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RP: Bahram Wing [Bahram Wing Phase One: Mission 1] Howling Plains of Ghoroun

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ON, Fort Jarizas, Mazerin
Hangar B1
Yetsava 15, 935
18:11, Commonwealth Standard Time

"Attention Bahram Wing, you have been cleared for launch. Bay doors opening." The lightly synthesized voice of the Fort's FIOMNI unit said over the PA and communication systems of Bahram Wing's frames.

There was a sudden burst icy air as bay doors slowly slid open, exposing to them the bright cloudless, exterior of icy Mazerin, a desert of ice, snow and frosted crags worn down by great glaciers. There was no fancy takeoff strip, just a heated pad made of black Agridinn, designed to give a solid, uniform surface for the VANDR to propel themselves off of, and the snow-covered structures of the base forming an open-air enclosure around the launch area.


Malik would've opened his eyes, had he control of his own body. Instead, he was one with Shamshir, his giant bio-mechanical warmachine. This is it, Shamshir. It's time to launch! Mal and Shamshir, as one being, awaited permission to launch.

Zus Disengaged Parolovi from the racks, and began floating away from them, towards the opening. She was careful, as she had overheard a couple of hotheaded wingmates talking about a race, and did not feel like getting hit, or worse, becoming part of the race. She figured the slow and steady approach was the best one here. and besides, if they somehow saw combat, more fuel meant more time to fight.

Serhan's unit was already at the doors, and awaited at the pad long enough for Malik and the others to see him launch. Gasses flowing through the path of compressed space provided propulsion, and without boosting or particularly putting much thought into hitting full force, his unit began a fairly paced climb to the allocated patrol altitude. "Remain between two thousand and six thousand meters. Civilian craft in the countryside stay bellow our threshold and transports stay above. Understood?"

Shokhi and Shaorin shifted slightly, the former resisting the urge to giggle inside his brain. There was a pleasant tingling in his bones, one like he had never felt. Anticipation, indeed, was the greatest of all sensations. He stayed to the back, though. Shokhi was not a flashy creature, and like Zus he had no intention of being caught up in a race. Not while he was on duty, at least. Off-duty, there was plenty of time for racing... "Easy, Shaorin." As Serhan launched, Shokhi waited for the rest of the wing to launch before him, though the desire to burst out the gates like a raging bull was certainly strong...

As Serhan transmitted the details on the zone of operation, Jarita kicked it into high gear and blew out of the hanger, simultaneous charging her MASC drive for a jump. If anyone was going chase her, they were going to be in for a surprise as the VANDR blinked out into compressed space and suddenly reappeared a good distance ahead of the pack, charging for another jump. Reovan laughed with wild abandon as her organoid unit breaking speeds like nothing else could, the warmth of the prajna protecting her from the fierce weather and freezing temperatures outside.

Shamshir moved to the heated launch pad, final system checks finishing. "Understood, Marranr." Before he could reach the pad though, Reovan made a reckless jump, directly infront of him. "MEHTA! Don't Do that Again, dammit!" The Vayshirin mumbled under his breath, as the VANDR began to rise. "Shamshir, Malik Ibn Rashidan. Launching."

Malik increased his boosting speed, quickly falling in line behind Serhan and clearing the launch column. "Shamshir, We can't let our teamates get themselves killed, now can we?"


'Ismat's unit disengaged from the rack and headed towards the door. She made sure to steer cleer of the racing/showing off newbies, giggling quietly to herself at the joys of being a new soldier. Her VANDR casually floated outside before it instantly sped upwards, following after the others. The VIA Operative grunted a bit at the sudden increase in G's against her body. "Let's go!" she exclaimed to her VANDR.

Before too long, Zus was outside, the showboats having cleared the pad. She herself now launched, headed to the altitude specified by Serhan. She filed in Behind Malik, Figuring the slower-witted man would make a good meat-shield if push came to shove.

Zalus piloted Nara towards the hangar doors behind 'Ismat and smiled as Reovan rushed by. He sent a message to Shokhi "That girl is going to cause us all trouble... She won't cause the eyes any trouble."

"What's wrong, Ibn Rashidan?" Reovan's voice came over the comm as Jarita stopped in midair and the organoid frame turned to face the rest of the wing. "Too fast for you?" She laughed again and engaged her boosters to fall in with the rest of the group as it approached. The girl in the control pod was disappointed that Zalus hadn't raced with her this time. Opening a channel to Nara, she decided to ask him, "Something wrong? I expected you at least to race me out of there."

Shokhi launched quite steadily after Zalus and Nara, maintaining a distance of several meters behind him. Shokhi had no issues at all with bringing up the rear of the procession. He found himself laughing a little as he received Zalus message, and promptly replied: "Trouble can be good." It was, perhaps, the most forward thing he had said to anyone in the Wing yet. "I always used to go looking for it."

Mal couldn't help but crack a small smile at his wingmate's antics, as he opened a channel to Serhan. "Marranr, can we talk?"

Savitar laughed and shot off after Reovan, executing a MASC jump the instant he exited the hangar. "Oh no you don't!" he laughed over the com and blinked out, slingshooting forward to catch up with her. The cold didn't bother him at all as he was safely ensconced in the cockpit. Savi didn't wait for her, when he came out of it right close to her, he was already powering up for another one. "Heh. Think you can get away that easy." He taunted to her.

"Tighten our formation, Bahram Wing." Serhan sighed inwardly, as he was unable to move his mouth and did not feel like revealing any kind of exasperation to his wing. He had to admit, it felt good to be flying again, but this sort of thing was frankly quite annoying. "Keep it short." He answered Malik.

"Understood Lead." Shamshir quickly closed in, tightening his part of the formation atleast. A private line opened between him and the wing commander, a way for Mal to vent. "Marranr, I'm honestly worried. I fear for my wingmates, but I know that I have to protect them as family. Have any words of wisdom, tempered by your experience as a pilot and as a father?"

"Man you're such a buzzkill...." Savitar complained mildly over the comm to Serhan and waited where he was for them to catch up, keeping his sensors on his surroundings to avoid any nasty surprises. When they caught up with him, he used his boosters and got back into formation with the rest of them, going other their VANDR heads in a smoothy backward somersault motion and fell into line easily. "Tch.." he sighed and communicated over to Reovan. "Next time, we do it right." He said, chuckling at at the double entente.

"Yes Sir!" 'Ismat did as she was instructed, pulling in closer to Serhan. She stayed viligant, making sure that she wasn't about to run into the show offs.

It was an odd manner to phrase a very typical question. Serhan's white VANDR seemed to perk its head to the side, before he replied. "There is a cold weather outfit in your left hand storage compartment, in case you have to eject."

Mal sighed over the comms. "Sir, that's not what I meant!"

Zus simply kept in line with Malik, Ignoring him bothering the commander. She kept her mind on her flying and her sensor readings, making certain that nothing was around. If she could have, she would have rolled her eyes at Reovan and Savitar. The two were practically children.

Mal tensed up. "Sir, I want to know. What were you like when you started off as a runner?"

"At any rate, the analogy I made to a hiking trip will have to be redacted. Because as long as I keep that concept in mind, at least two of you will leave the formation to romp senselessly." Serhan said, feeling a little less annoyed by the improvement in the wing's formation. "Welcome to the Ghoroun Province of Northern Mazerin. They call this place the 'Howling Plains' because the rocky outcroppings are shaped in such a manner as to produce nightmarish howling during the nightime winds. Our mandate is simple.

Verify each navigation point, investigate distress beacons and provide escort to any vehicles that are lost and unable to navigate this region."

"Nightmarish howling..." Savitar said. "Dude I've so got to hear that." He quipped and brought up a location map for the Plains to see just how large it was and any key geographic features.

"Well, at least now I see what sort of boys we're flying with," Reovan communicated back to the only Iromakuanhe man enough to give her a race. She laughed again as Jarita barrel rolled and flew closer to the other organoid units, glad that she was only looking at the frozen environment outside and not actually out in that nightmare.

Mal couldnt help but smile. He smiled, thinking about the chances of this coincidence, and he finally understood atleast part of serhan. "Marranr Nejer, I apologize for disrupting you. I will be closing this private line now."

"Yeah but what can you do? They're all too busy thinking about following buzzkill's directions to think for themselves." Savitar sighed over the private line to Reovan. "We need to come out here one night ot hear that howling."

Shokhi mused slightly. The idea of being lost and unable to navigate... while on a planet... seemed astounding to him. Did people honestly get lost here? He prompted Shaorin for a map of the Ghoroun Province, smiling inwardly. Simple enough objectives, really, but everything was simple until something came along to complicate it.

Zalus shivered slightly which translated through the VANDR. "I would hate to get stuck on this rock without a heater. Lets hope we have nothing to do out there. Poor saps we might find." Zalus Kept in close formation as he was ordered to and followed the squadron.

"You'll have to go alone, then," the Sund Wakir girl replied. "I'Timad himself could awake and arrive at my door and even he could not convince me to go out in that wasteland." Even the thought of being out there sent a chill through Reovan's bones.

Listening in on his wingmate's conversations, Mal let a chuckle out from his lips. "It's not the cold we should be afraid of, but the creatures that thrive in it. Something would have to be amazingly hardy to live out here."

"I would assume that's why we patrol in VANDR" Zus interjected "If anything DOES come out, we can take it. I look forward to a good fight, so long as we can win" she said, making sure to keep formation.

Savitar rolled his eyes at the mention of I'Timad and sighed some, but blinked wondering how the FUCK Malik hacked into their private line. "Well then I'll have to make her a fur coat of whatever's out here then, now won't I?" he cackled, confident in himself 150%. He changed the frequency to be encrypted to Reovan alone. "Talk about rude. Oh well, I don't blame you; but it sounds like a challenge."

"Proceeding to Navpoint Dom. Keep communications to a minimum." Serhan announced to the wing, as his unit accelerated forward to the front of the formation.

