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RP [BattleGroup Havoc] Longwatch Gambit


The Gunman
RP Date
2月 YE 43
RP Location
Longwatch System
Assembly Point Blue

Seven ships were arranged in a loose formation, as the shock clock on all the bridges continued to count down. In the center of the formation, the Escort Carrier Phantom loomed like a shark. Rear Admiral Greyson sat in his seat in the CIC, watching the countdown when Commander Adler approached. "Sir, the ship is prepared and all crews are ready." She reported, taking her seat to his right. On the holotable, the seven ships were shown in blue. The surrounding space was completely empty except for the ships of Havoc.

As the shock clock neared zero, Cole looked to his comms officer. "Open a line to all ships." The officer nodded, and gave a thumbs up once the link had been established. "This is Phantom Actual to all ships. It's time to show these garrison boys just what we can do. You have all been briefed. We know our jobs. Let's gets this show on the road. All ships report in! He ordered.

There was a moment of pause before the first ship called in. "This is Vulture Actual, we are ready!" Then the next. "Hammerhead Actual reporting, all systems are go." And the next. "Harpy Actual, all good here."

Cole nodded to himself. The three ships that were to follow him in for the diversion were ready. Now for the three that were to take the platforms needed to check in. He turned his head to look back at the holotable, scanning his eyes over the last of his ships.


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With its Zanarium stealth armor layer energized and its crew on tactical alert, the NSS Battle of Nexim Arsenal lay silent in formation with its sister ships. Captain Hector Pontius leaned over with both hands grasping the polished steel railing that divided his Hray-class stealth gunship's bridge. The CIC's lighting around him was dimmed in preparation for a fight and most of the illumination now came from the readouts scrolling across the bright tactical screens before him. Pre-battle chatter among his officers and between the ships of Havoc calmed whatever jitters had roused within his belly; this might be a training exercise with low stakes, but it was still Hector's first command and he was the sort of Nepleslian who always undertook his duties with the utmost concern.

"Send our signal to Greyson," Hector ordered when the voice of the Phantom's comms officer came through asking the battlegroup to report.

"Aye, aye, sir!" a woman with rich olive skin affirmed. She was Commander Agrippina Rabeen, the Battle's second-in-command — a woman of slight stature with vivid ice blue eyes and hair of the darkest brown shades that she wore up in a thick ponytail at the crown of her head — and she quickly stepped over toward an interface screen from where she'd been standing in oversight of the lower half of the bridge.

"The Nexim Arsenal is standing by," she said into the communication device. Her statement was taken by the ship's computer, transcribed into text only, and then shot over to the NSS Phantom, which was done to limit the shadowy Hray-class's detectability. Even now before the exercise had officially started, the gunship's crew knew to maintain tight operational security while its stealth systems were active. "We are prepared to begin."


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Captain Lysander's eyes flicked over his bridge, making sure one last time that everyone was ready. NSS Invictus was rigged for quiet running, but it wouldn't be anywhere near as quiet as the NSS Battle of Nexim Arsenal or NSS Suprise. The offload of some of their marines and shuttles to the other two ships had gone smoothly. He still had enough to be a credible threat on his own. "Invictus Actual ready." He responded.


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From the communication station Ensign Reade called out, "Message from the Admiral, All ships are to report in." Jack nodded from the view port he had been standing at, watch the fleet form up. He was ready, his ship was ready. They had spent the last 36 hours getting ready and running drills. Every Sailor and Marine knew exactly what was expected of them. Even though this was just a war game, he and his ship would put their all into this fight. He turned from the view port. The bridge was a quite hum of activity. They were waiting for his orders. This was the first time as Captain and Jack could feel the weight of responsibility on him. But he knew his own abilities and that of his ship. He had best damn ship and the best damn crew in the whole Nepleslian navy!

Jack placed his hands behind his back as he walked down to the center of the bridge. He glanced at his XO and asked, "Mr. Calamy is my ship ready?" Mr. Calamy touched his hat and replied. "The Surprise is ready and awaiting orders, Sir." Jack nodded, trying to hide a smile. "Mr. Reade, inform the Admiral, with my complements, that the Surprise is ready."


The Gunman
Assembly Point Blue

The comm officer turned to the Admiral and nodded. "Sir all ships report ready." Greyson nodded. "Good, then it is time to begin."

He stood from his chair as the shock clock struck zero. "All ships! Commence the operation. Helm take us to heading 25, full speed ahead! CAG have all squadrons on standby for deployment. Tactical, prep tubes 1-5."

The response was a resounding "Aye aye!" from the whole crew.

The Phantom's drive lit up like a christmas tree as the ship began turning towards their heading. The Hammerhead, Harpy, and Vulture did the same falling into formation with the Phantom as it began heading towards the enemy on their distraction run.

"Capture team, make your way to the holding point and await the signal" The comm officer reported as the rest of the battlegroup deployed.

Half an hour later

Approaching the planet under silent running, the four ships had their weapons trained on the closest of the Opfor destroyers. "Sir we approaching maximum range for the torpedos." The Tactical officer reported. "Understood. Continue to hold. We need to get a bit closer." Several tense minutes passed in silence as the four ships approached in silence. Once the ships were a few thousand miles out Greyson gave the order. "Distraction team go loud! Fire torpedoes and bring your drives active again. Let's shake them up a bit."

All four ships fired their simulated torpedoes. Nothing happened in real space, but on their consoles a swarm of white carrots began racing towards the Opfor's destroyers. The enemy Atlas destroyers immediately began evasive maneuvers and moving to attack the distraction team's ships.

