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RP (18+): 5XF and Colony Fleet [Companion Story] Katsuko I challenge you to fun!


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RP Date
YE 44.6
RP Location
Jiyuu 3
Jiyuu-jo Dock, Jiyuu III

It had been a busy time, preparing for the initiative, or as some call it, Adventure! There were times where Yue returned to her room exhausted and tired from writing so many messages, to the Mining Guild. Making sure that all of the requested construction jobs were finished, though she’d had help with that. Yup, it had been busy for all involved. But now, Yue was allowed some time off so that she doesn’t pass out, and she’d eard that they also gave a few others this break hich also included her aunt.
a grin formed on her lips and she immediately went to her terminal, and began writing a message.

To Shocho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
From Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue
Subject; I challenge you!
Message: Dearest auntie, I’ve been given a mandatory break as a measure to prevent me from injuries due to overwork, which is odd, but I’d heard that you might have been told to do the same, so I wanted to take the opportunity for some fun. I’m going down to Jiyuu Three, where I met Akina and I’ll be bringing my hoverboard. My challenge to you is this, let's have a fun hoverboard race! I’m going to ask the Consort Drones to set up obstacles for us.

Of course, with concern for safety we’ll go away from the public, however, if you still need help riding your hoverboard let me know too! I’m willing to show you how its done.

Your niece

Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue.

Yue breathed, before she got up changed out into her birthday suit, and grabbed her hoverboard before she headded down to the planet. She realized that soon she may not see the planet for a long time when she goes on the long trip. The thought also brought her back to the beginning where she stowed away on board a ship before she was found by a Motoyoshi and later adopted into the family.
Fortunately, this time she wasn’t stowing away.
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Hold my drink, got to lay down some win on the blue girl...​

Jiyuu III​

Hoverboard Course

Katsuko needed the break, and a little friendly competition was the cure to what plagued her mind at the time. While Katsuko had no issue being naked, she wore one of her favorite 'projected' bikinis. The dark purple, barely existent fabric strung across her most private regions with very little coverage at all, it was more like an interrupted pattern that just integrated those private places, perhaps even accented them. She wore a pair of gold-tinted shades in a sportsman style and was already there waiting for Yue's arrival.

The custom-made hoverboard leaned up against a pink coconut palm, which was also likely the source of the fancy umbrella tiki-style drink in her hand that had been acquired from the nearby bar.

"This is delicious, not really sure what it is but I'm going to want another one after I clean your clock," Katsuko said with a grin to her niece when she arrived. Jiyuu III and Koukotsu II were probably two of the most beautiful worlds in the Empire with their predominantly tropical climates, which made them absolutely ideal hoverboard destinations.
Jiyuu III
Hoverboard Course

It appeared her aunt was the first to arrive, she was pleased to see her there which meant that she was willing to take a break. The shorter blue girl took a moment to check her aunt out, and took in her outfit. Her hoverboard in hand as she took note of where Katsuko’s were. Smart move having it lean against the pink coconut palm Her grin widened, “Clean my clock my clock?! Ok, then let's make a deal, the loser buys the next round of the drink!” She said with a smile on her face as she looked at her aunt.

She hoped she’d practiced with her hoverboard as Yue wanted to make it fair to her. Based on how Katsuko was acting, she suspected she’d had, but of course, she remembered Katsuko was a Neko so it probably was quick and easy for her. She could feel her excitement and wondered if they should capture this moment on video, not only for the clans viewing but everyone who wanted to watch.
Katsuko laughed, as that buying the next round of drinks was not much of a consequence, after all in the end it would be her paying for the drink. The elder Motoyoshi really had no intention of winning in fact prior to the trip to the course she had not once planted her feet on it. "...the next round of drinks, and a full body massage from the loser," she said, upping the bet and intensifying her bluff.

She gave a deep suck of the straw drawing up more of the cocktail within the coconut and watched Yue as she did. "So tell me the rules and what I need to do on this course," she said.
Yue’s grin widened [color=1979e6]“drinks and a full body massage?! I accept!”[/color] She said and added [color=1979e6]“I could use one, my back is feeling kinda stiff”[/color] She said though she was joking, it was true, she’d been spending more time at her desk and terminal rather than the volumetrics room and it had an effect on her back, and legs, but it wasn’t so bad.

