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RP: Bahram Wing [Bahram Wing Side Story] Counseling Advice

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The Pixel Knight
ON, Fort Jarizas, Mazerin
Base Shrine
Yetsava 17, 935
10:34, Commonwealth Standard Time

Malik had his hands in his pockets,a slight sigh escaping his lips. To the average onlooker, it would appear that the young Runner was still in the after-mission funk, but it was not so. While yes, Mal was still depressed, he was trying to look on the upside, and to help him with this he had decided to visit the Base Shrine. With his lips curling upwards in an attempted smile, the Vayshirin knocked on the door, hoping the attendent, who also happened to be something of a role model to him, was in.

Mu'Tasim yawned a little bit, the early morning seemed to hang on him heavily as he straightened up some of the statues. Though, the silence of the room seemed to interupted by a knock at the door. Hrm! It seems someone is an early riser for the Vigil... Thought Mu'Tasim as he walked over to the closed doors of the Shrine. He opened the double-doors and looked to see his wingmate standing with a smile on his face. "Well! Divine Blessings, Vayshirin Rashidan."

Malik stood back to give himself some room and bowed to the temple guard. "Divine Blessings to you as well, Honored-Senior Farouk." Malik stood upright again, his body seemingly tense and unrelaxed. "Sir, I need to talk to you about numerous things. Ever since the mission, everything has just changed."

A brow arched on Mu'Tasim's face as Malik seemed to lose his jovial appearance. "Come in, tell me what's the matter." the Guard said, walking back into the Shrine, gesturing to a pillow.

Mal walked in, and sat on the pillow. "Vaytulri Farouk, it's, no everything's messed up, and I fear this could take a while, do you want me to start with the beginning of my troubles here , and work my way back to the present?"

Mu'Tasim sat on a Pillow near Malik and wrapped his robe around himself. "Well, that seems the most sensible way to start."

Mal sighed, and he became more gloomy as he thought back to two days ago. "When I first arrived on base, at that party? I messed up. Most of the crew on the base thinks I'm an idiot. I know i'm not an idiot, but I know i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed either. It's just kinda disheartening when everyone automatically speaks slowly around you, or makes jokes about you that you don't want to confront them about because it would be rude!" Malik almost yells the last part, obviously none too happy with everyone's asessment of his personality.

"And that's not even the worst of it! I come to find out that Khiyai Sahrzhad likes me, but I'm too much of an idiot to do anything! She was pissed off at me because I told her i'd bring my VANDR back without a scratch, but I totaled mind, and went to apologise to her for being an idiot, and we ended up hugging while she was in a t-shirt and her panties." The young frame runner's dark face was visibly blushed now. "But guess what? Her superior is angry at me for totalling the VANDR, and I can't even go near the hangar without being chastised!"

"Your intiative and politness is respectable, Malik, but ever thought the fact that you've lacked enough control of yourself, or your situations?" Mu'Tasim tilted his head at the Iroma.

Mal looked down at his hands, sighing. "I know, I don't have the best self control. I'm hotblooded, I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I put to much stake on what people think of me, and I suffer as a result. The only reason my VANDR got so damaged is because I rushed forward like an idiot, trying to show everyone that i had atleast some redeeming quality." Mal looked up, and motioned around , to the base in general. "I mean, not only does my Wing leader think i'm a hotheaded fool, I'll never be able to earn the respect of anyone in the wing! Not to mention living up to my Mother's record."

"Why do you feel the need to live up to the standard of others, Malik?" Mu'Tasim leaned in for a moment, his hand on his fist.

"Because otherwise, i'll just be a underachieving, Freakishly tall, not Mazerinii enough to be a Mazerinii, not Cohronl enough to be a Cohronl, idiotic, failure." Mal looked up at Mu'Tasim, his violet eyes almost welling up with tears. "With this coming civil war, every space colony will be in danger. What if the colony i'm from is attacked? My parents, dead. And what's the use of being a Frame runner if I can't protect people who are close to me? If I can't protect them, how can I protect people I don't even know?"

