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RP Central Corps Officer Reports

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
RP Date
Central Corps Depot.
RP Location
Read me:
This report form is often submitted by a character or NPC on achievements, Losses, Statuses, Reports on the victory or defeat of battles, Requests for awards or promotions to be canon or permission for use of or delivery of special equipment.

This can be from any branch of the DIoN military.

This form can be used to declare new NPCs like a new grand admiral of a fleet, general, officer, etc.

Please include a date and if applicable location the report would be coming from (Planet, Flagship, Etc.)

This can be as simple as the GM requesting promotions or medals for their players characters, or filing a report about the after action of the end of their plots current thread, An IPG team declaring their mission for backround lore, Someone requesting a plotship or special equipment or personel, etc.

This can be used as lore to introduce new equipment concepts characters might come up with. Like "Submitting new uniform design, New weapon concept, New ship idea" and then linking the wiki article when approved in the NTSE as a means of introducing it to the lore and getting it mass produced in RP.

The reports are not filed by the players of plots to avoid conflicts of interest but by game masters, faction managers, those in charge of nepleslia's fleets, Those of other factions wishing to make requests of nepleslian assets or forces or as correspondence (with FM permission.)

This is not to be used to ask for DA (Money), Stuff you shouldn't have (Black market drugs, weapons, etc.), To give yourself of characters free stuff, To give yourself or characters otherwise unattainable assets (Like a taskforce of battleships or restricted equipment like tanks for the navy, IPG gear for marines, etc.

Please check with the FM/CO-FMs before posting or otherwise inform them so they can prepare a response.

Im not a smart man... If you can make a better and more official sounding list to report with do so in your post.

Intelligence and Pacification Group - Secure Transmission Software.


"Always Bet On Black."

Begin Report.

Name: (Character Wiki Page)
Date: (Current Year is YE-42)
Position: (Fleet, Unit, Taskforce)
Current Status: (Ex: Damaged, Routing, Casualties sustained, Confident, Entrenched, Engaged, Nominal, Etc.)

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Name: Lysander Calloway
Date: YE:42
Rank: Admiral
Position: 3rd Assault Fleet - Taskforce Bulwark
Current Status: Regrouping

Have assumed leadership of the following forces for survey and secure of designated system cluster Free Range.

x3 Primus Class Battleships
x1 Orca Class Battlecruiser
x2 Punkbuster Battlecruiser
x4 Jackdaw Class Heavy corvettes (1st Assault Fleet)
x 16 Jackdaw Class Heavy corvettes
x7 Shaika Class assault carriers
x1 Rok'Veru class carriers
x2 Specter Class Stealth Carriers
x10 Bison DD4 heavy cruiser
x16 Atlas Class Destroyers
x4 Hray class stealth gunship
x1 IPG Malchick stealth corvet (Crew and status classified)
Various assorted tenders and transports

In addition from now cooperative BRR forces have joined task force with the following after previously mothballed ships where made repaired by on-site NAM engineers:

x3 Sakura class light gunships (BRR)

In addition, Regrouped with allied Viridian Array spacer forces upon request. Flagship/Mothership Steel Liberty and its escorts:

x1 Freespacer Mothership (Viridian Array)
x9 Phantasm Gunships (Viridian Array)
x 4 Nomad Class Corvet (Viridian Array)
x2 Don Quixote armed freighter (Viridian Array)

With assembled task force have struck towards free-range system cluster deploying BRR, NSMC, VA, NAM, NSN personnel ahead of task force in freemud manufactured Cobra class gunship and similar craft to deploy anti-starship batteries planet side, Deploy anti FTL/STL mines, Deployment of anti-ship batteries in orbit, Entrench planet side to deny enemy of staging point against colonial expanse.

