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[CONCLAVE BROADCASTING NETWORK] Joint Strike on the Scrapyard System

The collective forces of the Kikyo sector have come together to reclaim the Scrapyard System for Yamatai in a defiant show of force against the Kuvexian invaders.

After a prolonged assault against Yamatai's territory, Kuvexian forces made a major push to claim the critical Nataria system from Yamatai. The Star Army, with assistance from others across the sector including our own fleet, rebuffed this attack and created an opportunity for a counterattack.

Our sources tell us that the conference that led to this offensive was tense, but Admiral Alice Casdan, under Lord Mark Pine's authority, determined that this show of unity in the face of a common threat was worth the risk to our forces.

Reports are now coming in that the combined fleet's assault has been successful. Kuvexian forces across the sector are withdrawing en masse in the face of this counter assault.

While this is surely cause to celebrate, this CBN news anchor has one question. While we've bloodied their nasal holes today, how long will it be until they return- and with greater numbers?

Thank you for joining us on CBN, and, as always- we'll see you next evening.
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