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SANDRA Big Moves - Old Refugee Camps Headed to Nataria


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Big Moves - Old Refugee Camps Headed to Nataria
YE 41

Planet Himiko--A flurry of activity descended upon planet Himiko today, as ships from Star Army Logistics, assisted by some forces by the Star Army's Third and Ninth Fleets, began moving 500 Star Army refugee towns from the Southern continent to planet Nataria to become part of Nataria. Originally built in YE 33 to house Second Mishhuvurthyar War survivors from the evacuated United Outer Colonies, the refugee towns were placed on several planets and featured large amounts of 8-person Quonset huts. Over time, the populations of the camps declined as the survivors restarted their lives throughout the Kikyo sector, with most of them remaining in the Yamatai Star Empire, and most of them had closed by YE 38. The move of planet Himiko's camps to Ft. Minori will allow the Star Army to inexpensively expand the fort's barracks capabilities to house an additional 9.2 million soldiers.

OOC: This is partly a cover story to explain movement of starships in the 3rd and 9th fleets, which are preparing to retake Essia :)