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RP: Bahram Wing [BW Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

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ON, Fort Jarizas, Mazerin
Hangar B1
Yetsava 15, 935
23:00, Commonwealth Standard Time

"Good that you're all here."

Serhan Nejem stood at the front of the small white and brown briefing room, standing in front of an inactive viewscreen, that was playing an endlessly random, acetic blue and white pattern until it received commands to display something more important. The frame runners of Bahram Wing having just gotten out of their VANDR with enough time to dry off their linksuits, were sitting in small egg-shaped chairs, each with a smaller display screen, showing the same video as the one at the front of the room, attached to their left armrests.

"Now then, we'll begin with a quick overview of what you are permitted to say once our patrol time is officially ended, the dispensation of any intelligence that the Vanguard deems you will require to know... and what I will do with those of you who failed to operate in keeping standard wing tactics." Serhan said, putting his hand down onto the podium in front of him with just enough force to make a small smacking noise.

Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Malik was not in a good mood, to say the least. To go into much more detail, he was pissed, demoralized, and had no confidence in himself. The rest of the wing, atleast Zus Storhan and Savitar Anata, all hated him, thinking that he was a worthless deadbeat who had no redeeming values. One of his idols, Serhan Nejem, probably thought he had no right to be in his wing. The Chaplain, Mu'Tasim Farouk, well he probably saw Mal as a blight in the face of the Makouri saints. And as if to make it worse, the entire hangar crew had a grudge against him for damaging one of THEIR VANDRs. Everyone was right, Mal had no place inside a VANDR. He was too big, to stupid, too dumb, not empathic enough to be a runner. Anyone coming close to him would probably be able to feel the depression and anger coming off the young Cohronl/Mazerinii.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Zus sat fairly far towards the front, wanting to make sure she heard everything properly, because if there was learning to do, she would learn it. She listened intently to Serhan, not commenting at all. The Eyr Ranr felt bad for having hit Malik, but that was only a passing feeling; she was disappointed that he had gotten himself into that situation. Perhaps she herself or Mu'tasim could give the young man instructions on proper battle tactics, or at least that you do not rush the enemy unless your entire unit is rushing with you. regardless, she sat at attention, waiting.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Mu'Tasim reclined in his chair a little bit, his ears intent on hearing the words of the Marranr. He felt a little tired, the thought of a nice nap seemed almost blissful, yet it was not what they came to do. Thoughts aside, the Vaytulri gave Serhan an affirmative nod.

"Yes sir, understood."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

"Understood," Reovan repeated from her seat. She was very interested to hear about why the black frames had attacked the transport. To her it seemed only innocent citizens were aboard. Were they just terrorists trying to get the Government to cave to their demands? Why were they willing to risk their lives to kill those people? It didn't make any sense to the simple girl who grew up in the Expanse.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Zalus sat in the second row off the the right. He was sitting in the seat attentively listening to their commander. He knew what him and 'Ismat had done but he was interested to hear what the others had fowled up. "Understood sir."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Shokhi was seated somewhere near the middle. Visible, but nondescript. He was attentive and quiet, looking thoroughly contemplative. It was beyond him how anyone - anyone - could stoop so low as attacking civilians. To raise arms against the government was one thing, but to turn weapons against noncombatants was unconscionable. Unbelievable. And Shokhi was unwilling to accept that anyone, even the most despicable of criminals, could do that. There had to be more at work here.

There had to be.

"Understood, Marranr."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Savitar was sitting off to the side to avoid direct eye contact with Nejer and relaxed back in his chair. He wasn't too upset about what was going on as he could get that was just how rebellions worked. They had to attack someone to try and make their points didn't they? Most governments wouldn't listen to them to start with to make them want to have to use force. "Oh so now they want to tell us what we can say, yeah control freaks."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

"Hmm." Serhan nodded, stroking his hand across the podium's control surface to activate the viewscreen. The image shifted to an extremely well-rendered half moon-shaped shuttle, with a small tear in the side and laser scoring on the nose. "Several hours ago, the enemy attacked a light GE-based atmospheric shuttle of Civiltech make, which was confirmed to have been carrying a number of civilian passengers and luggage. One of the storage compartments was being utilized for cargo, and the investigators who arrived on the scene confirmed that the unnamed item was... stolen."

"The exact nature of the item was not made clear to me, but Vaygraiv Frazig mentioned that it was a piece of Solanii technology. It did however, have a radioisotopic tracking device, which was not detected on the wreckage from the field." He continued, as an image of a shifting blue wave form was placed under simplified renditions of the nine downed units. After attempting to sync with the faint radiation signatures each possessed, each unit was crossed out one after the other, signifying that they did not match.

"Oh, and this came up over the net work." Serhan said in a slightly frustrated monotone, fumbling on the screen until it rendered six typical Iromakuanhe faces, with four men and two women. "Intelligence only confirmed that three of you scored an actual kill. These black frame runners were recovered inside of, or near the wreckage of their units."

"There will be an AND broadcast about the incident with the transport in a few hours. The Vanguard asks that you do not contradict anything being said there, or mention the stolen goods." Serhan explained, adjusting his glasses and glancing at Savitar. "Almost everything you do during you career will be under a certain level of classification. No one is keeping you from bragging your accomplishments, Vayshirin Ananta, simply asking that you do not cause the spread of troublesome rumors."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Shokhi took in Serhan's information, and almost immediately set to trying to put pieces together. It was kind of what he did. Unfortunately, the limited nature OF the information meant there weren't many pieces to put in place. Solanii technology had been stolen - and at the very least, this did ease his mind a little bit. It wasn't a blind and pointless attach on a civilian target. It was still entirely unjustifiable, but there was some purpose behind it...

