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RP: Galactic Horizon Awkward Relations


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Late ye41
RP Location
Jui’Varen II - Neshaten space
GH headquarters
Jui'Varen II
Science Labs

Argus had found it difficult to focus on his usual work since coming back from the expedition, while nothing of noticable interest had happened during the time exploring around the jungle he couldn't quite come to terms with Iris now being known to him. It's not like he had never considered the posibility of a clone coming to kill him but she was something else, and for the past couple of days he'd been working to try and understand the situation. The separa man was very good and showing an outwards expression of being in control and calm but in reality he still didn't know how to react to this, clone daughter.

It was for that reason he'd invited the other woman to coffee in one of the few small cafe's in the facility though he was still in the science labs, late again due to his work. For once he found himself hoping someone else wouldn't be annoyed when he got there, despite usually not caring what they thought.

Ever since the dual clone had returned from the expedition, she had found herself in inner peace. She had found the man whose DNA was within her, and she had survived the encounter. She knew that there could have been a variety of reactions, one of which was that he Argus would have killed her, he certainly knew how to do that but he didn’t. She felt content to leave him be since thus far he had done so with her, and she didn’t let it slip who she was to the Doctor to anyone else either.

The Dual clone kept her eyes peeled as she went on her patrol, doing her duty as a security officer. That’s when she’d gotten the message, Argus was inviting her to coffee, that surprised her, so she was able to get someone more capable to do her duty as she went right towards the small café that was mentioned in the message.

She sat there waiting for Argus to arrive, and looked through the menu as she made sure her tail was not in the way.

After another 5 minutes the other green separa finally arrived, his expression stoic as ever giving nothing away as he approached. “Iris, thank you for coming at such short notice.” He started, setting his things down and taking a seat. “It’s occurred to me that there is still a great deal of information regarding you that I’m not aware of, so I called you here to discuss the finer details we were unable to on the mission.” Argus’ eyes were locked onto her for a moment as he continued to study this partial clone of himself.

”since the chance of you being here to kill me is now very slim let me start off by asking who exactly created you?”

As the duel cone looked up from her hands, she saw the identical green hue and eventually the recognizable features of Argus. She watched him move first setting his things down and then sitting much as she had been. She moved her hands closer to herself away from the center as they had been. She nodded her head in understanding while feeling unsurprised that he would want to know more about her, even if he didn’t want her calling him father, he was still curious. “That would be a difficult question to ansswer while keeping a straight face. It was on the orders of the captain of the group, a man whosse name wasn’t pronounceable with our mouths because of his species, but he has asked us to call him Puppy, apparently he thought they were ferocious creatures. Anyways, he had them all invade this research sstation that had the technology, and he had his men force a scientist to use the samples taken from your spilled blood during a skirmish as well at the DNA from the sister of the Ssenator of our homeworld. “

She said, with amazing skill to keep a straight face. Indeed, anyone willing to name themselves after an infant canine was someone to hear.

“I see, I don’t recall ever going up against a pirate with that name but it wouldn’t surprise me.” Argus said tapping his fingers idly. “So you didn’t get any implants, subconscious conditioning, nothing?” He asked again, unknown to her he’d already had her scanned for any cybernetics or replacement body parts but he wanted to test her.

She places her hand close to he mouth in the typical position to indicate when one was thinking “I don’t recall anything metallic being implanted, but they did give me a flash learning thing, itss why I have the habit of pronouncing the ss’s like you have noticed, just things I needed to know, like how to eat, how to shoot guns and things of that nature. Given that they intended on using me as blackmail material I don’t think they wanted to make me do anything. “ She truly was unaware if they had done anything to her.

Argus nodded again, her pronunciation of words containing ‘s’ was a little strange and definitely some sort of mockery those pirates must have come up with. “Blackmail material, for both myself and the senator I assume, or more likely my captain rather than me. That’s all in the past now.” The man placed his own order and paid before returning his attention to his, daughter, that was a strange concept to think of.

”Its only fair I give you something in return for my questions, is there anything you wish to know.”

