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OOC Battlefield Education: My Martial Arts Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy


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Zenjinkaze Fighting High School Wiki Page
Battlefield Education Plot Page

A bit of a guide for character creation. This is a list of what you should have in your inventory by default:
  • Summer Seifuku
  • Winter Seifuku
  • Summer Gakuran
  • Winter Gakuran
  • Exercise Uniform
  • Swimsuit (one piece)
  • Swim trunks
Pick the appropriate set of uniforms for your character, of course. Plus:
  • Identification/GS Card (Includes Driver’s Licence if earned, which is rare) (just say 'includes Driver's Licence' if you have one, don't leave this whole thing in, come on)
  • Starkwerk Touchcomputer, with a civilian Kessaku OS and PANTHEON access connecting to Tsubomi's server network
  • Several sets of Casual clothing
  • One set of formal wear
  • Appropriate applicable clothing for extracurricular activities (football uniform, rugby uniform, kendo pads, training sword, etc.)
  • At LEAST one personal item of sentimental/personal value, but little real value, but no more than FIVE such items
All students also begin with 100 GS and zero KS. You will be expected to actually spend money to do things, and everyone will be given an allowance when a new episode starts. Adults will be assumed to have KS in the bank, out of the RP, which is unable to be spent in Tsubomi. Students get room and board at the dorms and staff are assumed to live in the Ward nearby, unless they are bumming it at the school because they are comic relief. Staff will also get more GS, and replace those student uniforms with either work uniforms or more casual/formal outfits to teach in.

Original interest check post below.

Inspired by some messages sent in response to this thread about martial arts disciplines in SARP canon, I've decided to see who might be interested in participating in a high school martial arts catgirl romantic comedy pre-military training wacky hijinks RP. I would be guiding things, but I'd need help co-GMing it, as I'm pretty busy just keeping the Heartbreaker running smoothly. Thankfully, I think we have a few volunteers for that already.

It would be set in a new school in Tsubomi, Yamatai. It would likely be focused around multiple competing types of martial arts, most of which will likely be wiki-fied near the beginning of the RP, or as new students enter. It would have a more relaxed passage of time, since technically any Neko there would only have a year at most. Expect this one year to have multiple Yuletide celebrations and summers, just like those TV shows or comics where people stay in the same grade/school forever. There would also be some focus on school romance and comedy, although nothing that would require the 18+ rating. Expect school dances, dates that go horribly wrong, tournaments featuring fighters with feelings for their opponents, etc.

Any interest out there for something like this?
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I could get your back, brotha/sista. I got totally nothing else to do and was going to do some idol-based stuff. Might be a good avenue to fill that niche and focus my next idea on something else. Plus, we always need more filthy casual RPs.
I have already volunteered and would like to reiterate that I would be happy to help, have successfully completed a few SARP mini-projects in the past and know my way around, and have also trained for accumulative of 5+ years under Goju Ryu.
I heard you mention an idol RP earlier, and that might easily slide into here as well. Maybe a Love Live-style school idol group? Also let me point out Venus and the Avatars, Star Army's top propaganda tool/idol group. And thanks Ame, that would be a big help.
Yeah, I was intending initially to do it in Nepleslia/cross-factional, but I'll do more research if we merge the ideas. Martial arts I can provide some help with thanks to a year of Judo, but sadly Yamatai doesn't seem to practice Taekwondo T~T (the only style I ever did more than dabble in). I can imagine fluffing out some of the other activities, though, if we wanted to make it more broad. Hell, maybe the idol-elements are like the All-Stars from the martial arts teams. #AthleticIdols
Well there's nothing that says you can't make Space Taekwondo under a different name. I think there's even a Korean-themed area already established that it could come from.

We could definitely get a bit Rival Schools and Ranma with it, and have athletes or idols who use those skills in their martial arts.
Sounds fun! Hope you can make it happen!

I think there's even a Korean-themed area already established that it could come from.

There was Miyamae. Revolver made a Neko who was produced at the cloning facility once based there. He was really into hangul and Korea at the time, so made it Yamataian Korea. He served as the system's senator, too. Miyamae was given to the Lorath, though, and other than approved characters, it's not really hard canon as Yamataian Korea. Unless approved characters make it hard canon? Lol.
I would love to join this, but I kinda have a personal rule that until the Vekimen have players, I won't be playing anything but Vekimen. Soon though.... everything will be done soon.... I am almost done my CCG and all the required information regarding the Vekimen for someone to be able to accurately make a Vekimen currently.

