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RP [Communication] Back to the table

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All delegates.

I would like to request that Nepleslia, Kohana and Elysia join me for a third day of deliberations in light of recent events. We will recess until 0900 hours tomorrow. I hope to see you all then.

Crowned Prince Motoyoshi Tio
I will be glad to return to the conference, as long as we avoid any further disturbances like what we went through today. Please understand that we are to put a good image in front of us and our peoples.

-Sky Marshall Robert Davis
Right now, I'm nursing a sore chest and sore boobs after being stunned and falling on them. Are the senators allowed to return and participate?

Sen. Kurokawa Yasuko
The Imperial Senate is welcome to join the deliberations today.

Crowned Prince Motoyoshi Tio.
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