Yue turned her head as a drone approached and held up a volumetric display. [color=1979e6]“The course is simple, and it's mainly a beginner course, according to what the two of the athletes who help test the hoverboard, all you’ll need to do is to start from here, ”[/color] she points at the starting point, which from where the Motoyoshis were standing there, Katsuko could see the starting line. [color=1979e6]“Watch for the loops, fortunately we don’t need to worry about any crazy loop de loops, like those pros do, but you’ll need to watch and react in time. For extra points, for entertainment value we can do some stunts, like a jump using the side half pipes and like crouch and grab the side of the board, or another stunt could be to do a spin, forwards, backwards or sideways. Up to you, just whatever you think is fun, and can handle. And for the rules, we don’t have to worry about knocking each other off, since the board will prevent that from happening.” [/color] Her tail swayed a seign that Katsuko could tell how excited and happy she was right then.

[color=1979e6 ]“Just need to get to the Finish line, no matter what though I assume other extreme sports rules apply”[/color] She said as she thought of a full body massage, her mind going places it had never gone before. The Hoverboard was soon dropped, and using her levitation, Yue got onto the board before it could hit the ground. The hoverboard hummed and then just floated there, waiting for its owner to operate it.
Katsuko finished her drink and set the pink coconut shell down on one of the benches. For some reason she felt like Yue's words escaped her, it was sweet the little blue girl mentioned what her Eihei Aunt could handle. Katsuko grabbed her board and put it down beside Yue's, there was a bit of a humm as its levitation activated and it drifted up from the ground. Katsuko gave a bit of a playful smile as she stood on her board, right foot in front of her left with her body slightly coached to control her center of gravity. "Crazy loop de loops? Here I thought you were the professional," she joked and prepped herself for the little race ahead.

"Just think about how good that massage is going to feel!" Katsuko said she was ready for the fun to start.
Yue smiled with a big of a blush, “not that much of a professional” She said as she watched her aunt get on her own board. Both girls would feel the board’s anti falling systems activate, and the drone stepped behind them. Yue smiled as Katsuko reminded her of the wager, and she wondered whether Katsuko had practiced, but time will tell.

Behind them the Consort drone suddenly began beeping, first three was a lower beep, while the last was a high beep. Similar in how the races were conducted, though not at the levels that would cause problems for the girls. At her final beep, Yue shot forward, moving herself in the position with her arms and hands behind her. Sand was blown away as she shot away from the drone and her aunt. On contact it caused waves to form similar to those Yue had made when she’d met Akina that one day.
So this is what they feel as they use this, this is so cool! But focus Yue! Before her the course emerged from the water, and she entered its starting position, shooting forward ahead of her aunt.
Winning mattered even less once the board was in motion. By Yui, she needed this; more than anything else right now. She grinned as she launched forwards, and balanced on her board as she followed Yue to the entry to the course. From start to finish this was an experience she would no doubt remember. The whole mention of loop-de-loops made Katsuko a little ambitious, probably a little too ambitious, she lowered her stance on the board and made the first normal loop, and gave an excited laugh. She continued to let Yue lead the way through.

"I like this!" Katsuko said the whole sport of hoverboarding might just have to be something she would pick up, sadly she doubted she would be considered a fair contender with her specialized body type.
Yue watched as her aunt went on to the first normal loop. Both awe and glee filled her as she watched and heard her laughing, not screaming in fear. Of course, Katsuko was in the military and she had the Eihei body, she didn’t know the limits of the body it was a star army secret after all. Even so, she chose to focus on having fun. Yue crouched lower on the board, and she felt it vibrate as she knew what was going to happen next as she was launched upwards.

She used this to spin like a helicopter and when she came down, she made a big splash. She ducked her head as she went into the sort of screwdriver loop as she focused on moving forward with her momentum. She breathed deeply when she came out of it as it was very thrilling. Yue tilted her body as the curve of the course made its approach. She knew that there would be three so she’ll need to focus.
"Oh Fancy," Katsuko commented on the helicopter-like spin, she knew she was not going to win this. She followed Yue into the three jumps with an excited yell of enjoyment. The blue-haired Elder Motoyoshi had not had this much fun in a while. The new hoverboard was obviously a gift that she was going to cherish, after all, it was done up in her colors. She handled the curves with grace, sending water spraying up from beneath the board and splashing out over the edge of the course, at one point she approached Yue's right side, letting the board hit the water just briefly splash in her general direction.

