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  • 📅 October 2022 is YE 44.7 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.

SYNC Business opportunity for Akemi.


🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
YE 44.5
To: Akemi Enterprises, Nepleslia.
CC: Baroness Soon Bardoon, Sood Zadra
From: Jacob Canterbury II, Captain NSN

Greetings and compliments to Akemi. My name is Jacob Canterbury. I captain the ship NSS Surprise. Several months ago I was on Sood Zadra, a neutral plant controlled by a Kuviexian Baroness who had declared neutrality before the end of the war. Her neutrality is in the process of being recognized by the DIoN.

One of the things she was most keen on was that you open a full Akemis on Sood Zadra as soon as possible. I thought you would be interested in branching out. I have added the esteemed Baroness to this message as I thought you two would get along splendidly and to expedite plans to the opening of your business.

Jacob Canterbury II, NSN
NSS Surprise

@Ametheliana, @Yuuki


🎖️ Game Master
Retired Staff
To the Prestigious Captain of the Nepleslian Star Navy Jacob Canterbury the Second

Pleased to make your acquaintance and that of the Baroness,

Well of course I can think about doing a favor for a potential pal in green! I can even think of a quick way to make this something both of us can feel feel like we're getting something equal to an Akemi's out of, honestly.

I'm just that good that I'm always able to think up things like that, things that make people happy. Promise you the way the Elysian wings (dead and alive) taste you're going to feel that same feeling I'm describing, I promise. The way the yowling cats that come to your booth, the ones that sit down between courses for an amuse-bouches like you've never tasted, they're going to make you happy. The authority of knowing your friend's seat of power bears the name Akemi's as so many near her does... that's going to make you both happy. That kind of happiness could only be equaled by a Nepleslian commission (full ensign on detached duty of course).

I've always thought that Nepleslians are ground breakers. They allowed my restaurant when other sector-wide super powers wouldn't, after all. And I mean come on, what's more ground breaking than the first Nekovalkryja in the Star Army of Nepleslia!? I also completely don't look like a cat girl, by the way, so don't worry about me getting kicked around on my placement or anything (=^._.^=) You don't have to worry about me standing out, I never do on Nepleslia. As you know, Akemi's has a long and intimate relationship with the Nepleslian military complex that getting in bed with it even more by penetrating deep into the ranks... Well don't tempt me with a good time. It seems like the only thing equal putting this Akemi's on Sood Zadra.

Well thanks! Let me know who I can listen for in regards to enrollment so it doesn't hit spam. Take it easy, Jacob v2!