Iriss agreed it was all in the past, and as far as she was concerned she didn’t have to care or worry about the pirates. “He’s a nice man, the Ssenator” she stated, before Argus decided to be fair, and asked her if she wanted to know anything about him. “I feel like I know how you felt about learning of my exisstance, perhapss.. What are your hobbies? I mean like what do you do for recreation?’ she asked, thinking maybe she liked some of the same things.

“Mostly I spend my time on research, outside of work I occasionally practice with various weapons simply to maintain my ability should I need it. Though usually I end up reading.” Argus replied, it was the first time in a long time he’d ever felt awkward during a conversation, argus was a man used to controlling every conversation he had. People spoke to him on his terms where he was the one who knew everything, talking to somewhat of a family member again was also odd.

Iriss listened intently as Argus answered her question and because of this, she was able to listen to what he usually did to spend time. She figured he’d spent his time researching something she never really got to do, not the type he was probably thinking about anyways. She had done a lot of reading when she had gone to Essia, she had to learn her people’s history and so on. She honestly found herself reading because she liked reading, she preferred that to cold murder. Could that have been influenced by Argus’s DNA?

“As interesting as it may seem, when I went to our Homeworld, I found myself reading a lot, it was mostly History about our people and things like that. As for research... I have done that myself, but of course mine would be different from yours.” she told him and tried to think of another question she should ask him.

She wondered if he felt this was as weird as she did.

“Yes I suspect it would be different, I studied to kill and to save lives. Lesser of the first nowadays.” Argus said almost dismissively, if she thought it was awkward the snake woman didn’t know the half of it. For an antisocial person like himself it was almost unbearable.

”lets lay some facts down, you share my blood however we’ve never been part of each others lives. However now things are different, while I can’t pretend ro be your family I will settle for making at least an effort to stay in communication.” Argus didn’t make his decisions because of sentiment but rather responsibility, while he wasn’t involved in her creation this girl had sought him out and to him it seemed like she wanted to form some kind of relationship. “Would you be opposed to having somewhat regular catch-ups over coffee?”

Iriss nodded her head in agreement, indeed it was very different their research. When she’d gone to Essia she’d researched their people, its culture and heritage, and how to be a Separa’shan. When the Kuvexians came, she’d researched how to kill them.

The conversations changed, and so the dual clone listened to him speak with respect. He made some good points, despite her sharing his blood they hadn’t met until the expedition. She felt willing to concede to his ideas since it might make him more comfortable. “I would not be oppossed to that at all. I feel it best to perhaps concede to your desires in all thiss, and if you want to have ssomewhat regular catch-up, I would be fine with that. “ She told him while feeling fine with that.

“Good, if it suits you we can do this time each week. In the meantime, tell me what has become of our home, I left many years ago and have never even heard news let alone returned.” The green separa almost seemed sad as he spoke, his usual stoic features softening slightly, apparently he was able to feel emotions.

Iriss nodded her head in agreement, she felt it had suited her since it made him comfortable. But the topic of their Essia and she noticed a change in his voice and the features. It surprised her, but her surprise didn’t show on a physical level. She’d learned that he had left and that he hadn’t even heard news or returned. “it wass horrible,” she started, “many deaths, many of our people dead, or captured, of coursse the lucky oness managed to esscape all that. But the destruction and the aftermath of the battle, has scared our home.

"Those mongrels, if any of them are unlucky enough to end up near me then I'll put them to good use as a live subject." Argus nearly hissed as he gripped the cup very tightly, he may not have been home, but it was still his birth place and he would never shrug it off. "How long ago, who was it, Yamatai?" he asked, having calmed down slighty though the end of his tail moved around showing his agitatio.

Iriss’s eyes blinked as he casually spoke of torturing and experimenting in front of her, but for the Kuvexians she might have considered not caring. “I might have actually conssidered assisting you,” she said before she was asked new questions

“I barely remembered how long it was, but it felt a blur to me, A race calling themselvess Kuvexianss attacked and occupied Essia, The ones to the west of us, New Dusk Conclave had provided aid, but also their power armor, and weapons while also ssmuggling some of the non-combatants off-world, but ultimately Yamatai ssaved uss. There were a few Neko in the resistance who refused to leave with the other NDC ships.