With an inward roll of his eyes, Shokhi accelerated forward in tandem with Serhan, maintaining a distance of several meters. Everyone was so chatty. Shokhi would dearly have liked to manage some interaction during his time off, but on duty he wasn't sure how appropriate the mish-mash of crossing communications really was. At least they were nearing their first objective now...

Reovan was about to reply once more to Savitar, but Serhan's order made her reconsider. At least the chatting had given her something to do rather than focus on the white nothing that the aerudirn and prajna were keeping at bay. Truely, if anything, Mu'Kamal's planet was what her nightmares were made of.

A wide, shit-eating grin went across Mal's face. Oh yes, this would be fun. "Shamshir! Keep up with Serhan! Begin weapons checks!" Almost immediately, the VANDR sped up, keeping behind the lead unit, Left arm CIVWS turning into a clawed manipulator with the field of charged particles around it, the right into the standard long sword form, both shockbites beginning to charge, and the PASD's unlocked; Shamshir notified him.

Savitar sighed some as he cut the communications lines off to fall silent and concentrated on what was going on around him cautiously. He'd begin to charge his shockbites. Since he could take that energy and turn it into whatever he needed instead of overcharging like Malik was doing. "Whatta dumbass." Savitar sighed at Malik and hung back, more prepared to provide cover fire if need be. Not his favorite but someone had to.

Serhan remotely powered down Malik and Savitar's weapons systems, and set them to unlock only at his discretion. While he might forgive them being overly eager, he wasn't going to let them parade over civilian airspace with anti-frame weapons powered up and ready to fire on the smallest radar ping. Small mistakes are fixed while they are small. He pondered to himself silently, as they began moving towards their first destination.


18:42, Commonwealth Standard Time

>> Reading multiple distress beacons... AFS reaction detected...
>> Matching thermal pattern... inconclusive...

"Bahram, we have distress beacons transmitting in the 'black frame attack' configuration." Serhan said over their communications, consciously unlocking Malik and Savitar's weapons. He could only pray from the bottom of his iced soul, they wouldn't use them on the wrong targets. "Our Priorities have changed. Protect the people on the ground and engage the enemy."

"If there is any enemy Serhan." Savitar said. "For all we know they could be caught in an avalanche or some other natural occurrence." Savitar said mundanely and chuckled. " But I'm ready to go." he cackled.

"Understood! Savitar, Reovan, Zus, Let's Go!" Mal immediately MASC jumped, heading towards the distress beacons. He would prove himself today, and he would make sure everyone came back alive!

Zus would have rolled her eyes, if she could. "Idiot" she muttered at Malik, following at a bit slower pace, charging her weapons and preparing herself to cover the idiot. "I'm covering Malik, Sir" she noted to Serhan, hoping the young pilot didn't end up getting them both hurt.

"Black. Frame. Attack. They were attacked by-" Serhan sweatdropped, suddenly feeling his sympathies for Malik deadened by the man's idiocy. Being eager was forgivable, but anything that foolhardy would earn him more than a reprimand or two. "Yes. Follow him."

Zalus readied his forarms as long swords and moved in towards the signature. " 'Ismat Come with me as we flank right to provide support incase things get nasty."

Savitar groaned in his throat at Maliks' over-zealous reaction to leap without looking. Then again, Savitar did that too but not in combat situations. "He's going to get himself hurt, or hurt the people in distress." He said without realizing the comm was open still. "You said black frame Serhan... know anything about something like that?" he asked, reading his weapons systems ready to go again.

Shokhi was nothing short of shocked by the brazen, thoughtless approach Malik took. Their priorities were to protect the people on the ground and engage the enemy - Shokhi counted those priorities in the order they had been given. The people on the ground came first. With an emotion from Shaorin that seemed analogous to a deep breath, he MASC jumped towards the distress beacon, not sure how ready he was, and knowing full well that it didn't matter.

When did he become wing second? Reovan thought to herself as she observed the distress beacons pinging in the distance. Instinctively Jarita flew into a formation behind Nara. The maneuver was just natural for the pilot to do so with her training partner. "Let 'Ismat go as she will. I'll back you up, just like at El Bazr."

"Heh..." Savitar let out, his eyes bright with amusement. "Well I'm not going to let allof you have all the fun." He said and jumped as well but stopped short and kept a distance from the main group, reaching out with his sensors to find the enemy unit.

'Ismat sighed. "Such a hot head, jumping the gun like that. And... sure," she replied to Zalus. She moved in closer, reading to jump. Her CIVW on her hands started to form into katars, while her feet formed into swords. "Now then, shall we go before a certain someone get's themselves killed?"

"It's basic knowledge, that black frames are just slang for VANDR mimics. Cheap imitations using technologies from the previous era. " The gleaming blue spheres that comprised the eyes of Serhan's glossy white VANDR darted back and forth, scanning the area for the nature of the enemy. His unit remained at the back, determined to gather as much battle data as possible and provide support the moment one of the recruit's skills faltered and needed assistance. Cheap imitations. They shouldn't bee too much trouble for an eight-man wing, after all. He thought to himself, before transmitting again.

A group of ten units, white-clad rather insectoid semi-humanoid shapes that seemed to be much more than simple imitations of the Erla VANDR loomed over the wreckage of a civilian transport ship. They seemed to lack arms or legs, instead having large curved shoulders and a long, cylindrical, tail-like fuselage. The head was like a pointed oval, actually quite similar to the shape of the So-M1's forearm guards, but flat and bearing a single yellow monoeye lens that darted back and forth.


As Malik and Zus were the first on the scene, all of the units opened up their shoulders, pairs of thin arms with three-pronged vice grips folding out from under them. Purple beam lasers immediately fired out from the narrow openeings at the center of the vice-hands, aimed directly at the two runners. Immediately afterwards, three of the units fled at a furious pace, kicking up tightly packed snow and ice as they jetted away.

"Shit" Zus muttered, Opening fire on the closer enemy units while bringing up her barrier-guard. Once she had fired every beam she had, she MASC jumped out of the way, hoping Malik had sense enough to do the same.

Unfortunately for Zus, she would find that the reaction speed of her MASC jumps was slightly more sluggish compared to its performance in space, and she had taken a few hits before she had gotten her defenses up. Her usual tactic of spraying the enemy with laser fire was also noticeably less effective, each beam only inflicting minor damage. In the span of a few minutes, she had roughed up one of the frames and severed one of its cannon arms, but also missed and scoured the hull of the transport with stray beams.


Serhan picked up the sensors disturbances as the trio of units left, and decided this might be a good time to put his wing second to the test. They should allow bandits to flee, especially not in black frames of such an unusual configuration. "Farouk, Sitari, Ka'salm. Break off and engage the enemy."


Malik immediately MASC jumped again, reappearing behind and above the knockoffs, speeding downwards at breakneck speed, pulling up and skimming the rocky ground in a zigzag pattern to avoid enemy fire, aiming at the one in the center of the formation, and one next to it. He opened fire, two lances of charge particulate death, alternating every four seconds with his CELBS. Multiple LEMBS and Star Locusts shot out, forming his CIVWS into blades. "They'll have to do better than crappy knockoffs like that!"

Malik's alpha strike successfully annihilated the enemy, but the combination of the severe damage to his unit's torso from the enemy laser fire and his sudden massive heat buildup as he fired every weapon at his disposal resulted in a rather impressive emergency heat venting prompt to appear, and his unit was suddenly unable to use propulsion, or for that matter, shields. It could still walk and attack, but it would need at least a dozen seconds before he could even think of firing a weapon.


"So these are the imitations." Savitar chuckled to himself and took careful aim on them with his forearm mounted weapons. He waited for his sensors to give him a clear shot from wher he was and opened precise fire on a unit he had a bead on. Acting at the team's sniper, and also tried to pick off the fleeing unit to keep it from reporting back to where it was going.

Savitar's attack struck the unknown white unit in the shoulder, as it was fleeing too quickly for an easy headshot with a long charge weapon like the LCPA. It did however, lose that arm and seemed to be swerving a little mid-flight.

"Shiiit" Mal quickly dropped altitude, nose diving like a retarded duck into the snow to cool down, trying to get his VANDR behind a nearby rock while avoiding fire. "Damn, I was too reckless."


Reovan put her training to the test, using short MASC jumps to dodge out of the way while watching Nara's back. Jarita charged her LCPA canon to be used against any hard targets that came in range and her LEMBs for point defense targeting any incoming solid munitions the bogies fired at Zalus's frame.

Not being among those instructed to engage the enemy, Shokhi's priorities were quite clear - his sensors picked up the wrecked civilian transit ship. Though he kept a backwards eye on the status of his wingmates and the other black frames, Shokhi's primary attention was on the wreckage, and he increased his speed towards the downed ship, scanning for any indication of survivors. The others, he was sure, could deal with the black frames for now. He would intercede if it became necessary, but civilians warranted greater concern...


Savitar chuckled a bit, that swerving flight would probably cause it to crash somewhere; they could find it later. He'd monitor the battle and continued to take shots at the units, especially any that were coming up on an ally to attack without being noticed. "We can find that white unit later, the way it's damaged will cause it to slow down and probably crash somewhere on the rocks." He reported to Serhan.

"I told you you'd get in trouble Malik." Savitar said, his attention shifting to pick off the enemies trying to capitalize on Malik's downed status. "Try to get to safety, I'll cover you." He said.


"Yes, You Were" Zus Hissed, a bit peeved at the damage to her own unit. She decided that it was time to make something explode, and let loose a large volley of Missiles, hoping at least some would get through. She continued jumping, now timing her jumps more appropriately, adjusting to the lower speed.


Hissing inwardly, Shokhi shot an angry communication out. "Watch your damn fire around the noncombatants!" Zus' spray of laser fire searing about the wrecked ship brought a rise of emotion out of him. Disapproving emotion. He set down on the ground lightly by the transport, keeping a watch on the Black Frames. They seemed to have their hands full so he sent a channel to the transport. "This is Vayshirin Shokhi Miyorh of Bahram Wing. Does anyone read?" Confirm survivors. Help survivors. Then move on to shooting things, if it became necessary.