Til then, unless a Vek can go to school, I'm shot ;^;
I'm very interested but don't know if I have enough time with all the RPs I'm in.. Can I make a Minkan male if I do join? Ikki Tousen, Kenichi, and Haganai are good anime @Acewing13. The first two are combat oriented. Kenichi isn't really a Rom-Com but it's martial arts and high school.
The shows John suggested are all perfect examples of this genre. I'd also recommend Tenjo Tenge. And Crunchyroll is a great place to watch anime online, they even partnered with Funimation recently to expand their library of content.

So, today I did a bit of work on the main wiki page for this plot. It's just a shell, and I need some input from anyone who is interested on several things.


zenjin = saint or predecessor
kaze = wind

Kaze shows up in anime all the time, especially these types, and is a direct reference to a few specific shows in this style. I chose zenjin because Z is a cool letter, especially in anime, and Saint/St. is a very common part of school names. I thought Zenjinkaze Fighting High School rolled off the tongue fairly well, sounds like the title of a show like this. But, if anyone has other ideas or suggestions, let me know! Changing the name wouldn't be too hard.

If anyone has a suggestion for what Ward of Tsubomi this should be in, speak up. Each Ward has some interesting things in in, arcades, restaurants, a bigger mall, etc.

I could also use some suggestions for school colors! The uniforms will likely have a base of black and/or white with two other colors mixed in there. If anyone has an idea for a school emblem/seal/crest/logo or might want to draw one up, let's hear it!

I put in sections for the clubs and martial arts styles represented, but didn't fill anything out yet. I figure as we get characters signed up or mentioned in passing, we'll fill things out. If anyone has ideas for ones to get us started, feel free to edit them in yourself, or suggest them to me.

I also included a bit about the Four Divine Queens who are the four big bosses of the school. Probably NPCs, but could be characters!

Also made a spot for the required Seven Mysteries. With the first, of course, being the rumor of Hanako haunting the girl's bathroom...

I left a link for the martial arts page I'll be making later in the week, as I hope to get this all wrapped up by the weekend.

So, right now, we seem to have eight potential players.

  1. @Ametheliana Co-GM
  2. @Amaryllis Co-GM?
  3. @Legix Idol Activities
  4. @Edto Xar'Sivaree Vekimen Transfer Student
  5. @Acewing13
  6. @Alex Hart
  7. @ArsenicJohn
  8. @HAMnJAM
So, pitch me your characters and make some suggestions, and let's see if we can't get the ball rolling on this. Also definitely want to see what ideas A&A have. I think it will likely be a week or two before we can get this started, I will need to finish the martial arts article to have a base to start with. Then either start an Open RP thread or see about getting the school wiki page approved first.
Oh, I also recommend anyone interested read the article on Tsubomi, specifically the parts about who can apply to live/be schooled there, and how the city is laid out. Underground roads, lots of parks everywhere on top, pretty interesting stuff. Definitely sets a cool, unique scene.


Updated with lots of new information, some bits about how to set up a character, and added a spot for dorms along with a new roster page. Whew. I think this is about ready.

If you want to start submitting ideas here or characters directly to the submissions area, I think we're good to go. Unless anyone sees anything I've missed.
I'm curious what would qualify some of the teachers and if we're really going to be splitting the school. It might be better to start the RP with a single wing?

Edit: Not saying we can't do the stuff to prepare the others, but rather we might be better focusing on a singular wing until we have the RP flowing.
I think it will be fun to have the three dorms compete against each other, sets up that kind of stuff easily. I was going to try to keep things fairly balanced, which is why I mention assigning people to different dorms as they apply. Like if we actually start with 10 people I could do 5 in one dorm and 5 in another. They won't be in classes often, they'll be able to mingle like 70% of the time.

I think I'm going to use some characters of mine as the Principal/VP and the other two co-GMs will likely each make a student and teacher. So hopefully one will have a student at A and teacher at B and vice versa and it will all work out nicely. I was trying to leave the teachers and other NPC-ish slots open in case someone wants to play a gym teacher or style teacher, or has an NPC they want to transfer in to handle it or something.