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Closed Combine Weapon and Ammo Articles

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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We've been talking about streamlining the wiki for some time. (eliminating short wikis, etc) I'm wondering if maybe it would make sense if, for example, we had weapons and their ammo submitted in the same document. Currently, we have people submitting them separately, and I'm wondering if maybe we should not consider merging things like this. @SirSkully Just know I'm not picking on you, just your submission is the most recent example.

Example: Yeger Armaments Volkodav Sporter Carbine on Star Army Space Roleplay and Yeger Armaments .45 Gryzun on Star Army Space Roleplay

What do you think Wes?
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It might make more sense to add it to the Corporate wiki as its own section if it is a small entry.


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The reason we require separate articles is because weapons often share a common ammunition (as they often should) and we didn't want duplicate and inconsistent content. It makes more sense to store the ammo info in one place where and have all the relveant guns just link to it.