Seeing that she wasn't part of the group ordered to pursue the fleeing units and now too far to help with the rest of the enemies, Reovan turned Jarita's attention to the ground and the civilian transport. The Sund Wakir girl was a little put off for missing the action, but she reminded herself that helping the people was just as an important of a task. "Need a little help there?" she asked as she boosted over towards Shaorin, trying to make contact with the survivors.


For a few seconds, the frames had focused their attention entirely on Zus and Malik, but that would clearly not last for long. Shokhi's sudden appearance was enough to have one of the frames bolt and attack him with charged claw weapon, while the others were rather aware of the sensors particles being emitted by Serhan and Savitar.

"Looks like we've got incoming." Savitar said and tried to use his fire-control computer to attempt to lock-onto the incoming units if possible while continuing to provide measured cover fire. But was mentally ready to get down and dirty in melee if need be.


Luckily, Reovan was still prepared from her previous plan and let loose with her LCPA cannon and LEMB lasers. She laughed at the thought that Jarita and Shaorin looked like easy targets to these guys. "What fools," the desert-born girl commented to herself.

Her LCPA blast crashing into her target's fragile midsection, Reovan's attack vaporized a large portion of its upper mass, a significant amount of the attack penetrating the shields. The enemy unit was sent reeling, crashing backwards in front of the transport. Still, it would not give up, and raising an arm at the Sund Wakir runner's VANDR to shoot it still.

Detecting the bolting black frame, Shaorin abruptly boosted up - it was attacking him with a melee weapon, which gave him some time to try to put distance between him and his assailant. And time to aim and fire his LCPA at the oncoming frame. "Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you." Fortunate that Reovan had come when she did, Shokhi far preferred the idea of fighting with help. He remained on the alert for any sign of return communication from the transport, but shifted most of his focus to the oncoming black frames.

Shokhi's blast on the other hand, had cleanly and effiency deprived the enemy of its head and left arm, as it had gotten too close for shields to provide any kind of adequate defenses against the heavy assault of his weapon and had gotten caught up in his attack at just the wrong time.


As soon as he had the capacity too, Malik immediately made a short range MASC jump, jumping into melee range with the furthest still in combat black one. His CIVWS would now come into play, quick broad slashes from the long sword, and powerful thrusts from the enhanced claw.

Savitar's sniping had been decent, his latest attack blowing through the torso of a unit that had already lost its shields from Zus' missile bombardment. It abruptly detonated mid-air, as it had attempted to catch Paralovi as it exited jump but had been caught by surprise on its own.

Zus Harrumphed at the exploding enemy in front of her, finding the next target and locking on to it before unleashing a concentrated, targeted volley of both Lasers and Missiles, before once again jumping away.

Savitar grinned a bit and carefully took aim at the remaining enemies; still waiting for his NI to lock onto the enemy units to unleash his homing lasers to strike them without striking his allies as well.


"Herdtitan dung," Reovan swore as she engaged Jarita's MASC drive to dodge any blast it was planning to fire at her and shove a CIWS blade right through it's monoeye to finish it off. She had to be quick, too, so that it's shot wouldn't endanger any potential survivors.

Her assault was quick and deadly, but the enemy pilot had aimed early enough to get a preemptive shot. Exchanging blows, her unit's main communications crest had taken a grazing laser hit and she, in exchange, had put out the unit's head, disabling it.

Shokhi watched the black frame fall with an internal smirk, and then returned his attention to the transport. There was a bit of pride at his efficiency and success, but the civilians were more important. Still no response. It was worrying him. As Reovan seemed to have the other black frame thoroughly dealt with, he again attempted to hail the transport. "This is Vayshirin Shokhi Miyorh of Bahram Wing. Does anyone read? Please respond."

Now that the immediate threat to the transport was gone, Jarita returned to Shaorin's side. "Any response yet?" Reovan asked Shokhi as she looked out for any other enemies who might decide that the two Erla VANDR were a good target.


Malik's attack was surprisingly, blocked by the (oddly named) white-clad enemy unit's own melee weapons, and strangely, they began to glow in a bizarre dark purple light and gyrate rapidly while deflecting his attacks. His ANIOS would register light damage to his CIVWS, with a biomass loss of 7% in the weapon system and significant damages to the control nodes inside of it. The nature of the weapon it had attacked with was such that it could block a particle-coated blade with impunity and actually inflict damage to a melee-oriented strain of Aerudirn.

Savitar blinked as his sensor registered the strange reaction Malik's enemy produced and shifted his sights to try and line up a careful shot at the unit's shoulder or head. "Keep it right there Malik, just for a moment." he said and when he thought he had a shot: Savitar took it, firing a single shot toward Malik's enemy.

Seemingly unable to hit his enemy, Malik switched tactics, moving away from the white knockoff and firing off two Shockbite blasts at it. "I think this guy is an ace. He'll probably end up escaping after trouncing one of us soundly."

The frame seemed to realize it was being sniped, and without so much as aiming, fired a spray of rapid laser fire in Savitar's general direction while spinning to strike Malik's arms. Dodging between the runner and Bahram's sniper, he knocked the hotheaded runner's arms hard enough enough that he fired directly into the snow, causing a massive geyser-like jet of steam, dirt and hot water to rise up from the ground. Malik and the enemy were now inside of a cloud of dust and rapidly freezing fog, still more oddly-well aimed laser fire coming at the sniper for some reason.

Malik quickly MASC jumped away and upwards, to get a good overview of the battlefield. "Savitar, I think he has a spotter hidden somewhere around here. Let's give him a taste of his own medicine then." Mal smiled, linking his targeting computer to Sav's, acting as his spotted as he rushed back in, firing his CELBS for 10 seconds each

Savitar perked a brow and suddenly MASC jumped off to his left and strafed behind a nearby rock formation and blinked. "Very clever." he said and waited for a moment getting data on the trajectory the AI had shown from the incoming shots. "Maybe but if' he's good he can trace my shots back to me, it's that' easy." He said. "Pay attention you idiot." Savitar said, his AI working to set up possibilities. "Don't forget the objective people, grab that transport and carry it away from the battle zone if you can." he suggested.

Malik was, in a sense, right. There never was a spotter, but the one that he was attacking was still receiving sensors data from its comrade. The one-armed unit Savitar had crippled minutes ago, returning with a vengeful fist poised to strike his flank and thrusters going full throttle.


"None." Shokhi sounded unsettled by that fact. Attacking civilian transports was about as low as one could get, as far as he was concerned. "We should try to move the transport out of harm's way - it's already taken friendly fire once." He waited for a response from Reovan, though Shaorin glided to one end of the transport...

Jarita nodded and took up a position at the other end. "Whenever you're ready," Reovan said to her very purple teammate as her frame bent down to help carry the transport back to the base. "With your permission," she radioed to Serhan, trying to get clearance to leave the area of operation.


"Yes. Take them to the outpost at navpoint Enact, I'm detecting warm bodies inside of the transport, so you shouldn't have to worry about the occupants." Serhan replied, his white VANDR's hands taking on a crackled glow. He had been itching for something like this for days, and that there was a single combatant who was any good was enough. "I'll intervene. Personally."


Malik rushed back into Combat with the white Knockoff, using the arm CIVWS to atleast try to get a scratch on the mysterious ace. "You! How could you bandits attack innocents?" "Such acts are Evil, and I will not allow them!"

"Huh?" Savitar blinked as the sensor detected the incoming mass rushing his side. Reacting naturally, he put a foot up on the rock in front of him and pushed off, sailing backward in a somersault; very narrowly avoiding the attack. "Persistence. I like that." He said and landed nearby and used his forearm mounts to protude a long sword and attempted to stab the attacker through the side and slice it's frame open, hopefully getting the cockpit. "Shit that was close."

"FINALLY! I didn't think you Commonwealth dogs had tongues for anything but licking boots!" A very enthused and rather amused male voice called out from the unit's loudspeakers, bearing a distinctly Mazerinii accent. It immediately strafed to the right, attempting to evade his attack but still getting a scratch in the process. Cannon arms opened fire on the now-open VANDR, and struck his chest sensors and upper armor with enough force to send off a few warnings on Mal's HUD.

Zus' replied similarly, firing a spray of CEMB laser fire on her missile blasts to keep her at bay and countering with a shower of its own heavy laser fire. It still took a number of hits, but nothing quite serious enough to keep it from strafing and circling to follow her movements.

"Shamshir, I know I said I wouldnt let you take any damage, but I guess things arent going as planned. Just bear with me, atleast let me drive this bastard off!" Mal responded ny aiming a kick at the knockoff's head. "I won't let you get away from here! For Everyone one person on that transport who was injured, I'll pay you back ahundredfold!"

Zus was beginning to get frustrated. Nothing seemingly worked; she could fire lasers all she wanted but thery barely worked; she could launch volley after volley of missiles and they were intercepted. all so.. so.. FRUSTRATING! Finally, after getting annoyed by her enemies' circling, she simply MASC jumped right in front of the white frame's path, then charged at it, taking a 'hands on' approach and grappling with it, wrapping around in a bear hug and violently slashing and stabbing the back of the unit.

Savitar's attack was oddly enough, blocked by the enemy frame's grappling fist, which had reached out and taken his melee attack. The hold would not last, as already the hand had began to crack and smolder on the pressure of his attack, but the long fuselage like cylinder that had been replacing its legs was now retracted and bent upwards, at him. Charging a weapon system which seemed to be similar to those fired in the hands, but significantly larger and generating a more powerful distortion wave.


"Ready." Shaorin lifted the end of the transport and, after ensuring that Jarita also had a secure hold and was ready, he began towards the outpost at Enact. Shokhi was a little shaken, though fortunately it didn't show outwardly thanks to the VANDR. "You took fire. You are alright?" Talking did a little to ease his growing discomfort as the reality that he had probably just killed sank in.

Jarita's Frame Runner was more stable over the fact that she just took fire and probably killed the pilot of the white unit she had destroyed. The training she suffered at El Bazr made her detached from it all, as if she could just pretend it was only as real as that final test had been. "I'm fine. Thank Jafar it was only a scratch," Reovan responded to Shokhi's concern. "And hopefully he'll continue to protect our passengers."


