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RP: 4th Fleet (NSN) Border Troubles


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4th Fleet HQ, Nepleslia Prime

Captain Darryl Murdoch really hated his job sometimes. Intelligence analysis, counter intelligence, and security of the Fleet's intelligence data was all fine by him. Even reporting it usually wasn't much of a chore. This time, however, it was downright frustrating.

"There's an asteroid there which wasn't there three months ago. In a stable orbit around the star rather than any planet or asteroid belt," Murdoch said aloud as he and the tech who had reported the anomaly looked over the astrographic data. "Yes sir, it's beyond the system's asteroid belt and if it entered from deep space, something acted on it to slow it down prematurely. I've done the computer simulations, the gravity would have only seriously affected it much closer to the asteroid belt."

"Pass this onto Admiral Ironside's desk. She can decide whether to bother the Old Man or not," Murdoch finally decided. It was too much of a puzzle for him. To understand it, a ship would have to go and check it out. And fleet deployment wasn't in his job description.

NSS Dauntless, Orbit Nepleslia Prime

"Sir, are you really sure this is worth bothering about?" the flame-haired woman asked the man in front of her. "Extremely. The IPG has been saying that they expect an incursion somewhere along our northern border. I suppose their pet Nightmare has been feeding them information in exchange for some modicum of comfort. Freemud is the place to do it and right now is the best time. None of the heavy units have begun to transition to the system and not enough of the light units are there either," Dominic Valken replied as they entered the elevator to the bridge.

"So it's PUTCo again?" Valencia Ironside sighed, leaning against the Admiral's shoulder.

"Probably," he said, squeezing her shoulder slightly. At that signal, she moved off him and the door opened to the bridge. They walked immaculately onto the battlecruiser's bridge to the call of "Admiral on deck!"

The bridge crew turned and saluted. "As you were. Comms, signal OC Fleet Detachment Freemud to push two destroyer patrol routes closer towards the coordinates Admiral Ironside will give you. I have sent you an orders packet to attach to that transmission. After that, signal Wispy that I would like to speak to her captain in person at their earliest convenience. Following that, signal Rear Admiral Graves with instructions to prepare for operations. I will be in my day cabin."

As he turned, Valken could hear the murmurs. The last time the fleet had been mobilized turned out to be a false alarm. This time, Death Squadron was being mobilized and the Admiral had asked to see the captain of a Hray in person. Something was afoot in Freemud and the word would begin to spread. He smiled. Let them know we're coming. They can't stop us.