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RP: Neshaten [Ceremony] End of the Great War


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Nesha Prime

It was a cloudly night over the capital, a light rain fell upon the streets and building, but this didn't seem to dampen what was going on. It was a festive day for the Neshaten, people were out in the streets partying and enjoying themselves, Kit's were playing - either with themselves or in groups.

The occassion was yet another passing of the Great War, of a time when the people of the Kingdom were nearly lead to extinction. In reality, the ceremony was set on the day that they had arrived on their new world, a day that was considered very important to all in the Kingdom.

There were fireworks bursting in the sky, and military craft that flew over, likewise dropping these festive works of art. Because it was night, the fireworks were easy to see, each one bursting in some artistic fashion that made people applaud.

Every store, due to this occasion, was offering their services for free - there was no currency to be exchanged for the food or drinks being offered, it was truly a ceremony where commerce was of little concern, and the fact that they had survived a deadly war was more important.

In the northern part of the capital, where S.A.M. had their facilities, the NSV-Gam'trosha was docked on one of the facilities many external pads. The crew were all assembled and Sa'kira stared at all of them.

"Enjoy the festival," she told them and looked over the ranks. "This is one of the rare times that we can actually enjoy ourselves, remember to have fun and give thanks to our ancestors. If you plan to drink, do so in moderation please," smiled the Shipmaster as she looked over at Shar.



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Moderation my arse! Shar thing, glancing back and shipmistress. This was first proper chance to get royally pissed with all the alcohol possible and Shar was not about to let that all go. Now it was just time to find where she could get herself a bottle or four of vodka and get rid of them the old way.


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Def'leor stood listening to Sa'kira. This was one of the occasions she enjoyed. Mainly because it was not involved in any fashion with families. It was pure and simply a celebration of their survival.

Wonder if I should go checking out the on my own or hook-up with some of the crew. I'll pass on the alcohol but sampling other things to eat or drink could be fun. she thought and then looked at the crew. Great the only person on the crew besides the Ship Mistress I have spent any time working with is Levi. This has to be a cruel joke that to have to spend the celebration with a Laibe. Well, he has not been a jerk like other Laibe's so I guess I can give him a chance.

She walked over to Levi, "Hey, would you like to go check out some of the offerings that are available? Figure we work together on the bridge, may as well try having some fun together. Although, if you are wanting to get drunk, I'll pass, I do not care for lots of alcohol"


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Anas'tasiya listened as the Ship Mistress spoke, wondering what she was going to do for the celebration. It would be nice to get a few drinks. She looked around and wondered if Euy'ica was going out, she looked around for the Daur once they were dismissed.

Working in the Infirmary was a confining job, it was small and very cramped and it was good to get outside even if it was raining a bit. She didn't really know the rest of the crew very well, and hoped maybe there would be others looking to have a few drinks and good time too.

She looked around, her big purple eyes shifted between crew-mates and the spectacular of the fireworks.