. Because it's a penguin.

This is why it is so familiar to half of you. Stop asking. I've had it for yeaaaars. I use it liek everywhar.
In Senbu OOC chat during a JP I linked a demotivator with that picture of Shinji and Asuka and someone was like "lol that's like Shizuka and Nick" (two characters in the plot), so I made a little animation in imageready.

The one I had for the longest time (and will eventually go back to) with the lightning bolt was the "Star Army Communications" patch used in the banner for that forum on the boards way back. I chose it because my first character was in the communications occupation.
Its Yang Wenli.

You cant find a better fleet commander in any other anime that can match up to this guy.
Unless pistols are involved.
Dont know where this pic is from though, I got it off 4Chan.

My avatar is, as you can tell, a photoshop (or is it?) of a WWII propaganda poster depicting a US soldier offering the viewer a nice, hot cup of shut the fuck up.

I changed this avatar recently (try sometime Semptember) from the infamous "Vanguard Dove" emblem drawn for me by the lovely Kim.

This avatar is important to me because it pretty much describes my whole conversation chain with someone.
Mine is the center design of the ship logo for the Horizon's Key, created in the wonderful MS Paint (tm). On the actual ship and forum logo there's more to it, and the whole thing's in yellow supposedly to act as a warning mark that someone gave Gem back in her courier days on Nepleslia. There's sort of a story behind the design here, but I haven't gotten around to writing it out.

Previous avatars have included the actual "MissingNo" sprite from Pokemon Red/Blue/Green, a Photoshop-ed "Portal" warning poster, and the half-DNA-strand logo from Heroes. Among probably several other things.
Currently it's my character in the Senbu plot, Nanjo Ageha. Previously while I wasn't playing a character it was a pic of Kujo Jotaro and before that it was my character Tira Gambizam from the HiGA plot. All drawn by me and all using MSPaint.
This is pre-time skip Sakura from Naruto.

She has just seen something that has caused her mind to shatter.

She will need a lifetime of therapy, from the horrors I have seen on the Interwebs, I fear I need the same.
Mine was actually inspired from the kind of pictures that Cipher has right now. Though I may go back to having Zairyo's drawing of Amelia as my avvie, as I don't think I need to tell people any longer that I'm a coffee addict. (You all should know by now.)
Mine is Currently the Daisy PA because the Daisy is WIN AND A HALF.

Previous avatars have either been me failing at drawing my own characters, MSPaint attempts at shopping real photos or pics from games, or random animated GIF's from Nippon Ichi games (because Nippon Ichi is WIN AND THREE QUARTERS)

Eventually i hope to get paypal working so I can commission of teh artz and have a picture of Kai up there.
Oooo, Avatar discussion!

Let's see, right now.... Girl with fancy holographic computer stuffs. Looks awesome and I need a new computer.
Before that, Erica Hartmann. Because I was watching Strike Witches which is <3.
And before that was... it was... it was a girl cutting through the darkness with a knife. Looked awesome.

Thinking about another change soon.
< "Yeah, I'm awesome!"

My avatars are usually a revolving door of pictures of my flagship character, which are cropped down to 125 to 175 and put in .png format.

Usually they are drawn by me in good 'ol GIMP with the old palette, (blue jacket, yellow shoulders, green singlet) but are modified into the current palette with some messing with the Hue (brown jacket, white shoulders, whiteish/blue singlet)

And they're generally made to look awesome or funny.

Another previous avatar was my "Truck in a Tree". And no, I wasn't up there.
Yukari, drawn by Zairyo. Because she's why I'm still here.

I once had this black&white one that was in protest to the paltry 6 KB file size limit or something. It was when we just moved to this board and Wes hadn't had time to fix everything that needed fixin'.


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Mine is Nyton Claymere, drawn by Zairyo. I would like to commission him for a few more shots like Doshii up there did with Yukari.

Nyton has been my character, is really my only character barring a few NPCs and such. Plus this is the forum name I have at the moment. I used to use my real name up but that changed after the server shift. This Irregulars thing though might force me to change things up a bit.