"Sir? Which three made confirmed kills?" Shokhi leaned forward nervously, fervently hoping his name was not on that list. The image of the crippled Black Frame was hard to remove from his mind. His degree of compassion may not have been ideal for a Frame Runner, but Shokhi could never be convinced that mercy and compassion were a flaw. In anyone, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

"None of you need to know that, and I am not at liberty to discuss it." Serhan's orange glasses glinted in the light of the viewscreen as he turned to face Shokhi, with his left eyebrow slightly perked. He would not allow any of his wing to lose morale over killing, nor would he offer the others any kind of moral or emotional leverage. He would also, be observing Astral Vanguard mandate, which only required personal kill tabulations during times of armed intervention, civil conflict... or war.

"If you really must know, review the events of the mission, and the accompanying battle data."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Reovan was relieved to hear that, with all the enemy units that were destroyed, not all of them were piloted. That made her feel better about having probably just killing a drone. She looked over towards Shokhi, hoping that the Ivuori was similarly feeling better about having not necessarily killed someone.

Still, the fact that the thieves were willing to risk all those lives and their own for a little piece of cargo was disturbing. Even moreso that with their faces staring back from the screen could be anyone. These people were little more than bandits. Bandits who claimed to have an excuse for their actions. But, the Sund Wakir disagreed with that. There was no excuse.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

"Understood. I apologize, sir."

Shokhi didn't sound much like he understood, nor was he going to be particularly relieved until he had reviewed the data and confirmed one way or another. He quite disagreed with Serhan on that - Shokhi very much needed to know. It wasn't just about things that left a painful residue in his brain... Shokhi always felt compelled to know things... but when there was a lingering feeling of guilt and shame, it was a compulsion that was difficult to ignore.

Fortunate that the Marranr had left him an open channel. For now though he just wanted to sleep, find some momentary solace in dreams. He snapped to attention again, waiting for anything else that they needed to know.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Zalus perked up at the mention of confirmed kills. He wanted to know if the two frame runners he downed were still alive. He both hoped that they were alive and dead. He didn't want to kill anyone but at the same time they were thieves and terrorists. after the mission was over he planed to review the data and see if he could find it out himself.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Savitar sat back in his chair and thought it over, so they weren't trying to strictly control the flow of information between individuals. That was a relief in and of itself for the time being, but who knew about the future? Maybe those rebels had a point? Nah, just a bunch of desolate idiots. But he did want to know who scored the kills.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

So Serhan wasn't telling who got kills? 'Ismat just shrugged and kept quiet to listen. It didn't really matter. What did matter was that they got their job done. Anyway, she could probably find out through her own channels who got the kills, if she really wanted to, so it was no problem. But, if the Marranr didn't feel want them to know, 'Ismat would respect that. Besides, it probably wouldn't be the best use of VIA resources, nor was it really needed.

Something that was more intriguing was the missing cargo. Missing technology that even Serhan wasn't told the details of? Again, 'Ismat could probably look into it a bit more, and again, it probably wasn't needed to be known.

What 'Ismat did need to know was what happened during the combat portion she wasn't present for. This she would need to look into.
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

Mal's expression only darkened. Cowards! Traitors! Fiends! How dare they endanger innocents for their own personal gain. The runner's depression was fading away, replaced with a powerful, righteous fury. "These people... No, these troglodytes have the gall to not only break away from the commonwealth, but to also callously endanger innocent civillians for their own goals!" IbnRashidan trembled from the anger, it almost felt as if his blood was boiling. Then it all came to him at once.

Why did he join the Astral Vanguard? To protect the innocent from all the evils in the world.

Why did he become a Frame Runner? Because just as a Gualmayan was the steed of the knights of yore, his VANDR would be his steed as he rode out to protect the innocent.

It couldn't be like that anymore. It won't be like that anymore. There will not be any more friendly fire. There will not be anymore idiodicy on base. If Mal was not a good pilot now, he would spend as much time as possible, improving his skills. But something still nagged him, something important.

But why did he find himself attracted to Khiyai?
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

"Sir." Mu'Tasim spoke up, not feeling too comfortable with the information he was getting. "I was wondering what sort information came up on the VANDR I killed. From the transmission I heard, he was much more a leader than a follower."

An itch seem to rise on chin, and the Guard scratched it and relaxed himself a little more.

"I would feel that they would be able to recover some sort of data from such an influential target. If not that, find out if there are any more pilots like him, or why he had a modified Erla VANDR."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

"That was going to be explained next, Vaytulri." Serhan replied, flicking over to a blueprint of the unit that Mu'Tasim had fought and defeated, complete with mechanical layout and the genetic sequence it was built upon. "As you see here, the unit that you faced in the mountains was for all intents and purposes, a perfect reproduction of the So-M1-1a. Identical, save the node to communicate with autofunction units behind the communications antenna, similar to those found in training models."

Similar images of a real Erla VANDR and its genetic sequence appeared and overlapped the representations already on the screen. The actual blueprint made a perfect match, but the sequence did not. "You see, the genes aren't quite the same, and they lack Solan's proprietary markers, and a number of patterns meant to stabilize the VANDR's lifespan."

"This naturally, means that the enemy now has a false flag unit. Fortunately, the lack of markers means that you'll be able to use MASC particle sensors will be able to scan and detect infiltrators."
Re: [Phase Out: Mission 1] Debriefing, Demotion, Deculture

"So, we have someone out there who is manufacturing copies of the Erla VANDR." Mu'Tasim brought a hand to his chin. "What sort of group has the manpower to make VANDR's beside Solan themselves?"
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