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RP: Bahram Wing [BW Pre Phase: Mission 1] Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

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Fort Jarizas, Mazerin
Hangar B1
Yetsava 15th, 935
17:44 Commonwealth Standard Time

"...so you see, by stripping out the lower leg barriers and replacing your lower legs with the hybrid MASC-funnel CIVWS that came in three nights ago, we could increase your acceleration speed by a factor of three, and your top speed in atmosphere by up to eighty meters per second." A short male mechanist explained, holding out a digital schematic.

Serhan nodded, and took the schematics for the new system to review them. He pondered deeply, wondering if he really needed such modifications, but otherwise a little intrigued. Eight years ago, Solan only wanted to release the same design over and over again, and all of a sudden there were rumors of full conversion packs for the aging Erla VANDR so that squadrons could better specialize and equip themselves. "And you made sure that the data was exact?"

"Khiyai and Alia did the analysis themselves, and the results had a .1% margin of error." The mechanist answered, his voice cracking a little. "I wouldn't WANT to doubt either of them."

"Mmm. Some other time." The officer said blankly, adjusting his orange glasses. "Midday is in ninety minutes, and it wouldn't be enough time to fine tune the system." He didn't seem to care very much, but at least made an effort to justify himself.


After getting changed into his Linksuit, Serhan waited by the doorway, waiting to see which crewmembers would arrive early, and which ones would be assigned cleaning duty in their crew hallway. Nothing, after all, could excuse being late after nearly eighteen hours of free time, but much could be done to make up for it.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Mu'Tasim growled with aggravation as he woke up around 10:00 CST. His face still hurt from the clawing he had received about ten hours ago, and his back was aching fiercly from the stabbing. As he put on his Guard Flak, he noted the scabbed wounds dotting and lining under his left shoulder. He frowned at his back.

That blood will never come out of the Robe, nor the Flak I was wearing. He sighed, then cursed himself, I was foolish to turn my back on Habeem, I should have known to keep my eyes on him.

Though, he could not change what had already happened, and he was happy with securing his new Book of Dreams in his bookstrap, even if it did smell a bit like Salcra. Though, the height of it all was attaining a Moon Robe for the coldness of the base. He secured his banner to his belt, and then took off for the day.

His first action was to check on the keeping of the Base Shrine, and then get a short list of what he would need to do to bring it back into condition.

The shrine itself was rather well decorated, showing how much care it had received before Habeem's tragedy. There was a small lamp sitting at the center of the room, pillows cast around here and there for sitting and meditation. The front of the room housed a shrine for all the saints, but the center of attention focusing on Mu'Klamal, the Saint of Wrath, and of Mazerin. Each saint had a small statue dedicated to them, but Mu'Klamal's armored figure stood taller and larger than the rest. It was obvious that Mu'Klamal, being the Saint of Mazerin, would know the best guidance for anyone living on the harsh world.

Mu'Tasim walked forward and rubbed some of the dust of the helmet of Mu'Klamal's statue.

Strange that Mu'Klamal is the only Saint who we do not see the face of. thought Mu'Tasim. He took another look around, "You know, all it requires is a little dusting and rearrangement, and then it should look brand new."

His watch read 11:34 CST, so he had plenty of time. With that, he got to work, dusting off the entire area with a broom found in the Shrine's closet. He then went around arranging everything, putting them back into their place. The rest of the time was committed to other miscellaneous duties of repair and reorder. After which, he took to meditation at the center of the room, quietly taking in his load of work and focusing for the day ahead.


It was around 17:45 when entered into Hanger B1, he wanted to see which VANDR that he was going to be piloting before setting up for flight. He had already taken the liberty of donning a linksuit, but kept his Moon Robe over it for warmth. The Temple Guard looked around for a few moments, taking in the splendour of the mechanists, all maintaining the large mobile suits. He saw Serhan speaking to another one of the mechanist, but did not feel the need to interupt them, instead he continued to walk up the line of VANDR suits, leaving out of both the Marranr's and Mechanist's line of sight.

Walking back down a few minutes later, he saw the Marranr standing at the entrance to the hanger. He waved at him as he approached, his arm chilling a moment after it escaped the warmth of his Moon Robe.

"Marranr Nejem! Jafar's Blessings to you!" Mu'Tasim greeted Serhan warmly, raising his hand to salute him. "Would you happen to know which VANDR I will piloting for our sortie?"
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

"Hmm, I believe there is a unit that would suit you. It was struck in the back of the head with an explosive harpoon during Ea Wing's last patrol." Serhan said dimly, before letting out a muffled cough. Even he could tell the joke was rather flat, but didn't bother panicking over it. "Because of veterancy, you'll be running as Wing Second. You may have the red unit in the dock to the right of my own."

