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OOC Conservation of the animals of SARP


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A crew of people who all have one thing in common, to keep the universe teaming with life of different species, travel from place to place, stopping poachers, sellers and the likes from taking rare and exotic animals from planets.

The main goal of this group is to try and shut down massive hunting operations of rare animals and the selling of exotic animal in black markets and illegal hunting trips. Also to save animals from planets that are dying out and bring them to a special terraformed planet that has been created as a wildlife reserve to serve and protect the universe.

The plots will be a mixture of going to planets to shut down hunters and save species, or going to spaceports and shutting down the selling of species. They will also help sentient species that are being hunted or being sold as slaves for the rich. There will be action in this Plot as how else will you stop hunters armed to the teeth and heavily guarded auction houses.

The team will consist of a multitude of different people that all just want to help.

I would say that we need characters from multiple backgrounds, be them military or science to help with protecting the species of the universe.

Now a word from the creator of the site:

Hello all you hopefuls, I understand that you have a few questions for me, but I will make this simple, so first off I don't mind what skills you have, just that you have a fire in your heart to help. Secondly, I bet you are wondering about pay, well that is a simple one, there is going to be pay, we have benefactors and a charity set up to help us in any way we need money-wise, but the charity is more for the animals than us.

Well, when it comes to our enemies, they will be packing weapons and other things, so we must always be alert when out on missions, I have rescued a few creatures myself but need a crew to tackle the big groups. Any questions, feel free to ask me and we will respond quickly to let you know.


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It was implied Wazu did a lot of this on ether during his time there. I’d love to have him remote control a body in your plot while he is else where.


Game Master
Just wondering how many people should we wait for or just jump into it soon, as NPC can be a thing, and we have two in and a couple of likes. Still not sure if enough to start this off yet.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
I want in, I am really interested. But with my schedule as thick as it is for the next couple of months, And the time I need to put in for the 6 plots im already in I might just drag it down waiting on me to post every week or two. So I might just make a minor character or join in after the first thread~


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I actually have a character who both a) loves animals, and b) can hit a target at 1000 yards/meters with a rifle.

Sadly, he's enrolled at Zenjinkaze atm. So maybe I'll join in the future.


Game Master
@Charmaylarg Dufrain that is fine, if you want we could discuss a character together, they can stay on the planetside until you have time to join, that is always an option if you want to do this.

@Blizzard hehe, that would have been interesting, but it is okay I am happy that you are interested in it anyway, feel free to drop by any time.

@Soban and @Zack how would you like to deal with this, I can add a few NPC and start it up or would you guys like to wait for a little and sort out characters then start this, this weekend or something?


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This sounds super interesting. schedule is also like eighteen different kinds of nonsense, or I'd be in way more than one plot right now. But I do have an old Elysian preacher who may or may not have been spec-ops and is now trying to do some good in the universe, who might definitely 100% be into this sort of freelancing. If my somewhat slow pace is acceptable, I'd love to join in on this one. :eek:
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@Orion Yea slow pace is fine, I am just creating the leader of the conservation group now and when they are done, I will write up the first post on open RP then send a notification on here for you guys.


Game Master
@Ethereal cool looks good, since it is an NPC maybe flesh it out to be a player character.

@Orion, @Blizzard, @Soban and @Zack
Just so you know for your characters.

Organisation: Kallaris Protectors

Occupation: whatever you want, it is more civilian based so make sure it fits that

no ranks

Inventory: anything is okay, as long as a civilian can have it.


Game Master
Will do, I will work on it while we RP, then send it to here to here for the link, Well I am working on my random alien for this so please be patient as I am nearly done, but want to make sure it is okay and that as random aliens add stuff that maybe not allowed.