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Bound in the Stars (Open)


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RP Date
YE 43
RP Location
Location > Yamatai, Apartment Complex.

"Look... Look I know I was an ass ok..."

"A massive one."

"Like, on a scale of one to ten, you were a star fortress..."

"I mean I think they are underselling how much of an ass you were 'Ten..."

"I get it I get it! I fucked up ok, I know I did. But I'm tryin to do better, I am. And part of that is apologizin to you all. So... Here I am, trying to apologize and get back somethin I enjoyed. You all, and music."

"Music? You want to get back together?"

"I don't know 'Ten it's been a while, I haven't even held a pair of sticks in months. After all that I just kinda..."

"I don't even have my old guitar anymore, it's in storage somewhere... I think..."

"My bass is all outta tune and fucked up."

"Look, I will pay for it ok? I'll pay to get your stuff up to snuff... I just wanna play with you all again. We used to have so much fun and we were so fuckin good come on! You can't tell me you don't miss bein up there even a little..."

"And just how do we know you aren't going to fuck us over again? How do we know you aren't gonna show up drunk or trashed and just fuck around?"

"Cause I'm not. This is part of therapy for me, at least self-created therapy. Music makes me feel good, makes me feel right, but it works better when I have people playin with me. And you all were the best I had with me..."

For the first time, Datenshi looked down from the others and rubbed her elbow as she sat on the ottoman in front of the three others in the room. Two other Neko, one with a shock of bright blue hair done in an adorable pixie cut and green eyes, the other her twin save for the swapped color scheme, and the man who was a Lorath, tiny black wings fluttered a little to brush aside the ear length soft green hair that had begun to show white roots. The man spoke up first and rolled his eyes as he sighed and rolled his eyes.

"I need new heads..." He admitted as he leaned back and crossed his uncovered arms as he kicked Tenshi in the shin, who recoiled and cursed under her breath for a moment. The green-haired Neko let out a little huff but nodded all the same.

"I need new strings for my bass, and a retune, think you ca-"

"I got it, no issue. Bash, Leiko, thank you. Yuko?" 'Tenshi turned her eyes to the last hold out, worried about the last of the three, her other guitarist. Yuko stared at 'Tenshi for a hard moment or two before she rubbed her face.

"I want your Flying V for this show. Otherwise no de-HURK!" Her sentence never had a chance to finish as she was suddenly tackled, which nearly caused all three to get thrown from the couch as Tenshi nearly toppled it over backward. The girl flailed and fought back as 'Tenshi let out a shout of her own and hugged Yuko and got a bit of laughter out of the other two by the sudden attack. When the excitement faded, they got down to the difficult part of logistics. The Set list, where they would play the show, who would do what parts up front and for the actual singing as most of the group were pretty good singers... Then they fell into an argument about the actual name of the group.

They went back and forth multiple times over the name of the group. The other three went back and forth for several minutes about using the old band name, about different new names, but nothing could be reached until finally, Tenshi spoke up.

"Bound in the stars..."

Three Days Later
Tri-Star Bar.

Days later, they found themselves on the stage of one of 'Tenshi's friends bar, amps set up, drums in place, mics on... They were ready and set even as Bash was into his fourth beer with the bottle tilted back and damn near drained. 'Tenshi eyed him for a moment and squinted her eyes.

"You ok there big guy?"

"No, no not really. I haven't done this since our last show so..." Tenshi could see the jitters in the man's hand as he let out a sigh and tried to relax, even as Yuko and Leiko paced back and forth. For once, 'Tenshi had to step up and calm her friends down, get their heads back in place.

"Guys, we got this... We can do this. Just like playin at home, nothin different. Just now the screams and shouts won't be a track." She said with a grin and a wink. She took a breath and turned to the front of the stage before she jumped at the sudden crash of cymbols and drum heads. Eyes wide, she wipped her head back to stare at the Lorath who was in the midst of a drum solo as if to psyche himself up and get the attention of the rest of the fairly well packed bar. The lights were bright on them, which hid the crowd thankfully, and suddenly the crowd's murmurers turned to light cheers as attention was drawn to the stage, to the group up on display.

Dressed in comfortable clothing each one, Bash wore a pair of shorts, calf high combat boots, and an open vest with no shirt underneath. Yuko was dressed in torn and distressed black jeans and a ruffled sleeveless black top that matched, while Leiko was in a white counterpart with less ruffles. Datenshi had opted instead for a pair of untied ankle high boots with torn tights that ran up her legs to give peeks of her tattooed legs, which fed up into a red and black plaid skirt with a large skull buckled belt. She wore a white dress shirt with the top few buttons undone, and a skinny black tie that was half tied, looking all to much the part of a punk rocker.

As his little impromptu drum solo came to an end, Tenshi was all toothy grins as she spun back to the mic, her guitar in hand as she called out to the crowd.

"You fuckers ready?" Another small cheer, some people mostly confused, 'Tenshi and group launched into their first set list for the night. Throughout the set the crowd began to warm up more and more, all four playing their parts as if they hadn't stepped away for years, fought, or ever really been apart. 'Tenshi and Yuko traded off lead parts, 'Tenshi mostly singing save for a few chances where the others kicked in to help her or sing their parts, it was bliss for 'Tenshi as the crowd was cheering by the end of their first set list. 'Tenshi's eyes were wide and wild as she spun around to the others who seemed to be just as high on the excitement as her, wanting more even though their set list had finally finished up.

"We're gonna take twenty, but after that we'll be back up on stage so stick around and get drunk or somethin I dunno just have fun!" She put her guitar on the stand and made a bee-line to the bar to get a drink and try to come down a little from the excitement for the time being...