She eased into the motions, "Looks like I'm going to owe the drinks and massage, might have to make it lunch though - I'm hungry," she mentioned in a brief mental transmission to Yue.
Yue glanced back to Katsuko and took in the look of happiness she’d had on her face. It made the blue-skinned girl happy to see her being happier, though her mind did go to a particular issue, one between Katsuko and Kaoru for a moment before she moved that out of her mind. She giggled and squealed as Katsuko splashed her with the board. It had been an unexpected side effect of the board itself. Though something natural cause of the hover effect.

Katsuko got giggles in reply to her thought message before she sent one back. “Sounds good, because the finish lines right over there, I’ll just get passed it and win! Oh, and I've been craving Kagami’s for a while, so think we can do there?” She’d replied, then gave a huge burst of speed as she shot towards the Finish Line and the end of their race. Though she’d noticed some drones flying overhead, but with no weapons attached she’d had no concerns over them. They did appear to be from the news network.

That meant that the Hoverboards got news coverage in action. She could see a rise in hoverboard purchases in the future.
Katsuko gave a quick burst of speed, and yet she held back. It was not her goal to win, rather she believed she had already won in her own way. It was time for the younger generation to have their moments. The press was there no less, the YINN drones were unmistakable for the woman who had learned to avoid them unless they served a purpose. With one last move, a quick turn of the board sideways creating ripples in the water and wet sand Katsuko slid into the finish line behind her niece, "Looks like I got lunch, Kagami's was exactly what I had in mind. Eidan sees I was this close to one and not went, and I have a feeling I'd be getting one of those stern talking-to," she laughed commenting on the occasional brazen nature of her grandson. "The message can come later, we can hit the beach after we eat," she said as she stepped off the board, flipped it up and its engine deactivated.

"Love the board though, definitely bringing it with me," Katsuko commented, then gave a look around, "Hope Kagami's has some decent drinks, think I might have swallowed a bug or ten," she laughed.
Yue stepped off of her own board, and as the system no longer detected life on its back, it deactivated. “Oh yeah! Eidan was the one who came up with that wasn’t he?!” She said with a smile as the board came up to be grabbed. “Ok, good chance to relax on the beach, ” she said in agreement, before Katsuko’s next comment made her grimace. “I’m so sorry I forgot to account for bugs!” She replied to her, as she began leading the way to their destination. Yue was pleased to hear that she loved the board “I’m glad! and I know a lot of people like it too.. I heard back from my assistant who had the numbers of purchases with regards to the boards, will have to check to make sure. Just so I get the numbers right.
Katsuko nodded toward a group of Motoyoshi Keibi that stood nearby, they could watch their boards and get them transported back to Jiyuu-jo. She walked with Yue, and said back to her question, "Yeah, Eidan came up with it, it probably won't be the last thing you see with his name on it. Even before the mission came up, he was all fired up about ideas he wanted to turn into concepts. If he keeps this up, the kid will have my job before he's twenty." Katsuko placed her arm around Yue's shoulder as she walked with her, the nice part about Jiyuu, was that the media knew when to piss off when it came to their clan.

The Kagami's location up ahead was one of the newest in the chain, it's distinctive logo was displayed spinning above a pole-like structure that gave a nostalgic effect calling on old-school fast food marketing techniques. The faux of the Nepleslian color scheme and that sticky sweet Yamatai charm was evident in the short green and white skirted girls out front giving away limited-time sunglasses that were part of the burger joint's opening celebration. Brightly-colored advertisements flashes as they were projected against the windows showing off the juicy burgers and other specials up for offer.

"Oh - Yue, lemonade," she pointed out one of the advertisements for freshly pressed lemonade. "I could certainly use that, wash down some of this sand in my teeth," she let Yue go ahead of her when they reached the entryway.