"Listen, the standards that make you are not the standard of others. You remind me of the 'Father, Son, and Gual' story they taught us back at the Monestery." Mu'Tasim nodded, "You cannot please every single person and hope to get results for yourself. You must find a path to walk, a way to run, a Gual to ride, and Malakai the confidence to face that path.You need to quit trying to live to the standards that people try to set for you. You sound sound as if the weight of the world is on your shoulder, but you need to realize that this is why we are a Wing. We all tackle our battles together, as I am here to help you tackle your inward battles."

Mal nodded. Mu'Tasim was right. I mean, why wouldnt he be right. He makes sense. "But, then, why must we rely on people like Savitar, someone who curses on our ancestors and the Makouri? Someone who disrespects his fellow pilots, and is insubordinate to his superior officers? It pains me to know, that even though he is a sour person to be around, he's still better liked by the wing."

"He has Charisma, and people respect that. Reovan seems to know him from a past time, and he seems to possess skill. You've got to accept that there will be a bad egg from time to time, but even Savitar will realize at one point that his attitude and approach is not what will get him far. Just as you are realizing that now." Mu'tasim patted Malik on the shoulder to reassure the man.

Malik, though he wasn't entirely cheered up, smiled. He wasn't happy, but he was satisfied. "Mu'Tasim. I think I know why I said I want to be a Hero, why I want to surpass the Ice Wyrm." Malik paused, thinking more on it. "I don't want any of the fame, or the glory. I don't want to have parades in my honor, I don't want to have the enemy flee at my name. want to give people something to look up to, an example that they can all strive to surpass. I know it still sounds foolish and stupid, and I know I should get my head out of the clouds, but to people, We mean something. We're heroes, and we protect those that cannot protect themselves. I want to be that. I want to give people hope, when they need it the most."

Malik's eyes were almost burning with purple fire. This was what he was passionate about. There was no denying it.

"Then do that in a way that you can make an effect now. Find your path, whether it to be the Ice Wyrm, a Venerable Ace, or just being the one people can be sure to know that he is their to provide support. Look for what you are strong, and improve, as the Makuori have done so hard to teach us." Mu'Tasim golden eyes caught the fire that seemed to permeate in Malik's. Though, he figured it was time to switch to less life-changing advice. "Now, about this Khiyai you are infatued with, it seems like you have a domesticated problem with her."

Mal blushed brightly, bright enough to be visible on his dark skin. "Well, we kinda got into an arguement, but we cleared it up. We're supposed to go on a d- No, It's not really a Date. We're just going to spend sometime together at the nearby arcology. But I do like her, she's a good mechanist."

"It sounds like a healthy relationship, just be sure to convey yourself as you truly feel. From our last confrontation, Khiyai seems like the one whose Will is stronger than what she can manage. Those sorts seem to be threatened by their emotions, especially when they're stimulated by people as forward as you, Malik." Mu'Tasim nodded wisely, trying to piece together a few things in his head.

Malik looked away from Mu'Tasim, blushing more. "I, well, I really do like Khiyai, and I want her to be happy! IT's not even just like, I find myself attracted to her on a level deeper than that! But I don't want to press things, and push her away from me forever! But her superior on the hangar crew hates me, and who knows what she'll do just to spite me if I don't act now?" Mal held his head in his hands in a frantic worried gesture

Mu'Tasim stayed silent for a few moments, starying at the blazing haired fellow. His own emotions seemed stir up from within him, for some reason, he thought of Zus. "Malik, I understand such a feeling. Something that says, 'Go, Do it now!', and something else in your mind says 'No, hold back!'. It is a very confusing feeling, especially if you have no ieal how to handle it. You feel strongly for her, so why not express how you feel? Why not try to know her better to understand her?"

Mal nodded, listening intently. "Yes, I understand! I can't sit by and just observe, I have to act!" Mal grinned widely as he stood up, taking the temple guard's hand and shaking it. "Thank you Vaytulri, Thank you!" before Mu'Tasim could respond, Mal had left the shirine, leaving to go do something. What it was exactly, the Temple Guard would soon find out.

OFF, Fort Jarizas, Mazerin
Base Shrine
Yetsava 17, 935
10:43, Commonwealth Standard Time
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