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Approved Submission [Corp] Galactic Shipping Agency, your local transport company, Without restriction.


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one thing to note, there was a recent thing about independent corps, if they are listed as such then they are basically outlaws and since you've put the HQ in yamatai this would be classed as a yam corp and as such will need @Wes approval on it, like the real world (ish) the hq location determines what laws the corp operates under

hope that helps


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Good call, @club24. This also provides an advantage of privilege. This company being willing to work across international borders makes things a little easier for the mailing system, and prevents territory issues. Also gives you a certain degree of military protection within Yamatai jurisdiction.


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Alright, let's get into the nitty gritty!

[ ✔ ] 1. The destination URL should be a page in the appropriate namespace and titled lower_case_with_underscores
Done right the first time (Yet to snag one that isn't.)
[ ✔ ] 2. The article is in the appropriate format and article template
Corporation template followed nicely!
[ ✔ ] 3. The article follows our wiki style guidelines, including: No forced line breaks, text after each section header, etc.
Wasn't able to find anything of note, there.
[ ✔ ] 4. The article is easily read and free of errors in spelling and grammar
I liked the flow of it, good word choice, and BMan is a good enough writer that I was not really concerned with spelling. Checks were good, tho.
[ ✔ ] 5. Links to other wiki articles are present as appropriate
Including the character WIP.
[ ✔ ] 6. The article fits into the Star Army universe's space opera theme and technology levels
We've always talked about "getting things shipped." It's nice to have a brand that does that, now. Moreover, it adds a nice touch of exasperation or something to be exasperated at. (Ex. "GSA lost my package. Two week supply of Neppies burgers. Really?!" )
[ ✔ ] 7. Images in the article are hosted on Star Army's wiki and sourced responsibly (contact Wes privately if there's a concern)
Far as I was able to tell, they were original to SA, and not from any other site.
[ ✔ ] 8. The article is original and doesn't contain copy-pasted content from other articles.
Per previous checks, I am not sure we have anything like this anywhere. That said, I was unable to find another article it could have been copied from, let alone was.
[ ✔ ] 9. The article complies with Star Army's rules in terms of damage ratings, speed limits, etc.
It's a shipping corporation. Most of the growth rules don't apply, as they don't really have military ships, and can simply buy nonmilitary ships used or otherwise.
[ ✔ ] 10. The Faction Manager(s), if applicable, have posted approval for this article in this thread.
See previous comment for Wes's FM approval!

That said, if there's nothing anyone else wants to add, I'd slap an approved label on it.

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The Galactic Shipping Agency was formed in YE 41 as an intergalactic transport company
Technical note, intergalactic shipping company means between galaxies and in SARP there's no information to my knowledge about galaxies other than the Kagami Galaxy where the RP happens, and no RP or canon places to go outside of the Kagami Galaxy. So I think we should change it to international.


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I thought the name of this was changed to "intra"galactic?


Oh god it's in my head
It was, the business is called galactic shipping agency, and it is described as an intragalactic shipping company