Following troop composition is as follows:

202,000 NSMC Mechanized personel (200,000 309th. 1,900 Ship forces, 100 misc)
4,305 BRR Ground Forces
4,004 VA Militia (Estimated)

Lack of 3rd Assault Fleet grand admiral and orders and with citing of vordachibean lifesigns in free range system priorities are as follows:

  • Deny staging point to kuvexian forces seeking to invade nepleslian colonial expanse no shorter than 42 days until 3rd assault fleet forces can regroup under new grand admiral and give relief.
  • Give Admiral Brisk of 1st Expeditionary fleet time to secure freemud system defenses and ships against kuvexian invasion.
  • Identify and destroy any signs of vordachibean, Denying them to kuvexian forces as fodder caste unless can be unleashed upon kuvexian forces.
  • Install and protect planetside batteries to harass and destroy kuvexian ships forces to pass through free range systems as only ideal staging point to invade colonial expanse and matriarchs gift.
  • Deploy anti FTL/STL mines to delay and destroy kuvexian ships.
  • Use fighters and bombers to perform harassment and harrying strikes against kuvexian forces.
  • Assist IPG element for [REDACTED].

It is with a formal request that any 3rd assault fleet forces reviewing this message promptly rally in the freemud system to prepare counter invasion or defence of colonial expanse; Regardless of status of empty grand admiral position. It is the general opinion of this officer that petty power squables are far bellow the needs of personal desires for power when the imperium itself is at stake. Redact previous statement.

Primitive Polygon

Well-Known Member
Name: Antibody Hollowpoint Five Seven 57 8449-2815
Date: YE:42
Rank: Temporary Fleet Quartermaster
Position: Viridian Array Militia Contingent, Space Element
Current Status: Retooling

▒ ▒ ▒ (The following message has been auto-translated into Trade for your convenience. Please allow for a 15% linguistic irregularity.) ▒ ▒ ▒

Condition Report #001;

Position has been obtained as ordered, meet-up with 3rd Assault Fleet
rearguard elements is affirmative. As our fleet lacks efficiency planetary landing vessels, we would formally request that Nepleslian Vessels might be made available for our use, or alternatively, Freespacer Militia members might be mixed in with Nepleslian infantry upon further landings.

4064 ground troops will be delivered into your custody upon response to this complication.

Condition Report #002;

Internal hull-space radiation shielding will make the Mothership Unit Steel Liberty available for support requests approximately two hours after the receipt of this message.

Approved Commentary for Nepleslian Use #001;

To submit repair, rearm and refuelling request for a Nepleslian vessel, utilise recommended method;

① Snap open the hack-proof data card that was delivered to your vessel manually. It contains a single-use authorisation paper.

② Request retrieval, and a traveller shuttle will come to meet you. Do not approach within 50km of the mothership, or it will open fire without additional warning. The vessel will come to you upon approval. Deactivate your engines and weapons.
③ Vessels of Atlas-Class Destroyer scale or less will be mounted internally. Vessels of a larger size will be mounted externally. Please do not attempt to enter the interior sections of the vessel on foot. As an unmodified organic, you will immediately die. Sympathies will not be offered for victims of particle physics.
④ Await recommended 40 minutes for supply restock. 258 minutes for major module replacement.
⑤ A new hack-proof data card will be issued by shuttle. The ship will be ejected with on board gravity assistance. Do not activate your systems until once again clear of the defence zone.
⑥ Mandatory period for the appreciation of generous Viridian Array support continues indefinitely.
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Staff Member
Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
FM of the Iromakuanhe
Game Master
Name: Violetta De Luca
Date: YE 42
Rank: Grand Admiral
Position: 2nd Assault Fleet
Current Status: Confident

The Northern Territories are clear of apparent enemies for the time being, but fears lurk below the surface as ground forces report strange incidents. Normally something to be overlooked, small creatures are found to be stealing technology and odd piles of trash shrouded in wooded areas have been noted. The context of war creates mystery where normalcy once was. Whether benign or not, my forces and those of the Lorath Defense are alert to any change in the routine of life we would expect. Currently the Lorath Defense forces and those of my own fleet maintain a schedule of drills and war games to keep ourselves both adequately prepared as well as cohesive as units.

I will keep Command updated with any further goings on outside of the realm of the aforementioned, but for the time being my forces lie in wait and hold defensive postures in the Northern Territories. I both hope for the enemy to show their face if they are here and hope for this region of Nepleslian territory to remain safe and without need for my fleet's presence.

Signed with high regard,
De Luca, Grand Admiral
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