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RP: Bahram Wing [Bahram Wing Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

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ON, Fort Jarizas, Mazerin
Briefing Hall
Malakai 1, 935
02:15, Commonwealth Standard Time

Bahram Wing was in the briefing rooms, which had become increasingly familiar with the fruitless and bloodless patrols of the past few days. Fifteen days had passed since the time of that first sortie, and for once, Serhan seemed like he had a geniuinely atypical briefing to give them. Something out of the usual boorish coordinates and updated tradelane information, as freighters tried to keep the Vanguard aware of their flightpathes in case of emergencies.

"Well, the base has received an unusual request from a local who wants an armed escort. But first, watch the second and third segments of this AND broadcast." The frame officer adjusted his glasses, almost as if he were a normal enough person to have an excited glimmer to hide, and made a blank nod to the runners gathered in the egg-shaped seats. "It should explain the nature of the mission."

The screen lit up, revealing a short montage featuring the Astral News Distribution logo, as if the video had been hastily linked from AND's OGNEIR.net streaming page.


"Music aficionados, politicians and xenophiles all across the Commonwealth wait in eager anticipation for the much awaited ten hour concert featuring Freespacer musical duo DJ ENtropic and Riffstrumental 0069 at 00:00 CST, tomorrow. The live performance will be streamed across thousands of public venues. [...]"

"In response to a VKRL video that was circulated over OGNEIR.net, stating their intent to destroy the concert hall during the event, Astral Vanguard forces have been dispatched to secure the orbital elevator city it is located in. The Veyrin Kingdom Restoration League, a notorious terrorist organization responsible for the firebombing of eleven government offices last year, was believed to have been purged by government agencies until the incident in Ghoroun, on the 15th of the previous month."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Malik leaned back in his "egg", squirming and restless. The 30 hour "Simulation Training From Hell" had lived up to it's name, but it had it's benefits. Malik's senses were sharper, to a degree, but that was probably just his body getting used to the fast paced action of being a frame runner. One of the first things he had learned in the simulation was that having a slow mind and body was a synonym for death. Another lesson was that he couldn't rush into everything blindly, like an idiot.

For that reason, Malik tried looking at the announcment in a different light. And it didnt just add up. Sure, attacking the concert would cause a big splash. A big spash that get's the notice of any foreign powers, who would not be all that happy to hear that two musicians had been killed in a backwater system that couldnt control its own people. If anything, the declaration that the concert would be attacked was just false. But what was their real targ- Oh Maulk.

Malik urgently cleared his throat and raised his hand.

"Marranr, It doesnt make sense. First of all, we thought the VKRL was wiped out, and they show up all of sudden fifteen days ago, here on the Iceglobe, and now they declare that they will attack the concert. For one, how the hell did a supposedly dead terrorist organisation not only obtain Black Frames, but where did they get the Copy VANDR that Vaytulri Farouk engaged?" Mal paused, composing his next thought.

"Secondly, it doesnt make any sense to attack a concert held by two foreign musicians. Two foreign musicians who'se country we know very little about. It seems that attacking a concert would just bring foreign powers down on the Iruotl system, like Neesh to a carcass I believe the Sund Wakir saying is? I don't think the Concert is their real target, I think it's just a cover. There is a chance that the VKRL, whoever they really are, are truly targetting the Orbital Elevator."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"Or it could be a diversion and they'll attack somewhere else all together." Savitar said and groaned. He certainly did NOT like the concep to having to play host and bodyguard to some offworlders that had no business being there to start with. "Or those two...whatever they are, are the terrorists themselves or their entourage." he pointed out and pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes for a moment, sighing. He hadn't gotten much sleep the previous night after the simulation training and the cleaning duty back to back.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

'Ismat smiled. It appeared as though the idiots had gotten smarter, though not by much.

"Regardless of whether the target is the elevator or concert, we're going to be present since the concert is on the elevator anyway. Whether it's an attack on the elevator or on the concert, we're going to be fighting back."

"Besides, killing off some musicians from another people will cause a huge uproar in both the Commonwealth and for the Freespacers. If only a space elevator was destroyed while these foreigners weren't here, I doubt the Freespacers would give much of a second thought. By threatening, and especially if they were harmed, it would cause not only problem with the news storm and public chaos caused by it, it would cause political tensions. This is not a good thing to create from a visit from a foreign power."