"Hm nifty little toy." Savitar said released a burst of lasers from almost point blank range and lashed out with his other arm in a claw configuration and attempted to push the weapon system to aim off to the side of up in the air. "Seriously man what's your problem?" he said over the loud speaker, trying to reach the pilot in the enemy. If he couldn't change the thing's trajectory Savitar would have to and would engage the emergency ejection function.

Zus literally ripped both shoulders, and the accompanying arms, off the frame, causing it to experience terrible power surges from the combined input of her particle-enhanced blades and the raw shock to its power network. The unit might have been a challenge later on if it had time to recover, but as is, was basically hapless before the might of the vicious assault of the young woman's VANDR.

“Hah. Is this some kind of lame Cohronl fighting style?” Malik's kick was narrowly avoided, and the enemy pilot had proceeded to grapple and toss him into the upright wreckage of one of his comrades. Less than a second after, he boosted up to his unit, throwing a few extra strikes from his gyrating fists to the VANDR's head, until he had nearly broken the crest on the head off.

Despite being able to maintain a lethal firing arc, the weapon never fired. Rather, the unit had been irreparably damaged by what appeared to be a pair of claws, and its reactor had been forcibly removed and discarded a few dozen meters away from the outcropping. A white shadow seemed to linger long enough to scatter some sensors-disrupting charged particles around, but had vanished.

Now floating over the battlefield, the white and blue frame of Serhan Nejem charged both of its LCPAs and had already targetted every remaining unit in his view withing a 5 KM radius.

"I won't Let you!" Mal fired off his Star Locusts, salvoes of missiles shooting up and into the unknown frame. "Who the hell are you?"

Savitar broke away and looked up at Serhan. "Phew, thanks man." He said to Serhan and watched for a moment staying in the chaff particles. Deciding to use it for a boon, Savitar switched to long range mode again and locked onto the seeming-ace and fired his missiles in an arc to streak toward the unknown VANDR. Deciding that at the moment, that thing was the biggest threat to try and hammer it from behind and get in some solid damage.

"There, Have fun with THAT" Zus spat at the literally disarmed enemy, giving it a nice roundhouse kick with sharpened CIVW feet to finish it off and push the wreckage away. Seeing Malik in trouble, Zus fired all the help she could manage, Lasers and Missiles. She noticed savitar doing the same; this guy would be hard pressed to avoid everything.

The enemy pilot didn't need to avoid anything. His fists plunged into the rookie frame's head and shoulder, he merely rolled, allowing the Vanguard-issue VANDR to take the brunt of the beating for its bizarrely constructed mimicry. Malik's sensors would be on fire, as the areas of his back, legs and shoulders experienced severe damage, and his shields were depleted to almost nothing. His unit leaked blue vapors and energy conduits sparked, glowed and fizzled as his unit tried desperately to repair itself from the extreme damage it had just received.


"Shut off your unit and jettison your reactor, bandit." The voice of the wing commander came in over the two tangled VANDR, a blade pointed at the head of the one that had been named 'Soono' as he burst out of compressed space yet again. Serhan sighed inwardly. This was the sort of gaffe that might completely demoralized a unit, but it would serve as a good lesson later on. At the very least, his office, their briefing room and their living quarters hallway would be spotless, and he'd have an excuse to drag one or two of them into simulation to beat some sense into them.


Malik tried to move his VANDR still, despite the massive damage that he had just incurred. "Shamshir! Shamshir, Move! Dammit, MOVE!"

"Well isn't this the shit." Savitar sat back and whistled. "I have to take back my statements about Serhan being a buzzkill now. That was awesome." He said and watched what was going on for a moment. He wasn't demoralized in the least and was highly amused by this; he'd had fun today and that's all that mattered.

"Dammit!" Zus Roared, Parolovi having the sense to mute her comms to not bother anyone else. 'Why can't they just play fair? That was a detestable move!" she continued yelling, but it fell on no one's ears. Her own unit had taken some damage, yes, but she was more concerned that the asshole bandit had made her damage an Ally. Certainly, she had never liked Malik, and intended to use him as a meat shield in the first place, but being taken advantage of and being made to shoot a wingmate was unacceptable.

"Storhan, this conduct is unbecoming of a Runner during peacetime. An enemy has every right to be as resourceful as you are, and pouting won't do any good." Serhan chided her dispassionately, tapping the top of the enemy VANDR with the flat of his blade. He didn't have the time to deal with childish games, from his enemies, nor his allies. "Well? Eject it or I'll disarm and dismantle your unit, thoroughly."

The unit complied, ejecting its compact fission reactor and shutting down. Despite being a shoddy imitation of the M1's capabilities, the unit seemed rather well-made, without so much as single extra becquerel in ambient emissions when its core was exposed.

"A recovery team is already on its way, and this site is being monitored by satellites. We'll continue continue to the outpost at Enact for a quick repair and resupply once they've arrived."

Re: [Mission 1] Howling Plains of Ghoroun

ON, Ghroun Province
33 KM from Navpoint Enact
Yetsava 15th, 935
18:47, Commonwealth Standard Time

It seemed that they were under active jamming and sensors disruption, and in the ensuing chaos, had managed to lose track of their wing second. Zalus and Ismat were still able to make out the thermal signatures of the enemy black frames, but would not be able to contact their allies outside of a 1 KM range with basic radio and couldn't use the local GPS network to identify their exact location. Sensors still, revealed that the number of signatures had not changed, but that the enemy was reversing direction now that Famasir was out of range.

'Ismat had made sure to start charging her shockbites as she kept after the enemy frames. "Since it seems the Vaytulri has gotten lost and no contact with our leader, I suppose that makes me in command..." she says over the radio to Zalus. "Make sure your weapons are charged and ready, and get ready to fight. And be careful Vayshirin."

Zalus dropped down to ground level as he detected 3 signatures coming back at him. He started to charge his Primary cannon. "Wait for them to come to us. Lure them in close and then we can shred them like paper." Zalus had Nara prepare for a MASC jump for when the enemy got close enough to engage in Melee.

The three amorphous signatures became increasingly large and clear as they approached, and quickly enough, Zalus and 'Ismat's ANIOS began to pick up inconsistencies in the shape and energy rating of those readings. Weak and poorly aimed laser fire as the enemy closed in, and for the most part, all the data seemed to be entirely in line with what had been encountered back at the transport. Suddenly, two units broke off to the left and right flanks and a trio massive beam discharges narrowly missed the two pursuing VANDR, causing light damage to shields.

Most strange, was that even when two units broke off to circle and flank, the block of readings ahead of them still registered as three frames.

"Something is definitly not right," 'Ismat said to herself. She was about to give an order to Zalus, when nervousness flashed across her mind. She suddenly didn't feel ready to give commands, even with her training. Besides that, it probably wouldn't go with her cover. "Vayshirin, do as you will. Cover each other when we can, and let's make sure neither of us get killed." With that said, she unleashed her shockbites onto the frame that had flanked to her left, followed by a MASC jump next to the target, to lash out with her katar-shaped CIVW.

Zalus executed a short jump towards the closest cover he could find and lined up a shot on the frame that flanked towards him. "This doesn't look good at all. Ma'am this has to be a trap. I would suggest we retreat slightly and hopefully exit the zone of interference." Zalus continued to fire at the frame that was trying to flank him.

The frame she attacked was able to survive both hits of her weapon attack, albeit with some damage to the torso and rear thrust pods. It did, however, seem rather wise to her attack, and had managed to deflect her MASC-boosted lunge with a rapidly gyrating and glowing manipulator, and moved out of the way of her attack, making a spacing of about thirty meters between the two of them.

Zalus' properly aimed and charged LCPA shots took the frame's shields out and caused a propellant tank in the lower fuselage to burst apart, sending the unit reeling to the ground. It immediately began began charging its arm laser cannons to attack the Eyr Ranr's frame, never stopping after being knocked down.

Zalus fired another two shots into the downed frame then Jumped to the next piece of cover between him and hostile. "Well it looks like you still want to dance my friend." Zalus moved out of cover to fire a charged shot at the frame before jumping to the next available cover.

"Okay, let's back up. I don't like being partly blind," 'Ismat replied to Zalus' suggestion. Her VANDR accelerated, away from the enemy frames. She fired a salvo of PASD at her target as she moved away, keeping trying to keep her eyes on all the targets.

Zalus fired once more at the frame then jumped back towards 'Ismat's location. "After you Madam!" Zalus provided cover fire for 'Ismat so she could fall back. "Leap frog back Ma'am?"

"I don't think we need to fall back that far, and I don't want to burn out the VANDR," 'Ismat replied. She really didn't like having to be responsible for both of them. "Single jump back, to edge of our sensor range, and then let them come to us." She MASC jumped back.

Zalus followed 'Ismat's orders and jumped back to the edge of there sensor range. "Hopefully this will work..."

As they jumped over a kilometer away, they would immediately notice that the dampening of their sensors had been lifted, and numerous pings from the planetary network came in, as they had been in communications blackout for nearly ten minutes. The signal, however faded and vanished, and their overall radar and ladar capacity had been decreases as the large block of enemies and the two flankers appraoched. More importantly, everything in that general direction seemed to be much more bland in terms of data return from their active ladar/radar attempts.

Their ANIOS suggested switching to using thermal sensors to lock and enabling MASC particle sensors to get more accurate readings of the enemy.

'Ismat agreed with the ANIOS. Switch to thermal. This wasn't good. There might be too many for just the two of them to handle, especially with all of their accursed jamming.

Zalus charged up his Main cannon again and lined up on the closest Frame he had line of sight to useing thermal. "We have a little bit of a fight on out hands don't we Ma'am." Zalus then fired his cannon and ran to cover where he lined up his next shot.

The effectiveness of his attack was lessened because the enemy unit was in a zone of heavy interference, but similarly to himself, was also experiencing decreased sensors capacity, and did not read the weapon discharge until the last moment. Shields already disabled, the blast struck the unit in the mid-left torso, burning a large hole into it and causing the left arm to suddenly twisted and jerked before exploding. The unit was knocked to the right by the blast, and lay there, motionless. Sensors could not determine if it was still online, but its thrusters were obviously cut out.