"You won't need to have that wound attended to. Floating in Prajna for a few minutes tends to suffice for surface damage."
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Zus arrived not long after Mu'tasim, having made sure to get ready she was eager to experience more time in the cockpit of a VANDR; the sensation of piloting was one she enjoyed, despite the memories it sometimes brought up. Regardless, she was clean and fresh after yesterday's trudge through the air vents, having taken a warm shower this time, quite a luxury in the situation, As the Vayshirin entered the hangar, she looked around. the cavernous room felt slightly cold to her, and she pulled her jacket tighter over her linksuit. Finding her squadron commander and the Tempole guard together, she greeted them, saluting "Adravni Marranr, Vaytulri, How goes the day?"
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Mu'Tasim arched a brow suspiciously at the Marranr, not exactly catching what he meant, nor understanding the joke. The Guard was not exactly quick when it came to such subtle shots. Though, he thought best to keep quiet about it. He looked over at the VANDR that the Marranr was referring too, noting it's repaired condition and it's rather bright coat of red.

"Thank you for your trust, Marranr. I will not misguide it." Mu'Tasim nodded firmly to Serhan, before turning to Zus.

"Parolov's blessings to you, Storhan!" Mu'Tasim greeted her warmly, his usual smile following. A sudden itch from one of his scratches caused him to summon a hand from under his robe and rub at one of them. "I am doing as well as well can be, thank you."

One of his scratches opened up after a he pushed a little too hard on it, causing a little blood to come from it.

"Oh Saints dammit. I'm ready to get rid of these scratches..." He murmured under his breath.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Malik arrived after Zus, dressed in his linksuit, with his waistscarf wrapped around (obviously) his waist. He saluted to Serhan first, than Mu'Tasim, standing at attention.

"Vayshirin, Malik Ibn Rashidan, reporting as ordered." His voice was once again calm, but with a hint of eagerness in it. His eyes strayed to the VANDRs, focusing on his own. VANDR. Great machine, of flesh and steel. It's time, isnt it? Time for us to join together. A slight smile crossed his face, focusing back on Mu'Tasim and Serhan.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

After she had escaped the suspicious gaze of Mu'Tasim the night before, 'Ismat had spent much of her remaining freetime trying to figure out where she had gone wrong. And, how she could improve. She was not about to get in trouble for having her cover blown so quickly.

The VIA Operative approached the hangar, taking a peek to see who was there. She was where she was told to report and... WAS THAT MU'TASIM? Oh no.... There also appeared to be that... not-so-bright person from the night before... Milak? Milk... Malik? Yes, that was it... Malik. Anyway... who was supposed to be the leader of the Bahram Wing? Sure, 'Ismat knew the name, but who was it? That man by the door looked vaguely authoritative and she saw him on her way out of the lounge the night before and, if she remembered correctly, people were saluting him. So it must be him.

"Vaybalri 'Ismat Sitari," she saluted, trying to avoid looking at Mu'Tasim.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Zalus entered the bay behind the well endowed runner that had just saluted there commander. He had not actually been trying to arrive yet. He had actually just been following the girl with the nice "assets" and she just happened to bring him where he needed to be. He walked up beside the woman who had introduced herself as 'Ismat Sitari. "Vaybalri Zalus Ka'salm reporting for duty!"
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Also arriving already dressed in her linksuit was the other Sund Wakir in Bahram, Reovan. However, she was wearing a heavy poncho-like cover against the cold until it was time to board her organoid craft. "Divine blessings," she greeted the wing members already gathered in the hanger with a cheery face despite the fact that she was freezing her tootsies off. Growing up in the Nuocr Expanse made her ill suited for the harsh temperatures of Mazerin.

Walking up behind her training comrade, Zalus, and playfully nudging him in the side, she said in a teasing tone, "I can't believe you made it here before I did." She had spent her free time getting in some sleep, followed by some extra exercise time, and a good hot shower to cleanse off the sweat and stress, not to mention warming herself up quite a bit. Now, however, she was cold again and eager to immerse herself in the prajna of a VANDR.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Zalus smiled at Reovan. He leaned over and whispered to her. "I can't either. I wouldn't have if it weren't for her coming this way." Zalus motioned his head towards 'Ismat covertly. Zalus wasn't too comfortable himself but we was pretty used to it. The airship he grew up on had horrible heating systems that sometimes would break down for short periods.

Zalus pulled back from Reovan and said more into the open. "I hope we can get into our VANDR's soon enough." The warm interior of the VANDR was a welcoming thought to Zalus.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

"Hmm... another ten minutes and it'll be two lates. The hallways will be very clean this week." Serhan half-mumbled to himself aloud, nodding to the recruits. He would be briefing them once they were suited up, but it wouldn't hurt to give the ones already there a basic overview. "This is going to be a standard patrol, a hiking trip out in the backcountry. We are to respond to distress calls and investigate any suspicious readings." He explained, in a curiously eager monotone.

