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[Conclave Broadcasting Network] Lady Sarah Pine has Died, Leaves Grieving Royal Family


Submissions Reviewer
FM of S6
Lady Pine of the NDC has, unfortunately, passed tonight. After two and a half weeks at Guardian Hospital in Obsidian City, at 0122 hours Sanctuary Time, Lady Sarah Pine, a 43 year old Gesherin female, went into cardiac arrest. Attempts to revive her were unsuccessful. At 0143, she was declared dead by doctors. An autopsy concluded that several native species of bacteria, theorized to have entered through her self inflicted wound, had adverse effects on her healing, and contributed to her degrading health. Likely, the source of infection was the rainstorm that was ocurring at the time when Lady Pine arrived home on Sirris VI, doctors say.


Lady Pine is credited with much of the New Dusk Conclave's tactics, precision weapons, and early project management for Section 6, as a high level operative from the beginning. She is also credited as the mother to the Fenrir series of clones, with such prestegious members as Talos and Jack Pine, Mark Oaklen, and other well ranked military officials. As a founding member of Section 6, and then the New Dusk Conclave, she is described as a sassy, confident woman with a heart of gold and a gentle touch, or as a Goddess of death and pain that smote her foes from miles away.

She is survived by her wife, Rose Ironhart-Pine, sons Jack, Mark, Talos, Hati, and Michael, and daughters, Spark, Armora, Jacky, Lynn, Yilan, Thistle, and Nadine. She is also surrounded by numerous unnamed clone children, many grandchildren, and their own families.

Our hearts go out to the Royal Family for the untimely demise of their matriarch, and we might all mourn her loss.