Ismat's thermal readout was much more comprehensive than the analysis given by her radar, though somewhat less effective at making out the outlines. Her ANIOS continued to suggest activating her MASC particle sensors to receive a better reading, but identified only three distinct 'hotspots' on the entire field in front of her, consisting of the two flankers and that previously poorly identified block.

Yes yes, activate the MASC particle sensors too then, 'Ismat told the VANDR. "Nice shot," she congratulated Zalus.

"Well it was about time one of them went down!" Zalus activated his MASC particle sensors so he could be more acurate on his next shot. He charged up and fired on the next Frame and ran to another piece of cover.

Sensors immediately revealed incredibly detailed information about the enemy units in the small area that was being saturated with faster than light particles, sending her ANIOS an immense amount of data. Notably, the units were made out of medium-grade Agridinn, matching a molecular pattern often found in some civilian starships, and the exact jamming apparatus was a particle-based Empty Resonance Shroud, nearly identical to the variant used by the So-M1. Most of all, was that the large block of frames in fact was not, but a single frame nearly three times as large as the others.

"Fun. Big target. Bad. They have some pretty nice tech for being some baddies," 'Ismat grumbled. Using assisstance from her ANIOS, she targetted the bigger frame and fired a couple salvos of PASD missiles, as well as blasts from both her shockbites. "Eat it dude! I can't be going without at least one kill and can't have someone so new show me up!"

Zalus attack did not catch the second flanker off-guard, and the enemy charged his shields in his left side to take both hits without so much as a scratch on his unit's overall armor integrity. Its shields were, however quite badly drained and it was relying on keeping the VANDR pinned down with more rapid laser fire and staying mobile than risking another hit.

Zalus jumped through the fire towards the next piece of cover. He continued to fire upon the flanker that was left standing. After every shot he ran closer to him. "I'll take care of this one. I'll help you with big'ums over there in a second Ma'am!"

The enemy was quite a ways away, and had ample time to shoot down her PASD volley with a burst of multi-beam lasers which bisected or detonated all of the organic projectiles in a few seconds. Sensors indicated that it had even deployed a pair of Vector Barriers at its front, and had taken the impact, only losing 33% of shields to the previous hit by both of her heavy weapons. While fending her off with beam laser fire seemingly meant to restrict her movement options and keep her from flanking, it seemed to be charging a rather power-intensive weapon, as the potential charge revealed by her sensors sweeps indicated a system with over five times the assault potential of a single LCPA blast.

"Have fun with that. Don't get yourself killed though!" 'Ismat readied her weapons as she MASC jumped behind the behemoth and attempted to stab into it's back with both of her katar-CIVW.

The enemy white-clad black frame was unable to get away with the extensive damage to its drive systems and still taking more and more damage. Laser bursts superheating armor on the torso and fuselage until it buckled, crackled and shattered from the changes caused by the intense cold and quickly enough, Zalus was in range to charge into a melee hit, though the enemy frame was already charging its fists to counterattack in that case.

The unit seemed to be familiar with MASC-based tactics, as no sooner had she blinked behind the unit was her unit met by a massive organoid arm, which crashed into her VANDR's left and center with tremendous force, sending it crashing into the packed snow underneath. It was now facing directly down at her with less than a meter between her VANDR and its ponderous feet, main weapon in the center of the torso visibly glowing as it neared supercritical mass and was going to fire.

Zalus launched up and rushed towards the crippled frame. Went he was almost in melee range he jumped above the Frame and slashed down towards it's head. He then jumped again next to the armour and slashed at the crew compartment.

"Ah!" 'Ismat winced as she was rattled around and impacted with the snow. "Crap!" Her VANDR retaliated, all four CELB arrays targeting and firing the large frame's core, at it's main weapon, while she fired off all PASD missiles she could, at the very least as a distraction.

The frame Zalus attacked allowed itself to take the hit, its head being sliced and seared by his bladed assault, but it would not allow him to attack its torso, even with its main sensors effectively crippled. Gyrating fists simultaneously grappled his attack and plunged into the VANDR's opposite shoulder, causing heavy molecular burns to the inside of his left arm. Exchanging the loss of its head for taking the arm of its opponent, the enemy frame had now positioned the end of its lower torso at Nara's torso, retracting armor and seemingly deploying a rather large cannon.

Zalus fired a barrage of missiles and light laser fire point blank into the opening that the cannon came out of. Zalus finally thrust his remaining forearm blade at the barrel.

The missiles collided with its shields first, causing sufficient damage for them to collapse, allowing the burst of laser fire that followed quickly after to rend its front. The large frame immediately felt a large power surge as the capacitors in its chest were overheated and detonated violently, knocking the frame down and back several feet. The enemy was tenacious, refusing to back down even when its main weapon was disabled, and attempted to pull itself, thrashing violently in the small crater it had made for itself as it had fallen.

'Ismat accelerated out of the snow upwards slightly, before accelerating back down towards the larger frame at full speed. She brought her CIVW to bear as she attempted to stab the large frame with both katars, before releasing blasts from her Shockbites while it was still impaled.

Upon the injection of that storm of particles into its chassis, the large unit burst into a plasmatic conflagration, ejecting a small mass the size of the other two unit's midsection into the snow as it was immolated from the inside-out. The sensors dampening in the area rapidly vanished, as the saturation of exotic dampening particles decreased until the effect was, it at all noticeable, negligible.

Zalus was too close for his missiles or laser weapons to fire directly into the heavy weapon at the end of the fuselage, so his unit instead fired at the body of the weapon running the blade through the opening, burning through the substandard armor materials before the enemy unit had completed charging. The lower body exploded and the frame was sent reeling and crashed, the power surge from having its main weapon destroyed mid-charging sufficient to black it out.

'Ismat quickly backed off the flaming frame, not particularly in the mood for being burned. At least her unit wasn't harmed too badly, beside being smacked around a bit. Good job, uh... right I still need to give you a name. Rina! In return, 'Ismat received the feeling of elation. The unit floated upwards, turning towards Zalus. "You done yet over there?" she called out, feeling slightly giddy.

Zalus nodded his head and flew over to 'Ismat. "Well Ma'am he was a very good dancer but couldn't dance through the end of the song." Zalus flourished with Nara's working arm. "How about you Ma'am?"


Re: [Mission 1] Howling Plains of Ghoroun

ON, Ghouroun Province
Navpoint Enact: Ghoroun Six
Yetsava 15th, 935
18:54 Commonwealth Standard Time

Carrying the wreckage of the civilian transport, Shaorin and Jarita made their way gingerly through the harsh terrain to the fort at Enact. Ghoroun Six was a mostly automated supply station with minimal defenses and a communication spire.

As the two organoid frames approached with their cargo, the large bay doors that seperated the harsh winds of the plains from the assorted technicians who staffed the small fort began to open. The two VANDR units touched down on the black Agridinn landing strip just outside the bay and carefully set the damaged vehicle they were transporting down inside the safety indoors as the large doors shut behind them. "Mission accomplished?" Reovan asked her wingmate as an emergency crew raced out to help extract and treat any survivors of the Black Frame assault.

Shokhi was inwardly trembling as Shaorin touched down on the landing strip. Fortunately, that inward trembling didn't translate to Shaorin trembling - and the transport vehicle was set down without unfortunate incident. "I... I think so." The transport was safe - to Shokhi that felt like an accomplished mission. He watched in a morbid fascination as the emergency crews set out to extract survivors. He wondered how many people the ship had carried, how many hadn't made it through. The whole affair left a sick feeling at the bottom of his chest. "Yes..." He finally spoke with some finality. "Mission accomplished." Along with everything else, that he had killed someone wasn't sitting well with the rookie.

Those who do sacrifice of themselves become one in the dreams of the Makuori where they contribute to the enjoyment of all Iromakuanhe by their presence and service to us all," the desert-born Iromakuanhe intoned sagely, repeating the same sutra for Shokhi that she had used to calm herself after the final test where her group had thought they had killed their instructor who had just defected to the enemy. Jarita turned her head towards the closed bay doors as Reovan wondered how the rest of BAHRAM was faring with the Sonoo that remained. Especially those that chased after the units that fled as the wing approached the scene.

"I..." Shokhi, to be honest, was a little lost in what Reovan said. He had never been a terribly spiritual person - even less so than most Ivuori. He had a certain respect for the philosophers and the religious scholars, but he rarely identified with them. "The one I killed, did not sacrifice of himself. I killed him." Or her. Shokhi had no way to know, to be honest, and in a way he was glad. Being able to put an actual Iromakuanhe face to the frame he had split apart... that would make it much worse. "Have you ever killed before..?" It was kind of an awkward question, but considering how much calmer she was about the affair Shokhi couldn't help but wonder.

"You sacrificed part of yourself, by joining the Vanguard and helping to protect the Commonwealth from those who would do us harm," Reovan explained to her worried comrade. Not only to try and comfort him, but also as a way to strengthen her own resolve over their actions. She'd rather dehumanize the enemy, thinking they were like the automated unit that she had help 'kill' before, but Shokhi's question bit her painful reality. "We have to think of it like that," she admitted to the Ivuori, her own voice starting to show a bit of wavering in her confidence, "We need to take heart with Abu'Nal's grace and use our strength to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It's our duty."

"Ah... I see..." Shokhi thought for a moment over what she said. Dehumanizing his foes - or dehumanizing anyone, for that matter - was hardly a strong suite for Shokhi. It was true he had only done what was necessary, but it was an unshakable image - the VANDR with the head and much of the torso completely eliminated. "You're probably right. I'm sorry... I've just never..." Never seen death. He didn't say it, but it was fairly self explanatory.