"If the target was something else, there's not much we can do about it, now is there?"
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"I have it on good account from a friend, who works at the Ministry of Security, that the VKRL and Hazzik Institutes are just an old names that someone is using to scare the populace. And not even those groups would risk the kind of cultural alienation and military retaliation that would result." Serhan explained, shaking his head slightly. "Unfortunately, some people are easier to scare than others."

The viewscreen displayed the headshot of a rather lovely young Iromakuanhe woman who couldn't possibly be past her early twenties, with fair rosy skin and dark pink eyes with just a hint of glow. Her hair was done in a rather elaborate style with metal loops and what would only be assumed to be a large amount of hair stiffeners, strainers and starches.

"This woman, err... pop idol Mish... Mish-ha... My Share?" I suddenly realize I am no longer the target demographic for the soulless mass produced music of our digital youth culture. And for all that is worth... I am relieved, to the extent one who will no longer be underestimated by media moguls. The frame runner thought to himself, taking a rather dramatic pause as he strained to comprehend the terrible spelling and penmanship which had signed the escort request document in his hands. "... Of course. Vocalist/pop idol MiSHARA... and her entourage have requested an escort by an Astral Vanguard frame wing with the threat of attack on the concert hall by the VKRL. Bahram will provide that escort, as the top ranked..." (and currently unassigned) "...wing on Mazerin."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Zalus had a big grin on his face as the commander talked about the mission. "So basically sir we get to fight terrorists AND protect beautiful women? Throw in dinner and That mission couldn't get better!" Zalus had no questions about the mission or who the terrorists were infact. He trusted that any important information would have already been on the agenda and since he was no intelegence officer there was no way for him to double check anything. All he needed to know was where the enemy was and how many. Knowing what guns they had would be a plus though.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Savitar looked up at the display as it showed the person they'd be offering protection to. If that woman wasn't so fake she migh tbe attractive but that look didn't seem right to him. "Well taking out terrorists will be fun, but I'm not going to play butler to some wannabe idol." He said. "I just hope we don't have to leave the VANDR's to so this job."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Shokhi found it a rather strange thing to be agreeing with both Savitar and Malik, both individuals he was quite sure had brainpower comparable to a sack of hammers. And yet they were right - all warfare is based on deception. A very old adage, but one that never got any less true. Particularly from the stance of a guerrilla leader, attacking the elevator (and with it the concert) might have made sense, if they hadn't announced that they were going to do so.

He smiled and nodded slightly at Savitar's comment. "Agreed." Shokhi had little patience for the idea of 'idols'. Idolatry in general made him quite uncomfortable, but the fawning worship of celebrities was the absolute worst of it.

If it weren't on the damned elevator, Shokhi would have favored 'leaving them to fend for themselves' as a course of action. In part because of his distaste for the idea of devoting military to protect a popstar, in part because he couldn't imagine anyone being so dumb as to attack a target that they announced they were going to attack. Granted it wasn't up to him anyway. Shokhi had orders and he would follow them.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Zus was a bit concerned at all this. The idea of Iroma Attacking Iroma was still fairly new to her, sheltered as her life had been before joining the military, but she wondered at all this flash and show about it. The girl wondered at why they were having this silly concert (though she was secretly excited to see it) up in an orbital elevator, instead of some safer spot. She just tried not to wrap her head around it. Knowledge may have been her passion, but she did not feel like understanding this. It would be better just to follow along and do her duty. And hopefully not mess up this time.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Vaytulri Farouk seemed rather bothered at the moment, not going over the idea of people killing other people, he was used to such a concept.

"Why havn't the spacers provided their own sort of military defense? Arn't they concerned as well for their own musical figures?" Mu'Tasim questioned.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"The musicians had a small number of drones aboard their ship... automata, I believe? Bipedal autofunction weapons platforms with chemical-based firearms." The officer replied to his wing second, putting an image on display which revealed a rather blocky gunmetal robot with an arm-mounted railgun. "They were unfortunately hazardous to the health of the people on the elevator city, so we asked them to keep them on their... ship."

"The ship is a non-combat model, armed with a single multi-staged nuclear warhead and a cluster bomb launcher that projects depleted uranium shards in a loose arc." Serhan cleared his throat. "Not exactly the kind of vessel we would want assisting our defense forces."

