Kinfemy Vonai (HSC News) Clan signs treaty with Kingdom of Neshaten


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Oct 7, 2008
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The following statement was released by Vonai-Rya'ka Kohaku Syali

"Earlier today Mui Tarbah Leyto ratified a treaty between the Poku Saeruo Degonjo and the Kingdom of Neshaten.

This treaty was the result of an expedition lead by the Vonai-Rya'ka. The expedition traveled to the North-East region of the sector; their purpose to determine if the species our probes had detected was ready for contact.

Our new allies call themselves Neshatens and they consist of several races within their culture. Our Treaty is one founded on mutual respect, and is mutually beneficial two both people. Our new allies at the time of the Vonai-Rya'ka's arrival had no contact with any of the various nations within our sector. In the spirit of goodwill, our Vonai-Rya'ka provided the Neshaten with translations of the languages of the species we know.

Embassies will be established by in the near future, with the mission of furthering the relations of our two people."
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