Jarita glanced down at the bay floor to see how the rescue operation was progressing on the civilian transport they had brought in. "It's okay," Reovan tried to reassure her purple-skinned wingmate, thinking back to how hard Zus had taken her first kill. The Sund Wakir intentionally was doing all she could to not think of how she had just made her own first kill. She had assisted her bunkmate in her first kill, but this one today was Vayshirin Mehta's alone. "If we can't take it, we're not Runners," her voice was firm now, with renewed confidence. If you fall off, get back on again, her father's words echoed in her mind again. She was going to see this thing through no matter what.

"Daaaaa..." A noise that meant nothing in particular, a way to release some of the pressure and stress that was trying to overwhelm him. Reovan was right, of course. He didn't belong here if he didn't have the nerves for it. Shokhi, though, was wondering if he really did have those nerves. He would need to give it some time, he supposed. If he couldn't steel himself, maybe it would be time to go. "We're very fragile creatures. I... never realized just how much so before today. Even protected by a frame, it just took one shot..." He sounded more reflective than overwhelmed at this point, which was probably good. Early coping. He certainly hoped he wouldn't often have to kill, though.

As she observed the rescue operation, she would notice that most of the people inside of the transport were well enough to walk out, although some needed a hand to stay upright. A few of them did, however, leave on stretchers with some more serious injuries, whom based on their uniforms, were likely the pilot and and other crew who were at the front of the craft when it was attacked. A small Mazeriniil boy from the craft seemed to be staring at her blue and gold VANDR pensively as he got out, almost mesmerized by the appearance of the organoid war machine, his tiny blue eyes glinting faintly in the bright lights of the hangar.

If the organoid unit had lips, Jarita would have frowned if to translate Reovan's muscle impulses that were being sent through the link plugs to the ANIOS. She had no words to respond to Shokhi's truth about their fragile nature as Runners. The VANDRs' protections could only hold up to so much punishment. What happened to Zalus's frame was proof enough to the desert-born girl of that. As the little Mazerinii boy looked up at the VANDR, Reovan recognizd his expression as one she herself wore years ago. "That's why we do this," she said softly, her thoughts focusing now on the child, a smile now being transmitted through the cords that connected her to her organoid frame. "That's why."

Shokhi felt a slow wash of relief spread through him as the majority of the people were walking out on their own two legs, well and able. There were serious injuries, as one would expect, but it could have been much worse. Much worse. "Yes. Of course..." Shokhi watched the child. Amazing to think he had been that small only a few short years ago. He might have ended his life that small without the protection of his elders. "The black frames, Reovan... where do you think they came from? At least a couple of them weren't... weren't rookies." Something that had been bothering him for awhile. In the initial charge, many members of Bahram Wing had suffered noteworthy damage. And while Shokhi considered it their own fault for recklessness, it also showed some ability and poise on the part of their enemies. And it had gotten worse after that.

Herself having suffered a grazing shot to the front of her frame, Jarita hadn't gotten off as cleanly as Shaorin had. "I don't know," Reovan admitted, "I'd guess that since they can't get ahold of actual VANDR frames, they're developing their own units." The Sund Wakir remembered the training mission and how they said that six months before an instructor had attempted to take an Erla VANDR to the Anti-Government forces. "I can't imagine there being that many traitors coming from the Vanguard." she noted.

"They're all Iromakuanhe. Why couldn't they come from the Vanguard?" It was an earnest question. He had seen disfunction and distrust among peers in his brief time in the Graiv Haiden, and he didn't see how they could be any more immune to treachery than others. "If they're developing those themselves... someone knows what they are doing. And seems to know fairly well."

"I just think that any of us who joined would have more pride in what we signed up for," Reovan answered the Ivuori, "What those traitors are doing is a sin against everything we stand for as a people. No matter where we come from, we're all Iromakuanhe, and the Makuori will judge our actions when we go to join them in the Eternal Dream."


Re: [Mission 1] Howling Plains of Ghoroun

ON, Ghouroun Province
Navpoint Enact: Ghoroun Six
Yetsava 15th, 935
19:08 Commonwealth Standard Time

The three runner still accompanying Serhan were now approaching the outpost, the IFF tags of their wingmates clearly visible on sensors. They had fared slightly better than poorly, but the ego of one pilot had been greatly shaken by the actions of his compatriots, and the commander of the wing was less than enthusiastic about the results his subordinates had produced. He would resolve to be... far more hands-on, in the future.

"That outpost in front of you is Ghoroun 6. You will dock there to receive a quick re-arming, and in the case of Vayshirin Rashidan, receive a biomass replenishing to accelerate your repairs functions." Serhan said unemotionally, with a small amount of audible disdain in his voice. He couldn't say he was in the best of moods at the moment.

"Huh so that's the outpost huh." Savitar commented, seeing it on his monitors. "KInd of a small place."

"You should be grateful there is one out here. I doubt we deserve to pilot a VANDR at this point." Mal sneered, still angry at what had happened

"Of course there'd be one here you jackass." Savitar snarled back at Malik. "But it can't be helped, because of someone, we couldn't make a clear establishment on the possibile variables to tangling with those things." he said.

With Shaorin and Jarita already re-armed and ready to go, Reovan's organoid unit was waiting by the bay doors as they opened for her arriving wingmates. "Took you guys long enough," she teased. "Divine presence and welcome to Ghoroun Six, you'll be pleased to note that the survivors have all been extracted and appear to be doing well," Jarita's arm moved as if to showcase the path into the bay where the technicians were hard at work, ready to receive the incoming damaged frames.

"You and Storhan are the ones who forgot one of the first things they teach you in training."

"Your ego still hurt because you don't know how to fight little boy?" Savitar growled at Malik, having his organoid display the one-finger salute he was giving Malik in his cockpit.


"Marranr, permission to assault Savitar?"


"I'm angry because you don't know how to pilot! All you can do is sit back, and shoot at everything that moves, including your teammates! Same thing goes for Storhan! All she does is go berserk on everything!" Mal's voiced dripped venom and fire, the runner obviously pushed to his limits

"I was trying to help you." Savitar replied calmly. "It's not my fault you got pinned by your enemy and used for a meat shield." he said. "I was trying my best to take careful aim at enemies so I didn't accidentally shoot the rest of you. Take note that until that point I didn't hit any of you."

"I'll be locking your weapons systems again, then." Serhan said, doing as he had just mentioned. While his usual stoicisms carried with them a small sense of twisted play in the, he was suddenly, very devoid of them.

"And Malik if you want to fight, I'll gladly beat your ass up and down the corridors here outside of the organoid. Unless you're not manly enough to handle a fist-to-fist brawl." Savitar chuckled and replied to Serhan. "That's fine with me, "

"If YOU want to fight, I'll Fight you as soon as we get to that outpost!"

"You're the one simmering around the collar Malik. Whether we fight or not really isn't that important to me because it'll prove nothing other than the fact we're both immature like that." Savitar said. "I'd rather be cuddling up with a beautiful woman than worrying about your arms after I broke them."

"Of course you would, all you care about is yourself." Mal spat, increasing his damaged VANDR's speed just so he could get things over with.

"Wrong. I don't care about YOU." Savitar said and cut his transmission with Malik. "There is one thing I care about...." he said to himself in the privacy of his own VANDR.

Reovan grumbled to herself at her teammates fighting amongst themselves. "Perhaps you didn't hear me," she said over the channel, "But we saved a lot of people today. By the Dreamers we did good today, guys." Their bickering was starting to sour her pleasant mood.

"Sorry Reo." Savitar replied, a window of his transmission showing up on a monitor, as he rubbed the back of his head. "And you're right, we did go good if you got those civilians to safety." he said to her, smiling a bit.

"We let a rebel escape. We could've done better."

"You mean the guy that whupped you?" Savitar said. "Nothing wrong with letting him live if we can change his opinion. I mean he's just following his own beliefs just like we are, is there any real difference?"

"Hrm... fine work, Vayshirin Mehta. It is good that you and Miyor were able to execute the more important objective." Serhan replied, finding that he needed so say little else for the moment. He glanced over at Svitar for a moment and made a small mental shrug. "There will be more said on that matter, once we have concluded this patrol."

Mal grumbled angrily inside Shamshir. "Let's just finish this damn patrol. No Doubt the mechanists are just going to give me another lecture when we get back. Then there's the probably punishment."

"Thank you, Marranr," the Sund Wakir girl responded to the compliment as Jarita continued to stand in mock guard near the bay entrance. She was surprised at Ibn Rashidan's lack of compassion for life, even if it was a traitor pilot. "What belongs to this existance is not owned by any being," she repeated from her memory of the Book of Dreams. Part of a passage about the sacredness of life and living in harmony. Reovan thought it was appropriate to the situation, even without having to overtly mention the context.

Malik was silent for a second, thinking it over before anger overrode thinking. "What does that have to do with anything, Mehta? Your boyfriend over here, and your best friend nearly killed me!"

"It may mean absolutely nothing to you,sir. But thanks for helping me back there." Savitar said to Serhan. "If you hadn't intervened when you did I might not be here. Guess I owe you one." He said as they got into the docking bay. "Hey Malik, don't snap at Reovan." Savitar switched channels to talk to him again. "You need to sit back, shut up, and take stock of the situation before you cause us more trouble."

"If we had wasted time, they would've finished off that transport. But,why were they just waiting there for us?" Mal shut up for once, and thought logically, forcing his anger down. "Marranr Nejer! I don't think the transport was their real target."

Re: [Mission 1] Howling Plains of Ghoroun

ON, Ghoroun Province
Unknown Mountainous Region
Yetsava 15th, 935
18:59 Commonwealth Standard Time

In the ensuing chaos of the battle, Mu'Tasim found himself separated from his group and under heavy sensors and communications jamming. Attempting to pursue a fleeing foe, he had somehow been led away through the snow-capped crags of a minor mountain range and was now entirely surrounded by peaks of snow, ice and cracked igneous rock. Thermal sensors revealed an unidentified object darting around the valley floor about three kilometers away.

"Bold, a person who isn't afraid of Mu'Klamal's lurking beasts." Mu'Tasim commented on the person who seemed to move quickly amongst the arena-esque area of mountains. "Or, perhaps a beast of Mu'Klamal themselves." He reserved these thoughts for meditations post-mission,
"Famasir, open hailing Radio to the bogey ahead." He said as Famasir carried out his commands.He spoke to the darting unit. "Identify yourself, or I will lay down the icy wrath of Mu'Klamal upon you."

