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In Progress Banners

Edto Xar'Sivaree

Lizard Freak!
Inactive Member
I am requesting the appropriate banners. Faction Manager and Game Manager.

I am the Faction Manager of the Vekimen Defensive Task Force. The responsibility of said position are the following.
  • Overseeing consistency and continuity within his designated faction: I have been working to get the VDTF and the Vekimen completely up to snuff
  • Approving factional characters
  • Final authority controlling NPCs of the faction: I control all factional NPC's
  • Recruiting and approving factional plot Game Masters. : I have been approached with plot idea's
  • Ensuring factional compliance with the Military Buildup Limitations: The VDTF complies with these.
  • Roleplaying the leadership and other NPCs of his faction as necessary: I do this
  • Designating an assistant and/or backup FM who can run his faction should the FM become indisposed: I have, @Noodles
I have complied with all of these responsibilities. My faction also has a plot, Rise of the Winged Hussars, and I have been approached by other players with plot plans that I do not have the ability to deal with. I do not have access to my faction planning thread anymore, which is important because there is a VDTF plot, and an entire plot arch spanning several plots involving the Vekimen in Asteria, which is going to be addressing some major things that I don't have any opportunity to discuss before hand, leading to people becoming irritated that I am "Blindiding" them with sudden major changes to the VDTF, where in reality they are not.

Further, I am requesting the Game Manager Banner. I am the Game Manager of the Interregnum plotline, @Acewing13 to confirm, and I am the Game Manager of Rise of the Winged Hussars, which is a VDTF plot with 6 active players. The requirements of that are:
  • Actively roleplaying in one or more of Star Army's canon role-playing forums for 3+ months. There are Game Masters on the site with the banner, who have no even met this requirement. Why do I not have this banner? @HarperMadi, no offense to her, joined the 14th of last month and has the banner.
  • Frequent online availability. I am online or available to contact near all the time unless I am asleep, with no more than a 3 hour wait for an answer to questions.
  • Demonstrated responsibility and helpfulness. My players, have not made a complaint to this regard.
  • Demonstrated creativity. I have 5 missions for the Interregnum planned, at the helm of a sub plotline involving the entire Asterian faction, and Rise of the Winged Hussars is Game Master MadLib where I ask the players simple questions, they give answers, ad I form the plot around what they give me.
  • Permission from the site administrator. Is this all I am lacking?
I feel this is a similar issue as the last time I asked for the VDTF banner.

I have been told I could not have the FM banner because the VDTF lacked a plot, they now have a plot with 6 active players.

I was told I could not have the GM banner because I was not the primary Game Master at the helm of a plot. I am now the Primary Game Master of two plots.

May I please know which requirements I am now failing to meet, so that I can take steps to meeting those requirements?

I can confirm that at this moment, @Edto Xar'Sivaree is doing more to GM the Interregnum than I am and will be for the foreseeable future, given that I'm going back to school soon and will be busy finishing my bachelors degree. Being in both of the plots he his GMing, I can say that he is a very communicative person who answers players questions and is willing to help them get stuff done.
I've given you a GM banner but Star Army is currently not allowing additional playable factions due to there being an excessive number of them vs. the actual population of roleplayers on the site. Also I thought the Vekimen merged into the Gartagen Union.
I've given you a GM banner but Star Army is currently not allowing additional playable factions due to there being an excessive number of them vs. the actual population of roleplayers on the site. Also I thought the Vekimen merged into the Gartagen Union.

No, the Vekimen did not "Merge" with the Gartagen Union. A Merger of the two species would actually be impossible given that they are opposites in many ways. The Vekimen are a Suzerainty of the Gartagen Union, similar that to Elysia or Asteria, though they are a Suzerainty in the idea that they asked to be a suzerainty.

The Gartagen Union are still two separate political beings, the VDTF just lets the Union do the Intergalactic politics for them while they build up.

Thank you for Game Master though.
The way I see it from what we discussed, the (newly renamed, just) Union, is our combined efforts or alliance. Then the Vekimen Defensive Task Force is like a planetary government over the capital of the Vekimen. The Gartagens have a similar government similar to that for Shara, which I have yet to write out(I apologize for that) I mean, I do not know the details on all this FM and GM requirement stuff and the limits on the factions, but he IS the owner and creator of the Vekimen Defense Task Force, which has already been in the setting and playable. At the very least, he deserves a co-fm banner of the Union if the others agree.