"Welcome to Kagami's! What can we put on for you today?" the attendant at the counter asked, a black-haired Minkan female with green eyes and an attractive smile asked.
Yue felt a tingle as Katsuko placed her arm over her shoulders as they walked to the restaurant. She’d seen the Motoyoshi Keibi there, and knew from experience that they’d never leave a Motoyoshi alone. Katsuko told her about how Eidan had come up with it, and that it probably won't be the last thing that he had his name on it. Yue knew that feeling, already three things that she had a hand in, four including Asagumo-jo. She’d come up with the plans for the Motoyoshi’s home on Port Jyuu. Yue smiled at what she hoped was a joke Katsuko made about Eidan getting her job before hes twenty. She stepped forward ahead of her to the counter, which due to her height came about her head. “Good afternoon, ma’am, ” she said respectfully and politely. “One order of Lemonade with an order of apple juice please, and… Funky city classic burger with fries as a side for me.” She said and moved so that her aunt can give the order of food she wanted to eat.
Katsuko paused for a moment in contemplation, "Uh..." she browsed through the menu, "Fresh Pressed Lemonade, a shot of peach flavor. I think I will have the Hideyo Island Tropical Burger, but substitute the beef with the Tsu Veggie Pattie, and Fries on the side please." Although Katsuko had eaten plenty of beef and pork over the years, she still shied away from it when other choices were present. She said to the girl behind the counter, "Should tell your manager, Katsuko suggested a fish burger," she mentioned, knowing that she would later go through other channels anyway. She transferred the KS needed to pay, along with the tip and the cheery attendant assigned them a number.

"Thank you, just have a seat and we will bring it out to you," the young woman said.

The Taisho led her niece toward one of the tables and sat down, "So, I know you and Kaoru talk a lot, you being in her dance group, I was wondering what your thoughts were if you're willing to share them. Kaoru has expressed she wants to retire from the Star Army in a few years, as you know the other Elders and I aren't exactly happy about it." She asked Yue, one of the few of the younger generation that had not been held to mandatory service, "Do you think her music and business dreams are reachable?" she questioned.
Yue listened as her aunt gave her order, Katsuko updated on the lemonade order Yue had placed for her aunt, and had ordered a modified Island Tropical Burger with a tsu veggie pattie, making her wonder how that would taste. The woman gave them a number and she followed her aunt to the table and sat down. The seat seemed to detect a naked wet girl about to sit down and immediately a towel was placed on the seat before she sat.

It was comfortable, so she held no complaints. She placed her hands on the table before her as she rested them, and waited for her order. Her head turned immediately to Katsuko as she began speaking to her. She nodded to acknowledge she knew about her bandmate’s desire. Since it was regarding private clan business, she switched to telepathy, that way no one can eavesdrop on their conversations. “I heard about that, and I’d like to begin by asking why are you and the other elders unhappy about this? I admit I’m worried that if you and the elders are unhappy about her retiring, how you all must feel about me not joining. Though, I’ve been told by mommy, I won't need to worry about joining and that you wanted me to focus on Yugumo. Which I am grateful, though recently I have begun to realize it was because I wasn’t born in Yamatai as the reason though that hasn’t been confirmed.

Yue sat up straighter as she knew if she did this carefully, Koaru might be able to retire and she might be even happier. “As to your question, I do believe that our music and business are reachable, I’ve found that with a certain message, sometimes in a certain way it can have a profound effect on society, as a matter of fact, the other day, I’d asked a friend who worked at Yugumo Corp but with connections in the star army recruitment office, and according to them, when one of the songs we did went live, the recruitment, was up 300 percent, though, for confirmation, I’d like to check when we eventually return to Asagumo-jo. But Through undercover work, I discovered that the music is quite popular, and.. we have fans. This means that the YTP Entertainment subsidiary of Yugumo is doing well too. “ She finished and allowed time or Katsuko to process what she told her. The blue-skinned Motoyoshi was certain she was right about the recruitment numbers.