"Hmm. I did not expect my subordinate to lead a man of the cloth to my hunting grounds, but fine... I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!" The enemy pilot replied, speaking in a large, boisterous voice.

As the message ended, Famasir notified Mu'tasim of a number of large energy signatures rapidly approaching, as a shower of blue laser beams and Star Locust missiles burst from the edge of a rocky cliffside. The enemy would not stay still, and keeping the same rough distance, boosted along the ground through the rocky outcroppings and chunks of glacial ice in the range, presenting a target that was difficult to track effectively with the current jamming conditions.

"You wish to play me like a hunted Sandrat? That is fine," Mu'Tasim commented after the barrage began to come his way, he quickly strafed his VANDR to the left and began to glid amongst the snow. Whilst moving he activated his Beacon Flares to throw off the trajectory of the missiles and then advancing quickly amongst the icy floor.

He raised his arms and charged up his CELBs and the opened up a constant ray which he aimed manually at the heated signature. "The Sandrat will today, bite the hunter."

The missiles were immediately mislead by the ploy and detonated harmlessly a few hundred meters away from Famasir, while the beams fired faithfully, tracking their target with some accuracy and tracing the snow in front of the unit, causing it to burst into water vapor. While not ordinarily a particularly effective move in normal conditions, the heavy radar jamming meant that Mu'Tasim would be relying on his visual sensors, which were now displaying a large foggy white morass expanding along his right flank, following him as he moved and effectively obscuring vision in his rear/flank. Thermal sensors displayed a sudden increase in the enemy's heat output, matching the heat patterns of a charging Shockbite weapon.

"Madness, I am not used to fighting in these conditions." Mu'Tasim growled as he motioned his unit around, staying constantly on the move. As the enemy charged his beams, the Guard felt a little more daring and activated his Vector Barriers to the front of his unit and charged toward the rising heat signature.

"Are you the one leading this nightmarish assault?" Mu'Tasim asked mid-charge, strangely, it was calm for such an intense situation.

The red VANDR closed in on the unnamed and unseen enemy with great speed, the lasers of the cocky opponent shifting to sear the ground in front of it, sending up a rising cloud of steam to continue its motions to remain unidentified. A large particle beam shot out from behind the mist, dispersed without any trouble by Famasir's Vector Barrier at the cost of a fifth of its shield reserves. The enemy was now less than a hundred meters away, but still obscured, and already charging its other Shockbite halfway.

"You prefer silence, acceptable." Mu'Tasim closed his transmission and fired a short-range ERP pulse, obscuring his position for the moment and then switching his VANDR's right arm to Long Sword form. He kept his left barrier guard up and strafed out of the cover of the pulse and charged his enemy again sword prepped to attack.

The unit was only caught off-guard for a second, as the effects of lingering particles were not felt by any unit mounting a proper Vector Shroud. Still, it was long enough for Mu'Tasim to take the offensive and make a melee attack with his sword, which suddenly clashed with another like as i was swung for the body of the enemy. As the mist was scattered by the valley winds, the frame with which he was locking blades with, was revealed none other than another Erla VANDR, with a matte arctic camouflage scheme. "I don't mind talking... I just don't have anything to say to you." The enemy runner announced, rebuking Famasir's sword and jumping back a dozen meters.

Mu'Tasim charged back at the Artic VANDR sword blazing again for an attack. "Only proud fools have nothing to say to their enemies. Especially those who should have no reason to fight!" He spoke again as he brought down his sword. "Why do you attack us?"

"I was just asked to test out this bloody knockoff on some of the originals. What others are doing in the area, isn't really much of my concern." The VANDR's runner replied in a slightly bored tone, firing a screen of PASD from its shoulder launchers, aiming at Mu'Tasim's torso. It poised itself to deflect the attack with its sword, once more, seemingly assured that red frame would not have the time to take down the volley with its point defense.

"Fine, then I'll just send you to the Eternal Dream and handle all else!" Mu'Tasim yelled as he took note of the fired missiles, with that he charged up his CELB Array again and continued to move forward. He took the missiles in stride, the attack tearing away at his torso's shields. Yet, he kept his charge forward, slashing his sword at the man, but at the same time firing his CELB from the free hand.

The unit replied not by deflecting his sword, but instead by digging into the ground with its bladed foot CIVWS and doing a backflip, kicking up a large amount snow and ice into the path of the incoming VANDR. It was a reasonably pointless movement, and Mu'Tasim succeeded in making a deep slash into the enemy”s left shoulder, but his laser blast missed entirely.

Mu'Tasim growled at blinding movement and the fired himself up into the air, above the enemy Vandr, releasing missiles as he climbed up into the air a few meters, and then hovered for a moment. He got rid of his sword and began charging both of his Shockbites.

A veritable locust swarm of glowing organic missiles hurled themselves against its defenses, the newly deployed Vector Barrier on the enemy VANDR's left arm soaking up most of the damage. This caused causing significant power drain and sent the unit recoiling from the sheer number of plasmatic explosions, dragging a longsword along the ground as it slid backwards, attempting to keep its footing. It retaliated by firing all four of its lasers on a rocky outcropping jutting out from the cliffside, causing the rock to crack from the intense and rapid opposing shifts in temperature from the weapon and environment.

Mu'tasim's weapons were fully charged, but the enemy was attempting to make a break for it as the rock formation above them began to collapse over their heads, with a scant forty meters for it to fall.

The Temple Guard looked up at the firing lasers then the saw Mazerin itself coming down to meet him. He cursed angrily as he aimed is laser for the retreating Frame. "No time!" Piped Famasir as the frame quickly calculated the amount of time Mu would need to dodge this attack. Mu'Tasim dropped the charge on his weapons and quickly strafed, getting out of the way of the falling debris. When he was in clear distance, he turned to see if he could redetect his opponent.

The rock formation collapsed, taking with it a thick layer of snow and ice and causing the air to be saturated with dirt and gray dust. As Famasir's thermal sensors still operated quite well, but RADAR and LADAR were not viable nor viable at the moment, his unit's built in help files immediately suggested to switch to MASC Particle sensors at his query. The signature of the opponent seemed to be getting more distant, which might make atmospheric use of that sensor more difficult if he made it too far.

"Saints Dammit!" Mu'Tasim growled as his enemy was escaping. The Guard revved his engines, and fired off toward the distancing signature. He activated his MASC Particle sensors, he wanted to make sure that this pilot did not escape him.

Still within an effective range to use the thermal signature as a reference for a more extensive probe with his particle sensors, the temple guard would receive confirmation that the unit was a fully-fledged Erla VANDR down to the ANIOS core and MASC Drive, though it seemingly lacked the genetic markers of a frame produced by Solan Starworks. Readouts indicated that it was the cause of the jamming in the area, either mounting an upgraded suite or using jamming posts set up in the mountain range controlled via radio. It seemed to be attempting to allocate resources to reactivate MASC drive, which had received multiple electrical surges from the PASD assault.

For now, it seemed that the enemy was trying to flee.

"I tried to speak with you, you prefer silence. With silence there is no peace, so you must prefer your infinite dream." Mu'Tasim charged all four of CELBs in his Array and then began to close more distance between himself and the enemy. When he had gained enough energy he opened fire, hoping to hamper, damage, or just slow down his boisterous attacker.

"I just happen to prefer matching wits over matching diction, holy man." The pilot replied as he boosted through narrow rock formations and dropping a screen of beacon flares to confuse the temple guard's sensors, boosting into the open to release another volley of PASD. It was something of an inopportune moment to do so, as Famasir's beam assault cut across the sky in his direction, reaching out to the black-clad VANDR like long fingers of hostile light. The CELBs were negated by his shields, and he still avoided complete annihilation, but the continue attacks had drained his shields entirely. Desperate, the frame ducked back, tracing the mountain and rapidly accelerating away, his front pointed back at the red VANDR so that he could react the moment he was visible.

The Guard grunted loudly as his attack was thrown off a bit by the Beacon Flares. As the missiles cam climbing up to him, he use his Storm Ray to handle a few of the incoming missiles, though not wanting to be totally occupied, fired off some of his own Beacon Flares to throw the rest of them off.

Famasir's CELBs stopped their constant beam attack as he switched to his Shockbite cannons and charged them up. His MASC readouts would indicate his enemy's lack of shields, and his caution to leave his back to the guard. "Is there anything you want to say before I summon Ruh to take your soul?" Mu'Tasim asked the black VANDR, feeling the need to ask such a thing before he'd land a fatal blow.

The beacon flares disrupted two thirds of the missiles, the rest of them assuming dumbfire mode due to the already intense jamming in the area and crashing into nearby surfaces, causing only minor drain as bits of rock and charged particles from the fringe of the missiles' reaction impacted his shields.

"Yes." The runner said, firing his own already-charged LCPA at another overhanging cliff face. "I'd rather die than be killed."

Mu'Tasim halted the charging of his Shockbites, and watched as the VANDR collapse a piece of Mazerin on top of himself. Famasir made the effort to move away from the falling debris enough to escape getting crushed. He felt a little dumbfounded, though it phased the Guard for only a moment, bothering him with the fact of what was driving the man to fight so hard, and then take his own life.

There were the few things that the pilot had said to him that did not make sense. He couldn't think of anything to say, instead Famasir spoke, "Damage Sustained, Return to Unit Recommended."

Vanishing beneath several tons of rock, and ice, the enemy unit's signature had faded from sensors, as did the intense disruption of sensors and communications in the area. There was a bright explosion down bellow, as if the reactor had gone critical, and the outline of a VANDR's hand was within view in the rubble. Within a few seconds, Mu'tasim was patched back into Mazerin's military communications network, and plainly able to pin point his location, being on a mountain range in the northern rim of the province some sixty kilometers away from the outpost at Navpoint Enact.


Communications indicated that five of Bahram Wing had already arrived, and that the other two who had been sent away were en route.

