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Art [Com] I mean business

[Com] I mean business
I just never submitted a fullbody without a BG so I wanted to do it x'D
Anyway- gosh it seems like it's been a long time since I last submitted an illustration!!!
I was working on other things, just nothing to submit unfortunately- this is the first thing
I made that I actually can submit since my computer is back up!
I tried to draw maybe a sexy looking pose????!!! I wanted to fit the character- so the awesome person who commissioned this xImmortalxPrincess suggested a pose so this was referenced so I could get it right Q V Q; I also figured out a pretty handy way at drawing hair so that's a video idea if you guys would like to see it!

Anyway- i've just been rambling- it's 12am right now- i'm going to bed x'D
Much love to you all <3 Gonna get going on some more mini portraits tomorrow!
Thank you so much xImmortalxPrincess !!!

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Time: 9h
Software: Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop CC
Speedpaint: None
Style: Lollipop Fullbody
OC (c) xImmortalxPrincess
Art (c) Miruukii-hime


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