"Tch, so those filthy cats are plaguing our home, while I should thank them for saving the planet they should have all left afterwards. Their kind only ever makes trouble." Argus said almost speaking with as much venom in his words as there was in his teeth. The separa man took a breath to compose himself, his grim expression returning. "I think a new subject may be in order, I don't want to be worked up when i return to my duties, thank you though, for informing me. it's difficult to get information for me these days."

If it wasn’t clear to her before, it was certainly clear to her know that Argus truly didn’t like Yamatai or rather their Nekovalkyrja. She wasn’t sure if she had the right to ask him about him, but he did ask for a new subject. She knew what he tended to spend time doing so, she needn’t ask him that anymore. She wondered if he knew about her refusal for blood to be taken during medical tests when she joined Galactic Horizon. “Thank you, for telling me of things you spend time doing, I admit it was for sselfish reasons on my part, I wanted to know thingss in particular reactive things, and also about my genetic family lines. Though if you have questions you wanted to ask about me, I am willing to answer. “

"Everything we do as living beings is selfis, you've no reason to apologise for basic instinct." Argus replied cooly, he still felt off knowing he actually had a pseudo family member with him now but he'd just have to live with it.

"Soo." He began absently rubbing his head. "Managed to find something interesting to do with Horizon I take it? Otherwise why would you still be hanging around."

Iriss heard his response to her apology. She should have realized by now that he was right and that everything beings did was selfish. The Kuvexians were a huge example of this after all.

Iriss nodded her head” indeed, I originally joined as part of the Expeditions security, and now that we are back, I have decided that I’d like to stay on and continue that work, whether it's here or at another Expedition

"So you must have experience fighting then? Or you decided to take the job anticipating you wouldn't have to fight, given how secluded we are and it would be easy money." He said, stirring the remains of his coffee before finishing the drink. "Whatever the case, just make sure you keep a watch on your cold climate suits. If you dont have a spare and one fails or is damaged it's going to be a very unpleasant experience for you, or any of our kind given our location."

Iriss nodded to his first question” yeah, thanks to our previous employers if you can call them that, I have had extensive training for fighting, and same with the Freedom fighters during the occupation. Whether or not it's little or not at all would not matter, I’ll make sure I am ready for action” she told him as her vision saw him stirring what was left of his coffee and nodded”I’ve actually been making a habit of checking that when I return inside where it's warm. “

"Good, I'd hate to have to see you in our medical area because of hypothermia, luckily we have kept those cases to a minimum even in these extreme conditions." Argus said, recalling the few odd people who had been caught in storms. "Actually I'd prefer not to see you in there at all. Injuries are not a good thing." The separa said almost cracking a smile, a very rare occurrence for the stoic man.

Iriss nodded her head, from what she had been reading Hypothermia isn’t a pleasant experience and it might be worse for people like their race for example. She heard hat they kept those cases with a minimum and she nodded” indeed, the cold climate suits work well.” she said to him. She then heard that he preferred not to see her there at all because injuries are not a good thing ad he caught the sight of his smile which she had begun to think was rare so she nodded “I’ll make sure I am careful then”

"Glad to hear it." The separa paused, their conversation seemed to have come to a natural end and he wasn't one to force smalltalk so her supposed it was about time to get back to work. "Well, I'm... glad, we got to catch up. I should be getting back to work and you probably have duties too. Thankyou again for deciding to meet and talk with me." Argus rose off the chair and gathered his few items, nodding once more to Iris.

Iriss heard his response to her promise of being careful, and she couldn’t help but find he wasn’t so bad, sure things were awkward obviously, but things may soon get less awkward at least she hoped so. She nodded when he spoke again, she found maybe it could be less awkward, but time will tell indeed, “thank you as well, I know it probably iss very awkward for you, sstill I am glad I got thiss chance to meet you,” she told him as he gathered his things. She began gathering her own and with that she moved off the seat.