"At any rate, we are only providing armed escort to the Urenbeck Gate over Mazerin, and then as they dock at the elevator city. Three infantry from one of the platoons at the base will be assisting MiSHARA's bodyguards with security."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"So once again, if we screw up, the Infantry is going to be useless? I figure that's the job of the calvary, so I can't really complain about this, sir." The runner smiled and leaned back in the chair. having some actual work to do for once would prove to be an interesting experience.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"Careful what you refer the infantry as, Rashidan, you never know who is, is not, or was a footsoldier." Mu'Tasim seemed to spit at Malik's statement. The Wing Second turned his attention back at the Marranr.

"Sir, why are we not using a 'ship' then? It would be better equipped to properly defend another battleship, and anything else a terrorist group would throw at it." He questioned again.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Malik stammered, tripping over his words. "Vaytulri, I don't mean anything offensive by my statement! I just mean, that if the VKRL brings out those black frames, and we don't stop them, at most the infantry can do is evacuate MiSHARA. The way I see it, the burden rests on Bahram Wing to hold the line."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"So basically, Any help they could give us would be decidedly Unhelpful" Zus muttered to herself, Much to quiet for anyone to understand her words. She remained seated, simply waiting for the order to go. She was ready to get going as soon as possible, and she'd had enough of briefings already.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Savitar cut a glance toward Malik and shook his head, telling him to just shush for the time being and avoid digging further into his own grave. He wouldn't stop Mu if he decided to thrash Mal for his commentary, that'd be just stupid. "Well is that everything or are there further details we need to know before this party starts?" He asked Serhan. "And are we going to be expected to remain there until they pack up and leave?"
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

Reovan sat quietly in the back listening to the goings-on of the briefing. She didn't particularly care for what the Freespacers called music, or, more accurately, whatever passed for audio entertainment in the Metropolitan areas. The idea that the target was the orbital elevator itself intrigued her, but in all likelyhood Bahram Wing was going to be there as a token defense against the threats while the VIA or some other wing protected the real target.

The Sund Wakir girl held a hand over her mouth to hide a small yawn. In any case, no matter what the mission was, the proof of the pudding was in the tasting and if the objectives changed mid-mission, they had no way of knowing or planning until it happened. At least, that was Reovan's point of view on the whole issue. They could talk and discuss in the briefing room forever, but what really mattered was what happened out there in the frames.
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"The Erla Miraiv has unfortunately managed to claim a little over seventy-five percent of the fleet, as well as most of the new blood pouring out of the academies in Southern Ghoroun. So the Graiv has to make do to carry out our duties." Serhan explained, making a quiet sigh. He remembered being offered a position in the Graiv when it was formed bit too long ago, and rejecting it over some perceived sense of duty he might have had when he was younger. "Our logistics officers would have you whipped for calling on the services of our remaining Graiv Haidan vessels for a minor escort service, Vaytulri Farouk."

"At any rate, the brass has most of our forces on standby, and not actively defending any given location. The threat made by whoever is using that old name could as easily be a distraction as a genuine declaration of intent."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

The Vayshirin raised his hand, remembering his embarrasment that he was handed on his first mission. Despite his misgivings about the true goals of the so-called VKRL, he had a duty. And he didn't particularly care for MiSHARA, her assasination would cause a panic amoung the civillian youth.

"Marranr, I request permission to take point in the upcoming mission. It would free up both you and Vaytulri Farouk to cover the more likely attack vectors."
Re: [Pre-Phase: Mission 2] Elevator Capacity

"Granted. On the condition I do not hear any more conspiracy theories from you for the duration of the mission. It will be as political as it will be symbolic, and if the Vanguard makes a gaffe, it may cost us the friendship of the Freespacers, and the support of the government." Serhan replied, stepping down from his podium and shutting off the viewscreen. As the mission itself would likely be quite simple in execution, and the atmosphere in the briefing room had been quite poor, he decided to cut things short. It wasn't like they were going to make use of any additional clarifications, and he would rather they didn't have an excuse to be late to the hangar. "Suit up and head to the hangar, as usual. We will begin the mission at the Fal Drudis spaceport in the equatorial region, and link up with the convoy after a short break."

"Oh, and we'll be receiving some assistance from our support crew, who will be going along with the infantry from the 11th battalion. Jyotsna, Al-Sumed and Sahrzad have been temporarily reassigned to be our mobile operations staff."
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