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Construction Equipment


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Hey everyone!

I created a new corp, Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing, with the goal of continuing the trend of adding flavor to the setting's non-military fluff. They're supposed to fill a role similar to CAT, John Deere, Dewalt, Milwaukee, etc, etc.

Some questions!
  • Is there any construction or industrial equipment out there on the market (IE, pre-existing in the setting) that they could be taking advantage of? I know of some from OHI, and the one that was just approved, but is there anything else that I'm missing?
  • Do you want Default to operate in your faction/territory? I'm happy to RP them working out some contracts or something. No pressure here - again, Default is just a setting element, not my personal playground.
  • Is there any construction equipment that you want to see in your civilian or military plots that Default might be able to address? I have a short-list I'm already considering:
    • A construction-themed EASE that wields a Multistruct.
    • A pallet mover. It's been haunting my mind ever since Wes pitched the idea forever ago.
Thanks. :D
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Primitive Polygon

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I don't think your link works, buckaroo. "about:blank#blocked"

Pretty sure Legix had a power armour that used gravity manipulation for this. There are also spacer junkers and junk masters, of course. Origin, too, has lots of civilian versions of mecha... Which I guess wouldn't really have much of a use past construction?