"Good they've taken the bait. Bring the drives to full! CAG deploy the first squadron in defensive posture around our ships!" As the Distraction team zipped by the planet, most of the Atlas destroyers peeled away to give chase. However 3 remained in place. Unfortunately the capture team would need to deal with them somehow...


🎖️ Game Master
NSS Surprise

Time seemed creep slowly as the the three cloaked ships moved into position. Jack felt his own will begin to strain as the intense seconds ticked off the mission timer. He glanced around the bridge at his officers. Master Gunner Warshaw untied her hair braid for the umpteenth time and retied it. Commander Pete Calamy, Jack's number 2 checked the status board again and was mouthing the calculations silently to himself. Lt. William "Poet" Mowett, the pilot, was muttering something under his breath. Poetry most likely, Jack smiled. They were all exhibiting their normal signs of stress. Good, it meant they were ready to go.

"Captain." Mr. Calamy called from where he was viewing the data sensors. Being cloaked there sensors were limited so as not to give away their position but they weren't completely blind. They could see where the Admiral had begun his attack, right on time, and the enemy ships had given chase, according to plan. Well, almost to plan. 3 ships had remained behind, covering the defense platforms. Smart, Jack thought. The defense fleet were playing to safe. But that meant 3 ships the stealth group had to deal with that they hadn't planned on. "Sir?" Jack turned to his number 2 and saw a questioning grin on his face and realized it was a reflection of the grin on his own face. There was nothing Jack loved more than a boarding action. Attacking another ship from within and taking it as a prize. "Not much sport taking a defense platform as a prize is there Pete." Jack said casually to his second. "We have more than enough Marines in our little group to take those platforms, but our boys specialize in taking a ships. Looks like they're going to get their chance."

"Mr. McCain" Jack called out to the Marine Officer who stood by the door. McCain quickly stepped forward. "McCain, I know some of your boys were right disappointed in not being able to participate in capturing the stations. Well looks like they're going to get to see some action after all. All Marines and our sailors who participate in our cutting out exercises will re-form in the hanger into two groups. You will take one group and hit the ship designated "Charly". I'll..." Jack paused a moment. He was Captain now. It would be bad form for the Captain to join a boarding party and leave his ship in command of another. Though he had full confidence in Mr. Calamy, this was his ship and his first command. "I'll take the Surprise and move between ships "Alpha" and "Beta". Mr. Calamy will take command of the second boarders and hit "Alpha"." Mr. Calamy grinned rubbed his hand together. He loved a cutting out expedition as much as his Captain did. "Primary objective, take the ship out of the fight. Secondary, take control of the ship and join it our numbers. Good Hunting."

As the men jumped to head to their new assignments, Jack sent a very brief message to the other 2 ships with him in the stealth squad. He didn't want to risk a long detailed plan being picked up. He just had to trust that both Captains were clever men who could adjust on the fly. He believed they were, though you never really got the measure of some men until you saw them preform in combat. The message read SURPRISE WILL TACKLE SHIPS. FOCUS ON PLATFORMS. GOOD HUNTING.
Destroyer Atlas 1

The ships crew was following the spectacle with the same interest.

One by one the core of the fleet engaged in pursuit of the enemy. This stretched the defense line more than was comfortable for a concentrated playbook response.

Atlas 1-3 was ordered to hold the line and open new orders.

Seargent Rawlings checked the time and handed the remaining orders to his XO.

Captain Stein was a small stature well tanned man way into his 50's . His face was full of wrinkles and by all standards we was not a hollywood model, but there was something interesting about the way he recalled his university boxing matches or the way he held his big ciggar in contempt of all regulations. He read the orders then turned to his soldiers:

"Men, our core fleet engaged the enemy, we hold the line and continue scanning for contacts. Comms sync with Atlas 2 and 3 - every 10 minutes. Engineering is ordered to deploy the shared phase array with the other 2 ships. It will increase the radius but Mccoy I don't want to hear from you unless it's something big enough for our cannons. You won't believe but we are particularly encouraged to test the electronic warfare package Ragnarok. We hold the swarm and we rotate around the platforms until contact or further notice. You have your orders! Code Yellow" he finished and gazed upon the big screen to the fight and lights in the distance.

Most of the support ships left as well leaving them alone in space waters.

Comms had to route a secure channel so that all three destroyers can coordonate their radars as one.

Engineers rushed towards shuttle bay. With the support ships gone, they ordered the war shuttles deployed mid-range to increase enemy awareness and readiness with optical surveillance.

Rawlings poored a big cup of black coffee.

"It's going to be a long boring day" he told himself.


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NSS Invictus

Lysander nodded, watching the plot as the distraction fleet look their attention with a high-speed pass by the planet. With Suprise taking the destroyers. That would allow the Carnivore Class Cruiser to slip by the net they were setting up. "Are we tracking the platforms?" He asked.

"They are in our missile envelope. Two Hundred and fifty seconds to gun range. " Tactical reported.

"Excellent, have our gunners acquire passive locks on the destroyers and the platforms. We'll only get one alpha strike. We need to make it count for Battle and Phantom. So EMP rounds for the guns and Trepanation Wormhole Missile for our swarm. When that hits, it will bring down their shields and scramble their sensors. Then we need to keep their attention for our boys on Battle and Phantom to capture the platforms so we'll be going evasive." Lysander explained his plan.