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Approved Character [CRACKED SKULLS] Will Cason


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Will Cason is a player character played by Damaske

Character wiki: Will Cason
Plot link: ooc: plot interest post, and Cracked Skulls rp thread

Species & Gender: Male Human/ ID-SOL Hybrid
Year of Birth: YE:0
Organization: Nepleslian Star Navy
Occupation: Pilot, Demolitions, and Marine Sniper
Rank: Crewman (E-2)
Preferred Plot: Cracked Skulls

Physical Description
Before you stand a gold-skinned giant of a man standing just a little over 7 feet tall, his form is that of a well-kept muscular build with square shoulders, pale purple cybernetic eyes, square chin with a recently shaved face, framed with shoulder-length dark purple hair.

Will likes to joke around when he can, but once the shit hits the fan he'll get with the show. Will does like to often drink but does not like to get hammered but just enough till he can feel it.

Born back in YE:0 in Los Apagos, on the planet Nepleslia, to Phillip and Monica Cason. Will was well cared for and taken care of growing up as his father was hired in the air bike industry. Learning to ride an air bike almost before fully learning how to walk Will was hooked to vehicle and driving as with being a daredevil on an air bike. That skill gave way to flying shuttles and other small craft. During this time Will was in a normal bar fight just having some fun when some glass shards entered his eyes and tore them up blinding him over a matter of days. Thanks to his father's line of work he was able to get cybernetic eyes, they were enhanced a little with 20/20 vision, low-light, and infrared enhancements. After some time Will became a taxi driver once he was old enough to pass the test. The times were rough and many times people attempted to rob Will, But little did they know he had a stun weapon that would knock them out, He would then handcuff them and drop them off at the local police station with the video of their attempted theft. Each time he would tell them to punish them for their actions, but he is not pressing charges on them.

Over time Will got more restless and after the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia was formed he started to have the drive to join the Navy and use the skills he had to become a fighter pilot. After joining DIoN Navy, Will soon noticed that he has a lot of downtime, and they didn't always have the need for a pilot So he decided to go into sniper school and take on demolitions. Will quickly fell in love with the 12.7 mm High-Power Infantry Rifle and with his cybernetic eyes he turned out to be quite a great shot. In this time Will enhanced his vision to 20/5, and added in telescopic and ranging, so he can zoom in on targets and get how far they are, before picking up his rifle.

Most recently due to his love of making things go boom, Will has finished demolitions courses that lasted over two years (He took them all some twice.) And is now seeking to add “flash compensation” to his cybernetic eyes, so he does not have to look away from his booms. Hearing about two other cybernetic implants he now seeks out to get Advancer's Iron bone enhancement and Telepathy, Interface, & Neural Lace devices installed. One for strength and the other, so he can communicate without radio, or verbally to his team when deployed.

Social Connections
Will Cason is connected to:
  • Monica Cason (Mother)
  • Phillip Cason (Father)
Skills Learned
Listed in Wiki file

Inventory & Finance
Listed in Wiki file

Will Cason currently has 3000 KS.

Character Will
In the case I become inactive (gone for more than a month):
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I'm gone for a year or more? YES
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Looks good to me :) I know you have been asking quite some feedback in the Nep channel so I know its goodsie ;)