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SYNC Black Crane Counter-Boarding Training


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RP Date
6月 YE 43
A Yugumo Corporation Company
Tokyo, Jiyuu III

From: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Shachō, Takeda Fleet, Fuku-Shachō Yugumo Corporation
To: Mizumitsu Tomomi, Black Crane Securities


As Takeda Fleet has adopted the Paradin system and other Ryu Keiretsu hardware pursuant to the Ryu Keiretsu And Yugumo Corporation Agreement of YE 43, we need to schedule your certification training with the new equipment, as well as your counter-boarding training for our security team. Please advise us of your available training slots at your Port Jiyuu facility.

Thank you,
Motoyoshi Tachiko
Shachō, Takeda Fleet
Fuku-Shachō, Yugumo Corporation
Shōi Kōhosei, Star Army of Yamatai
Ketsurui no Motoyoshi

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From: Mizumitsu Tomomi
To: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Shachō, Takeda Fleet, Fuku-Shachō Yugumo Corporation
Bc: Mizumitsu Rie, Sensei-no-budô


Ryu-Mizumitsu-sama sends his thanks in choosing our adopted "Paradin" Combat System to equip your security forces. I can have a detachment of ashigaru and supporting staff deployed to Port Jiyuu within a day of your choosing to conduct certification. Mizumitsu Rie will be your point of contact for this operation.

Mizumitsu Tomomi
CEO of Black Crane Securities
Daimyo, Mizumitsu Samurai

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