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Instructions for Players
Welcome to the Character Applications forum. This forum is where you can post links to your character page so that your new character can get official approval to appear in canon plots of the Star Army RP. The approval process is not required for characters used only in the Open Roleplay forum or its adult counterpart.

When you make a thread in this forum, please include your plot's name in brackets in the subject title. Example: [NSS Venus] John Doe - Use the appropriate prefix.

To make a new character, start with the character creation guide, Creating A Character. We suggest opening it in a new tab and going back and forth between your new character post and the wiki's reference information.

An especially helpful page is the Character Template & Wiki Code Generator, which makes creating a new wiki bio page as easy as filling in the blanks.

A Wiki Article is No Longer Required
Players were historically asked to make their wiki article first, and then submit a link to the wiki article. This is no longer required. If you prefer to post your bio on the forums or to get a private review (more on that below), a staff member will create a wiki page for you based on the biography you post on the forum. You can still use the wiki method if you prefer.

Standard Character Review Process
Characters are evaluated and approved by the GM of their most preferred plot and/or their faction manager.

If your character has not been evaluated within 24 hours, please use the forum's conversation system to start a conversation with both the person that should be looking at it and with me (Wes).

I also suggest subscribing to your character approval thread so you can be notified of activity on it. The process of character approval is covered in the New Players Guide. When your character is approved, the topic will be moved from this forum to the APPROVED forum.

Note: Your character is approved when it's approved by a GM/staff. You do not have to wait for the topic to be sorted into the approved characters forum.


Private Character Review Option
Recent research has shown many roleplayers value a private review for characters rather than a public one. If you prefer a private review of your character, please use the forum's conversation system to send your character application to these three people:
  1. Your intended plot's GM
  2. The relevant Faction Manager
  3. Wes (setting manager/head admin)
The character will be reviewed by the GM as normal. The FM and admin are not required to post in the conversation, but need to be included so they can provide input/corrections if necessary. After the review is complete, Wes will create or assign a staffer to create the wiki page for the character, if it doesn't exist already.

Instructions for Game Masters
It's your responsibility to approve characters for your plot in a reasonable timeframe (no more than 2-3 days max). When you approve a character, make sure to send a conversation to the player to notify them their character is approved (especially if they're new).

Standard Character Template (Forum Version)
Get the basic template here:

CHARACTER NAME is a player character played by USER NAME.

Species & Gender: Example: Minkan Female. Non-binary genders are OK.
Year of Birth: What year was your character born? Current year is YE 38.
Organization: If your character is part of a group, like the Star Army of Yamatai, put that here.
Occupation: Your character's job goes here, if applicable
Rank: RANK (e.g. Private for Nepleslia Space Marine Corps or Santô Hei for Star Army of Yamatai)
Preferred Plot: Which RP is this character made to join (if any)?

Physical Description
Describe your character here. Please include the following: height, body type, skin color, eye color, ear type, hair color, and hair style. If you want to do even better, you can add your character's mass, eye shape, facial description, distinguishing features like tattoos, facial hair, body hair, your character's scent and the sound of their voice.

This section contains a description of your character's personality. What are they like? What are their motivations? Their goals in life? Are they hard working or lazy? What are their habits? Are they easily angered? Are they brave or cautious?

What relationships do they have to other people? Are they social? Who do they love and what kind of people do they like? What have their past relationships been like? How do they treat other people?

CHARACTER NAME was born in YEAR in the city of LOCATION.

Social Connections
CHARACTER NAME is connected to:
  • Amy NAME (Mother)
  • Burt NAME (Father)
  • Cally NAME (sister)
  • Joe Smith (friend from basic training)
Skills Learned
Optional section. CHARACTER NAME has the following notable skills:
  • Star Army Common Skills
  • Underwater basket-weaving
  • Chibi-Nekovalkyrja tossing
  • Sleeping with Lorath princesses
  • Eating French Fries while driving
Inventory & Finance
CHARACTER NAME has the following:
  • Dirty Jumpsuit
  • Bar of Soap
  • Trash Bag
  • Replace these items
CHARACTER NAME currently has 3000 KS.

Character Will
In the case I become inactive (gone for more than a month):
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES/NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I'm gone for a year or more? YES/NO

Standard Character Template (Wiki Version)
See Standard Character Template on the wiki.
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Please also note that Wes has stated that: New characters start at Santo Hei (E1) or Shoi Kohosei (O1) for Yamatai. If you are new to the setting, please help us set you up for success by sticking to E1 or O1 characters so we can help you RP into the setting and know all the things you should for a good roleplaying experience! Everyone has to start somewhere. =)