"A fully armed hiking trip. We sortie when the rest of the wing arrives."
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Savitar would show up for the briefing and sighed some as he came in, still shirtless and wearing his coat. He liked being rebellious like that, besides he liked having the women focusing on him even a bit, more than that. "so a standard patrol, freezing our balls off possibly for no real reason other than to be out there huh?" He smirked. "Yeah why the hell not, not like I got better stuff to do on this ice cube."
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

"How much DO you know about VANDR?" Zus asked Savitar, looking at the man, still dressed in his ridiculous attire. "We won't be cold inside" she added, crossing her arms. She looked about the bay musing I wonder which one I will use? as she gazed at the VANDR frames sitting in their racks.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

"About as much as a standard Frame Runner does." Savitar answered Zus, glancing over at her with an amused gleam in his purple eyes. "And I know that. I'm just pointing out the fact that it's still cold out there." he chuckled some. "Besides, maybe we'll see something new other than Ice."
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Sneaking a peak at where Zalus was motioning and spotting the purple-skinned Eyr Ranr, Reovan gave him a knowing nod. "I see. Well, good luck with that," she told him with a light pat on his back as her head was turned to look, first over to Mu'Tasim and then over to the recently arrived Savitar, and finally up at the over to the organoid units they'd be flying soon.

Placing her hand gently on his back, the young Sund Wakir added in a playful whisper to her former training partner, "Hopefully this time I won't have to carry you back." She grinned and gave him another light pat before crossing her arms again. Reovan wasn't sure who still needed to arrive, but she hoped they got there soon.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Malik walked over to the gathering of his comrades, a sort of half-smile on his face. Hmm, so these are my wingmates? A fine sort, Excellent comrades! Malik did a mocking bow for Zus, the one who he didnt know and didnt seem like an idiot, then held out his hand for her to shake. "Vayshirin, Malik Rashidan. Greetings." His eyes started to stray sizing up the Eyr Ranr girl. Hmm, she's good looking. I wonder if she's interested in the Ahni Medi- No, Dammit Mal, bad thoughts! Stop with the perverted thoughts! Mal visibly blushed, though still looking at Zus.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

"Uhh... Vayshirin Zus Storhan" Zus responded, taken lightly aback by the sudden introduction. she shook his hand quickly before stating "You're the guy who kept interrupting people last night, correct?" with a sort of exasperated, questioning look on her face.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Mu'Tasim nodded to the fresh soldiers who had arrived to avoid the wrath of the Marranr's Hallway clean-up. Yet, one of them had caught his eyes. 'Ismat had seemed to ignore his presence, and out right unacknowledge his gaze. He frowned, putting a hand to his face.

Are these scratches so unsightly? Yetsava help me... He gloomily thought. Though, he quickly passed it off, not allowing to bother him too long.

When he heard of the intentions of the patrol, and the amount of time they had left to launch, Mu'Tasim figured it best to remove is Moon Robe. He lifted the metal shoulder frame over his head, his hair getting caught into it for a moment. It was one thing he dislike about having so much hair, it just flopped right back out as he got the frame off his head. He was careful to remove it with his lengthy horns and began to roll the cloth around the shoulder frame.

As he had tried to get off, it scuffed against one of his horns. He reached up to grab the tip after tucked his robe under his arm. His link suit was tightly hugging his strong build, making the cold a little biting to him, yet, like all other kinds of pain, he did not let it show.

"Hopefully, Mu'Klamal will guide us safely and lead us from tragedy. The ice of Mazerin has been known to produce some of planet's worst creations, whether they be friend, or foe." Mu'Tasim looked toward his red VANDR, his eyes a little distant. He looked back to the recruits.

"Would anyone like to receive a blessing before we start to mount our individual VANDRs?" Mu'Tasim looked amongst them, "I lack a proper Book of Dreams, but my hands are sanctified well enough."
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Shokhi arrived in a huff, slightly out of breath. He had managed to get lost on the way to the hangar, something he was not terribly proud of. He hoped - hoped - he was not late... but as he looked about, he noticed that he seemed to be the very last to arrive. Unfortunate, very very unfortunate. Military life had agreed with him a day prior. Now it was disagreeing with him. He hadn't expected it to be easy, though.

"Vayshirin Shokhi Isacuiha Miyorh, reporting. Sir. I apologize for any delay."

His cheeks were burning. They were burning like a wildfire consuming a forest. Never in his life had Shokhi wanted so badly to be elsewhere. And unfortunately he had absolutely no way to BE elsewhere. He had an unavoidable commitment.

Shokhi gnawed nervously on his lower lip. Not late. Don't be late. Don't be late.
Re: [Preparations] Mission 1: Suit Up and Launch, Frame Runners!

Zus turned away from Malik, not really needing an answer; she didn't care. she did, however, figure that if she was going to learn about The book of dreams and Iromakuanhe religion, she might as well start practicing it. "I would be glad to recieve a blessing, Dream Steward." She moved closer to the man, a small smile on her face. "It is a shame, however, that there is no one to bless you, Vaytulri." The girl continued, partially as a joke, partially in all seriousness.
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