Mu'Tasim nodded, feeling affirmative about the death of his enemy and turned Famasir to Enact. "Alright, we've made our first kill, let's get back to the rest of the Wing." Mu'Tasim blasted off moving towards the Navpoint.


Navpoint Enact: Ghoroun Six
19:21 Commonwealth Standard Time

Jarita crossed her arms, as it's pilot was wont to do. Ibn Rashidan's attitude was beginning to grate on her and this irritation was clear in her voice, as she snapped at Savitar. "Hey, I don't need you to defend me," Reovan complained with a raised tone. Quickly realizing what she had just done, the Sund Wakir berated herself and took a brief pause as she tried to center herself again.


"This is Vaytulri Mu'Tasim Farouk, I have just comfirmed a kill of an enemy VANDR. I've also confirmed it the source of jamming signal in this area. Marranr, something weird is going on here." Mu'Tasim chimed over the Wing's Radio, he sounded a little winded from his previous encounter with the Ace.

Famasir was flying at a decent speed as it came into view of the Outpost. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about rouge, custom-made VANDRs, now would you?" He said, specifically to Serhan.

"Hmm... reestablished communications. The network told me you three had run into some trouble." Serhan half-mumbled to himself over wing communications. Battle data was being relayed to his unit, all of it rather severe for what he imagined, and Mu'Tasim's revelation made it all more clear. "I haven't seen any examples of a completely reverse-engineered So-M1 to date, but this will be quite serious if that was your opponent."


Zus would have shaken her head and rolled her eyes if she could. That moron had no reason to be mad at his wingmates who had been trying to save him from the mess he had gotten himself in. in any case, she stopped herself and watched the scene, wondering what was going on now, with some of the group that had split off beginning to return.

"Hey relax Reo." Savitar responded to her. "He's already hating on me, I don't have a problem redirecting more of that animosity toward me." He said. "But if that's how you feel then I'll respect your wishes my desert rose." he grinned at Reovan over the monitor that linked their private channel.

Reovan decided to ignore the compliment and just try and stay calm by focusing on something else. That Curdatl was completely incorrigible. "Welcome back," she greeted the returning frames. "You'll be pleased to know that the majority of civilians seem to be doing just fine."


"There you are, Vaytulri!" 'Ismat called out over the radio. "Thanks for getting lost on us!" she teased momentarily forgetting that she should be careful around the suspicious Temple Guard. "And, I also took out an enemy with a jamming unit. That frame was bigger than the others we came across." Her VANDR approached the outpost, skimming along the snow.

"What?" Mu'Tasim said, bewildered to 'Ismat's transmission, "By Paralov's rimless glasses, what the hell is going on? Sir, you caught that? We have two comfirmed kills, one larger frame and another modified Erla Vandr. Both of them in possession of jamming equipment." Famasir made a slow landing to the ground as it arrived, taking to a slow hover over the ground.

"Anyone in the wing take any noticeable damage?" Mu'Tasim asked. Famasir itself wasn't exactly all that knicked, most of the Ace's attacks were bruised on his shield, which was still recharging and rebuilding from the attack.


Malik grumbled angrily under his breath. Worst pilot in the wing, indeed he was. As of now, he had no redeeming values, It was only a matter of time until Serhan decided to transfer him out of the wing. "I'm not good enough to be a frame runner."

"Oh, good." Serhan said, his VANDR making a small visible nod at Malik's comment. He glanced over at Malik and made sure that everyone in the wing would hear his message. "If you didn't admit that you're far from an ideal runner, I would have had you reassigned, Malik Ibn Rashidan. Any person who is cocky when their frame in that condition doesn't deserve a VANDR."


Shokhi stayed silent for the time. He had, at least momentarily, found peace with the slippery moral issue of killing other Iromakuanhe. But that didn't mean he felt up to saying anything now that many people were present. He just listened for instructions.


"And you should have seen what happened to me! This one frame grabed Nara and a barrel came out of it's torso and it tried to do unspeakable things to Nara but I didn't let that happen. And then there was a large explosion. All and all I say it was an interesting day." Zalus rubbed the damaged arm of the frame as he joked.

'Ismat's VANDR slid into the outpost. "Bad condition? What did we miss?" she asked, curiously. "Rina and I only got a few nicks from their lasers and a smack from that giant frame. At least we got the thing back."


Savitar indeed was incorrigible, very much so. "Yeah, Malik got owned." He replied to Mu'Tasim with a evil little chuckle. He was just relaxing in his VANDR for the moment while he got re-armed and resupplied.

"I was only owned, as you put it, because you broke a major rule of engagement, and fired on an ally! You could atleast apologise!" Mal almost growled through the communications, his dislike for Savitar showing as his VANDR accepted the Biomass transfer. "Though, Marranr. It cheers me up to hear you say that."

"Malik Rushed headlong into his opponents like a fool" Zus muttered "I followed him to make sure he did not get himself killed, then an ace one-upped us and made Savitar and I shoot our wingmate. Luckily the Marranr was able to settle things." She continued, pouting somewhat as he VANDR was rearmed.

Mu'Tasim looked toward's Malik's Frame and the Zalus. "At least you all are fine. There are people out here who strangely skilled in piloting Frames." The guard looked to the Marranr. "Marranr Nejem, do you know anything about a Black VANDR? Loud, boisterous voice, gets personal in combat, rather distant of his opponent."

"Miyorh and I came out fine," Reovan reported in. She was beginning to get itchy to go back out and finish the patrol, what with Shaorin and Jarita having been at Enact the longest and being ready to go for quite a while.


"Yeah yeah try shutting up for once and accept the fact that it was an accident Malik." Savitar groaned to the pilot. "Or I'm going to get out of this VANDR, haul you out of yours and pop you upside the head until you stop leaping to conclusions." he growled.

"You can try, you Heretical Traitor! I'll beat you down first!"

"Didn't I just tell you to shut up you brainless wonder?" Savitar retorted. "Bloody sandrat."

"Both of you, shut up!" Mu'Tasim yelled at both Savitar and Malik.

"Enough." Serhan said with a lack of emotion that was not composed like his usual character, but icy and mechanical.

Malik immediately shut up, not saying a word.

Savitar immediately responded to Mu. "STAY OUT OF IT MONK-EY" He said before Serhan told them to shush. He'd yawn and recline again as he waited.


"Better than fine." It was all Shokhi said, and there was a certain sense of accomplishment to his voice despite the very withdrawn nature of it. He also wanted to be out again. Listening to the wing bicker like trapped rats was not exactly his idea of a good time. He would have found drowning small animals less objectionable, in fact.

'Ismat facepalmed as she listened to the arguing fools. "Oh geez." Way to go newbies. At least you did well Rina. Sorry I got us a little scuffed up though.

Zalus relaxed as Nara's arm was repaired. He then opened a line to 'Ismat. "Well at least we did a good job ma'am. So how are you doing? Everything alright on your end?"

Zus sighed, keeping her mouth shut. She could tell Malik a few things, but in this state, he did not deserve to learn the lesson from her. Perhaps some people could only learn the hard way? She just hoped someone would be able to keep him alive till he learned that lesson.

Mal twitched at Savitar. "Don't insult your superior officers."

"Thank you, Vayshirin Rashidan, but keep silent." Mu'Tasim piped in quickly.

"Hm? Yup, everything's alright, few scuffs here and there but we're fine. You did a great, Vayshirin," 'Ismat replied. Rina maneuvered into the hangar.

"Brown-nose." Savitar sighed to himself in the security of his VANDR's cockpit. We're all even in the end, so the ranks don't mean an entire lot. he thought as he listened to what was going on around him.


"Those of you with damaged units should enter the outpost to receive biomass replenishing." Serhan ordered, suddenly realizing the extent of the punishment he would have to administer to properly discipline Malik and Savitar... especially the horn shaving Curdatl man. Zus would likely be assigned with them for cleaning duties during a day for the sake of appearance, as it seemed that her indiscretion in the combat area was entirely accidental. Still, it could have killed Rashidan, and it wasn't something he could let go unpunished.

"Your behavior during this mission will reflect heavily in the amount of free time you will have until our next patrol."


"Well ma'am, hopefully this next part will go more smoothly." He scrached the back of his head. "Might you want to get a drink after the mission and maybe watch our Gun footage to maybe learn from what happened?"

"Yes sir." Mu'Tasim said, as he moved Famasir into the outpust to receive his resupply.

"Yes Marranr." 'Ismat and Rina continued in to replenish the biomass supply.

Nodding to the Marranr, Zus made sure that Parolovi got her Biomass replenished, so as to heal the minor wounds the Frame had taken. Zus was strangely unaffected by the fact of what she had done, the fact that she was still in combat combined with how that asshole Sankhur had ended things last time made her a bit harder towards the act and it's outcome.


Mal grumbled under his breath as Shamshir auto'd into the outpost, receiving the quite large Biomass dosage to start repairing it's considerable damage. "Damn Savitar. Nothing but a blasphemer and a traitor. Thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. no, He can't do whatever he wants. I'll make sure of that. I won't let someone like him become an ace pilot."

Savitar sat quietly in his VANDR, thinking over the events that'd just gone on and closed his eyes; concentrating on shifting his point of view to the others and how they were viewing him. It was troubling in some sense that they didn't seem to take too well to his free-wheeling way of life and honest nature. "I Keep this up and I'll just end up alone again. I've had enough of that, I joined this organization to make something better... to do something honorable at least." He thought to himself. Deciding to try and patch things up he sent a text-only message to Malik stating "I was an accident, I'm sorry you got hurt as a result of it though." Savitar knew the hothead wouldn't accept it but it was a step in the right direction.

Malik instantly replied to Savitar. "I accept your apology. Just don't let it happen again, okay? You watch my back, I'll watch yours." Yess. If he couldn't keep Sav from becoming an ace, he would at least influence him to be less of an asshole.


Serhan sighed and plotted the next navpoint on his ANIOS, sending the data to his Bahram Wing. "Don't expect it to be like this every day, Bahram Wing."

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