I reviewed our clan's traditions and philosophies. I know that as part of our tradition, Motoyoshi serve as soldiers. Though as I have read the words, I like thinking that I am serving our clan, and the empire with what I have created, the Daikoku Agriculture ships, which are being purchased for use in the Fifth Fleet and by the Mining Guild. I do feel like music is the soul of the empire. I think that if Kaoru is allowed to retire, she will still serve our clan. Under Kaoru’s leadership, I do believe YTP will become greater than it is already. ” She finished with her telepathic message hoping that it helped Kaoru truly did, and that she convinced Katsuko to let Kaoru retire.
Katsuko had opened herself up to the possibility that she would hear she was wrong, she chose to speak to Yue for a reason. Their lemonades arrived first, the rest of their order probably only a minute or so behind. Katsuko looked over her lemonade and said to Yue, "The reason we're unhappy about it is the fact that Kaoru is the current heir, as much as I hate using optics as a gauge, we can't help but wonder that the heiress of the Motoyoshi retiring from the Star Army be taken in a bad way," she said, then after some consideration continued, "You bring up a good point though, you've already proven how far a young Motoyoshi can go without the Star Army, believe me, your work in Yugumo is noticed and appreciated. In all honesty, your promotion is real evidence," she agreed. The mention of the music came just as the rest of their order was delivered to the table, and Katsuko took a moment to say, "Thank you, it looks good" to the server.

Katsuko plunged the straw into the plastic covered on her lemonade and took a long sip, "Wow, this is really good."

"YTP does do well, surprisingly well - maybe even a bit better than I care to admit sometimes. Maybe what needs to happen is an eventual discussion between me, Kaoru, you, and your uncle Taro,"
she finally said, "I appreciate you talking to me, I know sometimes some of the family is a little intimidated to speak their mind sometimes." She smiled and took a look at their food, "I hope this is as good as it looks, Eidan has done so well for himself." She then looked at Yue and asked, "So what do you plan on working on next, I mean other than the colonization fleet?" She was curious about what was next for her niece.
Yue listened as her aunt explains the reasoning behind why she and the elders were unhappy about it. She discovered that Kaoru was an heir, of course, she soon remembered that Kaoru was the first in the list of Imperial princesses. When their drinks came, she took a straw and unceremoniously shoved it into I the plastic top like the creator of Excalibur stabbing it into stone. The drink was yummy, but she truly did prefer the apple juice.

Yue smiled with a bit of a blush as she was complimented on how her work was noticed and appreciated. Katsuko was right, she had proven how far she could go without the Star Army. She showed another path the Motoyoshi could take. Though her path was her to take, she wouldn’t mind company in it. Yue also listened as Katsuko acknowledged YTP’s success which pleased her. “Kaoru-chan is a good leader in YTP, and as the band’s leader. I do think a discussion should happen, though I am more than willing to come, if I can be of help.” She told her aunt before her aunt mentioned that she appreciated her talking to her, and that she knew that some of the family were a little intimidated to speak their minds. It made her think that either she was unique or there was something wrong with her.

Though she thought it was because of her past, and she knew Katsuko wouldn’t bully or harass her for her thoughts. Right then the food had arrived, and Katsuko commented on it. “Yeah, looks yummy!” she said to her aunt. Then took a bite of her cheeseburger. “ “mmmm!” She couldn’t help but say. Then she wiped her mouth before responding to her aunt. “Well... I got the variants of the Daikoku-class ships, and helped to give each a specific name. So I suppose after the colonization fleet, there would just be things that the parts of Yugumo I’m involved in. Like I had this idea for a song for Midnight Infinity, inspired by the trip.“
Katsuko nodded, "It is good to know you are already looking toward future projects, I always feel like I'm operating a year or two ahead of myself. By the time talk of the current project comes around I have to reel myself in because in my head it is already the past," she said in admission. The food was good, but it was heavy, she instinctively seemed more about sipping her lemonade than she did eating though.

"Back to what we were talking about, I will make sure you're brought in on the conversation. While I'm hesitant to willingly put someone else with an opposing view - it is only fair that we look at this problem from all sides," Katsuko said, then finished her lemonade. "Despite the fact my feelings on things are convicted, I do appreciate your input just as I expect her father will also advocate for her," she said after, then leaned back in the booth seat.

As usual, the Taisho's mind was busy, she wrote a silent review of Kagami's and sent her fish burger recommendation to their head office.

"Anything else you wanted to do today, gosan?" she asked, curious if her blue niece had anything else planned for the day. She kind of wanted to lay on the beach but didn't want to disappoint.